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-39 X
-2 TS

100% | 1995 X | 1629 TS

-2 X
-1 TS

97% | 1697 X | 1620 TS

-9 X
-2 TS

89% | 1537 X | 1486 TS

+11 X
-4 TS

50% | 1208 X | 1318 TS

-12 X
-6 TS

50% | 1191 X | 1331 TS

+32 X
+2 TS

93% | 1640 X | 1496 TS

+52 X
+2 TS

92% | 1570 X | 1545 TS

-30 X
+2 TS

85% | 1476 X | 1497 TS

-2 X
+2 TS

81% | 1365 X | 1529 TS

+10 X
+1 TS

80% | 1417 X | 1453 TS

Chat log

00:00:02Hexar -hhn
00:00:22nigulas failz
00:00:22Norrebro analicker
00:00:22Norrebro am
00:00:22nigulas i feel pudgeing
00:00:22nigulas -omni?
00:00:22Norrebro any wishes
00:00:22Hexar ill get dazz or veno
00:00:22Jonnija not to be in your team
00:00:22MEteORStorM any1 omni?
00:00:22Norrebro else than that
00:00:22Hexar mansikka
00:00:22Hexar u where last game?
00:00:22Ckalle I want potm
00:00:22Norrebro omni someone?
00:00:22mansikka y
00:00:22Ckalle but won't get it -.-
00:00:22nigulas just go -spec
00:00:22jakkihirki anyone wanna omni?
00:00:22mansikka well
00:00:22MEteORStorM well
00:00:22nigulas and play safe?
00:00:22Hexar tell him thenn
00:00:22mansikka sidk
00:00:22Hexar wanna or not
00:00:22mansikka idk
00:00:22curdi i can go omni i guess
00:00:22Jonnija i could fail with omni
00:00:22mansikka sure
00:00:22mansikka idc
00:00:22mansikka X
00:00:22mansikka D
00:00:22Hexar take omni
00:00:22MEteORStorM mansikka pelaaks
00:00:22mansikka ok
00:00:22MEteORStorM vai et
00:00:22Norrebro ok
00:00:22curdi or pudge ;3
00:00:22MEteORStorM ok
00:00:22mansikka joojoo
00:00:22mansikka :D
00:00:22Jonnija or pudge yeah
00:00:22MEteORStorM -bone
00:00:22Ckalle omni pudge lane
00:00:29Ckalle oldschool ownage
00:00:35Hexar fuck
00:00:36Ckalle repel + rot
00:00:37curdi spec there btw
00:00:41Norrebro dont let him pick bone! - jakki
00:00:52Norrebro give me slark
00:00:55jakkihirki you can read teamchat after the game
00:00:55Hexar take storm and pudge and gg
00:00:58MEteORStorM some1 wanted veno right?
00:00:58Hexar eem
00:01:01MEteORStorM ;<
00:01:01Hexar meteor
00:01:03Hexar me
00:01:04Hexar y
00:01:05MEteORStorM k
00:01:05curdi -swap 1
00:01:10Hexar what u wanna
00:01:10Norrebro -swap 3
00:01:13MEteORStorM hmm
00:01:17Ckalle mumblelol
00:01:18BoNeshaw ogre or clock
00:01:22Hexar storm or pudge would be nice
00:01:24MEteORStorM give me storm
00:01:25Jonnija they probably said that if we ban bone he picks slark
00:01:27Hexar or sladar
00:01:27Norrebro i know ure gay so no need
00:01:28Jonnija and then its autowin
00:01:36Norrebro ogre
00:01:38Norrebro go for it
00:01:40MEteORStorM or wait with it
00:01:40Norrebro and come top
00:01:40MEteORStorM a sec
00:01:54MEteORStorM pudge dazzle top
00:01:57MEteORStorM veno spec bot
00:02:00Hexar -swap 1
00:02:00MEteORStorM -swap 5
00:02:20curdi ogre?
00:02:24Jonnija this hero should counter spec to some extent
