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Chat log

00:00:02Yunika -ap
00:00:02101010 -ap
00:00:21101010 ill go woods
00:00:31LameMyName -random
00:00:33Pebbles me top
00:00:41I_love_c00kies me top
00:00:42Yunika orange u have to buy chick
00:00:43Pebbles thx for chick
00:01:05Aehh -random
00:01:29Pebbles wr or akasha midß
00:01:43101010 -afk
00:02:07marsbar2k akasha
00:02:11marsbar2k mid..
00:02:13marsbar2k cool
00:02:19marsbar2k sorry for afk
00:05:06CheBooRashKaa me fail mid
00:05:08CheBooRashKaa need gank
00:05:14marsbar2k sek
00:05:44marsbar2k ss
00:05:45Pebbles ss veno
00:05:53Pebbles care woods
00:06:16101010 care mid
00:06:49101010 veno
00:06:57Yunika up chick
00:08:00Yunika upgrade chicken
00:08:03CheBooRashKaa ss mnid
00:08:04CheBooRashKaa re
00:08:32LameMyName rdy agian dude
00:08:37Thug sec
00:08:39LameMyName kk
00:08:45I_love_c00kies ss a
00:08:46I_love_c00kies a
00:08:47marsbar2k go
00:08:48I_love_c00kies care mid
00:09:04I_love_c00kies gang lycan
00:09:43Thug i pull
00:09:44Thug then kill
00:09:51CheBooRashKaa ss mid
00:10:09CheBooRashKaa rune
00:10:38I_love_c00kies go lycan
00:10:39Thug down miss2
00:10:57LameMyName dude
00:10:58LameMyName gio
00:11:16Pebbles ss
00:11:27LameMyName gj
00:12:09I_love_c00kies rune
00:12:16I_love_c00kies gang
00:12:22Thug lol...
00:12:31Thug HASTE
00:12:38I_love_c00kies omg
00:12:46I_love_c00kies gang lycan he farms
00:12:52marsbar2k be ready
00:13:02marsbar2k go
00:13:06Pebbles ss veno
00:13:08marsbar2k go stun
00:13:17Pebbles come lyc
00:13:35marsbar2k omg wind...
00:13:37LameMyName gj
00:13:54I_love_c00kies go
00:13:55I_love_c00kies sk
00:14:37I_love_c00kies tp
00:14:54Thug gogo
00:15:56Pebbles wr lvl 4
00:16:01Pebbles you gotta be kiddin
00:16:05marsbar2k he fuck me up..
00:16:06marsbar2k iiiih
00:17:10I_love_c00kies ss
00:17:12I_love_c00kies mid
00:17:26marsbar2k thanks wind.. shit game.
00:17:47Aehh fuck u
00:17:52Aehh who moved my hero
00:17:54Aehh and killed me
00:18:02Thug wtf?
00:18:21Aehh some 1 used my stun so i dont had enough mana for ulti
00:18:24Pebbles no misses
00:18:27Pebbles what a team
00:18:28LameMyName sahre
00:18:30LameMyName share
00:18:31LameMyName 7
00:18:32I_love_c00kies not me
00:18:34LameMyName hello
00:18:38marsbar2k wind...
00:18:39LameMyName orange
00:18:42LameMyName share or ban ?
00:18:44LameMyName !!!1
00:18:49101010 wr wtf u have done in this game?
00:18:52Aehh so its allowed to use my hero`?
00:18:52101010 0-4-0
00:18:56Thug nope
00:19:01Aehh why u do so
00:19:08Thug i did not
00:19:15Aehh so i dont know who did
00:19:20Aehh maybe u will tell me?
00:20:54I_love_c00kies b
00:21:00marsbar2k fuck you wr..
00:21:03marsbar2k really !
00:21:39101010 wards plz
00:22:08I_love_c00kies lycan rosh soon
00:23:27marsbar2k gr8..
00:23:32I_love_c00kies wd go kill em
00:23:35101010 wards
00:23:44Thug nvm
00:24:14I_love_c00kies b
00:24:35101010 scout
00:24:36I_love_c00kies lol
00:24:37101010 go away
00:24:38101010 plz
00:24:41I_love_c00kies sk
00:26:17Thug hes gone
00:26:40101010 mana åplz
00:26:53101010 aa give mana
00:26:55Pebbles cd
00:28:04CheBooRashKaa ;)
00:28:06Pebbles shackle
00:28:07Pebbles wr
00:28:08Pebbles om
00:28:31marsbar2k b
00:28:34marsbar2k omg
00:29:12I_love_c00kies i def
00:30:43101010 team?=
00:30:48Pebbles wr
00:30:50Pebbles man
00:30:56marsbar2k wr play like shit..
00:31:02101010 -afk
00:31:28Pebbles b
00:31:37Pebbles wr
00:31:37I_love_c00kies and b after?
00:31:38Pebbles attack
00:31:48101010 stay behing tower
00:32:23101010 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:32:25101010 this team
00:33:42101010 full hp wr in base
00:33:44101010 afk
00:33:50101010 fuck this team
00:33:53101010 -afk
00:33:59marsbar2k word
00:34:04I_love_c00kies wd heal plz
00:34:07marsbar2k i got 1 - 8
00:34:42LameMyName haha
00:34:57marsbar2k stun !
00:35:02marsbar2k omg
00:35:06Pebbles well freewin with this guy
00:36:13Thug share the fking bird godman lol
00:37:55CheBooRashKaa ness
00:39:33CheBooRashKaa I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:39:33Pebbles thx wr
00:39:39Pebbles fucking game ruiner
00:40:23marsbar2k wp wr
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