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Chat log

00:00:11Naburo me phoenix
00:00:13zebbelito ok
00:00:24laurian ban
00:00:24hutilicious its not xd
00:00:27hutilicious :)
00:00:27zebbelito ?
00:00:31GuiTaR ???
00:00:31zebbelito ofc its xd
00:00:31DeduXserS magina
00:00:31GuiTaR just play
00:00:31BongInGameMustB what is xd
00:00:31hutilicious extended draft
00:00:31GuiTaR why didnt u read the rules
00:00:31hutilicious rd with 2 bans
00:00:31Naburo it s xd man
00:00:31GuiTaR before playing
00:00:31DeduXserS your ban
00:00:31zebbelito sa
00:00:41zebbelito want phoemnix?
00:00:41zebbelito mnvm
00:00:44zebbelito tide any1`?
00:01:11zebbelito panda tide necro
00:01:23zebbelito or that shit
00:01:24Momdsiw miks annoit phoenix :<
00:01:27Jonneblarre i want zeus
00:01:34zebbelito :;DDD
00:01:46zebbelito tide or panda last
00:01:47zebbelito pls
00:01:52Jonneblarre can play panda
00:01:54Jonneblarre i get tide
00:01:56zebbelito ok
00:01:58zebbelito nice
00:02:03hutilicious me woods bot
00:02:10Momdsiw i am
00:02:18hutilicious mh
00:02:19hutilicious that sucks
00:02:22GuiTaR team leader will tell us where to go
00:02:29zebbelito toplane is stupid
00:02:30zebbelito 2 carrys
00:02:33DeduXserS zeus can solo down
00:02:34DeduXserS axe jungle
00:02:36zebbelito go top tide
00:02:37Naburo i go top
00:02:38DeduXserS and encha top forest jungle
00:02:39BongInGameMustB yep )
00:02:39zebbelito and bh bot
00:02:40zebbelito no
00:02:43zebbelito need range bot
00:02:45Momdsiw all solo
00:02:46hutilicious aight captain
00:02:46Momdsiw gg
00:02:47Naburo k i stay
00:02:49DeduXserS and bb solo with encha ganking top
00:02:50Jonneblarre gondar bot?
00:02:51zebbelito bh botlane
00:02:53GuiTaR ayae
00:02:58zebbelito ruben go BOT
00:03:01hutilicious mylo xyloto
00:03:05Jonneblarre gondar go bot
00:03:06zebbelito banned :)
00:03:07ruben00 woods
00:03:08zebbelito all new ru
00:03:08BongInGameMustB i hope phoe top ...^^
00:03:12ruben00 ffs
00:03:13zebbelito no u are botlane
00:03:18DeduXserS atleast not mid :D
00:03:20hutilicious phoenix has to be nerfed
00:03:33BongInGameMustB omg^^
00:03:52laurian pull next pls
00:04:04Jonneblarre ok
00:04:09GuiTaR ss
00:04:14GuiTaR care
00:04:53DeduXserS :SD
00:04:57laurian pull again
00:05:01Jonneblarre y
00:05:04DeduXserS :D
00:05:07Jonneblarre what to buy for tide
00:05:12GuiTaR ss
00:05:54GuiTaR ss
00:05:59GuiTaR re
00:06:05laurian again pull
00:06:22BongInGameMustB call
00:06:28GuiTaR 2ss
00:06:36GuiTaR re1
00:06:45BongInGameMustB pro
00:07:25GuiTaR gang top
00:07:26GuiTaR ?
00:07:31hutilicious next vllv
00:07:36GuiTaR k
00:07:53GuiTaR ss1
00:07:54GuiTaR ss2
00:08:01DeduXserS wr coming down
00:08:05Jonneblarre ffs
00:08:07Jonneblarre my creeps
00:08:10Naburo good vision
00:08:12GuiTaR ss2
00:08:14BongInGameMustB lol
00:08:14Jonneblarre that against the rules
00:08:15GuiTaR re
00:08:16BongInGameMustB its day nap
00:08:21hutilicious coming bot
00:08:23hutilicious top
00:09:19zebbelito nvm
00:09:25zebbelito b
00:09:26zebbelito top
00:09:38BongInGameMustB sec
00:09:45zebbelito ss mid
00:09:46zebbelito sf
00:09:49Naburo k
00:09:51BongInGameMustB one bolt
00:10:08hutilicious ganging mid
00:10:13DeduXserS kk
00:10:47zebbelito gj
00:10:56GuiTaR gang rax
00:10:57GuiTaR ?
00:10:58GuiTaR traax
00:11:14DeduXserS u need mana
00:11:17DeduXserS bb
00:11:21DeduXserS before we could even gank
00:11:34GuiTaR me?
