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64% | 1324 X | 1335 TS

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Chat log

00:00:13niacniac :S
00:00:19PieInTheSky ban tree?
00:00:19FirstBlood -tree
00:00:19FirstBlood -
00:00:19GCNOVA its roof
00:00:19GCNOVA roof
00:00:19GCNOVA not tree
00:00:19FirstBlood -roof
00:00:19Eternity tree
00:00:19Eternity ^^
00:00:19FirstBlood :D
00:00:19OneNightInLuna fail :D
00:00:19VictoriaJrocks -rubick
00:00:27GCNOVA And u dont need -
00:00:32GCNOVA before hero name
00:00:34VictoriaJrocks so?
00:00:42GCNOVA Just to tell u :)
00:00:50VictoriaJrocks i know that im just used to doing it like that
00:01:01GCNOVA K k no hard feelings
00:01:04VictoriaJrocks ye
00:01:06Asiankid me mid
00:01:08Asiankid i take obsi
00:01:14Asiankid last buy chick
00:01:16OneNightInLuna yy
00:01:18GCNOVA i play obsi
00:01:26Xeros heal pls
00:01:33FirstBlood me and dazzle top
00:01:49Eternity pudge bot?...
00:01:54VictoriaJrocks we need perfect kunkka+tide ultis to win ;D
00:01:59GCNOVA y
00:02:07GCNOVA combo wth venom
00:02:10GCNOVA double slow
00:02:15niacniac kunka
00:02:16niacniac top
00:02:20Xeros ok
00:02:21niacniac not 2 mele
00:02:49PieInTheSky u got gush as first?
00:03:03VictoriaJrocks tide you got slow skkill first?
00:03:07Asiankid -ms
00:03:35niacniac dont
00:04:11PieInTheSky ss
00:04:36niacniac hey my vreep
00:04:42niacniac creerp
00:05:36GCNOVA ss
00:05:41GCNOVA re
00:05:56Xeros kald be care
00:06:17niacniac fu
00:06:18niacniac noob
00:06:22VictoriaJrocks 6min to ego
00:06:27PieInTheSky how can u be so weak
00:06:33niacniac HAHAHAHHAZAH
00:06:37niacniac U RUN IN THRm
00:06:41niacniac them
00:06:53Eternity xD
00:06:59PieInTheSky go veno when i come
00:07:03Eternity mouse flew away
00:07:03Asiankid brown
00:07:05Eternity wanted creep
00:07:07Asiankid buy chick
00:07:10Asiankid lol
00:07:17Asiankid buy chick
00:07:18PieInTheSky ss
00:07:19Asiankid bown
00:07:22OneNightInLuna I DIDß
00:07:27OneNightInLuna did?
00:07:28Asiankid where
00:07:39PieInTheSky ss 2
00:07:40niacniac stop feed him
00:07:44niacniac he is my mate
00:07:47niacniac he is good
00:07:51niacniac but stop feed
00:07:54VictoriaJrocks mid miss
00:07:54ChrizZLee go meet a hotelroom
00:08:24Asiankid -ms
00:08:54niacniac omw top
00:09:01niacniac go
00:09:04Asiankid kald
00:09:17GCNOVA s1
00:09:22GCNOVA re
00:09:25VictoriaJrocks mid miss
00:09:35GCNOVA kaldr
00:10:42VictoriaJrocks mid miss od
00:10:51niacniac aa care
00:11:00VictoriaJrocks re mid od
00:11:10niacniac i got ulti
00:11:12PieInTheSky ss 2
00:11:13niacniac com gank top
00:11:14niacniac someone
00:11:16ChrizZLee y
00:11:56VictoriaJrocks mid miss od
00:12:29VictoriaJrocks no misses
00:12:30VictoriaJrocks why
00:12:34niacniac well
00:12:36VictoriaJrocks oh there was
00:12:36PieInTheSky ss 2
00:12:40niacniac they were here 2 sec before
00:12:46niacniac and we couldn't saw
00:12:51Asiankid tower
00:12:52Asiankid mid
00:12:56VictoriaJrocks i come mid in sec too
00:12:59Xeros go levi ulty?
00:13:02niacniac yy
00:13:22GCNOVA woops
00:13:23GCNOVA :D
00:13:28niacniac deni me ?
00:13:29niacniac omg
00:13:45Xeros pudge
00:14:40niacniac pff
00:14:44niacniac trax sucks so much
00:14:53GCNOVA b
00:15:13Xeros we could more kill him nesaj
00:15:41VictoriaJrocks pffzt
00:15:48VictoriaJrocks they all just come in sec
00:16:05GCNOVA twr
00:16:10PieInTheSky just no wards ..
00:16:11niacniac we need gathers
00:16:15niacniac and wards
00:16:21niacniac and trax GO FARm
00:16:23ChrizZLee plant them
00:16:30Eternity 2-4 down..
