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52% | 1198 X | 1341 TS

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Chat log

00:00:01Hexar -ap
00:00:02Stanghorn -rd
00:00:04nigulas IM MID
00:00:06Stanghorn serious?
00:00:08Hexar u cant
00:00:10Romeo u mb joking ?
00:00:11Hexar put mode
00:00:14Hexar ir ur not cap
00:00:19nigulas it was 4xd 4ap
00:00:21nigulas so we put ap
00:00:22nigulas np
00:00:24nigulas make propa lanes
00:00:25Stanghorn ok
00:00:25nigulas im mid
00:00:33Stanghorn -random
00:00:33Hexar yes so we vote + 3 old players here atm
00:00:42Hexar u can random ifu like
00:00:43Romeo insane
00:00:52Romeo -random
00:00:54Fxx. -random
00:01:03Romeo not bad
00:01:14Stanghorn range for mid?
00:01:16Hexar and 5 player must get chik and share it
00:01:20Hexar more melee?
00:01:29Stanghorn i got chick & sahred
00:01:34Hexar not u
00:01:38Du4N lol
00:01:39Du4N ok
00:01:41Du4N i will buy it late
00:01:46Stanghorn I'm orange
00:01:47Du4N r
00:01:51Firoga pick a ranged
00:01:51Romeo captaint whant to do ? :D
00:01:54Firoga we are 4 melee
00:02:20nigulas ap
00:02:22nigulas and these heros :D:D
00:02:24PriMo chik
00:02:28Bocktiggi i ve
00:02:29Firoga fb
00:02:33Hexar ssmid
00:02:34nigulas u know that lastpick has to buy chick right?
00:02:35Bocktiggi sec
00:02:37nigulas du4n
00:02:40nigulas raed rules
00:02:53Romeo =]
00:02:56Firoga omg
00:02:57Romeo go b er
00:03:09Bocktiggi dont want to share
00:03:30Bocktiggi when i got controlled, i unshare
00:04:06Stanghorn pull
00:04:06PriMo ss1
00:04:24Firoga rune
00:04:58nigulas qop bo
00:05:02nigulas qop bot
00:05:03nigulas care
00:05:27nigulas ss top+
00:05:36PriMo read
00:05:38Fxx. slardar
00:05:39Fxx. :(
00:05:46Fxx. 2 min pull ?
00:06:43Hexar ursa stop diving
00:06:49Hexar omg
00:06:56Hexar f tard
00:06:58Fxx. hate this server
00:07:05Hexar lol fukc i am lo on hp and mana and u tard dive
00:07:13Fxx. WHAT _?
00:07:16Fxx. WHAT U HAD ?
00:07:17Fxx. LOW HP ?
00:07:22Hexar y
00:07:23Hexar 200
00:07:26Bocktiggi ss
00:07:34Fxx. and u had fucking 100mana +
00:07:37Fxx. poison ?
00:07:44Fxx. FUCK U
00:07:57nigulas ssmid
00:08:06nigulas mid
00:08:33Hexar ssmid
00:08:37Hexar care
00:08:42Fxx. FF
00:08:43Fxx. FF
00:08:44Fxx. FF
00:08:45Fxx. FF
00:08:46Firoga 0 3
00:08:50Fxx. only tards again here
00:08:57Firoga u are the tard
00:08:57Du4N look urself
00:08:59Fxx. bye bye team
00:09:03Fxx. never ending farm now
00:09:04Firoga leave
00:09:07Firoga leave
00:09:14Fxx. totaly tards (aka and slardar too)
00:09:34nigulas ssmid
00:09:46Fxx. :-)
00:09:53Fxx. aka dont hit ulty ....
00:09:59Hexar dude
00:10:00Hexar stfu
00:10:03Hexar and play ur game
00:10:04Du4N 321
00:10:06Hexar and let me play mine
00:10:06Hexar ok
00:10:06nigulas this is gc
00:10:06nigulas no 321 here
00:10:06Du4N re321
00:10:09Hexar u fuckign tard nab fed only and diving under tower and tell others they suck
00:10:12Hexar so stfu and play
00:10:17Hexar and if u dont wanna then quit
00:10:18Hexar fucking nab
00:10:24Fxx. is your daddy
00:11:03Firoga 0 4
00:11:05Hexar well fweded
00:11:10Fxx. enjoy my 0:20 this game
00:11:16Fxx. if u wanna play like this
00:11:24Hexar ill enjoin ur ban mofo
00:11:37Fxx. mofo is mb in your family
00:11:47nigulas fuck
00:11:48nigulas lag
00:13:15Hexar dead
00:14:39HausTia ss bot
00:14:42HausTia 2
00:15:29Fxx. stun ?
00:15:34Fxx. mr pro es ?
00:15:43Stanghorn ff
00:15:46Firoga omg u are so idiot
00:15:47Fxx. rly love this server on dota
00:15:48Fxx. ....
00:15:50Fxx. rly love it
00:15:51Fxx. ..
00:15:51Firoga then go
00:15:54Firoga u idiot
00:15:59Du4N ur better off to garena
00:16:02Hexar go leave ur fagot
00:16:04Firoga u are 0 4
00:16:05Fxx. totaly unbalanced teams , allways
00:16:17Du4N garena is for u...