00:11:37DeduXserS y
00:11:44Momdsiw no the other bb
00:11:44DeduXserS 90 mana 2x nuke
00:11:45GuiTaR i had
00:12:16hutilicious we couldve killed wr ther
00:12:25zebbelito ss mid
00:12:28hutilicious no
00:12:29hutilicious b
00:12:33DeduXserS come
00:12:47zebbelito care top
00:12:47Naburo ss zeus
00:12:49DeduXserS go to drow
00:12:52laurian ulti
00:13:07GuiTaR ffs
00:13:12GuiTaR told u to come
00:13:18laurian lol
00:13:19zebbelito =D
00:13:22GuiTaR cant go solo vs 2
00:13:30BongInGameMustB xD
00:13:47DeduXserS go drow?
00:13:48BongInGameMustB i got the hardest lane here
00:13:49hutilicious y
00:13:50GuiTaR gang now up?
00:13:51BongInGameMustB but no help
00:14:14GuiTaR noobs
00:14:14hutilicious wtf
00:14:44DeduXserS finally zeus did ulti
00:14:44DeduXserS :D
00:14:48BongInGameMustB lol
00:14:53BongInGameMustB before it were useless
00:14:54Momdsiw owna akaikki
00:14:56DeduXserS nope
00:14:56DeduXserS :D
00:14:58BongInGameMustB y
00:15:00DeduXserS drow was 100hp
00:15:02DeduXserS and did eat tango
00:15:09BongInGameMustB i saw her first with 199 hp
00:15:15BongInGameMustB and u didnt called
00:15:30zebbelito take
00:15:31zebbelito bh
00:15:35BongInGameMustB and why noone did help bot
00:15:38BongInGameMustB that was rly bad
00:15:43GuiTaR i come
00:15:47hutilicious no fucking trolls in wood today
00:15:52DeduXserS :D
00:16:45BongInGameMustB 2 perma wood
00:16:47BongInGameMustB sucks ...
00:17:01hutilicious hey
00:17:01hutilicious rules
00:17:06DeduXserS was waiting rune
00:17:09DeduXserS dude :S
00:17:09DeduXserS chill
00:17:30Jonneblarre got ulti
00:17:38Jonneblarre wr?
00:17:48BongInGameMustB gg
00:17:52BongInGameMustB lost all towers
00:17:59GuiTaR stfu
00:18:44hutilicious lawl
00:18:45BongInGameMustB nc
00:18:47hutilicious serious
00:18:47GuiTaR why so stupid
00:18:48DeduXserS kinda lul
00:18:49hutilicious that range
00:18:49BongInGameMustB 0 teamplay
00:18:54GuiTaR y
00:19:08BongInGameMustB all their carrys farm
00:19:09hutilicious well i have to farm..if i try to gang i always die
00:19:10hutilicious lol
00:19:14BongInGameMustB and we have still 2 wood
00:19:16zebbelito pheonix
00:19:18zebbelito can u ward
00:19:19Jonneblarre dagger for me?
00:19:22zebbelito y
00:19:23BongInGameMustB try gang haha
00:19:25zebbelito jonne
00:19:26BongInGameMustB u did 0 gangs
00:19:29hutilicious lol?
00:19:30laurian rune down
00:19:34zebbelito taken
00:19:36GuiTaR b
00:19:37GuiTaR axe
00:20:03GuiTaR b
00:20:09GuiTaR b
00:20:26Jonneblarre sf lothar?
00:20:29Naburo y
00:20:31hutilicious SURE
00:20:36hutilicious 300 crit
00:20:36GuiTaR told u back nuub
00:20:44GuiTaR play as a team
00:21:13DeduXserS :D:DD
00:21:17Naburo gj
00:21:17Jonneblarre n1
00:21:20Naburo argggg
00:22:04GuiTaR play gang??
00:22:08BongInGameMustB no
00:22:08GuiTaR all toghether
00:22:11BongInGameMustB we do nothing
00:22:15BongInGameMustB like leader say it
00:22:16GuiTaR we must
00:22:17zebbelito omw
00:22:28GuiTaR def mid
00:22:58GuiTaR ff
00:23:09BongInGameMustB !ff
00:23:14BongInGameMustB first and last game here
00:23:14GuiTaR !ff
00:23:14DeduXserS :DD:
00:23:17Jonneblarre wow waste
00:23:19BongInGameMustB too many naps
00:23:24GuiTaR y
00:23:27GuiTaR zeus
00:23:30GuiTaR biggest
00:23:39Momdsiw zeus is nab xD
00:23:48GuiTaR total
00:23:49Momdsiw bronze is fo rnabs
00:23:50BongInGameMustB saying axe who run in 3
00:23:54GuiTaR lol
00:24:27GuiTaR gang mid all
00:24:46BongInGameMustB thisaxe
00:24:48Jonneblarre ulti cs
00:24:48BongInGameMustB is so bad
00:24:48ruben00 heal
00:24:50BongInGameMustB ur mate?