00:02:25BoNeshaw he asked me top
00:02:32Hexar where i go?
00:02:36Norrebro me ogre top
00:02:36MEteORStorM bot
00:02:47Ckalle omni nec nice dual heal
00:02:55Norrebro yep
00:03:05Norrebro ogre pull first wave
00:03:08Norrebro then fb
00:03:09Hexar rege
00:03:14Hexar afmP
00:03:16Hexar sec
00:03:16nigulas back
00:03:17jakkihirki pudge is afk
00:03:17BoNeshaw sec i got to wank too
00:03:24Ckalle -ii
00:03:35Hexar pulling asap
00:04:03jakkihirki bad idea
00:04:20Ckalle ss mid
00:04:36Ckalle re
00:05:17curdi hmm
00:05:19curdi didnt see veno
00:05:21curdi wonder why
00:05:31nigulas ff
00:05:38Hexar pulliing
00:05:56MEteORStorM can u grade chick
00:06:15Ckalle re
00:06:36Norrebro this fucking dazzle
00:06:54Ckalle ss mid
00:06:57Ckalle care top
00:07:04curdi this lane..
00:07:06MEteORStorM rune bot
00:07:07curdi cant do shit
00:07:12Ckalle re
00:07:34Jonnija gj
00:07:35Ckalle mid is hard cus he has vision and I don't
00:07:40jakkihirki can someone buy me tp
00:07:50Ckalle arrow cd
00:08:09Ckalle gj
00:08:21jakkihirki slark coming top
00:08:27Ckalle spec mid
00:08:28Hexar gank bot
00:09:01Ckalle ss spec re strom
00:09:08nigulas when ur 6
00:09:09Norrebro ss
00:09:13MEteORStorM im not
00:09:29nigulas ssmid
00:09:31BoNeshaw ss pudge
00:09:40BoNeshaw go sp
00:09:41Ckalle pudge is mid
00:09:49MEteORStorM just go
00:09:53nigulas next lane
00:10:15nigulas ok
00:10:21MEteORStorM why dont u wait
00:10:23MEteORStorM for the creeps..
00:10:24Ckalle ROFL
00:10:25Ckalle muuvie move
00:10:28Ckalle by Ckalle
00:10:28MEteORStorM 1 more second
00:10:52curdi ss2
00:10:58Ckalle ss mid care top
00:11:17curdi pudge bot..
00:11:27Ckalle it's 3
00:11:30Norrebro i come bot
00:11:39nigulas fucksake
00:12:04Hexar why there r no misses
00:12:14Hexar ogre and slark both bot no and no ss
00:12:46Norrebro ..
00:13:21curdi well we rly havent got any wards
00:13:24Norrebro someone making mana boots?
00:13:24Ckalle they have
00:13:27Ckalle full map visiobn
00:13:28BoNeshaw i got have to plant
00:13:35BoNeshaw i make mana boots
00:14:19Hexar def or let it go
00:14:20Ckalle rly?!
00:14:22Norrebro y
00:14:26jakkihirki i can ulti
00:14:26Hexar 3bot
00:14:30Norrebro helt væk
00:14:42Ckalle THIS OMNI
00:14:43Ckalle FUCKING
00:14:45Ckalle RETARD
00:15:00curdi what?
00:15:02Ckalle fuck you.
00:15:03curdi u run away from me
00:15:06curdi dont cry
00:15:07Ckalle FUCK YOU
00:15:11Ckalle u failed
00:15:12Ckalle 3 times
00:15:14Ckalle in 1 minute
00:15:20curdi cool story bro
00:15:24Ckalle no
00:15:27Ckalle actually
00:15:28Hexar storm farm faster
00:15:29Ckalle it's a sad story
00:15:34nigulas NICE
00:15:35curdi cool
00:15:41Norrebro i rly hate u dazzle
00:15:50mansikka XD
00:15:55jakkihirki well played dazzle
00:15:58mansikka ty
00:15:59mansikka :D
00:16:03Norrebro and omni
