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-31 X
-2 TS

95% | 1674 X | 1535 TS

-35 X
-2 TS

48% | 1151 X | 1347 TS

-40 X
-13 TS

38% | 1141 X | 1265 TS

-34 X
-1 TS

17% | 984 X | 1231 TS

-12 X
-12 TS

2% | 890 X | 949 TS

-2 X
+1 TS

91% | 1537 X | 1558 TS

+36 X
+4 TS

48% | 1190 X | 1304 TS

+43 X
+3 TS

40% | 1135 X | 1290 TS

+19 X
+41 TS

NEW | 1097 X | 1044 TS

+59 X
+70 TS

NEW | 1000 X | 1000 TS

Chat log

00:00:01Lawok -ar
00:00:10Lawok -water 255 0 255
00:00:11Puppetmaster arai?? xD
00:00:12Lawok -rickroll 1
00:00:13xargan -swapall
00:00:15KolleBolle -swap 5
00:00:17Puppetmaster -swap 3
00:00:20Vaj.CO -swap 3
00:00:24xargan -swap 2
00:00:24Puppetmaster -swap 2
00:00:31KolleBolle lasica swap
00:00:31Puppetmaster repick some int
00:00:31Netukka bane jugger
00:00:33Netukka lane
00:00:34Netukka invo
00:00:35LaSiCa no
00:00:35Netukka top
00:00:35KolleBolle -swap 5
00:00:36Puppetmaster repick invo
00:00:39Netukka bane jugger bot
00:00:39Puppetmaster or i do
00:00:41Puppetmaster idc
00:00:42Netukka bane jugger bot
00:00:42Lawok ursa rhasta bottom
00:00:44KolleBolle you are so facking bad player
00:00:44Puppetmaster -swapall
00:00:44Lawok rikimaru wr top
00:00:45Netukka invo top
00:00:45Vaj.CO jugg
00:00:46Netukka solo
00:00:49Netukka chen woods
00:00:51KolleBolle repick it
00:00:51Netukka jugger bane
00:00:52Netukka bot
00:00:53KolleBolle then
00:00:58LaSiCa i know to play with riki
00:00:59Netukka u should
00:01:01Netukka go good
00:01:02KolleBolle pffffffffffffff
00:01:03Netukka sleep and dead
00:01:07KolleBolle fuck me sideways
00:01:10Vaj.CO and where the fuck is chick?
00:01:12Puppetmaster items for me?
00:01:16KolleBolle you are pretty useless with all heros
00:01:17Vaj.CO meka
00:01:20Netukka meka
00:01:20Netukka yes
00:01:31KolleBolle get
00:01:31Lawok rikimaru u need rege -.-
00:01:32KolleBolle chick
00:01:34KolleBolle niow
00:01:35Netukka get eul
00:01:43Netukka or juts agha
00:01:43Lawok its there
00:01:44Lawok idiot
00:01:44Puppetmaster jugger, you have to buy chicken if your brown or orange
00:01:46KolleBolle share
00:01:47KolleBolle then
00:01:49Lawok it is
00:01:50Lawok idiot
00:01:52LaSiCa share
00:01:55LaSiCa moron
00:01:56Netukka lastpick
00:01:57Netukka buys
00:01:58Netukka always
00:02:00Puppetmaster y
00:02:24Mute_Bitsch gj 2 melee down -.-
00:02:26Zemirk DONT AUTO
00:03:00Zemirk omg
00:03:01Puppetmaster shall i pull?
00:03:05Zemirk listen captain in lines
00:03:06Lawok omg rhasta and ursa
00:03:07Zemirk rhasta idiot
00:03:09Lawok should be bot
00:03:10Lawok LISTEN
00:03:13Vaj.CO sure
00:03:25Mute_Bitsch riki went down
00:03:32LaSiCa omv
00:03:47Mute_Bitsch omw mid first
00:03:51Mute_Bitsch to make fb
00:03:54Netukka ss mid
00:03:55Netukka pudge
00:04:03xargan ss riki
00:04:04Netukka re
00:04:19Vaj.CO ss top
00:04:30Lawok gj
00:04:30Netukka yeah
00:04:32Mute_Bitsch u2
00:04:44Lawok gj
00:04:52Netukka pudge ss
00:04:54Netukka re