00:24:52Jonneblarre cd*
00:24:53Naburo cd
00:24:57BongInGameMustB why he dont call u
00:25:53hutilicious u die
00:26:20GuiTaR great team play
00:26:27GuiTaR we could learn from u
00:26:35GuiTaR axe loves to solo\
00:26:38hutilicious sneaky heroes
00:26:45Momdsiw hmm im deffign?=
00:26:45GuiTaR stupid allies
00:26:59zebbelito need rune
00:27:02zebbelito sec
00:27:19zebbelito denie
00:27:23GuiTaR -ms
00:27:43GuiTaR dont
00:27:57hutilicious one crit
00:27:57GuiTaR told u
00:27:59hutilicious and im dead
00:28:02GuiTaR I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:03hutilicious cant do shit
00:28:03BongInGameMustB i dont care
00:28:07BongInGameMustB if axe would come
00:28:08BongInGameMustB faster
00:28:10BongInGameMustB np
00:28:15Momdsiw if you could wait me
00:28:18BongInGameMustB idc
00:28:20Momdsiw dont have haste on me
00:28:20BongInGameMustB u sleep
00:28:23BongInGameMustB ur porlbem
00:28:29Momdsiw my problem my ms aint 522?
00:28:35BongInGameMustB u got more than me
00:28:40BongInGameMustB and u got no brain
00:28:44Momdsiw lol
00:28:44BongInGameMustB so u saw it too late
00:28:46BongInGameMustB y
00:28:49BongInGameMustB ur problem
00:28:59BongInGameMustB look u
00:29:21GuiTaR fiinallt
00:29:22GuiTaR gj
00:29:24GuiTaR finally
00:29:27zebbelito omg :
00:29:29Jonneblarre no mana for ulti :(
00:29:30Naburo funky luck
00:29:34zebbelito take roshan for bh
00:29:35GuiTaR team play and we win
00:29:36BongInGameMustB tripple retardness
00:29:36zebbelito and go push
00:30:00zebbelito buy senrty
00:30:02zebbelito go rosh
00:30:24GuiTaR manta
00:30:27DeduXserS so what
00:30:48GuiTaR gj
00:30:56BongInGameMustB go
00:31:07Naburo i heal
00:31:10BongInGameMustB lol?
00:31:12Naburo w8
00:31:32DeduXserS nice bug abuse
00:31:52DeduXserS -bounty
00:31:58Momdsiw -BOUNTY
00:32:12GuiTaR hahahhaaha
00:32:16DeduXserS :.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-
00:32:19GuiTaR fu
00:32:23ruben00 :d
00:32:26Momdsiw I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:28hutilicious -forfeit
00:32:31hutilicious I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:35hutilicious !ff
00:32:39GuiTaR i surrender!
00:32:43BongInGameMustB I surrender
00:32:44ruben00 gg
00:32:51GuiTaR !ff
00:33:11zebbelito roshy
00:33:18BongInGameMustB I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:20BongInGameMustB !ff
00:33:23BongInGameMustB !gg
00:33:37zebbelito need bh
00:34:15hutilicious dmg is a joke
00:34:24GuiTaR fu
00:34:27zebbelito bh come rosh
00:34:29zebbelito and then end
00:34:29GuiTaR anyone can play bounty
00:34:31hutilicious we cant stop him
00:34:44ruben00 sure
00:34:45GuiTaR dont die never
00:35:00GuiTaR hheheeheheh
00:35:03GuiTaR what a moron
00:35:14GuiTaR gj
00:35:14DeduXserS :D:D
00:35:17DeduXserS OWNEDD
00:35:18Naburo gj
00:35:21DeduXserS shacle shot failed
00:35:21zebbelito ROSHAN
00:35:22zebbelito then end
00:35:33zebbelito pls bh
00:35:34zebbelito come
00:35:41GuiTaR dont go solo
00:35:45hutilicious what is wrong with u? always searching for me
00:35:50ruben00 hahah
00:35:51GuiTaR or we make a trap
00:36:21Jonneblarre go raxx bot
00:36:22Jonneblarre ?
00:36:26zebbelito y
00:36:34Momdsiw axe hater
00:36:34Momdsiw why?
00:37:04hutilicious how can i forfeit
00:37:09Momdsiw you did
00:37:10GuiTaR dont know
00:37:11Momdsiw sf just didnt
00:37:12Naburo i need chick
00:37:14GuiTaR what to type
00:37:17laurian wait
00:37:17Momdsiw double f
00:37:20GuiTaR ff??
00:37:25Momdsiw no questionmarks
00:37:29GuiTaR y
00:37:34GuiTaR nad do i need !
00:37:39Momdsiw not
00:37:41GuiTaR k
00:38:44GuiTaR gj
00:38:47GuiTaR now u die
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