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94% | 1519 X | 1606 TS

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72% | 1318 X | 1403 TS

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-18 TS

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15% | 900 X | 1279 TS

Chat log

00:00:02Sepetos -ap
00:00:05Sepetos same heroes
00:00:14Jesus_Crix i'm top witrh eni woods pls
00:00:32Jesus_Crix thx
00:00:38Tough y fail leo goes top
00:00:39Tough hf
00:00:43Sepetos ok
00:00:45Sepetos kanki midsolo
00:00:47Jonneblarre i can go
00:00:49Jesus_Crix slard with quelling
00:00:51Sepetos sand venge top
00:00:52Jesus_Crix nice support
00:00:52DeduXserS skeel go down
00:00:52Sepetos me levi bot
00:00:53DeduXserS with slardar
00:00:54Tough HAHAHA
00:00:55Jesus_Crix i am top
00:00:59Tough im going to carry this
00:01:00DeduXserS u are down
00:01:02Kanki ai meitsi midis
00:01:04Kanki nicehh
00:01:04Sepetos go bot rune
00:01:05Jesus_Crix no
00:01:05Tough u pick MAGINA AFTER BAN?!
00:01:08Jesus_Crix that's fail
00:01:08Tough i should trust u?
00:01:09Jesus_Crix rly
00:01:09Sepetos joo ei täl järkee
00:01:10Jonneblarre u have to
00:01:13DeduXserS _________________________________________________________________
00:01:13Sepetos siel tiny
00:01:15DeduXserS damn new fag's
00:01:16Sepetos saan lanel tappoi paremmi
00:01:16Jesus_Crix man
00:01:18Tough y
00:01:20Kanki true
00:01:24Jonneblarre u have to listen to captain
00:01:24Jesus_Crix if i go bot this is fail
00:01:26Jesus_Crix rly
00:01:27Firoga -clear
00:01:28Sepetos when i put coldfeet
00:01:29Kanki hmm
00:01:29Sepetos u gush
00:01:30Sepetos ok
00:01:30Sepetos levi
00:01:30Sepetos ?
00:01:30Jonneblarre double stun
00:01:30Tough me and leo on same lane?
00:01:30Jesus_Crix why can't you let me solo rly??
00:01:30Tze is blue always managing at gc?
00:01:30Tough never
00:01:30Tze even lanes?
00:01:30Sepetos and u pull forestcreeps
00:01:30Sepetos y
00:01:30Jesus_Crix not with slard
00:01:30Jesus_Crix 2 quelling
00:01:30Jesus_Crix wtf
00:01:30Jesus_Crix that's waste rly
00:01:30Kanki yes
00:01:30Tze what if i didnt want as blue?
00:01:30Jesus_Crix i'm top
00:01:30Eternity was afk
00:01:31Jonneblarre tiny?
00:01:36Jonneblarre me bot or top?
00:01:37Kanki cause he is always the highest prcent
00:01:37Tze can u swap?
00:01:39Sepetos if u dont do as blue says u get ban
00:01:40DeduXserS stay top
00:01:42Jesus_Crix top with me if u want
00:01:46DeduXserS if moron skele doesnt understand
00:01:47DeduXserS at all
00:01:50Tze can u decide not to get blue?
00:01:50Kanki he is the captain of the team
00:01:52Jesus_Crix thaty's way better
00:01:54Tough well hope u rape top
00:01:55Jesus_Crix like that
00:01:55Kanki no
00:01:57Jesus_Crix that's all
00:01:59DeduXserS slardar solo is like....
00:02:00DeduXserS ff
00:02:00Tough with eni
00:02:02Sepetos best player is blue
00:02:03Kanki u have to be the best in team
00:02:05Tough we will se
00:02:07Sepetos levi
00:02:07Firoga reg
00:02:07Tough seeÜ
00:02:07Jesus_Crix said let me solo top ...
00:02:08Sepetos come here
00:02:11Tze so if im too high i always need to do all this stuff?
00:02:11Sepetos lets go behind them
00:02:13Sepetos ok
00:02:17Jesus_Crix whatever
00:02:19Jesus_Crix HF
00:02:29Sepetos here
00:02:32Sepetos after we see em
00:02:38Jesus_Crix aa ss
00:03:14Sepetos go pull creeps
00:03:15Sepetos levi
00:03:18Sepetos let me lasthit
00:03:19Sepetos u got fb
00:03:28Eternity normally i stack first..
