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60% | 1285 X | 1305 TS

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16% | 1239 X | 1015 TS

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12% | 1000 X | 1128 TS

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5% | 923 X | 1092 TS

Chat log

00:00:03slc2 -ap
00:00:12Eternity if you pick that again i ll go for report
00:00:16casper ok
00:00:44Mircea.N we supporse to choose what was on that -rd ?
00:00:49mby_next_time rofl
00:00:51slc2 yes
00:00:52Mircea.N heroes from old rd match ?
00:00:53mby_next_time you need to pick luna
00:00:541m4n5h0w what you picked
00:00:55Defloratio -.-
00:00:56mby_next_time you told to pick luna
00:00:56slc2 jep
00:00:59Defloratio ban him pls
00:01:01Eternity Y FFS YOU HAD LUNA
00:01:04Defloratio pls!!!!!
00:01:14mby_next_time you[] know luna
00:01:16Fxx. pick luna
00:01:16mby_next_time moon raider
00:01:18mby_next_time etc
00:01:18Defloratio care for fb
00:01:20mby_next_time gj
00:01:21Fxx. WOW
00:01:24mby_next_time -hhn
00:01:26Mircea.N i had lich but it was banned
00:01:30Fxx. your brain is better to monkey
00:01:31Mircea.N and i forgot
00:01:33Eternity y and after this
00:01:33mby_next_time you are so bad :D
00:01:38Eternity you picked banned phenix
00:01:41Defloratio GG
00:01:42mby_next_time even my trolling is bad with yu :D
00:01:46Defloratio Xd
00:01:51Mircea.N no last game some sentinel pick gondar
00:01:56slc2 focus down void
00:01:58mby_next_time casper :>
00:01:59Fxx. anyway , puck , stop smoke marihuana
00:02:04mby_next_time :DDD
00:02:06mby_next_time never :D
00:02:07slc2 he must rage quit after 10
00:02:07Defloratio well we all know who is gona get fb
00:02:10Defloratio ...
00:02:11Defloratio xD
00:02:16Eternity WIND DD
00:02:19casper i ma bit high
00:02:20casper so
00:02:21mby_next_time you dont even know what it was :D
00:02:22casper :d
00:02:29mby_next_time dude im so fucking higfhsdg
00:02:32Eternity ss
00:02:35mby_next_time i only laugh
00:02:37mby_next_time only one top
00:02:38mby_next_time are
00:02:42Eternity ss1
00:02:42mby_next_time re 2
00:02:53Eternity void top
00:02:54Eternity re
00:03:34Defloratio let me farm
00:04:00Eternity you know your spells?
00:04:07Fxx. ofc
00:04:26Fxx. but i play on wards
00:04:34Fxx. allways
00:04:37mby_next_time you can pull dude :>
00:04:44Defloratio no i cant xD
00:04:47mby_next_time ?
00:04:50mby_next_time ah warded
00:04:50mby_next_time bvn
00:04:52Defloratio ya
00:05:05Eternity that would be fb..
00:05:08mby_next_time my luck noob venom
00:05:17Defloratio hard top
00:05:27Fxx. i have got better farm
00:05:29Fxx. with wards
00:05:29slc2 up chick
00:05:39mby_next_time get stick dude.
00:05:47slc2 ty dude
00:06:11Mircea.N 10x
00:06:12Defloratio gank fast top
00:06:16Defloratio i have
00:06:20Defloratio no famr
00:06:25Fxx. k
00:06:261m4n5h0w kk
00:06:28Fxx. so 1. lvl poison
00:06:30slc2 we can kill mid easy
00:06:30Fxx. cause of u
00:06:30Fxx. :-)
00:06:32Eternity i play without hex then
00:06:42slc2 come kill mid ease
00:06:52slc2 rylai
00:06:56slc2 ss goin top
00:07:06Fxx. wind
00:07:18Sprait cc 2
00:07:27Eternity you said
00:07:29Eternity rylai going top
00:07:30Eternity ..
