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Chat log

00:00:11PureSkiLL may i go mid?
00:00:14MaAkoXYma No
00:00:17Misha sry no :/
00:00:17PureSkiLL i wanna play invoker mid
00:00:17PureSkiLL ;)
00:00:17Misha dont know whatkind of player are u :/
00:00:17Lavos roof
00:00:17PureSkiLL np dudfe
00:00:17MaAkoXYma You have to buy courier ;3
00:00:17Misha and since i dicidee lanes
00:00:17MaAkoXYma anyway^^
00:00:17PureSkiLL np
00:00:17PureSkiLL i know
00:00:17MaAkoXYma you read rules?^^
00:00:17PureSkiLL so let me mid?
00:00:17Misha u know the rules, lastpick gets courier?
00:00:17Misha im not letting u mid
00:00:17PureSkiLL why?
00:00:17Misha bs
00:00:17MaAkoXYma cuz you are new
00:00:17MaAkoXYma no games
00:00:17PureSkiLL gimme a chance
00:00:17Misha i go mid myself
00:00:17GCNOVA i will take
00:00:17MaAkoXYma misha lemme
00:00:17GCNOVA pudge
00:00:17GCNOVA guys
00:00:17Misha no sry
00:00:17Misha i want mid... :)
00:00:20yeW- He'll probably be taken by then ^^.
00:00:20MaAkoXYma I go bot
00:00:22MaAkoXYma pudgy
00:00:25GCNOVA nah
00:00:28PureSkiLL misha i played for 9 years
00:00:28GCNOVA he wont :D
00:00:29Misha no let me pudge plz
00:00:35101010 pudge goes now
00:00:37MaAkoXYma tt
00:00:38MaAkoXYma i want it
00:00:40MaAkoXYma more...
00:00:41mansikka give me omni
00:00:41Misha u want it badly?
00:00:44yeW- I get Omni.
00:00:44MaAkoXYma y
00:00:45PureSkiLL yes
00:00:45Misha go ahead then
00:00:50PureSkiLL I want badly
00:00:50101010 ill krobe
00:00:59Misha i dont speak to u orange
00:01:02Misha i said to teal
00:01:20Misha ud
00:01:21PureSkiLL ye but i still want badly :P
00:01:22PureSkiLL :D
00:01:23Misha get ud
00:01:24MaAkoXYma 13 games 72%^?
00:01:28Misha but u aint getting it
00:01:42MaAkoXYma Orangy you can cwm
00:01:44yeW- Needz a tankkkk
00:01:45yeW- !
00:01:49PureSkiLL cwm?
00:01:52MaAkoXYma come with me
00:01:53GCNOVA only tank :D
00:01:59Lavos pa? noo :D
00:01:59101010 ............................
00:01:59Misha ur choise pudge, with who u want to lane
00:02:00MaAkoXYma or not.
00:02:02Misha guess with ud
00:02:03MaAkoXYma undy
00:02:04MaAkoXYma come
00:02:07Misha bone top
00:02:08Misha ud bot
00:02:12yeW- Courier with PA.
00:02:13Misha bone ur lane is top
00:02:13yeW- Great :p.
00:02:16GuiTaR come bonny
00:02:22Misha i make the lanes
00:02:23Lavos dont fail
00:02:31mansikka bone top
00:02:33GCNOVA share
00:02:35PureSkiLL don´t touch my hero
00:02:37GuiTaR he doesnt care
00:02:38PureSkiLL i can go top
00:02:39Misha and if u wont obey, i banrequest u, even if u were a magnificant player
00:02:40GCNOVA 2 supports
00:02:40GuiTaR heheeh
00:02:40GCNOVA top
00:02:41GCNOVA wtf?
00:02:44Lavos nope
00:02:46Lavos krobe farms
00:02:54GCNOVA man i cant stand with mort
00:02:57GCNOVA on lane
00:03:00Lavos i know
00:03:01Lavos shit pick
00:03:05101010 rune bot
00:03:22yeW- i pulzz
00:03:24101010 y
00:04:26GuiTaR 1 up
00:04:31MaAkoXYma u
00:04:37GuiTaR 2
00:05:06PureSkiLL lol
00:05:11yeW- that was fast
00:05:12yeW- xd
00:05:14GCNOVA lalalallaa
00:05:15Misha u have a nice lane bot
00:05:23GCNOVA its like im supporting
00:05:24GCNOVA mort
00:05:30lemi.livo.skodi ?
00:05:33GuiTaR bone hit crob
00:05:33PureSkiLL bugged
00:05:36GCNOVA dont go
00:05:37GCNOVA in them
00:05:39GCNOVA pudge's rot
00:05:40PureSkiLL can´t orb walk
00:05:42GuiTaR when he goes on me
00:05:42PureSkiLL wtf
00:05:44GCNOVA is fuking EATING u alive
00:05:51GuiTaR ??
00:05:53PureSkiLL R is not R
00:05:53PureSkiLL ?
00:05:55PureSkiLL WTF
00:05:55GuiTaR u cant wind walk?
