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-2 TS

86% | 1527 X | 1443 TS

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+55 TS

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Chat log

00:00:00LaSiCa [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... MYuksel with 53 seconds. mikael?
00:00:10MYuksel ? lasica er fucking dårlig fyi
00:00:17MYuksel oooh nooo
00:00:17LaSiCa ?
00:00:17Buttons lyc?
00:00:17extremewaari invo
00:00:17MYuksel alle de der lorte spillere er fra dota-league og det er ikk nogen god der spiller på yanker
00:00:17MYuksel er det ikke yanker ?
00:00:17Steuerfreak english
00:00:17c-yanker lycan
00:00:24Maier -ii
00:00:25Maier -water red
00:00:28Maier -weather rain
00:00:29extremewaari some1 want this?
00:00:31Steuerfreak lasica....dont forget chick mikael any wishes?
00:00:34Maier sure
00:00:35LaSiCa k
00:00:38Maier what u want ?
00:00:42extremewaari hmm
00:00:44Maier potm ?
00:00:47extremewaari y mikael?
00:00:56MYuksel yes ?
00:00:57Maier -swap 1
00:00:58extremewaari -swap 2
00:01:02Maier ty
00:01:04extremewaari tiny mikael kan du ikk tage midten?
00:01:08extremewaari take
00:01:17Maier get 2 ranged last
00:01:25MYuksel kunkaa ?
00:01:31extremewaari take tiny fint nok
00:01:34extremewaari and bare midt
00:01:38edgarass kunkka
00:01:39extremewaari atro
00:01:41extremewaari dont
00:01:41Buttons yh
00:01:43Buttons i was bane
00:01:43extremewaari take kunkka
00:01:44Buttons thinking lasica pick ranged and go top with ogre
00:01:49extremewaari take bane and tiny
00:01:54Maier tiny
00:01:55Maier ffs
00:01:57Buttons ...
00:01:58MYuksel hvem spiller for yankers account
00:02:00MYuksel ?P
00:02:00edgarass shit AND DONT BUY BOOTS AS START ITEM
00:02:01edgarass swap
00:02:03LaSiCa k nicki
00:02:06edgarass atro swap
00:02:06Buttons how about no
00:02:08edgarass -swap 4 han sitter bare mig np
00:02:11Vaj.CO atro come top
00:02:11edgarass -swap 3
00:02:22edgarass -swap 5
00:02:25MYuksel ok
00:02:28edgarass ff
00:02:33edgarass i cant play him
00:02:35MYuksel men jeg sutter med kunkka
00:02:37Buttons pick faster then
00:02:40Maier it's easy hvorfor tager du ham så?
00:02:51edgarass skill build? fuck it den er tabt alligevel
00:02:56Maier shield + nuke
00:02:57MYuksel ps jeg spiller på lorte pc,(bærbar)
00:02:58Vaj.CO play it like supp
00:02:59extremewaari manaboots
00:03:01extremewaari and
00:03:07Maier meka
00:03:07Steuerfreak illu top
00:03:09extremewaari meka
00:03:13extremewaari y
00:03:17Maier ^^
00:03:27Vaj.CO me pull
00:05:45Buttons fml share xchick
00:07:06MYuksel ss mid
00:07:11MYuksel re
00:07:13LaSiCa gj
00:07:14extremewaari buy new chieken
00:07:18MYuksel shre chick
00:07:20Buttons don't start
00:07:24Buttons ofc i will buy a chicken
00:07:27Buttons when i have g
00:07:34extremewaari buy new chicken
00:07:41MYuksel share chick
00:07:42MYuksel or banREQ
00:07:42Buttons you speak english or?
00:07:48extremewaari no
00:07:49edgarass hit?