00:05:08Vaj.CO -invokelist
00:05:13PriMo go
00:05:25Mute_Bitsch get bane ?
00:05:57Puppetmaster riki
00:06:02Lawok RUNE PUCKk
00:06:04Lawok CARE ALL LINES
00:07:03Zemirk miss
00:07:10Netukka care
00:07:12Netukka hook
00:07:13LaSiCa ss
00:07:59Mute_Bitsch care
00:08:06Netukka wtf
00:08:08Netukka who dares
00:08:09Netukka use
00:08:09Lawok SS AL
00:08:10Netukka chicken
00:08:12Netukka when i use
00:08:17Puppetmaster sry
00:08:18Netukka ty
00:08:21Netukka so fucking muhc
00:08:38Netukka ss pudge
00:08:41Mute_Bitsch care
00:09:03Puppetmaster -2 op
00:09:04Puppetmaster top
00:09:07Mute_Bitsch ss
00:09:07Mute_Bitsch 3
00:09:12Mute_Bitsch care
00:09:47Mute_Bitsch puck still down
00:09:56Zemirk no cloud?
00:10:10Netukka ¨ss
00:10:11Netukka puge
00:10:13KolleBolle hahahha no cloud
00:10:18LaSiCa sry
00:10:20Vaj.CO top
00:10:20KolleBolle i "can" play riki
00:10:28Lawok u r supposed to get the kills
00:10:32Lawok but try to skill better
00:10:47Mute_Bitsch gank down !
00:10:48Lawok tower
00:10:48Lawok go
00:10:57Netukka care
00:11:10Mute_Bitsch y
00:11:13Lawok i have no space for tp ;<
00:11:14Lawok wr coming
00:11:34KolleBolle wtf
00:11:53Lawok place those wards purple
00:11:55Mute_Bitsch clicked wrong
00:12:01PriMo 2
00:12:23Lawok def mid
00:12:24Lawok tp
00:12:25Puppetmaster blink several times if you need heal
00:12:48Mute_Bitsch im oom
00:12:56Mute_Bitsch care
00:12:57Mute_Bitsch dead
00:13:25Zemirk -...
00:13:43Puppetmaster i allow you to use my minions
00:13:44Puppetmaster btw
00:13:52Mute_Bitsch lol ursa
00:13:57Zemirk wards rhasta
00:14:09PriMo mp
00:14:11Mute_Bitsch you also can buy
00:14:21Zemirk jugg
00:14:28PriMo ? ???
00:14:58Lawok so fucking annoying
00:15:00Lawok never players
00:15:03Lawok where should be
00:15:14LaSiCa ?
00:15:21Lawok u keep farming
00:15:22KolleBolle scout
00:15:24Lawok but 4 others
00:15:29KolleBolle noooooo
00:15:30KolleBolle lawok
00:15:34KolleBolle he is useless
00:15:41KolleBolle understand it
00:16:13Vaj.CO oom
00:16:20Mute_Bitsch care
00:17:23Netukka go
00:17:32Mute_Bitsch b
00:17:50LaSiCa ;[
00:17:59LaSiCa wards maybe?
00:18:09Lawok rhasta
00:18:10LaSiCa lol
00:18:13Lawok use wards to towers
00:18:15Lawok not heroes
00:18:21Mute_Bitsch yea yea chill there
00:18:33Lawok we lose couse no vision or no proper gangs
00:18:36Lawok smoke
00:19:16Lawok RHASTA
00:20:19LaSiCa and i didnt see ursa fight
00:20:29LaSiCa so ursa su
00:21:07Puppetmaster hate chen
00:21:10Puppetmaster too much micro
00:21:47Zemirk dont go there
00:21:48Zemirk ...
00:21:55Mute_Bitsch yea wards -.-
00:22:00Mute_Bitsch omw down
00:22:05LaSiCa no mana
00:22:52LaSiCa rasta nooob
00:22:58Netukka care
00:22:59Lawok whole team noob
00:23:01Mute_Bitsch halt dein maul dummer spast
00:23:01KolleBolle lasica
00:23:05Netukka b
00:23:05Mute_Bitsch riki aber trotzdem sucken
00:23:07LaSiCa fu
00:23:08Mute_Bitsch dummer hurensohn
00:23:13LaSiCa no mana moron
00:23:13KolleBolle try to use your brain oce