00:03:32Eternity but if you want i ll failpull
00:03:39Eternity and come back 2 lane after pull cuz no creeps after
00:03:40Eternity ..
00:03:54Sepetos levi buy flyin
00:04:18Sepetos can u levi buy
00:04:19Sepetos flying
00:04:25Eternity can you shht?
00:04:28Eternity i was lasthitting
00:04:31Kanki miss mid
00:04:31Sepetos u got fb
00:04:54Frontschwein nice
00:04:55Frontschwein RLY
00:04:55Jonneblarre gj
00:04:57Tze too late
00:05:08Eternity NOOB
00:05:09Eternity ffs
00:05:19Tze going mid again
00:05:21Eternity GIVE THE FUCKING SPOT
00:05:23Eternity VISION
00:05:24Eternity srsly
00:05:28Sepetos wtf u shitting me here?
00:05:35Eternity maybe start using ya brain
00:05:37Eternity cant pull now
00:05:38Eternity gj
00:05:48Sepetos and its my fault?
00:05:50Eternity y
00:05:51Eternity courir
00:05:53Eternity vision
00:05:53Sepetos how come?
00:05:55Eternity you didnt look
00:06:13DeduXserS go top
00:06:15DeduXserS im coming
00:06:16DeduXserS again
00:06:17Jonneblarre low mana
00:06:20Kanki miss
00:06:20Jonneblarre one one spell
00:06:20DeduXserS so what
00:06:23Sepetos CARE TOP
00:06:34Frontschwein ff
00:06:35Frontschwein fuck u
00:06:41Jesus_Crix oom
00:06:47Tze great
00:06:48Jesus_Crix wp
00:06:51Tough gang bot
00:07:47DeduXserS omw to aa
00:07:54DeduXserS gogogo
00:08:02Kanki miss mid
00:08:08Eternity n1 miss
00:08:08Tough gj
00:08:19Eternity ss
00:08:24Tough ss
00:08:32Eternity he tped maybe
00:08:33Eternity care
00:08:50DeduXserS omw top
00:08:55DeduXserS let's go
00:08:56DeduXserS go already
00:08:58DeduXserS on venge
00:09:00Jesus_Crix nxt wave
00:09:40Frontschwein mid guy is a joke
00:09:50Sepetos ur toplane is a joke
00:09:55Sepetos doublestunners feed
00:09:56Frontschwein ahhaha u faggot
00:09:58Sepetos well played
00:09:59Frontschwein 3 times
00:10:01Frontschwein mid guy
00:10:04Frontschwein u su dumb
00:10:06Tze always ganked top
00:10:09Sepetos kill bot
00:10:10Eternity and? maybe ward up then
00:10:16Tze give me gold trhen
00:10:24Frontschwein well idc
00:10:45Tough care tiny
00:11:04Eternity rebuy
00:11:05Eternity care toüp
00:11:36Sepetos how u got frag?
00:11:36Sepetos :D
00:11:39DeduXserS bolt
00:11:39Eternity xD
00:11:42Eternity dunno
00:11:44Eternity i am thinking
00:11:45Sepetos me either
00:11:46Eternity about it
00:11:46Eternity xD
00:12:04Tough aa and tide have fun with farming bot? :D
00:12:15Tze such a bad game
00:12:24Tze ganks top and nobody cares
00:12:26Sepetos HOW U GET THE FRAGS?
00:12:35Eternity they changed gush??
00:12:42Sepetos how?
00:12:46Eternity dunno?
00:12:48Sepetos :D
00:12:49Sepetos read it
00:12:49Sepetos :D
00:12:51Eternity but its dpo now? :D
00:12:52DeduXserS slardar i tp down
00:12:52DeduXserS soon
00:12:57DeduXserS and let's go
00:12:57Eternity -armor dmg and slow
00:13:04DeduXserS go
00:13:10Tough dude?
00:13:17Eternity 260 dmg -5 armor 40% slow for 4secs..
00:13:25Sepetos no dot?