00:16:15MEteORStorM potm inc top
00:16:16MEteORStorM pudge
00:16:19MEteORStorM nvm
00:16:20MEteORStorM hes bot
00:16:45Jonnija lol omni 0-5-0
00:16:46jakkihirki tp bottom?
00:16:49nigulas we need wards
00:16:50curdi lol lol
00:16:50nigulas i tp soon
00:16:51nigulas cd
00:16:52nigulas on tp
00:16:55Hexar iu got ward up
00:16:58Norrebro ...
00:17:00Hexar they kill bot only
00:17:01Norrebro 'man
00:17:03Ckalle good thing our 2 carries are here to balance it out.
00:17:04Hexar and no1 def it
00:17:08Hexar ogre
00:17:13Hexar slark potm there
00:17:22Ckalle I'm 3/0 vs storm solo gg
00:17:27nigulas the fuck
00:17:31curdi amazing
00:17:43Norrebro b
00:19:20Norrebro thx
00:19:30Hexar inc1
00:19:38Ckalle WHY DO U RUN AWAY
00:19:39Hexar 2there
00:19:42Ckalle fucking tard
00:19:46curdi umad
00:20:01Ckalle NICE AFK MID
00:20:04Ckalle FUCK MY TEAM
00:20:15Ckalle ty for trying norre
00:20:22Ckalle dunno what's wrong with the rest of these ppl
00:20:23BoNeshaw i saw u
00:20:27BoNeshaw but nothing i could do
00:20:30BoNeshaw ur 1v3
00:20:31BoNeshaw behind twr
00:20:35Ckalle ahahahha
00:20:40Ckalle u blind piece of shit
00:20:44Ckalle either ure blind or lying
00:20:49Ckalle if u saw me
00:20:55Ckalle and thought there was nothing u could do
00:20:56BoNeshaw i saw u with 1 hp
00:20:57Ckalle ure blind
00:20:58BoNeshaw leap used
00:21:08Ckalle well then u saw me 15 sec after I pinged first
00:21:45Norrebro ¨b
00:22:00Jonnija ogre
00:22:00nigulas b
00:22:06Jonnija zz
00:22:17jakkihirki pudge really
00:22:23nigulas wut
00:22:46Hexar wtf r u f blind
00:23:34Jonnija zzz
00:23:42curdi should just b there
00:23:45Jonnija yeah
00:23:48curdi we didnt have carries with us
00:23:53Jonnija dont need
00:23:53Hexar who stirm loose to potm
00:23:55Jonnija with ogremagi
00:23:59Jonnija and 2 healers
00:24:00Hexar how i mean
00:24:07curdi ogre was a bit off
00:24:22BoNeshaw planting obs
00:24:25BoNeshaw sinc enone else does
00:24:25curdi y
00:24:30jakkihirki can i farm? D:DDDD
00:24:30jakkihirki cd
00:24:33Jonnija go
00:24:34Jonnija gangem
00:24:38Norrebro mana
00:24:41Ckalle "omgqq I have to place wards as main supp hero"
00:24:42nigulas fo ru
00:24:50jakkihirki maybehealnow
00:24:51jakkihirki andgale
00:26:52Hexar use pull
00:26:53Hexar ffs
00:26:56MEteORStorM cd
00:26:56BoNeshaw anyone got urn?
00:26:57MEteORStorM u know
00:26:58BoNeshaw or makin?
00:27:00Jonnija n
00:27:01Jonnija make
00:27:27nigulas they got too much heal
00:27:59jakkihirki just forfeit
00:28:11jakkihirki I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:19Jonnija :D
00:28:20Jonnija ffs
00:28:55Jonnija so pro
00:28:56Jonnija omni :D
00:29:01Norrebro OMNI
00:29:04Hexar dead
00:29:04Norrebro u faggot
00:29:08curdi u mad
00:29:21Hexar i donno how the fuck that potm so farmed up
00:29:24nigulas ha
