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+30 TS

46% | 1225 X | 1241 TS

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+41 TS

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+62 TS

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Chat log

00:00:09Wolverine21 mode?
00:00:09GuiTaR mode?
00:00:09VanillaThunder its sd
00:00:09hutilicious -sd
00:00:09Kr1st1jaN sd ?!
00:00:09Wolverine21 -sd
00:00:09GuiTaR type
00:00:09Kr1st1jaN -sd
00:00:09GuiTaR -sd
00:00:09hutilicious blue
00:00:09hutilicious blue
00:00:09Wolverine21 blue
00:00:09VanillaThunder think he tabbed out
00:00:09Tze dumdidum
00:00:09GuiTaR bue
00:00:09Kr1st1jaN STONETO>.
00:00:09GuiTaR blue
00:00:09Tze no he reads everything
00:00:09Tze ^^
00:00:09memphis bluuuuuuuue :) sd plz
00:00:09GuiTaR het man
00:00:09GuiTaR hey mannnn?
00:00:09Stonetorl what mode
00:00:09hutilicious -sd
00:00:09Kr1st1jaN SD
00:00:09Kr1st1jaN GO
00:00:09Stonetorl -sd
00:00:09hutilicious jesus..
00:00:09GuiTaR ??
00:00:14hutilicious windrunner rexxar medusa
00:00:14memphis zeus bala gyro
00:00:18VanillaThunder storm sniper ck
00:00:18promber drow, axe, chen
00:00:21horsesarse obli abba viper
00:00:25GuiTaR want tiny for bala?
00:00:27Stonetorl what is this shenanigans, I'm not 1st pick guy :)
00:00:29Tze ench slardar lonedruid
00:00:47GuiTaR brown buy chick rules...
00:00:52Tze ench slar sylla
00:00:53memphis no tiny
00:00:53hutilicious yyyy
00:01:00GuiTaR ok
00:01:04hutilicious -swap 4
00:01:12Stonetorl trax mid
00:01:13Tze i go basher first
00:01:17VanillaThunder lol
00:01:20Tze ^^
00:01:21Stonetorl troll and me bot
00:01:25Stonetorl abba and wd top
00:01:27Tze not
00:01:31Kr1st1jaN thats stupid
00:01:32Stonetorl OBEY your captain
00:01:34VanillaThunder can i play wind?
00:01:36Kr1st1jaN 2 suport on line
00:01:37Tze saw this some games ago
00:01:39Kr1st1jaN cap :D
00:01:41VanillaThunder :D
00:01:46Stonetorl well need mid guy
00:01:51Stonetorl trax
00:01:54Stonetorl troll can bot
00:01:55Kr1st1jaN go mid trax rly
00:01:55promber witch
00:01:58promber no
00:02:00Stonetorl yes
00:02:00promber im bot
00:02:02Stonetorl read rules
00:02:06Stonetorl captain makes lanes
00:02:07promber Voljin go mid
00:02:08Stonetorl so snap
00:02:13Stonetorl shut up and obey
00:02:14horsesarse trax..
00:02:15promber im only 4713 hp !
00:02:18Tze 2 range 2 meele...
00:02:19Stonetorl SIU
00:02:23promber 473
00:02:25Kr1st1jaN 454 here
00:02:28VanillaThunder guys...1ranged 1 melee
00:02:32Stonetorl hey captain makes lanes right?
00:02:36Tze ye
00:02:38memphis sry didnt look whos bot
00:02:38Tze he should
00:02:41Stonetorl just asking for reporting after game
00:02:41memphis i swtich lane soon
00:02:50Stonetorl these noobs don't OBEY
00:02:50Tze me or tiny up?
00:02:57Wolverine21 sorry i was afk
00:04:12GuiTaR 2 bot
00:04:39memphis hows bot? should we swap?
00:04:41Tze ye
00:04:43VanillaThunder y
00:04:44GuiTaR y
00:04:44Tze i come top
00:05:16Wolverine21 ss
00:05:34promber 3 bot
00:05:38Kr1st1jaN ss storm
00:05:39Kr1st1jaN re
00:06:29GuiTaR ss
00:06:31Kr1st1jaN omw bot
00:06:35GuiTaR re
00:06:42VanillaThunder ss mid
00:06:46GuiTaR ss
00:06:52Tze gj
00:07:07GuiTaR shit
00:07:09promber lagg
00:07:15horsesarse no mid gg
00:07:21Kr1st1jaN ?
