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Chat log

00:00:09PieInTheSky wauw
00:00:12Wauwritzen i buy chicken?
00:00:15ch4r0n y
00:00:17PieInTheSky y
00:00:18PieInTheSky :D
00:00:21MYuksel so ?
00:00:21PieInTheSky -random
00:00:21Wauwritzen first game on gc
00:00:24MYuksel anyone combo ?
00:00:28promber -randoM
00:00:28ch4r0n y u have 2 buy
00:00:43Frontschwein -gameinfo
00:00:55promber i go bot
00:01:10Wauwritzen -random
00:01:13PieInTheSky me mid \?
00:01:16extremewaari ig o mid
00:01:18extremewaari i go mid
00:01:19MYuksel xeros ?
00:01:26Wauwritzen -repick
00:01:29PieInTheSky pudge ?
00:01:31ch4r0n y
00:01:34PieInTheSky waht u do ?
00:01:35ch4r0n whats up
00:01:41Jesus_Crix i'm top
00:01:43MYuksel wtf ?
00:01:45PieInTheSky ffs
00:01:45ch4r0n what what i do
00:01:47Kamerplant i was going to
00:01:47Jesus_Crix need to farm hard
00:01:47MYuksel why do you buy
00:01:47ch4r0n ?
00:01:48Kamerplant ...
00:01:57Kamerplant i'll upgrade it then
00:02:11ch4r0n try fb
00:02:14Jesus_Crix y
00:02:16Xeros becouse i must buy chick no?
00:02:23Wauwritzen ?
00:02:26ch4r0n orane have 2
00:02:28Wauwritzen kunkka must
00:03:11Kamerplant dont
00:03:17Frontschwein CMON
00:03:19ch4r0n im b
00:03:21ch4r0n HEHE
00:03:40ch4r0n good start for void :D
00:03:49Wauwritzen magina + tech bot
00:03:55Wauwritzen magina knows how to lasthit
00:03:59Kamerplant ss
00:04:00Kamerplant pudge
00:04:10ch4r0n i pull
00:04:20Jesus_Crix y
00:04:24ch4r0n a bit 2 late
00:06:15Jesus_Crix can't farm well
00:06:17Xeros ss mid??
00:06:18Xeros @@
00:06:20Xeros !
00:06:24Xeros re
00:06:25ch4r0n change lane then
00:06:33Wauwritzen care mines
00:06:34ch4r0n ore pull
00:06:50Xeros ss mid
00:06:54Kamerplant hero?
00:06:59ch4r0n pull then
00:07:00Frontschwein wait sec
00:07:02Jesus_Crix y
00:07:04Jesus_Crix gang top pls
00:07:14ch4r0n ss phenix
00:07:14promber i change lanes
00:07:17extremewaari oom
00:07:26Kamerplant ss void
00:08:00Kamerplant ready
00:08:16Wauwritzen rue top
00:08:20Frontschwein THIS IS A JOKE
00:08:26Kamerplant a bad one
00:08:29ch4r0n :D
00:08:46ch4r0n oom
00:08:52Kamerplant ss void
00:08:56Xeros ss mid
00:09:01ch4r0n OOM
00:09:02Kamerplant oom
00:09:06ch4r0n and look hp
00:09:41Kamerplant void woods
00:10:39Wauwritzen go bot pls
00:10:50MYuksel let me solo lane here
00:10:51MYuksel phoneix
00:10:52MYuksel go top
00:10:52MYuksel plz
00:10:56Xeros D
00:10:59ch4r0n s2
00:11:28extremewaari deny
00:11:32ch4r0n potm top
00:11:49Jesus_Crix care top
00:11:52Jesus_Crix mass ss
00:11:57Wauwritzen ill roam a bit now
00:11:58ch4r0n and tech was here
00:12:26Frontschwein zomg
00:12:57PieInTheSky ss bot
00:13:14Wauwritzen tt
00:13:22Wauwritzen -ms
00:13:36Kamerplant hook
00:13:42MYuksel ff
00:14:04Jesus_Crix ffs
00:14:06Jesus_Crix let me farm
00:14:21Kamerplant oh
00:14:22Kamerplant lool
00:14:23Kamerplant wtf
00:14:24Jesus_Crix stop !