00:29:25Norrebro OMNUI
00:29:25Hexar mid was fail?
00:29:27Ckalle arrow cd
00:29:28Norrebro wake rthe fuck up
00:29:32curdi nty
00:29:37Hexar inc
00:29:39Hexar potm
00:29:42BoNeshaw omni no arcane boots :/
00:29:43Hexar care arrow
00:29:43BoNeshaw sad
00:29:47curdi we got 2 of them
00:29:53Norrebro eh
00:29:57Norrebro me and ogre died
00:29:58Ckalle correction
00:30:01Norrebro bnecause u sleep
00:30:05curdi 2bad
00:30:16Ckalle no
00:30:19Ckalle they changed rot?
00:30:20Ckalle sadface
00:30:24Jonnija changed?
00:30:28nigulas ? ow
00:30:31Ckalle no DoT-effect
00:30:33Ckalle can't deny
00:30:36Ckalle with my illus
00:30:43nigulas brb
00:30:44Ckalle saadface
00:30:44nigulas i go get gem
00:30:46nigulas enough
00:30:47Hexar can we push now?
00:30:51jakkihirki push
00:30:52jakkihirki rofl
00:30:58Hexar need towers
00:30:58nigulas we can win it
00:30:59Hexar to kill some1
00:31:00nigulas if we can hold it
00:31:02nigulas another
00:31:03nigulas 30min
00:31:07jakkihirki can you let me farm?
00:31:12nigulas awrded
00:31:14nigulas come veno
00:31:15jakkihirki ty
00:31:15nigulas i have
00:31:16jakkihirki veno
00:31:16nigulas gem
00:31:16Jonnija go push those raxxes mid?
00:31:24Ckalle or rosh first
00:31:31nigulas come
00:31:32nigulas fasst
00:31:42Jonnija pudge gem
00:31:43Jonnija btw
00:32:02Jonnija so time of slark is over :D
00:32:06nigulas here
00:32:07nigulas too
00:32:16Ckalle but time of potm has barely started
00:32:23Jonnija ugh ur fat
00:32:23Jonnija :D
00:32:23Norrebro not if omni is awake
00:32:26nigulas care
00:32:32nigulas b now
00:32:45MEteORStorM kill
00:33:19BoNeshaw ty man
00:33:39Ckalle spec not going radi
00:33:41BoNeshaw hex on storm
00:33:42Ckalle lol wtf
00:33:43Jonnija y
00:33:43BoNeshaw omni care it
00:33:44MEteORStorM dont go
00:33:48MEteORStorM let spec farm
00:33:51MEteORStorM just b
00:34:05MEteORStorM b now
00:34:19Hexar allb
00:34:21nigulas b
00:34:21Norrebro care
00:34:22Hexar b
00:34:32Norrebro get bot
00:34:47MEteORStorM they will push bot tower
00:34:52BoNeshaw gem on pudge
00:34:56nigulas storm
00:34:57Jonnija long time ago
00:34:59nigulas mby u carry gem?
00:34:59BoNeshaw lets smoke?
00:35:10Jonnija get
00:35:11Jonnija twr
00:35:24MEteORStorM let it go
00:35:26MEteORStorM just b
00:35:27jakkihirki base
00:35:28jakkihirki deff
00:35:58MEteORStorM gogo
00:36:08Jonnija mkay
00:36:23Jonnija i am getting rather sure
00:36:25BoNeshaw i make medallion
00:36:25Jonnija that they win
00:36:42BoNeshaw smoke with 5?
00:36:42nigulas storm want gem?
00:36:43Jonnija we havent had a single teambattle
00:36:43Jonnija for
00:36:45Jonnija more than
00:36:46MEteORStorM nah
00:36:48Jonnija 10 mins now
00:36:49BoNeshaw we really need to finnish soon
00:36:51BoNeshaw get entrys
00:36:55Ckalle the problem is
00:36:56curdi pipe?