00:07:37keltim k
00:07:47Eternity thats not rylai
00:07:59casper mss
00:08:03Mircea.N ss
00:08:14Sprait cc
00:08:19keltim wtf top
00:08:19Eternity great game..
00:08:23keltim not die
00:08:27Eternity lvl 3/4 arrow hurts
00:08:301m4n5h0w mort will farm some bit
00:08:321m4n5h0w when i gank
00:08:35Eternity dude i saved veno and died for it
00:08:42Eternity ss3
00:08:45Defloratio up the chik
00:09:00Sprait cc 1
00:09:12mby_next_time 3 top
00:09:14Fxx. spam aura
00:09:15Fxx. please
00:09:16Fxx. cm
00:09:17slc2 some one come mid easy kill
00:09:17Defloratio 3 top
00:09:191m4n5h0w omw
00:09:20keltim k
00:09:27slc2 ss
00:09:46Sprait cc
00:10:03Fxx. 4 up
00:10:12mby_next_time ss mid
00:10:13mby_next_time care.
00:10:13slc2 void
00:10:14Eternity nvm mort freefarm
00:10:20Fxx. no
00:10:28Fxx. mort waste of time in river
00:10:311m4n5h0w nice feed luna
00:10:54mby_next_time 3 top again
00:10:58Sprait cc
00:11:02Eternity just 1 creep for bottle and roam
00:11:02slc2 we kill mid now
00:11:02Fxx. cc ?
00:11:03keltim i meka
00:11:06Mircea.N nice support vrom seer
00:11:09Eternity but no ganks then
00:11:09mby_next_time ss 2
00:11:10mby_next_time care
00:11:15mby_next_time re lion
00:11:32Defloratio ss
00:11:361m4n5h0w gogo
00:12:02Eternity maybe YOU RE FUCKING ABLE TO REUSE?
00:12:08slc2 shh baby
00:12:09Eternity hate those naps
00:12:33keltim cc 2
00:12:36mby_next_time ss lion still
00:13:22Defloratio see
00:13:25Defloratio sure
00:13:29mby_next_time n1 pit.
00:13:32mby_next_time i need to admit that.
00:14:141m4n5h0w ur picks where so fail
00:14:49Defloratio well i said that we are gona louse this cuz of nap picks
00:14:52Eternity pit
00:14:54Eternity use bottle
00:14:55mby_next_time roll :>
00:14:551m4n5h0w u pick void
00:14:551m4n5h0w ffs
00:14:59Defloratio and ?!
00:15:031m4n5h0w void sux
00:15:04Eternity all and give to me
00:15:06Defloratio wat is wrong wit void
00:15:07Defloratio 0o
00:15:07Defloratio ?
00:15:09Defloratio lol
00:15:11Defloratio oke
00:15:11Eternity all
00:15:13Defloratio su pls
00:15:22Sprait thx
00:15:24slc2 invi go take lion
00:15:28Eternity np i go for invis anyway
00:15:34slc2 check
00:15:42Mircea.N b better
00:15:44Defloratio no sup no wards
00:15:45Defloratio ...
00:15:47slc2 kill
00:15:54Eternity stay b
00:15:56Eternity iif he jumps
00:16:14slc2 gj
00:16:17keltim 3 bottom
00:16:21Defloratio get fucking wards
00:16:24Defloratio -.-
00:16:43slc2 wtf guys
00:17:161m4n5h0w just bad played
00:17:18Eternity illu
00:17:271m4n5h0w veno free farms with fail skill
00:17:47slc2 go
00:17:55slc2 i take illt
00:18:00slc2 or not hehe
00:18:03Sprait )
00:18:06Eternity ulti cd
00:18:25keltim i meka
00:18:27keltim chick
00:18:30Eternity i go for janngo
00:18:36Defloratio haha
00:18:38mby_next_time roll copter: >
00:18:381m4n5h0w lol
00:18:431m4n5h0w report plz
00:18:46mby_next_time who leaves your team blue?
00:18:48slc2 i come
00:19:06slc2 bot
00:19:07mby_next_time blue?
