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11% | 986 X | 1137 TS

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2% | 878 X | 937 TS

Chat log

00:00:06MaAkoXYma -rd
00:00:16MaAkoXYma sd
00:00:16Pojetz lol i m first pick?=
00:00:16Frontschwein bann a hero
00:00:16MaAkoXYma XD
00:00:16Frontschwein pink
00:00:16Puppetmaster :)
00:00:16MaAkoXYma .ping
00:00:16MaAkoXYma !ping
00:00:16MaAkoXYma /ping
00:00:16robobob comoon
00:00:16Frontschwein cmon pink
00:00:16mamyka -????
00:00:16Frontschwein write name of hero
00:00:16Puppetmaster pick roof :)
00:00:16mamyka -roof
00:00:16robobob pojetz
00:00:16Pojetz -roof
00:00:16Puppetmaster :(
00:00:42Pojetz take sk
00:00:46MaAkoXYma i get mid
00:00:49Pojetz sk rhasta
00:00:54Pojetz or sk tc
00:00:55mamyka me sk
00:01:15Puppetmaster wth
00:01:17Puppetmaster -.-
00:01:20Puppetmaster picked rhasta
00:01:25Pojetz lesh is good
00:01:28Pojetz and rhasta
00:01:28Puppetmaster stupid bug
00:01:31Pojetz rhasta lech
00:01:35mamyka brow chick
00:01:36Puppetmaster some1 wants tc?
00:01:36MaAkoXYma orange courier
00:01:39Puppetmaster i can play rahsta
00:01:41LaSiCa e
00:01:43Puppetmaster -swap 5
00:01:49LaSiCa -swap 2
00:01:50Puppetmaster i buy chicken
00:01:51robobob me gond
00:01:55LaSiCa k
00:02:09robobob i go meka
00:02:23Puppetmaster lanes captain?
00:02:28mamyka share
00:02:29Puppetmaster mr. 18% captain
00:02:36Pojetz amazing
00:02:43Puppetmaster its called share plz!
00:03:17Puppetmaster regen bot
00:03:29Puppetmaster darew to use my hero!
00:04:46MaAkoXYma ss
00:05:12Puppetmaster no lighning here
00:07:47MaAkoXYma ss
00:07:48MaAkoXYma ss
00:08:07MaAkoXYma ss
00:08:07MaAkoXYma re
00:08:39Puppetmaster me regen
00:08:40Puppetmaster plz
00:08:45PriMo ss
00:08:52LaSiCa go
00:08:52MaAkoXYma upgrade
00:08:53MaAkoXYma someone
00:09:20Puppetmaster i should have initiate
00:09:28LaSiCa ;[
00:10:28robobob mana boot up
00:10:29robobob coem
00:10:37LaSiCa gj
00:10:37Puppetmaster gj
00:11:05MaAkoXYma go down kill?
00:11:13Puppetmaster stun wehn you can
00:11:14MaAkoXYma wtf nerub
00:11:15MaAkoXYma .
00:11:15LaSiCa me base
00:11:19Puppetmaster k
00:11:30MaAkoXYma ss
00:11:48Pojetz gang void
00:11:53Pojetz always
00:12:00Puppetmaster stun asap
00:12:06Puppetmaster o ulti trap
00:12:30Puppetmaster ss
00:12:31Puppetmaster ds
00:12:32Puppetmaster sry
00:12:44Pojetz HAHAHAHAHAHAH
00:12:46Puppetmaster stun
00:12:51LaSiCa k
00:12:51Pojetz nob sk
00:12:58robobob no hes been playing good
00:13:01robobob misstake
00:13:07Puppetmaster b
00:13:19MaAkoXYma inc bot gang
00:13:25MaAkoXYma upgrade courier
00:13:33MaAkoXYma go nerub
00:13:41Frontschwein WOW VOID::D:D:D
00:13:45Puppetmaster damn!