00:06:02PureSkiLL it´s not W
00:06:09MaAkoXYma you have hot keys
00:06:12GuiTaR u messed with repel?
00:06:30yeW- oh my
00:06:32GCNOVA swap lanes or im fucked
00:06:33GCNOVA up here
00:06:34PureSkiLL can we pause 20 sec
00:06:34PureSkiLL ?
00:06:36GCNOVA no
00:06:44GuiTaR my 30
00:06:44Misha let him
00:06:47GuiTaR my 30
00:06:48GuiTaR 321
00:06:49lemi.livo.skodi ffs
00:06:49GCNOVA This aint Dota League
00:06:49PureSkiLL 321
00:06:49Misha there is no my 30 in this place
00:06:54PureSkiLL good
00:06:56GuiTaR workinh?
00:06:58PureSkiLL y
00:06:59MaAkoXYma soz
00:07:01GuiTaR good
00:07:05GuiTaR u messed
00:07:05GCNOVA viper gank down please
00:07:08GuiTaR repel?
00:07:16Lavos get flying
00:07:26GuiTaR b
00:07:31GuiTaR mannnnn
00:07:31yeW- ^^
00:07:33yeW- soz
00:07:34yeW- didnt
00:07:35yeW- c
00:07:47PureSkiLL why is he lv 5
00:07:57GuiTaR solo
00:08:02PureSkiLL so?
00:08:04MaAkoXYma ty
00:08:09lemi.livo.skodi undy 0-2 too ... so am feeding and he is pro
00:08:25Misha care bot
00:08:28PureSkiLL upg?
00:08:28Misha viper going for bot rune
00:08:31Lavos i come bot
00:08:32Lavos kill soon
00:08:38yeW- s
00:08:39yeW- ss
00:08:40yeW- 1
00:08:45MaAkoXYma viper 6
00:08:47MaAkoXYma dont show up
00:08:48MaAkoXYma und
00:09:14Lavos mid miss
00:09:15Misha i come bot
00:09:20mansikka low mana
00:09:23PureSkiLL come top?
00:09:23GCNOVA care
00:09:34mansikka miss 3 bot
00:09:39yeW- ss
00:09:40yeW- 2
00:09:59GuiTaR how crob lvl 7
00:10:14MaAkoXYma -st
00:10:17yeW- omw
00:10:23Misha coming
00:10:24Misha top
00:10:27GuiTaR come
00:10:32GCNOVA s1
00:10:33MaAkoXYma -st
00:11:08yeW- af
00:11:11GuiTaR shit
00:11:20GuiTaR didnt kill him
00:11:24MaAkoXYma ty
00:11:26Misha sentinel did
00:11:51GuiTaR b
00:12:36Misha gj bot lane
00:12:39GCNOVA im goin woods now
00:12:41GCNOVA 0/42
00:12:48GCNOVA cause that stupid mort is diving into pudge
00:12:48mansikka gj you too
00:12:54lemi.livo.skodi ?
00:13:02lemi.livo.skodi 0-4 talking ?
00:13:03PureSkiLL upg?
00:13:03MaAkoXYma upgrade
00:13:10lemi.livo.skodi plz delete wc3 after this
00:13:24Misha care top
00:13:26Misha viper incoming
00:13:51Lavos jesus
00:13:55GCNOVA yea right
00:14:02yeW- figured u'd ulti
00:14:04GCNOVA 13/1
00:14:45Lavos u just had to steal
00:14:51MaAkoXYma need courier
00:14:54yeW- -ma
00:15:06mansikka shop
00:15:17MaAkoXYma -st
00:15:19GCNOVA s1
00:15:25GuiTaR omw
00:15:34GuiTaR w8 me amn
00:15:36GuiTaR man
00:15:41Misha come
00:16:25Misha pudge start movgef
00:16:28GuiTaR b
00:16:39GCNOVA all
00:16:39GuiTaR come mid
00:16:39Lavos go
00:16:40MaAkoXYma I am dead
00:16:41MaAkoXYma prolly
00:16:51Misha balanar u should get urna
00:17:00Misha try to do something
00:17:03GuiTaR no
00:17:06GuiTaR urn
00:17:31Misha hiono oli
00:17:34yeW- was oom.
00:17:41101010 same
00:17:42Misha hieno*
00:17:47Lavos didnt notice
00:18:27yeW- christ
00:18:53GuiTaR care bone
00:19:01Misha n1
00:19:05GuiTaR heheh watty
00:19:07GuiTaR fatty
00:19:49MaAkoXYma -st
00:20:04Lavos nice
00:20:05Misha 'wtf im doing
00:20:06Misha :D
00:20:16lemi.livo.skodi blind ?? ? ? ?
00:20:27lemi.livo.skodi omni ffs
00:20:31MaAkoXYma i really dont see reason
00:20:33MaAkoXYma why you bone
00:20:35MaAkoXYma wanted solo mid
00:20:55Lavos oh again all oom
00:20:56Lavos srsly
00:20:59lemi.livo.skodi what a shame
00:21:06GuiTaR gj
00:21:42Misha base
00:21:46Misha where is bone...