00:19:071m4n5h0w who must leaveß
00:19:111m4n5h0w blue
00:19:14Defloratio lion imo
00:19:25slc2 rylai
00:19:251m4n5h0w mort
00:19:291m4n5h0w rylai leave
00:19:44Sprait rylai for me
00:19:49Sprait on skype
00:20:06slc2 comon guyas
00:20:141m4n5h0w good that u safe ur ulti
00:20:18mby_next_time ?
00:20:22slc2 rylai u leave now
00:20:231m4n5h0w Rylai leave
00:20:26slc2 or get banned
00:20:271m4n5h0w pause
00:20:291m4n5h0w Rylai u must leave game
00:20:291m4n5h0w instant
00:20:29Fxx. anyway
00:20:291m4n5h0w u get it?
00:20:29keltim ??
00:20:29Fxx. wp rylai
00:20:29keltim i not leave
00:20:29Fxx. its rulez
00:20:29mby_next_time rules.
00:20:29mby_next_time says so
00:20:291m4n5h0w you must leave
00:20:29Fxx. u must
00:20:29slc2 jep u player well rylai
00:20:291m4n5h0w mort says so
00:20:29Fxx. cause they have got leaver
00:20:291m4n5h0w so you must leave
00:20:29keltim i not leave it my first game
00:20:29slc2 im capt and u have to balance
00:20:29Sprait mort
00:20:291m4n5h0w YOU MUST
00:20:291m4n5h0w or you get a report
00:20:29Eternity rule.
00:20:29Fxx. u have no -points
00:20:29Sprait rylai for me on skype
00:20:29Eternity if s1 leaves
00:20:29slc2 u will get +x
00:20:29mby_next_time if someone leaves, then captain from opposite team need to kick someone from his team.
00:20:29Eternity another player has to leave
00:20:29Defloratio you get points and everything
00:20:29keltim i not noob i not leave
00:20:29Eternity and then the captain
00:20:29Fxx. u must
00:20:29mby_next_time to balance.
00:20:29Fxx. man
00:20:291m4n5h0w if you dont leave you get reported
00:20:29Fxx. but your stat +
00:20:29Eternity chooses the player who has to leave
00:20:29mby_next_time dude it is rule.
00:20:29Fxx. after this game
00:20:29Defloratio its just for balance and you dont get -points
00:20:29Fxx. cause this system dont work
00:20:29Eternity pls read the rules before you play on that server
00:20:29Fxx. good
00:20:29Fxx. like dota-league
00:20:29keltim i leave and i give -pts
00:20:29Fxx. this system work different
00:20:29slc2 rylai leave srry
00:20:29Eternity nope
00:20:291m4n5h0w rylai leave now !
00:20:29Fxx. no
00:20:29Fxx. rylai
00:20:29keltim ??? why
00:20:29slc2 u will get +
00:20:29keltim i leave
00:20:29Fxx. u will be + points
00:20:291m4n5h0w ITS RULE
00:20:29Eternity you wont get
00:20:29mby_next_time rules.
00:20:29Fxx. after this game
00:20:29Eternity you ll get +
00:20:29Fxx. rules say
00:20:29Defloratio u dumb one imo
00:20:29Defloratio but w/e
00:20:29Fxx. captain (blue) said who must leave
00:20:29Fxx. and he must
00:20:291m4n5h0w rylai leave game !
00:20:29Eternity say thx to darkseer..
00:20:29keltim i leave and i give pts??
00:20:29Fxx. and he say - rylai
00:20:29Fxx. so u must leave
00:20:291m4n5h0w y
00:20:29mby_next_time dudes,
00:20:29Defloratio yes
00:20:29Fxx. cause darkseer leave
00:20:29Fxx. u must balance game
00:20:29Defloratio you dont get negative points
00:20:29slc2 darkseer rage quittede
00:20:29keltim k i leave
00:20:29keltim k??
00:20:29Fxx. ty
00:20:291m4n5h0w kk
00:20:29mby_next_time cya
00:20:29slc2 u played well
00:20:29Eternity yy
00:20:29mby_next_time nice game :.
00:20:29Fxx. and Well play
00:20:29Defloratio kk
00:20:29Fxx. cm
00:20:29keltim host me leave??