00:16:57Xeros morf n
00:16:59Xeros b
00:17:08niacniac pff
00:17:13niacniac no need to play
00:17:18PieInTheSky thought tide u come
00:17:24niacniac I was going mid
00:17:38Eternity oom saved him
00:17:41Eternity oculdnt hook earlier
00:17:57GCNOVA heal
00:18:54OneNightInLuna gwt bot twr
00:19:13Asiankid YOO
00:19:15FirstBlood :D
00:19:39Eternity s1
00:19:52niacniac place wards ONE DAY AA
00:20:06Xeros gogo obci
00:20:23Eternity forgot ya got an aa
00:20:38ChrizZLee wards in chick
00:20:43Eternity tower lost
00:20:44Eternity gj
00:20:49Xeros b
00:20:58OneNightInLuna b
00:20:59OneNightInLuna mid
00:21:27Xeros ward
00:21:59GCNOVA how the fuck
00:22:00GCNOVA they are always
00:22:02GCNOVA 5
00:22:05GCNOVA hiding pieces of shit
00:22:08Eternity tp cd.
00:22:09Xeros shit
00:22:11niacniac bullshit
00:22:14niacniac aa sos bad
00:22:19VictoriaJrocks aa did good with od
00:22:23GCNOVA dazzle grave me
00:22:25GCNOVA im the dps
00:22:26GCNOVA in here
00:22:28ChrizZLee su
00:22:30ChrizZLee tide
00:22:35Xeros we need more wards
00:22:47niacniac yellow
00:22:56PieInTheSky y ?
00:23:11Xeros gangs
00:23:21OneNightInLuna u push bot
00:23:25VictoriaJrocks bot miss 3
00:23:41FirstBlood care top
00:23:45FirstBlood b
00:23:47FirstBlood b
00:23:48FirstBlood b
00:24:16Eternity BLIND
00:24:16niacniac AA
00:24:17Eternity NOOBS
00:24:18niacniac NOOOOOOOOOO
00:24:20niacniac WFR
00:24:26niacniac WTF THEY DIDN't SAW
00:24:28OneNightInLuna n1
00:24:29niacniac AND U HIT
00:24:34niacniac ............ YOU ARE SHIT
00:24:42Xeros ]no mana on tp
00:24:44Xeros shit
00:24:51GCNOVA 200 for mystic
00:25:11niacniac xD
00:25:16VictoriaJrocks dont use fort on that?
00:25:19GCNOVA b
00:25:23Eternity -st
00:25:23niacniac i didn't
00:25:26Asiankid together
00:25:27niacniac im not stupid
00:25:27Asiankid gogo
00:25:28Asiankid we gang
00:25:33VictoriaJrocks do i like look like i said that to you
00:25:34VictoriaJrocks i said it to who used
00:25:37Xeros gang
00:25:44Eternity fucking whore veno
00:25:44Eternity ..
00:25:59Xeros b@
00:26:02Eternity you know what a bottle is?
00:26:03Xeros b!
00:26:50OneNightInLuna b
00:27:16GCNOVA hook
00:27:51VictoriaJrocks so close
00:28:00niacniac they perma suicide
00:28:11GCNOVA get sentery
00:28:13GCNOVA to destroy
00:28:26niacniac one more
00:28:35GCNOVA im going on hex
00:28:52Eternity -ii
00:29:24niacniac one more
00:29:33Xeros i noob sorry
00:29:39niacniac learn dota one day ?
00:29:41VictoriaJrocks just get good ultis in :p
00:29:44Xeros be care mid
00:29:49Asiankid -afk
00:29:52Xeros care trax
00:29:55PieInTheSky come nay ?
00:29:56PieInTheSky any *
00:29:59niacniac trax dead
00:30:15niacniac FUCKING BACkj
00:30:30Xeros care
00:30:35VictoriaJrocks dont leave base
00:30:38VictoriaJrocks wait for them to come
00:30:56VictoriaJrocks why did you do that on purpose O_O
00:31:00Asiankid -ms
00:31:02niacniac WHY HE GO ON PURPOSER
00:31:05PieInTheSky they got ward tthere
00:31:07VictoriaJrocks is Pieinthesky your friend or something
00:31:09niacniac HE RAN I N YOU
00:31:15niacniac WE TOLD HIM TO STAY BASE
00:31:21GCNOVA 420 for hex
00:31:31GCNOVA go piggy
00:32:15GCNOVA got hex
00:32:21VictoriaJrocks b
00:32:23VictoriaJrocks we need your ulti
00:32:25GCNOVA need heall !
00:32:41Xeros trax noob
00:32:44niacniac again purpose
00:32:46VictoriaJrocks trax is just doing it on purpose
00:32:47niacniac wtf
00:32:49ChrizZLee leave pls
00:32:51niacniac i hate
00:32:53Eternity maybe stop running in front of me?
00:33:01GCNOVA heal
00:33:03niacniac this guy ruin the game
00:33:06Eternity after you steal every rune you can
00:33:07GCNOVA stfu?
