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Chat log

00:00:09vilu any1 want something special?
00:00:16Zemirk voin lichaa
00:00:20MaAkoXYma sf;D
00:00:22MaAkoXYma nono
00:00:23MaAkoXYma pudge
00:00:23MaAkoXYma !
00:00:27FirstBlood -magina
00:00:27vilu -weaver
00:00:36vilu beastmaster
00:00:41vilu for meh
00:00:42Zemirk k
00:00:48MYuksel anyone es ?
00:00:52svents me
00:00:57MaAkoXYma you cap
00:00:59MaAkoXYma let me pudge
00:00:59Zemirk -swap 1
00:00:59MaAkoXYma mid
00:01:00MYuksel pick me gyro
00:01:00MaAkoXYma ?
00:01:00vilu -swap 3
00:01:01svents what u want?
00:01:04svents k
00:01:05vilu hmm
00:01:07MYuksel or wait
00:01:09vilu i want to do this mid .|
00:01:14MYuksel gyro
00:01:20MaAkoXYma randomm
00:01:22MYuksel -swap 3
00:01:23svents -swap 2
00:01:24vilu well
00:01:25FirstBlood pick sk
00:01:27vilu we needed carry
00:01:28vilu razor aint bad
00:01:29MYuksel me and gyro lane
00:01:32MaAkoXYma I hate it.
00:01:33MYuksel me and es
00:01:34MYuksel i mean
00:01:41svents -clear
00:01:46Zemirk link razor pwns
00:01:48Zemirk ^^
00:01:49FirstBlood pudge make pipe pls
00:01:52vilu the link is so good
00:01:52svents fb bot?
00:01:53Sprait kk
00:02:03MaAkoXYma The hero is good
00:02:03MYuksel pudge
00:02:04MaAkoXYma but i hate it
00:02:05MYuksel come bot
00:02:05MaAkoXYma still
00:02:08svents y
00:02:09MYuksel lets go fb
00:02:11svents fb
00:02:11MYuksel did you rot ?
00:02:15Sprait no
00:02:17vilu this game
00:02:18svents omg
00:02:18MYuksel then go top
00:02:23vilu feels so weird after dota2 :|
00:02:29Zemirk yup
00:02:30MYuksel do you have rot
00:02:30Zemirk -ma
00:02:33MYuksel pudge ?
00:02:34Sprait no
00:02:36MYuksel go top
00:02:36MYuksel then
00:02:37MYuksel nvm
00:02:38keltim i meka
00:02:38MaAkoXYma dont take rune
00:02:39svents then top
00:02:40MYuksel we cant use u
00:02:40MaAkoXYma by clicking on them
00:02:41MaAkoXYma ;D
00:02:44vilu yeah
00:02:46MaAkoXYma happend to me
00:02:46MYuksel nabi
00:02:47MaAkoXYma ;D
00:03:00FirstBlood who will make mekansm<
00:03:02FirstBlood ?
00:03:04keltim i
00:03:05keltim i
00:03:10kAlleMustDie jätän?
00:03:12MYuksel sk haste
00:03:14vilu mjo
00:03:23Zemirk mikä seoli?
00:03:28Zemirk aa
00:04:26svents i can pull
00:04:34MYuksel ward ?
00:04:38svents y
00:04:40svents sry
00:05:01vilu wow
00:06:26vilu wtf
00:06:45svents gj
00:06:53MaAkoXYma so you are contest winner after all ;D
00:07:03svents i go take haste and come mid
00:07:27MYuksel ss lich
00:07:27MYuksel re
00:07:33keltim ss 2
00:07:48keltim ss 1
00:07:49MYuksel aaah
00:07:52MYuksel how did they know
00:08:02svents nah
00:08:05vilu i cannot
00:08:07vilu do shit anymore mid
00:08:18Zemirk ill come gank
00:08:21FirstBlood ss mid
00:08:25MaAkoXYma lvl 8 ;/
00:08:34vilu use chick
00:09:01vilu the gank is needed
00:09:09svents illu rune bot
00:09:13MYuksel salve
00:09:14MYuksel pz
00:09:37Sprait cc 1
00:09:39svents ss2
00:09:48svents re1
00:09:48vilu got ult finally
00:09:48Zemirk nice
00:09:57svents re2
00:10:02MYuksel ss sk
00:10:05MYuksel re
00:10:08Sprait ss
00:10:30MYuksel b
00:10:31MYuksel bo
00:10:41Mircea.N ss mid?