00:07:32memphis ss 2
00:07:46promber ss bot
00:07:48hutilicious im hcagrged
00:07:51hutilicious charged
00:07:58GuiTaR gang
00:07:59Tze barra top
00:08:06VanillaThunder omw bot
00:08:12GuiTaR ss
00:08:21promber re bot
00:08:22Tze ss bara
00:08:27Kr1st1jaN miss stornm
00:08:37promber no miss
00:08:46promber or to late
00:08:49horsesarse no mid
00:09:25GuiTaR oom
00:09:26Kr1st1jaN how the fuck ..
00:09:38GuiTaR nooo
00:09:47memphis -.-
00:09:56memphis 4 bot
00:10:10VanillaThunder ss top mba?
00:10:15Tze both were dead
00:10:16Wolverine21 ss up
00:10:16GuiTaR i got wand recepie
00:10:19Kr1st1jaN ss all
00:10:25memphis yeah thx tiny
00:10:44promber 2 bot
00:11:25horsesarse b
00:11:27horsesarse oom
00:11:27Stonetorl care
00:11:29Stonetorl go help bot
00:11:30hutilicious 3 bot?
00:11:32promber 3 bot
00:11:42GuiTaR bot my lane
00:11:45hutilicious gg
00:11:56promber 1 missing bot
00:12:03Tze ...
00:12:05Tze wd top
00:12:05promber gyro miss bot
00:12:36memphis ss 2
00:12:40Kr1st1jaN stop sucide bara
00:12:56hutilicious LOL
00:12:59GuiTaR sry
00:12:59hutilicious really
00:13:01GuiTaR accindent
00:13:04Tze ss top
00:13:05GuiTaR miss clicked
00:13:08GuiTaR really sry
00:13:45GuiTaR hlp guys
00:13:50GuiTaR 4 donw
00:13:52promber im dead
00:13:52Kr1st1jaN y
00:13:52Wolverine21 he left
00:13:52promber heal me abba
00:13:52horsesarse oom
00:13:52Kr1st1jaN mana in 1 sec
00:13:52GuiTaR what now?
00:13:52promber death coil
00:13:52horsesarse oom
00:13:52Tze kick one
00:13:52promber if u can
00:13:52Kr1st1jaN ill try stun
00:13:52Kr1st1jaN attack
00:13:52Stonetorl troll balance
00:13:52GuiTaR drop hm
00:13:52Kr1st1jaN we must w8
00:13:52GuiTaR how long?
00:13:52promber -roll
00:13:52Stonetorl ah right repel had some crazy shit
00:13:52Kr1st1jaN dunno read rules :D
00:13:52Tze wd balance
00:14:01Kr1st1jaN FUCK U
00:14:02GuiTaR storm u here?
00:14:04promber omg
00:14:05VanillaThunder y
00:14:08Stonetorl no
00:14:08GuiTaR k
00:14:10Kr1st1jaN was typing
00:14:13promber wtf
00:14:17Stonetorl did he drop?
00:14:21Stonetorl doesn't look like
00:14:22VanillaThunder nope
00:14:22GuiTaR no
00:14:22Kr1st1jaN no
00:14:24promber i wasnt rdy
00:14:26Stonetorl good
00:14:58hutilicious CHARGED
00:15:05GuiTaR lol
00:15:17GuiTaR what to buy?
00:15:20GuiTaR arcane boots
00:15:21VanillaThunder dagger
00:15:22GuiTaR bagger?
00:15:24GuiTaR y
00:15:24hutilicious ...
00:15:29horsesarse ss
00:15:30GuiTaR what morE?