00:33:10VictoriaJrocks now good kunkka and tide ulti
00:33:10niacniac and is happy to do so
00:33:11Eternity and dont buy anything supportive
00:33:18OneNightInLuna pudge can u su plz?
00:34:02niacniac thats a shame
00:34:06niacniac he got the kil
00:34:09OneNightInLuna b
00:34:22VictoriaJrocks go push atleat 1 tower
00:34:35GCNOVA just 1 question, why did u took 3 carry heros?
00:34:36OneNightInLuna pudge i took 1 dd rune...
00:34:39VictoriaJrocks ask trax
00:34:39Eternity i farm the rest of the game
00:34:40OneNightInLuna so dont whine
00:34:48Eternity y but dazzle
00:34:50Eternity gets every rune
00:34:59Eternity great
00:35:00VictoriaJrocks b
00:35:01Eternity died cuz writing
00:35:04Eternity i farm the rest of the game
00:35:06Eternity loose it
00:35:15Eternity if you have to ruin my game
00:35:17Eternity play it solo
00:35:23OneNightInLuna pudge plz...
00:35:35OneNightInLuna just play in team and win this...
00:35:36OneNightInLuna plz
00:35:53GCNOVA i didnt used ult
00:35:56Eternity i am the only 1 who s doing anything for the team
00:35:57Eternity ..
00:36:03GCNOVA bullshit
00:36:04Eternity pissed of that noobs
00:36:05Xeros kald wards
00:36:07OneNightInLuna i know...
00:36:07niacniac b ..
00:36:12OneNightInLuna but just end this now
00:36:20PieInTheSky any do jangoo ?
00:36:23VictoriaJrocks i did
00:36:32VictoriaJrocks 4 miss bot
00:36:33VictoriaJrocks id say b
00:37:14VictoriaJrocks good ultis or lost
00:38:04VictoriaJrocks you left base
00:38:06VictoriaJrocks thats bannable
00:38:09Eternity destroyer you know your base?
00:38:10FirstBlood :D
00:38:17Eternity *ulti
00:38:24FirstBlood buy dust
00:38:25FirstBlood pls
00:38:31niacniac I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:33Eternity i ll
00:38:35GCNOVA lack of gold
00:38:35Eternity if i reveive
00:38:36PieInTheSky I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:36FirstBlood ok
00:38:42PieInTheSky -ff
00:38:44Eternity dazzle will never buy anything supportive
00:38:45PieInTheSky i surrender
00:38:46OneNightInLuna we dont are allowed to left the base?
00:38:46ChrizZLee I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:50Eternity maybe i ll go for report him after game
00:38:52OneNightInLuna leaveÜ*
00:38:57VictoriaJrocks you cant attack inne tower without creeps
00:39:03VictoriaJrocks and you left base=without creeps
00:39:04GCNOVA r u serious?
00:39:07GCNOVA i can shit in ur base
00:39:11GCNOVA if i entered with creeps
00:39:18Eternity y.
00:39:20Eternity read rules pls
00:39:21VictoriaJrocks you left base=have to re enter from with barracks down
00:39:22FirstBlood you can bd
00:39:27VictoriaJrocks you can bd OUTER towers
00:39:27GCNOVA shut up
00:39:55Eternity wont take.
00:39:57Eternity full.
00:40:06Xeros b
00:40:07Xeros morgf
00:40:10Xeros ,prf
00:41:45Eternity megacreeps for that *-:
00:42:19Eternity ggnova ya ulti makes aoedmg, good with heros with lowmanapool
00:42:22niacniac idc mega
00:42:26Eternity *vs
00:42:26GCNOVA i know :D
00:42:28niacniac µits lost already
00:42:31GCNOVA i just cant
00:42:32GCNOVA use it
00:42:37GCNOVA lets finish
00:42:40GCNOVA in next 3 mins
00:42:48Eternity stop fucking around maybe?
00:43:08ChrizZLee neede
00:43:09GCNOVA go down
00:43:09Eternity you wanted dust
00:43:09GCNOVA all
00:43:11GCNOVA of u
00:43:11ChrizZLee d
00:43:11Eternity and still in courir
00:43:15Eternity nice
00:43:19Eternity thx for waste 400 gold
00:43:49PieInTheSky take pudge?
00:44:34niacniac hey one night
00:44:39niacniac u know martin ?
00:44:44OneNightInLuna im im :D:D
00:44:46niacniac lol
00:44:48OneNightInLuna im am*
00:44:52FirstBlood no..
00:44:52niacniac hey mate
00:44:56niacniac im damien
00:44:57OneNightInLuna hy^^ :D
00:45:02FirstBlood i know :D
00:45:04OneNightInLuna i know :D
00:45:05Eternity you play eurobattlenet?
00:45:17niacniac y there are 2 martin my mates here
00:45:19niacniac lol
00:45:23OneNightInLuna lol
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