00:07:51MYuksel thx
00:08:02extremewaari mid ss
00:08:05Maier =/
00:08:15MYuksel ss mid
00:08:44Maier gj
00:08:53extremewaari u2
00:09:26MYuksel ss mid again care
00:09:28Maier gimme 2 creeps
00:09:30Maier manabvoots then
00:09:31Buttons ss top
00:09:38Buttons re
00:09:45MYuksel care top ss b ot
00:09:52Maier bane
00:09:54Maier make soul ring
00:10:02extremewaari b
00:10:06Vaj.CO kill eza mikael spil safe og farm i go så meget
00:10:06extremewaari oom
00:10:06Steuerfreak kunka u lag
00:10:06extremewaari but try
00:10:06Vaj.CO give him 1 or 2 hits i think he knows
00:10:06extremewaari k
00:10:16Maier bot
00:10:17Maier come gang
00:10:55Steuerfreak mana plz
00:10:55Vaj.CO ...
00:10:55LaSiCa k
00:10:55Vaj.CO ?
00:10:55Maier u good ?
00:10:55extremewaari ?
00:10:55Maier myuksel
00:11:01extremewaari omw
00:11:09Maier sec
00:11:10MYuksel shitty pc
00:11:10Maier need a bit mana
00:11:12Maier for combo
00:11:34Maier HEAL ME ABBA
00:11:35Maier SHIELD
00:11:36Maier FFS
00:11:39Buttons ss top 2
00:11:39Maier fucking noob
00:11:41Buttons re
00:11:56Maier abba u are support
00:12:00Maier u must keep ppl healed
00:12:01Maier and shit
00:12:04edgarass i am tank'
00:12:07Buttons lol
00:12:07Maier no
00:12:08Maier support
00:12:20extremewaari support
00:12:24extremewaari healer
00:12:30MYuksel ss mid mikael når han ganker så skal du også
00:12:56edgarass mana
00:12:58Maier cd
00:12:59Maier soon
00:13:04c-yanker ss bot
00:13:04Vaj.CO kunka fix it
00:13:04Maier 10:1 :D
00:13:04extremewaari 1 sec
00:13:04extremewaari ever
00:13:04extremewaari over
00:13:04LaSiCa pls do something thei gank up so take some tower
00:13:04extremewaari 10min
00:13:04extremewaari :D
00:13:04Maier nice work abba btw
00:13:04extremewaari sk
00:13:04extremewaari lets
00:13:04extremewaari kill
00:13:04extremewaari mid he's on laptop thats why
00:13:04Maier mkay
00:13:04Steuerfreak ...
00:13:04LaSiCa what hapend if drop?
00:13:07edgarass i am on laptop
00:13:16Maier wait until he's there
00:13:18edgarass mana
00:13:20extremewaari mid ss
00:13:41LaSiCa ss
00:14:07Maier omw top
00:14:11Maier after respawn
00:14:43Vaj.CO warded top
00:15:08MYuksel ff
00:15:15Buttons wp
00:15:18Maier u2
00:15:20LaSiCa do something
00:15:26LaSiCa they gank us up
00:15:29Maier bot
00:15:30Maier go
00:15:30Maier potm
00:15:33extremewaari omw
00:16:35edgarass crix idiot
00:16:37edgarass all one rtarget
00:16:39edgarass pls
00:16:56Vaj.CO ss kunka
00:16:56Maier goddamn
00:16:56edgarass now two pwoplw hitting one another hitting completely different
00:17:00Maier need to farm my dagger
00:17:23Vaj.CO up chick ogre and wl carry dusts
00:18:54extremewaari sk ets go
00:19:04Maier care
00:19:06Maier FUCK
00:19:21c-yanker ss mid
00:19:30Maier B
00:19:33edgarass tower
00:19:36Maier get it
00:19:39Maier and i have my dagger fuck this shit
00:19:45edgarass ulti
00:19:57MYuksel hahaha eza and wl carry tps
00:20:18Maier mana
00:20:19Maier need mana
00:20:20Maier =/
00:20:39Steuerfreak block
00:20:46Steuerfreak guys
00:20:50Steuerfreak naix and me playing 2v5 TP BOT INSTEAD
00:21:06Maier im b
00:21:08Maier well done team
00:21:14Maier i just fucking misclicked
00:21:19Maier wasted my ulti =/
00:21:22Maier BOT DEF
00:21:24extremewaari :/
00:21:29Steuerfreak care
00:21:37Steuerfreak weve eza are uy joking me?