00:13:31Eternity no
00:13:35Eternity omw
00:13:37Jesus_Crix 2 ss top
00:13:40Jesus_Crix 1 re
00:14:09Eternity no assist
00:14:10Eternity tzz
00:14:17Eternity dude
00:14:21Eternity want me to rush shivas
00:14:23Eternity or want dagger
00:14:24Eternity soon
00:14:25Eternity ?
00:14:26Sepetos mmm
00:14:30Sepetos make some tank
00:14:31Sepetos imo
00:14:35Sepetos pipe
00:14:36Sepetos is gr9
00:14:37Sepetos gr8
00:14:50Eternity i think janngos pipe shivas
00:14:52Eternity and armor now
00:15:00Sepetos kk
00:15:58Eternity leoric armlet?
00:15:59DeduXserS enigma next time
00:16:01DeduXserS just so u know
00:16:05DeduXserS soul ring is better than mana boots
00:16:08Sepetos tower
00:16:08DeduXserS u get faster dagger
00:16:09Eternity yy
00:16:12Eternity btw
00:16:12Firoga aye
00:16:14DeduXserS and wards would be awesome too
00:16:14Eternity who ll carry?
00:16:36Eternity omw
00:17:11Sepetos bling if need ulti
00:17:16Eternity FCK
00:17:17Eternity wasted
00:17:17Sepetos or something
00:17:18Eternity sry
00:17:33Sepetos carefull
00:17:34Eternity cd now..
00:18:09DeduXserS died 4x in row
00:18:13DeduXserS team could play sometimes
00:18:14DeduXserS with me
00:18:16Jesus_Crix sticvk in team then
00:18:23Eternity cd
00:18:26Sepetos toptower im
00:18:48Sepetos give mana
00:20:01Tze -ii
00:20:10Firoga hsate
00:20:20Eternity b
00:20:33Eternity dude
00:20:36Eternity i told ya back man
00:20:39Eternity now i lost 300 gold
00:20:43Sepetos sry
00:20:49Eternity he s hasted
00:20:51Sepetos someone ward?
00:21:18Eternity i would laugh if crix would get the kill
00:21:19Eternity :D
00:21:29Sepetos this crix is just laugh
00:21:34DeduXserS come down
00:21:37Sepetos how can that player get kills
00:21:42Jonneblarre we need towers
00:21:48Eternity missclicks?
00:21:49Eternity :D
00:21:53Sepetos that might b
00:21:57Sepetos or if someone uses his hero
00:22:11Jonneblarre tower bot now?
00:22:11Frontschwein FUCK U SO AHRD
00:22:15Kanki lol
00:22:19Kanki tomb on cd
00:22:19Jesus_Crix regen
00:22:19DeduXserS I NEED REGEN
00:22:20DeduXserS from top
00:22:21Sepetos go stun ulti
00:22:25DeduXserS to bottle
00:23:43Jonneblarre shall i ulti?
00:23:44Jonneblarre tiny?
00:23:47Jonneblarre no
00:24:15DeduXserS WHY U STOP CHICk
00:24:15DeduXserS ...
00:24:44Sepetos haste
00:24:46Eternity b now :/
00:24:51Sepetos heal
00:25:00Jesus_Crix go rosh soon?
00:25:01Eternity i farm 200 gold a sec
00:25:03Sepetos manaboots
00:25:05Sepetos g
00:25:07Tough tiny got dagger
00:25:07Sepetos k
00:25:08Tough go?
00:25:09Jonneblarre we need to push
00:25:13Eternity sure
00:25:17Eternity warded or mh..
00:25:22Eternity warded
00:25:38Eternity btw is any1 on this server using mh?
00:25:43Sepetos nop
00:25:44Sepetos impossible
00:25:46Eternity fine
00:25:49Kanki cant use here
00:25:52Sepetos repel prevents it
00:25:59DeduXserS u got ulti so
00:26:00DeduXserS i take it
00:26:18DeduXserS mid tower
00:26:52Sepetos u get all kills? :D
00:26:52Jonneblarre why no ulti enigma?
00:27:26Eternity undy stop sleep
00:28:17Tough dude
00:28:25Jonneblarre was there a way in there?
00:28:30Tough got dagger
00:28:32Tough lol
00:28:34Jonneblarre ah sry
00:28:42Eternity leo desolator..