00:14:24Frontschwein SURE
00:14:32Kamerplant hero just ran back >.<
00:14:33Frontschwein what is that shit
00:14:34promber nice kuunka
00:14:39ch4r0n joke
00:14:59Frontschwein why does our mid hero has 0/3/0
00:15:00MYuksel how can you pick techies in gc
00:15:09ch4r0n ult void?
00:15:12Jesus_Crix oom
00:15:14ch4r0n :(
00:15:46Xeros magina go pudge
00:16:00Kamerplant \scouted!!!
00:16:03Jesus_Crix up chick?
00:16:23Kamerplant EH
00:16:26Kamerplant run
00:16:28Kamerplant ~~
00:16:31MYuksel ff
00:16:34Xeros techis noob
00:16:42MYuksel useless hero in gc
00:16:48Frontschwein lvl 4 lol
00:16:49MYuksel you can only play techies in public
00:16:54Jesus_Crix let me top pls
00:17:01ch4r0n omg i need also a bit
00:17:02promber i randomed
00:17:05Jesus_Crix y ofc
00:17:05Wauwritzen ?
00:17:07promber didnt want tech
00:17:09Jesus_Crix yopu need kills
00:17:10Wauwritzen def mid
00:17:12Wauwritzen then dont random
00:17:25ch4r0n more scarrabs plz
00:17:40Frontschwein kunk fffs
00:17:44ch4r0n guys
00:17:46Kamerplant no range
00:17:47Kamerplant ffs
00:17:53Frontschwein aha
00:17:53Wauwritzen ?
00:18:00ch4r0n potm had beed there for 3 mins
00:18:18Frontschwein XD
00:18:19Frontschwein ff
00:18:20Kamerplant never more then 2
00:18:21Kamerplant :(
00:18:45ch4r0n omg
00:18:57MYuksel void
00:18:58MYuksel haha
00:18:58ch4r0n tuskm sleep more plz
00:18:58Xeros void more farm
00:18:59MYuksel free farming
00:19:00Xeros gg this
00:19:03Kamerplant let's try playing with 4
00:19:04Kamerplant ^^
00:19:06Wauwritzen kidding?
00:19:09Xeros teamplay pls
00:19:10Xeros more
00:19:21Frontschwein how
00:19:24Jesus_Crix got ulti
00:19:26Frontschwein its 4 vs 5
00:19:42Kamerplant nevermind this
00:20:11Kamerplant tiny dagger
00:20:11ch4r0n omg
00:20:11Frontschwein why ar eu lvl 5?????????????
00:20:11ch4r0n now he lag
00:20:11Xeros rmk?
00:20:11PieInTheSky he plug i bet
00:20:11Wauwritzen no
00:20:11extremewaari no
00:20:11PieInTheSky no rmk ..
00:20:11PieInTheSky 18 min
00:20:11Jesus_Crix funny to ask
00:20:32Kamerplant 3 incoming
00:20:40MYuksel we can ban this techies for gameruiner
00:20:51Wauwritzen hm
00:20:59PieInTheSky i have pwned his mines with my swarms :D
00:21:05ch4r0n :/
00:21:36Kamerplant gank
00:21:36Kamerplant omw
00:21:50ch4r0n we got 0 range
00:22:09Frontschwein am u blind
00:22:15Frontschwein why do i place wards
00:22:15MYuksel well stfu
00:22:20Frontschwein stfu²
00:22:26MYuksel stfu 3
00:22:30Wauwritzen hehe
00:22:30Frontschwein fail
00:22:59ch4r0n -st
00:23:25Wauwritzen tt
00:23:27ch4r0n y
00:24:06ch4r0n more scarrabs!!!!!