00:21:50mansikka no ulti
00:21:52PureSkiLL ?=
00:21:59GuiTaR b
00:22:12GCNOVA LOL?!
00:22:16yeW- JEEZ
00:22:20GCNOVA did u saw
00:22:21GCNOVA the
00:22:22GCNOVA hook?
00:22:30101010 yes
00:22:32yeW- $e
00:22:33yeW- erer
00:22:34yeW- er
00:22:48GuiTaR b
00:22:48GuiTaR b
00:22:59PureSkiLL i don´t wanna
00:23:09yeW- 0-9 :O
00:23:15Misha let me get rune
00:23:21GCNOVA told u
00:23:25GCNOVA cant stand
00:23:26GCNOVA with mort
00:23:26MaAkoXYma -st
00:23:56mansikka b
00:24:05mansikka oom
00:24:11lemi.livo.skodi he is too pro ... so he cant stand with me
00:24:16Misha we should push
00:24:23GuiTaR i come pudge
00:24:27GCNOVA i mean on the farm
00:24:28MaAkoXYma you have to go? ;3
00:24:32Misha we get more points
00:24:35GuiTaR ?
00:24:37lemi.livo.skodi just su plz
00:24:38MaAkoXYma aaa
00:24:39MaAkoXYma than
00:24:40MaAkoXYma inc
00:24:40Misha shorter the game more points we get
00:24:40MaAkoXYma ;DD
00:24:44GuiTaR y
00:24:46MaAkoXYma INC
00:24:55mansikka push mid
00:24:56PureSkiLL all mid
00:24:57Misha all mid
00:24:57PureSkiLL then
00:25:01mansikka omw
00:25:17GCNOVA instead on u
00:25:20GCNOVA set it on viper
00:25:41GuiTaR failed
00:25:57yeW- ff
00:26:00GuiTaR kill
00:26:04GuiTaR kill twr
00:26:06lemi.livo.skodi ff ?
00:26:13101010 you can leave now
00:26:37Misha by points, i mean X points
00:26:53mansikka oom
00:27:34MaAkoXYma that silence
00:27:38GuiTaR omfg
00:27:52lemi.livo.skodi /w guitar ne mogu da ti opisem koji smor
00:27:54Misha just go all together mid
00:27:56Misha and end this game
00:27:56GuiTaR y
00:28:09GCNOVA whisper
00:28:10GCNOVA in lan?
00:28:11GCNOVA gg
00:28:21yeW- -ma
00:28:30yeW- still winnabe
00:28:33yeW- winnable*
00:28:36GuiTaR push mid
00:28:40101010 care
00:28:50Misha come all
00:28:59MaAkoXYma -st
00:28:59Misha balanar
00:29:06Misha agha is the best item for u
00:29:13MaAkoXYma agreed
00:29:14GuiTaR y
00:29:14Misha gives so imba vision
00:29:15PureSkiLL depends
00:29:15yeW- gotta def
00:29:18yeW- mid
00:29:18yeW- al
00:29:19PureSkiLL bkb
00:29:20yeW- all
00:29:26MaAkoXYma well y..
00:29:32GuiTaR i make sny
00:29:50GuiTaR first
00:30:21MaAkoXYma krobe...
00:30:23MaAkoXYma is the only one
00:30:25yeW- christ
00:30:25MaAkoXYma dealing dmg
00:30:27Lavos I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:27MaAkoXYma and no1attacks her
00:30:28MaAkoXYma ;D
00:30:40101010 useless morted
00:31:02101010 dead
00:31:11PureSkiLL too slowed
00:31:34mansikka go end mid
00:31:53GuiTaR omw
00:31:58yeW- ah noes lol
00:32:03mansikka gj
00:32:06MaAkoXYma -st
00:32:12GCNOVA 3.5 sec
00:32:22mansikka come
00:32:38Misha y
00:32:46mansikka b
00:32:48MaAkoXYma let his
00:32:48MaAkoXYma ulty
00:32:51yeW- lol
00:32:58MaAkoXYma wait his ulty
00:32:59MaAkoXYma to go off
00:33:00MaAkoXYma and fight
00:33:23GuiTaR im b
00:33:24lemi.livo.skodi nice items rex
00:33:36GCNOVA Pudge wtf?
00:33:38lemi.livo.skodi 0-14
00:33:41GCNOVA why so much hate?
00:34:00mansikka ffs
00:34:04mansikka why u go b
00:34:04yeW- 1 stun
00:34:05yeW- whole team
00:34:06yeW- ^^
00:34:17GCNOVA mort will die now
00:34:53Misha tower
00:34:57PureSkiLL i have 4 assist too much
00:34:58PureSkiLL :P
00:35:06101010 I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:29yeW- sad
00:35:46101010 lemi.livo.skodi can u tell me why you picked pa?
00:35:54lemi.livo.skodi cuz i have right
00:35:58lemi.livo.skodi to pick what i want
00:36:00GCNOVA no u dont
00:36:04GuiTaR -ms
00:36:14lemi.livo.skodi ofc i do
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