00:28:46Jonneblarre mid push
00:28:48Sepetos move in team
00:28:50Sepetos and we need wards
00:28:58Sepetos come bot taketower
00:31:04Eternity couldnt help
00:31:05Eternity :/
00:31:20Sepetos crix u gona get blink someday?
00:31:29Tze ty for telling
00:31:38Tze almost forgot
00:31:57Eternity that was my shivas.. thx for steal
00:32:12Sepetos go bot tower
00:32:12Sepetos plz
00:32:28Jonneblarre nice dmg leo xD
00:33:21Sepetos gj croix
00:33:22Frontschwein sur eu fag
00:33:24Eternity ulti cd... couldnt it be rdy 1 sec earlier
00:33:39Eternity 1 11
00:33:41Eternity 3 10
00:33:41Eternity ..
00:33:45Frontschwein stfu
00:34:00Tough b
00:34:02Frontschwein mid guy ruined my game since min 1
00:34:04Eternity pls play garena or
00:34:09Frontschwein pls fuck off
00:34:16Tze dota-league is closed^^
00:34:27Eternity sucks anyway^^
00:34:30Tze not^^
00:34:45Eternity very much noobs there
00:34:52Jonneblarre venge warded there
00:34:54Frontschwein ver ymuhc good english
00:35:45Sepetos crixa is so terrible
00:35:46Sepetos really
00:35:51Tze tp cd
00:36:22DeduXserS rosh up
00:36:40Frontschwein biggest noob luck in the world
00:36:50DeduXserS take rosh
00:36:54Jesus_Crix y
00:37:02Tze sk doing rosh
00:37:06Eternity lemme steal da aegis
00:37:20DeduXserS y
00:37:21DeduXserS i take it
00:37:26Jesus_Crix rly??
00:37:31Eternity cd
00:37:31Eternity b
00:37:32Eternity b
00:37:32Eternity b
00:37:32Eternity b
00:37:33Eternity b
00:37:40Sepetos k
00:37:57Tough team?
00:37:57Jesus_Crix cray?
00:38:13Jonneblarre omg
00:38:21Sepetos go
00:38:22Jesus_Crix just fuck it
00:38:23Sepetos got urn
00:38:24Sepetos to heal
00:38:24Firoga how could tide get rosh?
00:38:26Jesus_Crix not able to take rosh
00:38:31Jesus_Crix then you go soloi
00:38:37DeduXserS sorry my bad.. and slardar didnt wanan come
00:38:37Jonneblarre i had full inventory
00:38:38Jesus_Crix eni goes ulti
00:38:40DeduXserS he was farming :S
00:38:41Eternity aegis anyway
00:38:46Tough I WAS DEAD
00:38:50DeduXserS buy out =SD
00:39:05Jesus_Crix rax losts now
00:39:17Jonneblarre 2 ac in team?
00:39:18Eternity b
00:39:18Eternity gj
00:39:20Jesus_Crix and i'm should listen to you with lanes imao
00:39:27Jesus_Crix did it 1 st
00:39:29Jesus_Crix wp slard
00:39:31Jesus_Crix again
00:39:40Kanki tekiskö piipun
00:39:43Jesus_Crix go rock it mid all
00:39:44Sepetos joo VAIK
00:39:52Eternity want hood still?
00:39:55Jesus_Crix mid all !
00:40:05Eternity blue?
00:40:11Eternity new wards pls
00:40:14Kanki teen ac sittenki
00:40:37Jonneblarre tiny stop solo
00:40:44Jesus_Crix pro
00:41:00DeduXserS enigma got hole
00:41:01DeduXserS with bkb
00:41:06Jesus_Crix dead wp
00:41:12Frontschwein yey
00:41:14Sepetos :DDD
00:41:14DeduXserS sand king :D:D
00:41:14Firoga he wasdead
00:41:14Eternity xD
00:41:18Jesus_Crix slard always solo farm
00:41:18Tze 4tw
00:41:23Jesus_Crix tiny same but gang
00:41:28Jesus_Crix nice team^^
00:41:33Sepetos levi tnak
00:41:35Eternity y
00:42:04Firoga DO NOT USE ME
00:42:27Sepetos should have gone b
00:42:29Sepetos no lane to take
00:42:34Sepetos FARM BOT
00:42:42Eternity dude
00:42:47Eternity want me with hood?