00:10:44Mircea.N ss mid ?
00:10:52vilu there is no mid anymore
00:10:59Mircea.N so SAY SS
00:11:02Mircea.N r u retard ?
00:11:05vilu there is no mid lane anymore
00:11:07vilu get it
00:11:10MYuksel help
00:11:12MYuksel bot
00:11:24kAlleMustDie dd
00:11:27MaAkoXYma good we got much better lps than they do
00:11:28Zemirk noni ulti
00:11:33MaAkoXYma he can not win alone
00:11:35MaAkoXYma B BOT
00:11:36MaAkoXYma B BOTY
00:11:38MYuksel stun
00:12:12svents gj
00:12:13vilu gj
00:12:41MYuksel only used ulti because iam going back :D
00:12:43Zemirk care mid
00:12:44Zemirk !!!!
00:12:46svents np
00:12:49svents ss sk
00:12:55MYuksel its back again :D
00:12:56MYuksel so np
00:12:57Sprait ss
00:13:08MYuksel def mid
00:13:39FirstBlood all
00:14:02vilu gj
00:14:46FirstBlood team
00:14:52MYuksel ?
00:14:56FirstBlood we need gang together
00:14:59svents y
00:15:05svents i just wanted to get arcanes
00:15:42MaAkoXYma care
00:15:46MYuksel push middle ?
00:16:13Zemirk -.-
00:16:27FirstBlood #b
00:16:31svents omfg
00:16:53MYuksel this teamo
00:17:02MaAkoXYma care
00:17:07MaAkoXYma you got no boots
00:17:09MaAkoXYma dont sohw up
00:17:09MaAkoXYma ...
00:17:18MaAkoXYma g
00:17:19MaAkoXYma g
00:17:24keltim ss 3
00:17:30MaAkoXYma b
00:17:56vilu i went in
00:18:04vilu you didnt come right away?
00:18:05vilu why?
00:18:12FirstBlood pudge i need fast your pipe
00:18:37kAlleMustDie oom
00:18:41keltim ...
00:19:16kAlleMustDie take it lich
00:20:08keltim ss
00:20:16MYuksel so vilu
00:20:19MYuksel how was dota2 ?
00:20:19vilu im b
00:20:24vilu different
00:20:29MaAkoXYma same
00:20:36MYuksel like hon ?
00:20:38vilu it's a different game, full of bugs
00:20:39Zemirk no
00:20:47vilu im not sure what you mean by hon
00:20:53MaAkoXYma it is more like hon
00:20:54MaAkoXYma than like dota
00:20:55vilu hon is pure horse shit
00:20:57MYuksel heroes of newerth
00:20:58FirstBlood go top
00:20:58FirstBlood tower
00:20:59vilu so
00:20:59MaAkoXYma about graphic
00:21:01vilu not hon
00:21:06MYuksel k
00:21:36FirstBlood lol
00:21:41MaAkoXYma ...
00:21:44keltim LOL
00:21:54MYuksel lol 200 dmg
00:22:02svents omfg pudge ....
00:22:24svents got dagger now np
00:23:06kAlleMustDie care
00:23:11kAlleMustDie get wards
00:24:21vilu .D
00:24:34MYuksel b
00:24:41vilu they are all on red :|
00:24:58kAlleMustDie i failed with my ulti there
00:25:08Zemirk i didnt have it at start
00:25:11Zemirk :<
00:25:45FirstBlood b
00:25:46FirstBlood team
00:26:17Zemirk es pwn
00:26:19Zemirk -.
00:26:19vilu y
00:26:19svents hy
00:26:22vilu they had wards
00:26:25vilu saw us coming
00:26:26MYuksel any problem ?
00:26:32FirstBlood XD
00:26:42FirstBlood nice combo es XD
00:26:49svents np :D
00:27:18svents got 0 kills :(
00:27:31MYuksel oom
00:27:32keltim come i heal
00:27:37kAlleMustDie no ulti
00:27:38Zemirk got ultis?