00:22:04Steuerfreak #got dust
00:22:51Vaj.CO some wards would be great
00:22:55LaSiCa me going on hex k?
00:23:05MYuksel spiller warloc overhovedet ?
00:23:54Maier POTM
00:23:59extremewaari ty
00:24:01LaSiCa we dont have team play
00:24:08MYuksel agree u bought BoT's
00:24:13Maier quick
00:24:16LaSiCa so...
00:24:23LaSiCa and eye dust and opush lanes u obvioulsy dont know anything faking league nab
00:24:59MYuksel all bot
00:25:42edgarass b
00:25:46extremewaari b rosh fast
00:25:54Maier wards there
00:26:23MYuksel yanker heal
00:26:24MYuksel naix
00:26:31c-yanker cd
00:26:35MYuksel naix take
00:26:44Maier b
00:26:51Maier gj
00:26:58Maier ur farm is good ?
00:27:05extremewaari nah
00:27:05MYuksel martin
00:27:07extremewaari onoly gang
00:27:09MYuksel hvad køber du ? s&y
00:27:25Maier ahhh
00:28:12extremewaari gj WHERE THE FUCK IS DUST!?
00:28:20MYuksel to much invis
00:28:27Maier my ult was not that good
00:28:30LaSiCa i was killed so fast
00:28:35Maier only chased wl
00:28:35extremewaari yea :/
00:28:35Maier they were all afraid, so they were scattered
00:28:35LaSiCa cmon kunkka
00:28:42Maier but naix is growing stronger by the minute
00:28:45extremewaari and b
00:29:04Steuerfreak tp
00:29:12Maier agha complete
00:29:27MYuksel stop
00:29:28MYuksel eza why dont u have a tp?
00:29:31MYuksel you do not need farm
00:29:38MYuksel let me farm
00:29:39MYuksel eza
00:29:39Maier lvl 3 ulti too
00:29:40MYuksel omg
00:29:45MYuksel fuckin
00:29:45LaSiCa k
00:29:47MYuksel bastard
00:29:47LaSiCa sry
00:29:48Maier let's go mid ?
00:29:51MYuksel when
00:29:53MYuksel well
00:29:55MYuksel gameruiner
00:30:00LaSiCa no sry
00:30:06MYuksel fuck
00:30:07Maier go mid
00:30:08Maier GO
00:30:08MYuksel off
00:30:12Steuerfreak leave
00:30:12MYuksel you ruin the game
00:30:12Maier we got our entry
00:30:18LaSiCa fu yo ogre su u have to gank and u farm
00:30:31LaSiCa buy chick eye dust and game uin
00:30:34extremewaari onkly tower and b
00:30:36LaSiCa go fu
00:31:01Steuerfreak team
00:31:02Steuerfreak ?
00:31:05MYuksel stfu
00:31:08Buttons focus naix?? yo su
00:31:11Steuerfreak ty
00:31:13Steuerfreak mannerS?
00:31:14Steuerfreak :D why do u even stand there?
00:31:18Steuerfreak MAD GUYS ogre u fucking retard
00:31:38Steuerfreak ship into no one
00:31:38Steuerfreak :)
00:31:49LaSiCa and say me game ruin
00:31:54MYuksel lol
00:32:02MYuksel you farm ?
00:32:03Maier use
00:32:05MYuksel do you need it ?
00:32:05Maier and gimme bottle
00:32:07MYuksel no
00:32:12extremewaari abba make ffs that meka
00:32:13LaSiCa k sry for that
00:32:16Maier ty
00:32:19MYuksel are you carry ?
00:32:22MYuksel can you safe the game ?
00:32:38Maier B
00:32:42edgarass mana
00:32:43MYuksel t
00:32:45Maier sheild sooner
00:32:47Maier cd
00:32:49Steuerfreak b
00:32:59MYuksel i cant get my bf
00:33:09MYuksel Becuase of this shit mirana
00:33:14extremewaari :(
00:33:15extremewaari osrry
00:33:19edgarass who cares
00:33:21MYuksel leave
00:33:27Maier mid
00:33:27Maier bait def mid
00:33:32Maier got ult
00:33:36MYuksel det er irreterende at det ikke er yanker som spiller
00:34:05MYuksel nab b
00:34:11edgarass mana
00:34:14Maier cd
00:34:17Maier AGAIN
00:34:17Maier FFS
00:34:21Steuerfreak are u mad?