00:20:29Defloratio bb
00:20:29Fxx. u have got + points
00:20:29Eternity you can join other game now
00:20:29slc2 jep
00:20:29Defloratio xD
00:20:29Fxx. anyway
00:20:291m4n5h0w blue say yes
00:20:29mby_next_time oh my god-.-
00:20:29keltim bb god game
00:20:29Defloratio read the rules !
00:20:29keltim good
00:20:291m4n5h0w bb
00:20:31slc2 pit take meka
00:20:32mby_next_time thanks ood.
00:20:38slc2 pit take meka
00:20:40mby_next_time btw why him ?:>
00:20:40Eternity 2 down
00:20:46mby_next_time lion wasnt better option?
00:20:521m4n5h0w aura still in
00:21:00mby_next_time still
00:21:021m4n5h0w i suppose thats why
00:21:05mby_next_time as i see they playing
00:21:08slc2 jep
00:21:09mby_next_time cm > lion
00:21:13mby_next_time even without items
00:22:12mby_next_time ah oom
00:22:15Eternity me meka?
00:22:19slc2 no pit
00:22:22Eternity k.
00:22:24Fxx. anyway , still dont know , why i have got only 11 %
00:22:241m4n5h0w y
00:22:251m4n5h0w m2
00:22:33Eternity cuz of less games
00:22:35Eternity same like me
00:22:38Eternity just play some games
00:22:45slc2 we kill easy
00:22:56Sprait me buy guinso?
00:22:581m4n5h0w plz all leave and i do 1n1 with mort :D
00:23:01slc2 ni shuiv
00:23:05Sprait kk
00:23:10mby_next_time roll copter :d
00:23:37mby_next_time so bad :<
00:23:431m4n5h0w tried
00:23:461m4n5h0w to cut a way
00:23:51slc2 pit tank
00:23:51mby_next_time it was my fault :>
00:23:54Defloratio well epic fail down
00:23:57Defloratio 0o
00:24:09slc2 stay
00:24:131m4n5h0w wards woods
00:24:26Eternity running
00:25:31Eternity b?
00:25:36slc2 yea hehe
00:25:46slc2 camp
00:25:49slc2 camp
00:25:56slc2 no there srry
00:25:59Eternity 10 secs for new rune
00:26:02slc2 kill mid fast
00:26:03Eternity 5
00:26:06slc2 insta luna
00:26:27Defloratio omg this luna---.-
00:26:34Fxx. WHAT ?
00:26:38mby_next_time :D
00:26:511m4n5h0w void farm
00:26:531m4n5h0w so funny
00:27:07Eternity dont
00:27:09Fxx. :-)
00:27:09Eternity thx
00:27:13Defloratio i have no farm btw
00:27:24mby_next_time thx fr info <#
00:27:31Defloratio and i cant help u
00:28:29Eternity wind soon combo
00:28:42Eternity useless
00:28:43Eternity ..
00:28:43Fxx. ?
00:28:45Fxx. me ?
00:28:46slc2 puck fleeds like a pussy
00:28:53mby_next_time :<
00:29:01slc2 hehe dude:D
00:29:03mby_next_time pussy point :<
00:29:09Fxx. i m ussless ?
00:29:12Eternity get tp
00:29:15Eternity mort
00:29:24Mircea.N -ms
00:29:53Eternity i go for wards
00:29:58slc2 i take top
00:30:01slc2 u guys mid
00:30:08Defloratio b
00:30:22Mircea.N warded
00:30:25mby_next_time gaylordzor
00:30:26Defloratio ya
00:30:39slc2 push mid
00:30:47Sprait wait
00:31:10slc2 chick?
00:31:23slc2 push mid!!!!!
00:31:33Eternity we cant
00:31:36slc2 yes u can
00:31:461m4n5h0w ulti
00:32:01slc2 2 ulti?
00:32:08slc2 b
00:32:08slc2 b
00:32:09slc2 b
00:32:16Fxx. k
00:32:18Fxx. i join to u
00:32:21mby_next_time nvm
00:32:211m4n5h0w gj
00:32:27slc2 fxx u must join now
00:32:27mby_next_time got sentry
00:32:30Fxx. y
00:32:31Eternity mort?