00:24:34PieInTheSky reg top
00:24:36Kamerplant gem
00:24:36ch4r0n tiny go woods?
00:24:42Kamerplant best just quit techies ^
00:24:43Wauwritzen mid + top tower
00:24:46MYuksel ye
00:25:00Frontschwein nc
00:25:05Wauwritzen omfg
00:25:06promber onver
00:25:06ch4r0n XD
00:25:11Wauwritzen noob pudge
00:25:14promber take gem
00:25:38Wauwritzen wp pudge
00:25:42ch4r0n stfu
00:25:45Wauwritzen WP
00:25:47Wauwritzen WP WP WP PWP W
00:25:53Kamerplant haha
00:25:53Frontschwein gj
00:25:54Kamerplant turn?
00:25:54PieInTheSky gem ?
00:25:56ch4r0n y
00:25:56Wauwritzen yes
00:25:58Frontschwein no
00:25:58ch4r0n potm
00:25:59Xeros hem
00:25:59Wauwritzen tiny's gem
00:26:00extremewaari take gem
00:26:01Xeros gem take
00:26:02ch4r0n TAKE
00:26:03ch4r0n GEM
00:26:06extremewaari no then
00:26:08Jesus_Crix damn
00:26:18Frontschwein techies just leave
00:27:04Kamerplant ready
00:27:10promber y
00:27:17Kamerplant ffs
00:27:22Frontschwein gj
00:28:03Kamerplant team up bot
00:28:30MYuksel 2x good games extremewaari
00:28:41Wauwritzen hehe
00:28:46Xeros 2x noob game magina
00:28:46promber :D
00:29:06MYuksel lol
00:29:26Kamerplant eh
00:29:26Kamerplant ?!
00:29:29PieInTheSky ?
00:29:29ch4r0n ?
00:29:29MYuksel xeros
00:29:29extremewaari hmm
00:29:29MYuksel say who leave
00:29:29MYuksel techies
00:29:29PieInTheSky tuskar
00:29:32MYuksel balance time
00:29:32ch4r0n tuskar left game
00:29:32Xeros play wtf?@
00:29:33MYuksel xeros
00:29:35MYuksel its
00:29:35Xeros What?
00:29:35MYuksel thje fucking rules
00:29:35MYuksel idiot
00:29:35Frontschwein blue u have to say who should leave
00:29:35MYuksel you need to tell who leave
00:29:35extremewaari pudge
00:29:35ch4r0n ?
00:29:35Xeros techis
00:29:35extremewaari sorry :/
00:29:35MYuksel TECHIS
00:29:35MYuksel now techies
00:29:35ch4r0n for?
00:29:35extremewaari u played good
00:29:35Xeros techis
00:29:35MYuksel leave
00:29:35extremewaari u can leave
00:29:35Frontschwein yellow leave
00:29:35promber no fu way
00:29:35Frontschwein or ban
00:29:35ch4r0n why me leave
00:29:35ch4r0n lol
00:29:35MYuksel read rules
00:29:35ch4r0n i wont leave
00:29:35Jesus_Crix ^^
00:29:35Frontschwein ok ban
00:29:35ch4r0n tusk left
00:29:35extremewaari wait
00:29:35ch4r0n tard
00:29:35extremewaari enfwiefn
00:29:35Jesus_Crix joke i think
00:29:35promber why i leave
00:29:35MYuksel read ruless before playing
00:29:35extremewaari dont leave ;DDD
00:29:35extremewaari :DDD
00:29:35Frontschwein captain decided
00:29:35extremewaari pudge
00:29:35extremewaari dont leave
00:29:35MYuksel who leave
00:29:35promber but
00:29:35ch4r0n i wont leave
00:29:35ch4r0n anyway
00:29:35extremewaari good
00:29:35ch4r0n .....