00:15:33Kr1st1jaN we need wards
00:15:36promber ss bot
00:15:36VanillaThunder arcane
00:15:39GuiTaR y
00:15:42Stonetorl wd get wards
00:15:48promber gank mid
00:15:51Stonetorl def mid
00:15:53memphis go lane control
00:15:56GuiTaR push
00:16:14hutilicious CHARGED
00:16:19promber gogo
00:16:19VanillaThunder b
00:16:37hutilicious FUCK U TINY
00:16:39hutilicious FUCK U
00:16:41hutilicious noob
00:16:44Stonetorl gj wd
00:16:45GuiTaR sry
00:16:45hutilicious omfg
00:16:48Kr1st1jaN ty
00:16:53GuiTaR didnt want to toss u
00:16:58hutilicious you are a noob
00:17:06GuiTaR never played tiny
00:17:10hutilicious ...
00:17:14Kr1st1jaN and b
00:17:19Stonetorl b
00:17:46Stonetorl go b earlier
00:17:49promber y
00:17:51promber sry guys
00:18:10GuiTaR b
00:18:11GuiTaR b
00:18:12GuiTaR wind
00:18:21VanillaThunder b
00:18:30Wolverine21 -ms
00:18:44GuiTaR hlppp
00:18:45hutilicious -.-
00:18:58memphis go play bnet pls tiny -.-
00:18:58promber push ?
00:19:06promber go top
00:19:07Stonetorl get wards and gank
00:19:19VanillaThunder b
00:20:11hutilicious HOW BAD ARE U?
00:20:13Kr1st1jaN gj
00:20:18GuiTaR really
00:20:22horsesarse take
00:20:26horsesarse kill
00:20:28horsesarse go
00:20:29horsesarse åpls
00:20:34horsesarse gj
00:20:41promber push
00:20:48GuiTaR told u first time tiny
00:20:55promber b
00:20:59promber b
00:21:04memphis why u picked him?
00:21:06Stonetorl b
00:21:18promber push tower
00:21:20GuiTaR other even worse
00:21:29GuiTaR wanted to try him
00:21:32Stonetorl twr
00:21:36memphis then leave and play fucking public in bnet
00:21:39Kr1st1jaN b
00:21:42promber omw top
00:21:49promber gogo
00:22:03GuiTaR ff
00:22:05Wolverine21 gj
00:22:10Tze !ff
00:22:10hutilicious ff
00:22:13hutilicious too many noobs
00:22:14horsesarse oom
00:22:19VanillaThunder yea^^
00:22:22GuiTaR u are noob
00:22:22Stonetorl horse arse too imba
00:22:29GuiTaR u have 4 lost games
00:22:32horsesarse as always
00:22:39GuiTaR on dota-gc
00:22:41hutilicious guess why
00:22:46promber bird top
00:22:47GuiTaR and thats all games u hve
00:22:53hutilicious "never played tiny"
00:22:54promber anyone need recepie
00:23:06Kr1st1jaN b
00:23:19memphis WTF
00:23:21horsesarse oom
00:23:25Kr1st1jaN b
00:23:32promber lothars
00:23:38horsesarse i make manaboots
00:23:44Stonetorl lothar is bad against slard
00:23:50promber go pipe maybe, aba ??
00:23:54memphis you
00:23:57memphis are level 7
00:24:00memphis this is wow
00:24:01GuiTaR 8
00:24:07memphis EVEN MORE WOW
00:24:13GuiTaR thi8s is not wow its dota
00:24:18Stonetorl omw
00:24:25GuiTaR b
00:24:26promber omw top
00:24:30VanillaThunder why????
00:24:35GuiTaR trap
00:24:47hutilicious u die
00:24:51Stonetorl need all
00:24:51GuiTaR rule??
00:24:55promber omw
00:25:00GuiTaR hahaahah
00:25:00hutilicious so bad
00:25:10GuiTaR did u win any game so far?
00:25:14VanillaThunder tiny su
00:25:15Tze tiny plz su
00:25:16VanillaThunder ok?