00:14:03Puppetmaster omw in 8 secs
00:14:04MaAkoXYma upgrade
00:14:05MaAkoXYma courioer
00:14:07MaAkoXYma yellow
00:14:41mamyka noob bh
00:14:45Pojetz :D
00:14:46robobob ss
00:14:46Pojetz k
00:14:50LaSiCa ss
00:15:35Pieti gj
00:15:37LaSiCa ;[
00:15:38Puppetmaster did that so you can escape
00:15:41Puppetmaster not to go
00:18:44Puppetmaster void hyperstone
00:18:51Puppetmaster and treads
00:18:52mamyka gg pro mifd
00:19:06LaSiCa no mana
00:19:11Puppetmaster b
00:19:12MaAkoXYma gogo
00:19:15mamyka aba mana plz
00:19:21Puppetmaster -2 mid
00:19:30Pojetz stupit team
00:19:34Puppetmaster xD
00:19:37Puppetmaster avoid gang
00:19:45Puppetmaster "stupid"
00:20:11Puppetmaster ff
00:20:48LaSiCa thx ;]
00:21:04mamyka this noob get freefarm
00:21:55Puppetmaster they are
00:21:58Pojetz go there
00:21:59Pojetz fast
00:21:59Puppetmaster tc
00:22:01Puppetmaster go
00:22:01Pojetz TC
00:22:02Pojetz IDIOT
00:22:05Pojetz do something
00:22:11LaSiCa see
00:22:12Pojetz or not
00:22:16Puppetmaster could have be
00:22:42Puppetmaster b
00:22:47Puppetmaster y
00:23:19Frontschwein yey
00:23:54mamyka FUCKIN NOOB
00:24:11Puppetmaster its gg, nc at captain
00:24:13mamyka LEAVE NOOBAS
00:24:24MaAkoXYma it worse stats game ever
00:24:29Puppetmaster ind
00:24:34Puppetmaster 18% captain
00:24:38Puppetmaster a new guy captain at sent
00:24:39mamyka capitan with 18% like my little sister
00:24:41Pojetz and ur stats are good
00:24:50mamyka better then ur noob
00:24:50Pojetz puppetmaster good stats
00:24:53Pojetz ;D;D
00:24:58Puppetmaster got 5 games here
00:25:00Puppetmaster you retards
00:25:09mamyka 18%
00:25:13Pojetz worst rhasta ever
00:25:15Frontschwein xDDDDDDDD
00:25:15mamyka like garena man
00:25:20Puppetmaster you are so dumb
00:25:31Frontschwein -cs
00:26:47Puppetmaster brilliant!
00:27:11LaSiCa track
00:27:18LaSiCa ?
00:27:18Pojetz yea wrong click was
00:27:23Puppetmaster he was disabled for over 8 secs
00:27:27Pojetz and rhasta why u didnt stun
00:27:28Puppetmaster that was mass time
00:27:36Puppetmaster lol, because both on cd?
00:27:50Puppetmaster because i disabled her for OVER 8 SECS
00:27:56Puppetmaster while you stand beside
00:28:02mamyka b
00:28:02mamyka b
00:28:03mamyka b
00:28:09LaSiCa k
00:28:12Frontschwein -ms
00:28:17robobob ogm
00:28:23Frontschwein ye b
00:28:30mamyka stfu lowbob
00:28:36Frontschwein u mad
00:28:48mamyka freefarm mid void so funny coz we got imba stupid cappitan
00:29:01robobob tack
00:29:03robobob ..
00:29:05Pojetz i DID
00:29:08robobob AGAINJ
00:29:11robobob ulti man
00:29:12robobob he ulti
00:29:15robobob blind?
00:29:23mamyka he cant use track
00:29:39MaAkoXYma cd ulty
00:29:50MaAkoXYma gogo
00:30:08mamyka I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:21mamyka ff it?
00:30:36mamyka bh u farm S&Y?
00:30:47robobob increadable
00:30:50Puppetmaster looks like
00:30:51mamyka fuckin doob leave dota and uninstal wc3
00:31:16mamyka pro tc got pers
00:31:19mamyka whata noob
00:31:20Puppetmaster xD
00:31:23Pojetz o shit u realy good wc3 player
00:31:35MaAkoXYma ?
00:31:56mamyka cd 20 sec for ulti?
00:32:05robobob ff it
00:32:11LaSiCa who feed time stoper
00:32:14mamyka big ty for pro bh
00:32:29Pojetz and sk is really good
00:32:31LaSiCa and didnt see well sk ult
00:32:33Pojetz pro gamer
00:32:36mamyka better then you
00:32:39Pojetz lol
00:32:41LaSiCa su
00:32:44mamyka 1200%
00:33:00MaAkoXYma seems like only bh has positive score
00:33:03MaAkoXYma also he is biggest lvl
00:33:14Puppetmaster are you kidding me?
00:33:17mamyka coz he wpooden player
00:33:24Pojetz :d:d:d
00:33:26Pojetz haha
00:33:28Pojetz -cs
00:33:36Pojetz lets look 12 neutrals killed
00:33:40Pojetz su idiot
00:33:44mamyka he farm S&Y
00:33:47mamyka this is ncv
00:33:55Pojetz hp and speed
00:33:55Frontschwein pls su
00:33:59Pojetz idiot
00:34:00Puppetmaster seriously, this game was worse than public
00:34:10robobob utli omg
00:34:10LaSiCa ult?
00:34:15robobob sk
00:34:21MaAkoXYma WTF
00:34:22MaAkoXYma LOL
00:34:23LaSiCa krix noob
00:34:25mamyka come 2papa
00:34:32MaAkoXYma reported.