00:34:25Maier no ult
00:34:27Maier ...
00:34:32Maier fucking stupid mistakes
00:34:45extremewaari my
00:34:58MYuksel wuhuu bf
00:35:01MYuksel lol
00:35:03Steuerfreak haha
00:35:05MYuksel then i got banned
00:35:06MYuksel haaha hvorfor?
00:35:16Maier mana all
00:35:17Maier i give
00:35:19MYuksel ? går du der ip?
00:35:33Maier keep going
00:35:34MYuksel skal købe
00:35:35Maier need a bit mana
00:35:35MYuksel void
00:35:37extremewaari i go shop
00:35:38Maier for ulti
00:35:44Maier ABBA
00:35:46Maier MAKE MANABOOTS
00:35:46MYuksel sidste item for bf og du kunne ikk se at de klige var der?
00:35:56MYuksel neeej
00:36:02MYuksel ps har opgivet det her spil for længst
00:36:23Maier too rushy
00:36:40Maier nice :D
00:36:40Vaj.CO nice
00:36:49Maier i need my blademail
00:36:49edgarass lol
00:36:54Maier then they all die by my hand
00:37:08Maier potm mkb ?
00:37:12extremewaari y
00:37:14Maier kay
00:37:18Maier get butter for naix
00:37:30edgarass rosh alive?
00:37:33Maier go rosh
00:37:33Maier yea
00:37:42Maier rosh is clear ? ward at rosh plz
00:37:46MYuksel get pipe
00:37:47LaSiCa k
00:37:55Maier GOGO
00:37:56extremewaari go take it
00:37:57Maier take rosh
00:37:58Maier i ulti
00:38:02Maier when they come
00:38:03Vaj.CO no
00:38:07Buttons fml
00:38:30Vaj.CO wtf
00:38:34MYuksel ¨b
00:39:16MYuksel orge go pipe
00:39:18MYuksel `? focus that bane
00:39:22Steuerfreak now
00:39:30MYuksel let me
00:39:30MYuksel plz
00:39:33Steuerfreak kk
00:39:34MYuksel omg
00:39:34Maier i gonna go refu next
00:39:40extremewaari go shiva
00:39:44Maier ah k
00:39:50MYuksel all mid dont push it eza
00:40:01MYuksel orge
00:40:03MYuksel multi me
00:40:09Vaj.CO b
00:40:28Steuerfreak all def it
00:40:34Maier got ult fuck it b
00:40:45Buttons wait
00:40:49Buttons for him to push
00:40:51MYuksel b
00:41:12Maier ty b b b b
00:41:16Steuerfreak yy b
00:41:23MYuksel nvm
00:41:28MYuksel dont b
00:41:35MYuksel eza defs DUST
00:41:59MYuksel I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:02MYuksel fuckin no dust
00:42:05edgarass mana
00:42:10Maier fucking bad ulti b b b
00:42:12Maier b OGRE EZA AND WL DUST PLZ
00:43:04Maier get mid
00:43:06Maier got ult
00:43:13Maier invi rune for potm
00:43:35Maier we need diffu
00:43:37Maier potm make it
00:43:44Steuerfreak lol omg
00:43:46MYuksel lol b dont run out
00:44:08Maier guys go in
00:44:14edgarass u first
00:44:24Maier track
00:44:26Maier need vision
00:44:37MYuksel b srsly?
00:45:07Buttons finisuh
00:45:09edgarass atro idiot u focus all sk after he used ulti
00:45:10Buttons my bad gj
00:45:26edgarass ulti somebody t least
00:45:31Buttons are you fucking retarded
00:45:34c-yanker gj
00:45:41edgarass ?
00:45:42Buttons i ulti naix = 10000x more useful then you've been all game
00:45:44Buttons thry rage
00:45:46Buttons thru*
00:46:05edgarass yeah no dm from u rosh fast
00:46:14edgarass he was magic reduction
00:46:15MYuksel b go
00:46:18Buttons and?
