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Chat log

00:00:00sandii [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Vaj.CO with 48 seconds.
00:00:09Mercury sk anyone?
00:00:11Mercury d
00:00:13KolleBolle wl/abba/sf
00:00:13Vaj.CO ogre leo morph
00:00:14mamyka atro wisp bh
00:00:15Mercury sandking that it
00:00:22xargan bat, magna, viper
00:00:35Renaissance dazzle murloc slardar
00:00:47Buttons am bm wr
00:00:53Buttons happy to wr unless someone wants am
00:00:53holostoi pit twin head
00:00:54KolleBolle wtf to piock
00:00:57holostoi broodmothe
00:01:03Mercury get pit
00:01:04holostoi get me slard plz
00:01:38Mercury atro mid?
00:01:44mamyka i can go
00:01:50Mercury k
00:01:51sandii share
00:01:55Renaissance i can
00:01:58Renaissance :)
00:02:04Mercury pit bot
00:02:06KolleBolle i share when i want
00:02:10KolleBolle dont need to say smth
00:02:20holostoi i pull
00:02:23Buttons mb he thought you forgot?
00:02:28Buttons my hostile friend
00:04:09mamyka ss MID
00:06:20Renaissance ss
00:06:25mamyka ssMID
00:07:24mamyka ss MID
00:07:57mamyka care SS MID
00:08:11mamyka said 2 times MISS
00:08:28Vaj.CO up chick
00:08:50mamyka ss MID
00:08:54Buttons ss top 2
00:09:09Mercury slark care il go gang
00:09:17Renaissance ok
00:09:19Vaj.CO care top
00:09:21Vaj.CO ss atro
00:09:39Vaj.CO some wards would be great
00:09:44holostoi ss 1 bot
00:09:58Buttons 3 top
00:10:24Mercury mid ss
00:10:43Buttons ss
00:10:44holostoi troll slow?
00:10:44Buttons 1
00:11:03sandii gah
00:11:04Vaj.CO go
00:11:07Buttons re
00:11:18mamyka are u blind?
00:11:21Mercury got their chick too
00:11:26Renaissance U SEE MY HP
00:11:35Buttons chick dead?
00:12:05sandii ss 2 top
00:12:23Buttons ss mid
00:12:24Buttons atro
00:12:56xargan how the fuck did i survive this
00:12:59Buttons use
00:13:31sandii DIE
00:13:45sandii ur regen is hilarious
00:13:45mamyka omg guys u rly sio stupid
00:14:06mamyka low bobs
00:14:10Buttons use
00:14:12Buttons chick
00:14:21Buttons ty
00:14:27sandii ss top
00:15:38Vaj.CO wtf
00:15:43Vaj.CO get the fucking wards
00:15:45Vaj.CO wl
00:16:01Mercury insta wloc
00:16:11Buttons ss mid care top
00:16:14mamyka ss MID
00:16:19Buttons nvm
00:16:28Vaj.CO 0 wards
00:16:35Buttons stfu
00:16:36KolleBolle get them cunt head
00:16:37mamyka same shit here
00:16:41KolleBolle you have failed
00:16:42Vaj.CO lol
00:16:42KolleBolle alredy
00:16:46Mercury orly?
00:16:50KolleBolle you are a non factor
00:16:53KolleBolle useless
00:17:06Mercury ult>?
00:17:41Vaj.CO wtf
00:17:42mamyka gj
00:17:45Vaj.CO look on wl
00:17:49Vaj.CO he want carry it
00:17:51Mercury i stunned too soon
00:17:53Vaj.CO its gg
00:18:01KolleBolle you are a dumb failer as
00:18:07KolleBolle get wardsa anbd strfu
00:18:12Vaj.CO u r 8% better guy
00:18:13Vaj.CO so su
00:18:16Vaj.CO fucking noob
00:18:22KolleBolle who cares about %
00:18:26KolleBolle no1 that knows smth
00:18:37Buttons ffs
00:18:38Buttons ofc vs
00:18:41Buttons always there
00:18:49mamyka come venga
00:19:02mamyka care
00:19:21mamyka venga
00:19:30Mercury coming
00:19:46sandii well murloc n venge, hf
00:20:12Mercury lol..
00:20:33Mercury slark good farm?
00:20:37Renaissance ueaa
00:20:37Vaj.CO he is oom
00:20:40Renaissance yeaa)
00:20:43Mercury good
00:20:44sandii not for long
00:21:30Mercury 4
00:21:32Bogdan chick?
00:22:03sandii :D:D:
00:22:08Buttons why
00:22:19mamyka go venga
00:22:37mamyka wards
00:22:40Mercury ward
00:22:40mamyka back
00:23:10Vaj.CO slark is getting fat
00:23:15sandii lmao with that
00:23:17mamyka DDD
00:23:24sandii couldnt like move for 10s
00:23:25sandii -_-
00:23:27mamyka not funny now?
00:23:39Renaissance oops
00:24:52mamyka deny
00:25:01sandii ...
00:26:06Bogdan ?
00:26:46sandii lolol slark
00:26:49Mercury bad..
00:26:57Renaissance no
00:27:10mamyka slark diffus plz
00:27:16Mercury should ahve instad magnus b4 ult
00:27:18mamyka for this noob golen
00:27:23Renaissance ok
00:27:25Buttons b csoon
00:28:09Buttons l2p
00:28:11Buttons you fucking scrub
00:28:17sandii b
00:28:20sandii dont ho
00:28:42sandii care
00:28:43sandii b to base
00:28:45sandii murloc in
00:28:45Mercury clone
00:28:46sandii g
00:28:53mamyka y
00:29:28Bogdan ?
00:29:35Buttons b
00:30:16Buttons pls don't engage
00:30:42Mercury b
00:31:14Mercury troll go bkb
00:31:47Mercury nice.. book 3
00:32:08Vaj.CO get hex storm ok?
00:32:11mamyka go gang guys
00:32:16Renaissance sec
00:32:17sandii yes?
00:32:27Mercury don scare
00:33:04mamyka go all
00:33:36sandii ROFL
00:33:43Buttons fml
00:33:49Buttons why are you all b
00:33:52Buttons when they are on the tower
00:33:56Vaj.CO 100hp?
00:34:01Buttons not you
00:34:02mamyka why not smile now storm?
00:34:03Buttons rest
00:34:24sandii cos this is so shit went no-one gangs :(
00:35:01Mercury get rax
00:35:17Mercury or b
00:35:30Mercury rosh soon
00:35:53Mercury anyone buy me tp?
00:36:01mamyka jhavent gold
00:36:03Mercury ty
00:36:16Buttons wl explain to me your build pls?
00:36:34KolleBolle i dont care a shit about this game
00:36:38KolleBolle lost before start
00:36:40KolleBolle end of styory
00:36:47Buttons thats not what i asked
00:36:53Bogdan go awway
00:36:54Bogdan [ppls
00:36:59Bogdan omg
00:37:06Buttons you say: 'ok i make carry wl'
00:37:07Buttons i say fine
00:39:13mamyka ?????
00:39:26holostoi ? ??? ????(
00:40:13holostoi where ur smile?
00:40:21Buttons ggwp guys
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