00:34:34mamyka track
00:34:36robobob loool
00:34:42MaAkoXYma he didn't track
00:34:43MaAkoXYma lol
00:34:44MaAkoXYma he wasn't near
00:34:52Pojetz i did
00:34:52MaAkoXYma Also i didn't see any buggs
00:34:52mamyka open ur nooby eyes
00:34:54MaAkoXYma buffs
00:34:56robobob are u ginna report it every time someone kills u
00:35:06robobob mega fucking crybaby
00:35:09Puppetmaster i start to play tetris
00:35:11MaAkoXYma Problem?
00:35:14robobob y
00:35:15mamyka yep
00:35:15Puppetmaster better quality of player
00:36:24mamyka gz now i see ur power skill void
00:36:31LaSiCa fu
00:36:35mamyka gz onebutton hero
00:36:40Frontschwein omfg stfu
00:36:43Frontschwein wannabe
00:36:49mamyka ds
00:36:52mamyka from?
00:37:42robobob pipe up
00:38:03MaAkoXYma Sup
00:38:03Pojetz OMG
00:38:04Frontschwein haha
00:38:05Pojetz :D
00:38:05mamyka noob
00:38:08Frontschwein gj radi
00:38:44mamyka go ff guys we cant win with this fuckin imbecil bh
00:38:48Puppetmaster did
00:38:50mamyka oops sry for allcvhat
00:38:55Puppetmaster you didnt
00:38:58mamyka I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:02MaAkoXYma Wanna be go ulty once and mb you win
00:39:05Pojetz this kid, is so stupit
00:39:28Puppetmaster wuhi
00:39:29LaSiCa i coulnt move
00:39:34robobob i sas
00:39:35robobob saw
00:39:39LaSiCa wtf
00:39:39Puppetmaster you couldnt move??
00:39:50LaSiCa why
00:40:18Pojetz nice ulti
00:40:21Pojetz and he said i m noob
00:40:28mamyka nice fail mid fuckin retard
00:40:34mamyka U BIG noob
00:40:36Pojetz my mid was okay
00:40:39mamyka total noob
00:40:45robobob I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:47mamyka i see ur farm lowbob
00:40:52mamyka sui bh
00:40:55Puppetmaster so ridicoulus
00:40:57mamyka u game ruiner
00:40:58LaSiCa why i couldnt move up
00:41:04robobob bug?
00:41:08mamyka lol
00:41:15mamyka look void farm IMBECIL
00:41:27Pojetz look his kills and deaths?
00:41:43Puppetmaster dude, admit that you failed and stop blaming others
00:41:44robobob ogm
00:41:53Puppetmaster this message is for every scourge
00:42:21mamyka SURICEN NOOB
00:42:40Puppetmaster stop prolonging this
00:42:45LaSiCa 1 sec stun
00:42:47LaSiCa wtf
00:42:48LaSiCa ?
00:43:00LaSiCa i stuned him and he was 1 sec
00:43:06Puppetmaster cause he got attacked?
00:43:11robobob my basd
00:43:16Puppetmaster read your skills ffs
00:43:36PriMo -cs
00:43:36robobob ff psl
00:43:46Puppetmaster gl at rosh
00:43:58MaAkoXYma good idea
00:44:01Puppetmaster np
00:44:16Puppetmaster lol, stupid you didnt do it
00:44:18mamyka get mb plz
00:44:19Puppetmaster you had mass time
00:44:21mamyka bm*
00:44:23MaAkoXYma We still have
00:44:24Puppetmaster ok, end now
00:44:27Puppetmaster plz
00:44:34MaAkoXYma gogo
00:44:37Puppetmaster you alone can kill whole team
00:45:26LaSiCa I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:45:41mamyka illgo afk
00:45:52Puppetmaster me2
00:45:52Pojetz banned
00:45:55mamyka i hope never play with this fuckin noob bh
00:46:05Pojetz same too yuu
00:47:47LaSiCa ff all pls
00:47:48Puppetmaster is this game that fun for you?
00:47:52Puppetmaster that you dont wanna end?
00:47:58MaAkoXYma why you def?
00:48:01MaAkoXYma are you retarded?
00:48:05Frontschwein yup
00:48:09Puppetmaster see some1 def?
00:48:15Puppetmaster go throne
00:48:16Puppetmaster ffs
00:48:17MaAkoXYma BRAINDEAD BOY.
00:48:18Puppetmaster im alive
00:48:19mamyka he thisnk he show his skill
00:48:22Puppetmaster you dumbass
00:48:26mamyka with ONEBUTTON HERO
00:49:04Puppetmaster "see some1 def?"
00:49:06Puppetmaster dumbass
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