00:46:18Vaj.CO btw kunka got gem go
00:46:19Steuerfreak too late og
00:46:23Buttons my dmg is fuck all anyway mikael go
00:46:28Buttons need the disable not dmg vi kan nå det
00:46:35extremewaari they are there
00:46:41MYuksel orge
00:46:42MYuksel scout b b
00:47:09Vaj.CO solo
00:47:11Vaj.CO its
00:47:23extremewaari abba
00:47:23Vaj.CO oom
00:47:25extremewaari come here
00:47:27MYuksel b
00:47:29MYuksel b
00:47:32Vaj.CO mana w8 here
00:47:41Maier cd
00:47:48MYuksel go
00:47:51Vaj.CO wards
00:47:52Vaj.CO get
00:47:54Buttons have
00:47:55Buttons 1
00:47:59Buttons want to plant better place than here
00:48:29Steuerfreak gj
00:48:32Steuerfreak get tower
00:48:32MYuksel push push miod
00:48:33Maier how
00:48:34Maier ffs
00:48:34Steuerfreak mid bot
00:48:45LaSiCa gj guys MID ALL FFS
00:49:04Maier we just need to force in twr and b
00:49:23Maier USELESS GLYPH
00:49:24Maier ffs
00:49:26Maier why waste
00:49:48Maier dont chase
00:49:49Maier def
00:49:49Maier ffs
00:49:51MYuksel go no
00:50:03Maier gondar
00:50:04Maier get bkb
00:50:04Maier ffs
00:50:07Vaj.CO doing
00:50:13Maier potm
00:50:16Maier how far is ur diffu ?
00:50:25extremewaari dont have nothing
00:50:42extremewaari abba make that meka
00:50:47Maier exactly
00:50:53Maier making idiot items costs games
00:50:58MYuksel smoke
00:50:58extremewaari yea
00:51:00Maier abba u go in first
00:51:04MYuksel someone
00:51:05MYuksel buy smoke no def
00:51:10MYuksel k and counter push
00:51:14Maier ALL MID
00:51:19edgarass mana b b
00:51:32Maier get sentrys B
00:51:41Maier someone take
00:51:45Maier sentrys
00:51:47Maier and antiward any1 smoke?
00:51:52Steuerfreak BACK fuck def
00:52:03Steuerfreak mom
00:52:08Vaj.CO lets push all w8 b b b
00:53:21edgarass sleep him ffs
00:53:22MYuksel ddø
00:53:25MYuksel thx
00:53:29Buttons shut the fuck up you cunt
00:53:32MYuksel troede at du havde nosser hvorfor skal du chase så meget=
00:53:41MYuksel med agies nu mistede vi rax
00:53:51edgarass push
00:53:55Steuerfreak oom
00:53:57Maier sentry
00:53:57Maier there
00:54:02Vaj.CO oom
00:54:06Buttons none
00:54:25MYuksel someone
00:54:26MYuksel buy gem DUST OGRE
00:54:36Steuerfreak HOW? BUY IT
00:54:51Steuerfreak u suck
00:54:52Steuerfreak tahts all
00:54:53Steuerfreak :)
00:54:56Maier good
00:54:58Maier gondar bkb
00:54:59Maier we go
00:55:04Maier wait for potm
00:55:08Maier nice
00:55:10Maier top lane fucked
00:56:43MYuksel gj
00:56:45Vaj.CO wp
00:56:51LaSiCa why chase?