00:25:18Stonetorl stay here
00:25:20Stonetorl wait for gank
00:25:21GuiTaR no
00:25:28promber go
00:25:32GuiTaR if he shuts up i will
00:25:47promber abba
00:25:53promber shield me next time
00:25:56hutilicious where have u gone slardar :(
00:25:56Stonetorl b
00:25:58Stonetorl b
00:26:01Tze ...thought we all die
00:26:04Tze my fault
00:26:04promber they target me first
00:26:04hutilicious :D
00:26:09Tze ^^
00:26:15Kr1st1jaN farm
00:26:25Stonetorl b
00:26:26Stonetorl b
00:26:26Stonetorl b
00:26:27Stonetorl b
00:26:28Stonetorl b
00:26:28Stonetorl b
00:27:07promber omw
00:27:09VanillaThunder wind b
00:27:12VanillaThunder bara inc
00:27:44Stonetorl wtf?
00:27:46promber oh
00:27:47GuiTaR gj
00:27:49Stonetorl dson't be stupid
00:27:59promber i thougt doc follow me
00:28:07Kr1st1jaN i was
00:28:10promber sry
00:28:26VanillaThunder lol tiny...
00:28:27promber we need to stick together
00:28:27Wolverine21 stupid storm
00:28:31Tze dont throw me
00:28:34Tze for fun
00:28:39Stonetorl troll you are useles
00:28:44GuiTaR i cant chose who to trow
00:28:48Wolverine21 and you are?
00:28:51Tze u can
00:28:51Tze ^^
00:28:52promber def bot tower
00:28:52VanillaThunder learn it
00:28:53memphis ..........
00:28:53Tze lol
00:28:56Stonetorl your BOSS
00:29:00Wolverine21 haha
00:29:11Wolverine21 in you dreams
00:29:20VanillaThunder b
00:29:27memphis rosh?
00:29:29VanillaThunder no
00:29:37memphis tiny buy wards pls
00:29:39Tze dagger or bkb?
00:29:40horsesarse opush
00:29:44hutilicious bkb
00:29:47promber k
00:29:50Stonetorl go top
00:29:50GuiTaR ill buy
00:30:00Stonetorl gp
00:30:01hutilicious gather plz
00:30:11GuiTaR ffs
00:30:16GuiTaR b
00:30:16GuiTaR b
00:30:17GuiTaR b
00:30:18GuiTaR b
00:30:18GuiTaR b
00:30:19Stonetorl and push
00:30:22memphis STFU
00:30:43GuiTaR i killed more than all of u so stfu
00:30:49GuiTaR accept jester
00:30:50memphis wow
00:30:54GuiTaR hes good
00:30:58memphis l2p kid
00:30:59GuiTaR no wow dota...
00:31:04Stonetorl fowllow trax
00:31:04Kr1st1jaN push side
00:31:09Tze i thought i die anyway^^ so take twr
00:31:16Stonetorl push lane
00:31:17Kr1st1jaN smar 1
00:31:24Kr1st1jaN omfg
00:31:25promber guys
00:31:25promber ffs
00:31:26Tze u think i couldve escaped?
00:31:28GuiTaR where to put them??
00:31:30Kr1st1jaN nope
00:31:38promber he has no mana
00:31:42promber good
00:31:45Stonetorl like a boss
00:31:56GuiTaR where to place wadrds??
00:31:58hutilicious they play together
00:32:04hutilicious always 5
00:32:05promber go bot
00:32:07memphis better question
00:32:07Tze gather
00:32:12memphis why u bought sentry?
00:32:13GuiTaR def
00:32:14VanillaThunder yea we cant do that with that guys
00:32:17Kr1st1jaN farm bot
00:32:18promber i go bot
00:32:20VanillaThunder :D:D:D
00:32:21promber let me
00:32:24Stonetorl b
00:32:25Stonetorl b
00:32:43promber mom bara ? right
00:32:52VanillaThunder all gather now
00:32:53horsesarse use
00:32:59hutilicious gogogo
00:33:04Stonetorl only your MOM
00:33:04memphis we have sentry wards, we win this
00:33:07memphis no homo
00:33:08Kr1st1jaN hey
00:33:10Kr1st1jaN not cool
00:33:12promber lol :D
00:33:13Stonetorl :D
00:33:24Kr1st1jaN b
00:33:33Kr1st1jaN def mid
00:33:34GuiTaR twr then rosh?