00:42:48Eternity still?
00:42:49Jesus_Crix push mid now
00:42:49Eternity tell
00:42:54Sepetos make blademail
00:43:11Eternity rdyx
00:43:13Eternity and now?
00:43:18Sepetos force
00:43:25Sepetos u can force ppl from enigma ulti
00:43:31Sepetos and wards
00:43:34Sepetos would b gr8
00:43:41DeduXserS need mana
00:43:43DeduXserS from mana boots
00:43:46Jonneblarre cd
00:43:48Eternity i think leoric got still cd
00:43:51Eternity cuz i killed him
00:44:00Sepetos sawp
00:44:03Kanki teen sile tikun
00:44:06Sepetos or no
00:44:08DeduXserS top tower mby
00:44:08Eternity ulti cd
00:44:12Eternity soon rdy
00:44:14Sepetos tosi tärkee sile tikku
00:44:23Eternity rdy
00:44:25Jesus_Crix gang them again
00:44:30Sepetos all come
00:44:35Jesus_Crix focus aa pls
00:44:56Tough fuck u hard tiny
00:45:12Tough really
00:45:17Tough thats reportable
00:45:19Jesus_Crix wp again team^^
00:45:29Tough b
00:45:29Tough b
00:45:36Tough dont
00:45:38Tough just def
00:45:38Jesus_Crix glad to have such a good cap rly
00:45:40Tough hell
00:45:44Eternity dont denie creeps
00:45:50Tough DUDE DEF MID
00:45:52Tough PORT
00:45:52Jesus_Crix go tp ffs
00:45:57Eternity ..
00:46:01Jesus_Crix i soon will report i think
00:46:04Tough game ruin on purpuse?
00:46:11Jesus_Crix yep
00:46:17Eternity fast
00:46:27Jesus_Crix wp
00:46:27Eternity b
00:46:29Jesus_Crix bob cap
00:46:29Eternity b
00:46:54Eternity crix go heal
00:46:56Eternity dont die PLS
00:47:03Eternity guys
00:47:11Eternity ohh aa...
00:47:17Sepetos wtf slardar did there
00:47:28Tough rosh is re
00:47:30DeduXserS 'rosh is up
00:47:30Sepetos rosh up
00:47:31Sepetos :o
00:47:34Eternity they have to def
00:47:35Eternity ^^
00:47:36Jesus_Crix take fast
00:47:38Sepetos yee
00:47:41Jesus_Crix but kleep puyshing mid
00:47:42Sepetos lets go with 5 bot next
00:47:43Kanki they take rosh
00:47:47Eternity but they ll rosh now
00:47:47DeduXserS cheese
00:47:52DeduXserS enigma take some
00:47:52Eternity we have to def
00:47:53Sepetos cant do shit about that
00:47:56Eternity we have to win
00:47:58Eternity once more
00:48:00Eternity a teamfight like this
00:48:05Firoga omg
00:48:08Sepetos zeus took aegis
00:48:09Sepetos np
00:48:10Sepetos :D
00:48:14Eternity B
00:48:16Eternity TO BASE
00:48:17Eternity PLS
00:48:18Eternity WAIT ME
00:48:20Eternity AND AA
00:48:23Eternity pls
00:49:33Jonneblarre bot after
00:49:53Sepetos venge havent done any swap that we could start fight
00:49:58Sepetos blink tiny always starts
00:50:18Eternity saves us
00:50:27Jesus_Crix b
00:50:34Eternity crix..
00:50:36Eternity srsly
00:50:40Tze had cd
00:50:47Jonneblarre reg
00:50:51DeduXserS kk
00:50:57Jesus_Crix keep tps pls
00:51:11Jesus_Crix care
00:51:15Jesus_Crix they mby smoke
00:51:19Jesus_Crix and go throne
00:51:32Jonneblarre base all
00:51:32Jesus_Crix haah
00:51:33Sepetos go mid to bot
00:51:39Eternity k
00:51:49Jesus_Crix go mid all?
00:52:30Jonneblarre nice one
00:52:51Jonneblarre wp
00:52:55Eternity gg
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