00:27:42vilu ihave
00:27:44Zemirk same
00:27:47Mircea.N i do
00:28:05vilu ship first
00:28:38Mircea.N b
00:28:43MYuksel haha
00:28:44vilu gj
00:28:46kAlleMustDie gj
00:28:46FirstBlood XD
00:28:46vilu nice
00:28:46MYuksel :)
00:28:50MYuksel no mana
00:28:51MYuksel :(
00:28:59MYuksel sry nevermore
00:29:15FirstBlood i need aegis
00:29:20FirstBlood but its so rish
00:29:22FirstBlood risk
00:29:31MYuksel hmm
00:29:35MYuksel let smoke ?
00:29:40MYuksel and try ?
00:29:48MYuksel gank
00:29:49MYuksel someone
00:29:50MYuksel then go rosh
00:29:51FirstBlood buy some smoke for rosh and gangs pls
00:30:29MYuksel hooki
00:30:42svents w8 me mid
00:30:43MaAkoXYma kill
00:30:43MaAkoXYma rocket
00:30:44MaAkoXYma kill
00:30:45MaAkoXYma rcoket
00:30:57svents tiogether
00:31:03MaAkoXYma rex you shouldn't take that much farm
00:31:03MaAkoXYma ;3
00:31:16Mircea.N stick 2gheter
00:31:16vilu they smoked?
00:31:16MYuksel laaag
00:31:16MYuksel lagi
00:31:16MYuksel laagi
00:31:16MYuksel laalalallag
00:31:16MYuksel laaag
00:31:16MYuksel laaaaaaaaaaag
00:31:32MaAkoXYma b
00:31:33MaAkoXYma b
00:31:33MaAkoXYma b
00:31:34MaAkoXYma b
00:31:36MaAkoXYma b
00:31:36MaAkoXYma b
00:31:50MYuksel danger
00:32:08vilu ill heal
00:32:14MaAkoXYma they go for me
00:32:17svents some1 has to bite
00:32:20MaAkoXYma also i need to take a shit
00:32:20MaAkoXYma ;D
00:32:23svents i can come in then
00:32:53kAlleMustDie ffs
00:32:54Zemirk dling silence
00:33:05svents gj ^^
00:33:48svents got agha
00:33:50svents im b
00:33:52svents oom need regen
00:34:06FirstBlood b
00:34:37svents we have lost 1 tower :DDD
00:34:39MYuksel i love agha
00:34:42svents yeah imba
00:35:12FirstBlood w8 for me
00:35:13FirstBlood team
00:35:15keltim arkan
00:35:15svents y
00:35:20keltim ty
00:35:22vilu es agha
00:35:23svents np
00:35:26MYuksel haha
00:35:37MaAkoXYma they kill us with ultys only
00:35:40MaAkoXYma so dont stay together
00:35:43MaAkoXYma and we might do smth
00:35:58keltim go
00:36:32MYuksel easy
00:36:35svents go go bot
00:36:36Zemirk go burd
00:36:41svents soem1 bite again
00:36:50FirstBlood go es
00:36:52FirstBlood start
00:37:21vilu ggwp
00:37:24MYuksel why focus ?
00:37:24keltim i miss orb((
00:37:26Mircea.N I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:35kAlleMustDie !ff
00:37:36svents gg
00:37:37Zemirk I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:37:44FirstBlood gg
00:37:44keltim baraks
00:37:47vilu this is one me
00:37:50vilu more than usually :)
00:37:58vilu i played the mid quite horribly
00:38:08MaAkoXYma worse than horrible ;D
00:38:13MYuksel iam coming
00:38:52MYuksel svents wp
00:38:55svents np np
00:38:59keltim baraks
00:39:00svents wp all
00:39:01svents :)
00:39:20Zemirk f
00:39:29vilu I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:39:32MYuksel end
00:39:32vilu type ff
00:39:32svents ^^
00:39:36kAlleMustDie I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:40:38svents want 1 ulti morte :D
00:40:39svents w8 :D
00:40:59Zemirk die
00:41:00Zemirk :D
00:41:04MaAkoXYma DIE
00:41:08MYuksel hahah
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