00:36:56Jonnija warded
00:36:59Ckalle we're not even trying
00:37:01Ckalle to get teamfights
00:37:03nigulas has bfly
00:37:06Hexar y
00:37:09BoNeshaw gather
00:37:17Jonnija 180 from pipe
00:37:20BoNeshaw ffs
00:37:26BoNeshaw sotp idling
00:37:32nigulas b
00:37:34nigulas invi
00:37:36nigulas they invi
00:37:50BoNeshaw and ur hunting storm
00:37:52BoNeshaw ....
00:37:54MEteORStorM come
00:37:55Ckalle idd
00:37:55BoNeshaw gather and smoke
00:38:04MEteORStorM just
00:38:05MEteORStorM def base
00:38:06MEteORStorM still
00:38:06Jonnija pipet incoming
00:38:08BoNeshaw or twr
00:38:08BoNeshaw y
00:38:09Norrebro twr
00:38:09MEteORStorM we cant fight yet
00:38:10nigulas yut
00:38:13nigulas its tooo low
00:38:14jakkihirki veno b
00:38:14MEteORStorM b
00:38:23nigulas ffs
00:38:24mansikka xd
00:38:24nigulas dazzle
00:38:25MEteORStorM okay
00:38:27jakkihirki veno are you idiot?
00:38:52Ckalle :)
00:39:05Ckalle rax n back
00:39:32Jonnija b
00:39:33Jonnija oom
00:39:39BoNeshaw nic epush
00:39:40BoNeshaw b
00:39:40BoNeshaw b
00:39:57nigulas veno
00:40:01nigulas see what ur actions do?
00:40:03nigulas lose 2x lanes
00:40:07Hexar stfu
00:40:12Hexar my action
00:40:13BoNeshaw heal and mid
00:40:14Hexar fu
00:40:25Ckalle or bot
00:40:27Norrebro bot
00:40:27Ckalle for safer win
00:40:31curdi shall i go shiva or hex
00:40:31jakkihirki write ff
00:40:34jakkihirki to all chat
00:40:40Norrebro shiva
00:40:43BoNeshaw -ms
00:40:50BoNeshaw ok bot
00:40:51BoNeshaw come
00:41:12Ckalle can go safe rosh now
00:41:15Ckalle when his ult down
00:41:17Jonnija 2 min
00:41:19Jonnija lets try
00:41:20BoNeshaw just push
00:41:21Jonnija to end fast
00:41:26BoNeshaw no spec ult
00:41:28BoNeshaw push
00:41:29BoNeshaw bot
00:42:12jakkihirki Vbg
00:42:31Jonnija focus
00:42:32Jonnija raxx
00:42:47Ckalle gg wp
00:42:48nigulas omg
00:42:55jakkihirki vbg
00:42:58Ckalle apparently
00:43:00Ckalle it is possible
00:43:03Ckalle to win without team
00:43:12Ckalle no offense to Norrebro and Jonnia
00:43:14Ckalle u guys tried
00:43:30jakkihirki u
00:43:32jakkihirki you win alone
00:43:35jakkihirki u so good
00:43:40Ckalle it's just
00:43:45Ckalle I didn't think it was possible
00:43:46Ckalle in #gc
00:43:49jakkihirki you are always best
00:43:55Norrebro always dis jakki
00:43:57Ckalle cus I lost so many games when I got great games
00:43:59Norrebro hates all
00:44:00nigulas hahah
00:44:16nigulas well this
00:44:23nigulas veno suecide T2 tower top did the game
00:44:24nigulas so
00:44:30Norrebro y
00:44:38jakkihirki not really
00:44:38Ckalle sure potm 4/0 mid had no part in it
00:44:42Ckalle don't be ignorant
00:44:44jakkihirki potm best
00:45:17Norrebro du spillede godt
00:45:21jakkihirki Vbg
00:45:21Norrebro glem de der svanse
00:45:21Ckalle tack
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