00:16:25Fxx. and your mom for me
00:16:26Fxx. ?
00:16:32Hexar and ur fucking lame kid
00:16:34Hexar just stfu
00:16:44Hexar Go fed more
00:16:48Romeo =]]
00:17:37Fxx. 1:6
00:17:40Fxx. 4 lvl
00:18:02Firoga first kill
00:18:03Firoga gj
00:18:40Bocktiggi i saved you <3
00:19:31Romeo :D
00:19:36Fxx. love this server
00:19:37Hexar ff
00:19:37Fxx. rly
00:19:41Fxx. sooooo BALANCED Teams
00:19:43Hexar i love how u fed
00:19:48Fxx. oh
00:19:49nigulas u guys need to play 20games
00:19:49Fxx. sry
00:19:54nigulas then there will be some balance1
00:19:54Fxx. mr captain
00:19:58Fxx. i havnt got blink
00:20:01nigulas u all (new)
00:20:01Fxx. every 5 sec
00:20:05Hexar that ursa fed at start and now fucking wining
00:20:13Firoga i can't stand this ursa
00:20:18Firoga he's too idiot to be real
00:20:21nigulas akasha
00:20:23nigulas u farming
00:20:24Firoga imo it's a fake
00:20:25nigulas with ur hero
00:20:25nigulas hi
00:20:29Fxx. cause i play with tards like u , who dont know HIT AKASA ULTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:20:46Firoga it's a fake
00:20:59Fxx. anyway
00:21:07Fxx. all in scourge play rly nice
00:21:09Fxx. ...
00:21:14Fxx. its rly extreme unbalanced game
00:21:17Firoga it's a fake
00:21:23Firoga ursa can't be so idiot
00:21:27Romeo :D
00:21:28Firoga just end this :D
00:22:04Fxx. :-)
00:22:38nigulas why u come
00:22:38nigulas here
00:22:41nigulas if i buyout
00:22:41nigulas to farm
00:22:51nigulas ret
00:24:07Fxx. Ach
00:24:08Firoga 8
00:24:30Fxx. how can i ff here ?
00:24:35Stanghorn we can't :(
00:24:38Hexar 25min
00:24:40Hexar then can
00:24:43Stanghorn ok
00:24:47Fxx. and at 25. ?
00:24:52Hexar i surrender
00:24:56nigulas at ff u can ff
00:24:57nigulas j
00:24:58nigulas at 25
00:25:00nigulas min
00:25:08Fxx. but how
00:25:17nigulas u cat
00:25:20Fxx. "ff" ?
00:25:30nigulas jsut write ff
00:26:03Fxx. anyway sry
00:26:11Fxx. today die my grand daddy
00:26:17Fxx. i m rly mad
00:26:27Bocktiggi so?
00:26:29Fxx. i just need relax , but this is rly bad relax
00:26:49Hexar stop de
00:26:54Hexar def and let them end it
00:27:02Fxx. 9. game here , only 1 game was nice , at this sever , MISS DOTA-lEAGUE
00:27:06Hexar I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:08Firoga I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:11nigulas this isnt server
00:27:12Fxx. i surrender
00:27:13Romeo I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:14Hexar go fast end
00:27:14Fxx. I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:15Romeo -clear
00:27:23Hexar stop def
00:27:27Hexar and go under fountain
00:27:43Hexar go under fountain
00:27:45Hexar and stop defing
00:27:47Fxx. I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:50Hexar if u wanan ff
00:27:53Hexar all go ff
00:28:04Hexar End it fast
00:28:35Hexar dotn def
00:28:39Hexar slarar
00:28:44Hexar dont def
00:28:47Hexar let them end
00:28:50Fxx. u cant purpose no defing , or ?
00:29:05Hexar if u wanna ff
00:29:05Hexar [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:29:05Hexar [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:29:05Hexar [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:29:05Hexar [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:29:05Stanghorn I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:07Hexar then stop def
00:29:14Hexar u must stay under fountain now
00:29:43Hexar GO tree
00:29:50Du4N y
00:29:51Du4N go tree
00:29:57Hexar baned
00:30:00PriMo E
00:30:02Hexar u ff
00:30:06Hexar and u go kill tard
00:30:07Firoga banned ursa
00:30:11Hexar read rules for start
00:30:11Fxx. why ?
00:30:16Hexar coz ur nab
00:30:25Fxx. i cant play
00:30:25Hexar u ff and i toldu like 3 time
00:30:26Fxx. ?
00:30:28Stanghorn could u just end that game?
00:30:28Fxx. when i ff ?
00:30:31Hexar u must stay in base under fountain
00:30:32Hexar if u ff
00:30:33Fxx. hahaha
00:30:39Fxx. this is rly bad system
00:30:41Hexar go read rules fucking pro
00:30:42Firoga dead, flame, noob, ff
00:30:46Firoga ursa is banned
00:30:55Fxx. k , so i m banned
00:30:55Hexar report y
00:30:56Fxx. and ?
00:30:59Firoga and bye
00:31:05Fxx. cause of bad system here
00:31:07Fxx. np
00:31:11Hexar cos ur tard
00:31:15Fxx. ok
00:31:18Fxx. so im tard
00:31:19Fxx. ,,
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