00:56:59LaSiCa def and when kill all go
00:57:01Maier brb
00:57:07Vaj.CO bot
00:57:08extremewaari i make that fucking meka
00:57:09Vaj.CO fast
00:57:10Vaj.CO guys
00:57:10LaSiCa have hex
00:57:18Maier got ult
00:57:29LaSiCa def
00:57:46Maier 20 sec
00:57:48Maier get twr
00:57:55edgarass mana
00:58:02Maier cd
00:58:27LaSiCa late ult!!!!!!1
00:58:35Vaj.CO come help
00:58:35Maier fuck
00:58:41Maier just solo it
00:58:43MYuksel go rosh
00:58:44Maier they dont know
00:58:45MYuksel naix mid
00:58:46Maier that you're doing it mid 1 def top
00:58:58Maier get butter next ALL MID
00:59:05Vaj.CO i get satanic
00:59:11Maier or that
00:59:12Maier yea
00:59:13MYuksel b
00:59:14Maier get cheese
00:59:21MYuksel we cant
00:59:23Maier and gimme cheese
00:59:26Maier cos i enter all the time ogre b
00:59:41Maier all gather, and push out both lanes
00:59:48MYuksel do not die
00:59:54Maier i fucking hate these long annoying games
00:59:58MYuksel b
00:59:58MYuksel all
01:00:02extremewaari y
01:00:13LaSiCa buey eye
01:00:27MYuksel i got
01:00:28MYuksel gem
01:00:29MYuksel omg
01:00:32Steuerfreak npnp
01:00:35LaSiCa in wood mikael kan du købe 2 salves? nvm
01:00:47MYuksel 4
01:00:54MYuksel har købt 4
01:01:04edgarass theysmoke
01:01:15Steuerfreak -afk
01:01:18Steuerfreak hes afk
01:01:19Maier stick together
01:01:25MYuksel who ?
01:01:27MYuksel -afk
01:01:30Steuerfreak now b
01:01:32MYuksel eza
01:01:33MYuksel def top
01:01:38MYuksel we def bo
01:01:39MYuksel bot
01:01:54MYuksel eza
01:01:58MYuksel def top
01:02:00MYuksel not mid
01:02:25Maier wait shield dust
01:02:44MYuksel I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:03:05MYuksel dust
01:03:07MYuksel omg
01:03:09LaSiCa late ult again
01:03:11MYuksel orge
01:03:12MYuksel you suc
01:03:15MYuksel so much
01:03:39Buttons gem
01:03:45Steuerfreak haha sure U KNOW U CANT BE OUT THERE RIGH!?
01:03:51Steuerfreak u cant handle your carries
01:03:52Maier invi
01:03:53Steuerfreak tahts all
01:03:53Maier rune
01:03:54Maier bot
01:03:54Steuerfreak lost mid
01:03:55Steuerfreak etc
01:04:01edgarass destroy gem?> go bback to fucking dotaleague and take eza with u
01:04:05MYuksel bd
01:04:05Steuerfreak just su
01:04:07MYuksel bd7 bdoor
01:04:09Buttons how?
01:04:11extremewaari its wasnt
01:04:12MYuksel back door
01:04:14MYuksel ban re7
01:04:14Steuerfreak bd
01:04:15Buttons creeps in base
01:04:17Maier got refu :D
01:04:18MYuksel yes i t was
01:04:22MYuksel you cant go in so he came from bot
01:04:23extremewaari no it wasnt bd
01:04:27MYuksel from that side
01:04:32c-yanker I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:36extremewaari y u can if there have enemy creeps
01:04:36MYuksel writhe rules
01:04:39MYuksel Read rules read
01:04:40extremewaari hmm
01:04:49Steuerfreak im sry for my team :D
01:04:50Maier let's end it
01:04:52Steuerfreak just mad
01:05:00MYuksel well enjoy ban
01:05:04Buttons lol lol nej
01:05:11Maier ah forgot to make shivas actually
01:05:11Buttons serious faces in here
01:05:12Maier lul
01:05:33Maier rush
01:05:34MYuksel no gem
01:05:35Maier suicide or smth I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:06:23MYuksel that guy do not use pipe
01:06:24MYuksel imba
01:06:30extremewaari -st
01:06:32Steuerfreak i used for sk ulti
01:06:33LaSiCa [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:06:33LaSiCa [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:06:33LaSiCa [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:06:33LaSiCa [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
01:06:33LaSiCa I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
01:06:33MYuksel nvm wp
01:06:35Steuerfreak watch replay
01:06:35Maier gg
01:06:38extremewaari gg
01:06:39MYuksel WP
01:06:39Maier was intense
01:06:49Vaj.CO gg
01:06:50Steuerfreak I surrender! [5/4 of Sentinel]
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