00:23:16KolleBolle once
00:23:26Puppetmaster ne creeps for me
00:23:32KolleBolle DISABLE that fuckoing moron
00:23:34KolleBolle lasica
00:23:40KolleBolle and go for him
00:23:40Vaj.CO reuse
00:23:42Vaj.CO chick
00:23:42KolleBolle easy as dell
00:23:42Puppetmaster xaxa
00:23:51Zemirk -ma
00:23:52KolleBolle do you know who i mean?=
00:24:05KolleBolle no answear
00:24:11KolleBolle leave the game and do me a favor
00:24:13PriMo ????? ?????????? ? ???? ?? ????)
00:24:15Mute_Bitsch because he is retarded
00:24:18Netukka gather
00:24:21LaSiCa you leave feeder
00:24:25Mute_Bitsch wards
00:24:29Mute_Bitsch stfu noob riki
00:24:29PriMo )
00:25:16Mute_Bitsch still wards
00:25:37LaSiCa silence
00:25:41Netukka rosh
00:25:41Zemirk ei mitää järkee
00:25:41Netukka go
00:25:43Lawok u have too
00:25:44Puppetmaster no mid?
00:25:45Lawok use smoke
00:25:46PriMo e
00:25:47Netukka no
00:25:48Netukka take rosh
00:25:49Puppetmaster k
00:25:49Mute_Bitsch NOOB RIKI
00:25:52KolleBolle blink smoke
00:25:54Netukka u have wad?
00:25:54Netukka ward
00:25:57LaSiCa was silenced morons
00:25:59KolleBolle and fuck UP ATROPOS
00:26:00Lawok vittu on PASKOJA PELAAAAAAJIaA
00:26:02KolleBolle you dumb ass
00:26:11Puppetmaster best creep^^
00:26:18KolleBolle how!?!?!?!?!? use blink smoke
00:26:30LaSiCa last time moron was silence
00:26:59Vaj.CO mid
00:27:27KolleBolle hook some1
00:27:34KolleBolle reg
00:27:34KolleBolle e
00:27:34KolleBolle g
00:27:35KolleBolle g
00:27:35KolleBolle g
00:27:35KolleBolle g
00:27:55KolleBolle follow
00:27:56KolleBolle atro
00:27:57KolleBolle smoke
00:27:58KolleBolle kill
00:28:03Vaj.CO go next
00:28:03Netukka wait here
00:28:06Netukka 1
00:28:07Netukka def
00:28:08Netukka go b
00:28:12Netukka tele
00:28:12Vaj.CO ...
00:28:13Netukka def
00:28:16Puppetmaster no1 tp?
00:28:26Netukka care
00:28:44Vaj.CO get em
00:29:04Lawok B
00:29:05Lawok B
00:29:05Lawok B
00:29:16LaSiCa cant play
00:29:19LaSiCa noob hook
00:29:24Netukka rax
00:29:39LaSiCa and say something
00:29:40KolleBolle riki!? whay smoke there and give them entry!?
00:29:51LaSiCa fyu 1-7
00:29:52KolleBolle you shuld fokus atro
00:29:53KolleBolle and
00:29:56KolleBolle w8 for him
00:29:59KolleBolle to use ulti etc
00:30:03KolleBolle and disable him
00:30:23Lawok I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:48LaSiCa ???????????//
00:30:50LaSiCa afk?
00:30:55Netukka rax
00:31:04Netukka rax and top
00:31:09Puppetmaster ^^
00:31:22Netukka oh
00:31:23Netukka go
00:31:23Netukka b
00:31:54Lawok ff it already
00:31:58Mute_Bitsch I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:59Puppetmaster perma regen
00:32:06Puppetmaster just need more mana
00:33:21Puppetmaster mana
00:33:46Puppetmaster gettin mystic
00:33:55Puppetmaster need more mana
00:34:06LaSiCa pudge try to use just 1 hook noob
00:34:10Lawok cd?
00:34:50Puppetmaster gg
00:34:56LaSiCa nice item ursa
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