00:32:31Fxx. i see
00:32:33Eternity where to report?
00:32:36slc2 i got bkb so it should be easy
00:32:42mby_next_time oh he is pussy
00:32:44slc2 on support
00:32:44Defloratio why sentry ?
00:32:45mby_next_time good to know
00:32:46Eternity k
00:32:52mby_next_time in case of ulti
00:33:10Mircea.N ward here
00:33:11mby_next_time yoyo
00:33:22Eternity we ll loose
00:33:24slc2 gather
00:33:26slc2 no
00:33:31Eternity veno wont teamplay
00:33:35Eternity so its 3v4
00:33:37slc2 veno join now
00:33:37Eternity and they got late
00:33:40Eternity they antiward
00:33:521m4n5h0w 2,7k for hex
00:33:55Eternity ..
00:33:56Eternity i go farm
00:34:01Defloratio xD
00:34:02slc2 no come with team
00:34:031m4n5h0w when they push
00:34:03Defloratio haha
00:34:071m4n5h0w we need good void ulti
00:34:101m4n5h0w so i can use mine
00:34:11Eternity see that?
00:34:111m4n5h0w full
00:34:12Mircea.N on mortred
00:34:14Eternity he wont join
00:34:17Eternity so i ll go for report
00:34:19slc2 void there are makin yasha aint a tuff guy
00:34:19Defloratio ya
00:34:201m4n5h0w nah mort is easy
00:34:24Eternity i farm now
00:34:26Eternity fuck it
00:34:29slc2 pit join
00:34:31Eternity loose it newbies
00:34:35Defloratio jusdont focuse pit
00:34:351m4n5h0w gank
00:34:37slc2 we gank and entry
00:34:40mby_next_time go.
00:34:46Defloratio i wil go in first
00:35:16Eternity veno share pls
00:35:19Eternity i win this game for us
00:35:23Eternity if you share me
00:35:25Eternity and let me play ya hero
00:35:27slc2 go mid end
00:35:271m4n5h0w bkb shit
00:35:30Fxx. su lion
00:35:311m4n5h0w okay mort needs death
00:35:311m4n5h0w ^^
00:35:32Defloratio why the fuck did you go in ????
00:35:33mby_next_time plus no void.
00:35:35slc2 fast
00:35:38slc2 after topå
00:35:38Eternity pls share man
00:35:40Eternity i ll win it
00:35:40mby_next_time due to perfect situation?
00:35:43mby_next_time mort lion alone?
00:36:06Defloratio b
00:36:101m4n5h0w VOID
00:36:111m4n5h0w U SUCK
00:36:121m4n5h0w SO HARD
00:36:18Fxx. gg
00:36:19Defloratio and your an idiot
00:36:221m4n5h0w TO SET UR FUCKING ULTI
00:36:27slc2 are we loosing lion?
00:36:31Eternity xD he farmed 34 mins no teamplay and its gg?
00:36:40Eternity just said that so veno will go for teamplay
00:36:45mby_next_time GOT IT
00:36:46mby_next_time !
00:36:51Eternity and i would never farm as lion
00:36:52Fxx. su
00:36:54Fxx. lion
00:36:571m4n5h0w void needs 100 blinks and screams and still doesnt se his shit ulti
00:37:02slc2 gg
00:37:07mby_next_time gg
00:37:13Defloratio and wind is an idiot
00:37:29Fxx. and this is only game
00:37:31Fxx. so stop crying
00:37:401m4n5h0w no woder you got 11%
00:37:41slc2 just take bot now
00:37:48Fxx. woder ?
00:37:511m4n5h0w you should be orange
00:37:51Eternity wonder
00:37:54Fxx. what is woder ?
00:38:12Defloratio epic idiot if i my add
00:38:14Eternity cd
00:38:31Fxx. anyway , this was free win
00:38:52mby_next_time sr that late ulti but was on cd.
00:39:08Eternity gg wind/mord
00:39:14Eternity *t
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