00:33:34Stonetorl def mid
00:33:37memphis FOCUS TRAX
00:33:37promber got DD
00:33:38Tze try
00:33:46Stonetorl too bad we don't got abba
00:34:07hutilicious HAHAHAHAHHHAAH
00:34:07VanillaThunder b
00:34:12VanillaThunder b
00:34:19VanillaThunder tp
00:34:23horsesarse stun
00:34:25GuiTaR ok now?
00:34:26Kr1st1jaN cd
00:34:27promber where is Troll ?
00:34:28horsesarse kk
00:34:35VanillaThunder b
00:34:36GuiTaR b
00:34:40Wolverine21 died with you
00:34:44promber ah, ok
00:34:49Kr1st1jaN dunno why u go there at all
00:34:51GuiTaR where to place wards??
00:34:51promber didnt see u
00:34:53Stonetorl yep everyone died to help trax
00:34:57GuiTaR k
00:34:57hutilicious THEY ARE USELESS
00:35:01hutilicious u need observer
00:35:02GuiTaR y
00:35:04GuiTaR mistake
00:35:04promber sry, wont happen again
00:35:07horsesarse wards
00:35:11horsesarse that was my bad
00:35:12GuiTaR nop room now
00:35:17GuiTaR for more
00:35:45VanillaThunder guys gather
00:35:50Stonetorl mid
00:35:52Stonetorl twr
00:35:55promber push
00:35:57VanillaThunder b
00:35:57hutilicious triple kill of tiny is a joke
00:36:06hutilicious WHYYYYYY
00:36:07hutilicious WHY
00:36:11horsesarse gj
00:36:12hutilicious whats wrong with u guys?
00:36:13VanillaThunder so lol
00:36:16hutilicious true
00:36:20VanillaThunder i stop playing this shit side
00:36:21Kr1st1jaN omw
00:36:24GuiTaR waht to buy next??
00:36:30promber push
00:36:30hutilicious alcohol
00:36:33promber get rax and b
00:36:37GuiTaR already have it
00:36:53promber b
00:36:53promber b
00:36:54promber b
00:36:59promber b
00:37:00Stonetorl b
00:37:05Stonetorl b
00:37:31Wolverine21 this wind runner destroyes me with stun
00:37:34Stonetorl abba you rambo
00:37:45promber gj
00:37:49promber push top
00:37:54promber push top
00:37:59Stonetorl b
00:38:00Stonetorl b
00:38:00promber or just b
00:38:15GuiTaR we should win this
00:38:29hutilicious no this thing just 1 min ago lost all
00:38:43Stonetorl ok gank and push top
00:38:47GuiTaR what to buy?
00:38:50Stonetorl their woods
00:38:52hutilicious fuck u tiny
00:38:53hutilicious really
00:38:54Kr1st1jaN let me heal
00:38:55GuiTaR ??
00:38:57hutilicious u destroy everythin
00:39:00Stonetorl yeah go heal first
00:39:04GuiTaR fu
00:39:07GuiTaR im bettr
00:39:11memphis xD
00:39:11hutilicious y
00:39:28VanillaThunder gather!
00:39:29Kr1st1jaN gather
00:39:32Stonetorl yep gather
00:39:35GuiTaR what to buy??
00:39:37memphis wards ...
00:39:40Stonetorl gather bot
00:39:44VanillaThunder shivas
00:39:44Tze shivas
00:39:48Kr1st1jaN omw
00:39:54GuiTaR k
00:40:02Stonetorl wait for drum
00:40:02hutilicious check woods
00:40:30hutilicious I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:40:33GuiTaR I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:39hutilicious worst team alive its driving me nuts
00:41:03promber low hp
00:41:21promber gj
00:41:24promber get rax
00:41:26memphis gg wp
00:41:29memphis gg tiny :D
00:41:35Kr1st1jaN nooo :D
00:42:05Kr1st1jaN ahah :D
00:42:08GuiTaR gg
00:42:10GuiTaR lol
00:42:14Tze as if it matterd^^
00:42:17VanillaThunder this league is so shit rly
00:42:21horsesarse :)
00:42:22hutilicious true
00:42:24Stonetorl no U
00:42:28VanillaThunder :D
00:42:29VanillaThunder sure
00:42:31Kr1st1jaN wp team
00:42:31promber GG
00:42:35horsesarse stone is DA BOSS
00:42:44promber :D
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