00:29:35Frontschwein 4v4
00:29:35extremewaari :D
00:29:35Jesus_Crix YOU LEAVE TECH
00:29:35promber cant we play 4v5 ?
00:29:35Frontschwein ther eis no 4v5
00:29:35Jesus_Crix THAT4S ALL
00:29:35MYuksel no
00:29:35Jesus_Crix ur capt said so
00:29:35extremewaari its a rules
00:29:35Jesus_Crix bb then
00:29:35promber ok
00:29:35ch4r0n well rules are rules
00:29:35MYuksel if we play 4v5 you wil ge banned
00:29:35ch4r0n so u have 2 leave then
00:29:35promber i leave then
00:29:35promber gl
00:30:11Jesus_Crix omw
00:30:13ch4r0n he sleep ore what?
00:30:28Kamerplant :((((
00:30:50ch4r0n whats up with tusk items
00:30:51ch4r0n ?
00:30:55Frontschwein WTF????
00:30:56Kamerplant dear god
00:30:57Xeros tower
00:31:01Frontschwein HP?!?!??!?!
00:31:04Kamerplant this dude hs the awesomest luck
00:31:04Xeros destroy
00:31:07ch4r0n we sell ore share=
00:31:07extremewaari void take vangu
00:31:08ch4r0n ?
00:31:08MYuksel 500
00:31:13Jesus_Crix k
00:31:27ch4r0n -st
00:31:28Frontschwein whats whit thecihes items
00:31:30Frontschwein techies
00:31:35Kamerplant capt decides
00:31:36Frontschwein ?
00:31:46MYuksel just sell it ?
00:31:47MYuksel capt ?
00:31:58Jesus_Crix go rosh?
00:32:01Jesus_Crix or gang?
00:32:03extremewaari gang
00:32:11ch4r0n we have 2 get some towers
00:32:56Kamerplant oom
00:33:57MYuksel end and gain more x
00:34:23Kamerplant ffs
00:34:24MYuksel omg
00:34:25MYuksel to strong
00:34:47Kamerplant can we use?
00:34:48Xeros gogo
00:34:50MYuksel ye
00:34:59Jesus_Crix or rosh?
00:35:01ch4r0n omw down
00:35:01extremewaari wait my ac
00:35:18MYuksel end plz
00:35:41Frontschwein FFS
00:35:46MYuksel who used ?
00:35:50Jesus_Crix ulti soon
00:35:53Kamerplant not
00:35:56ch4r0n -st
00:35:57Jesus_Crix rdy
00:36:21Frontschwein xDD
00:36:54MYuksel just leave
00:36:58MYuksel I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:37:00ch4r0n y
00:37:09Xeros I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:37:11Xeros -ff
00:37:13Xeros -gg
00:37:14MYuksel well if someone leave it wil be cancel
00:37:15MYuksel game
00:39:11extremewaari rosh now
00:39:15Jesus_Crix no need
00:39:16extremewaari void
00:39:24extremewaari then we can end this easily
00:39:27extremewaari have to go :D
00:40:02Frontschwein 11 deaths with am
00:40:07Frontschwein :D
00:40:14MYuksel well its a noob game
00:40:15MYuksel so stfu
00:40:16PieInTheSky need b
00:40:24ch4r0n we got chick
00:40:24Frontschwein ye u r in it
00:40:25ch4r0n o.-o
00:40:30PieInTheSky heal ?
00:41:43Xeros gg pls
00:41:49Frontschwein I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:42:01Kamerplant how do I?
00:42:07MYuksel just leavr
00:42:12Frontschwein haha am
00:42:17Frontschwein u r such a horrible person
00:42:21MYuksel then its going to be cancel
00:42:34Frontschwein why dont u leabe then
00:42:46MYuksel because iam secound pick
00:43:00Frontschwein explains ur low skill
00:43:14ch4r0n -st
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