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Chat log

00:00:03Lawok -water 255 0 255
00:00:04Lawok -rickroll 1
00:00:08VanPersie 1ping
00:00:12VanPersie !ping
00:00:14GuiTaR sta ima?
00:00:14Lawok lasica autowin
00:00:18VanPersie how can we get ping?
00:00:18VanPersie ?
00:00:18LaSiCa ?
00:00:18Norrebro roof
00:00:18Lawok am
00:00:18mamyka bad chise
00:00:18LaSiCa what about me
00:00:32sexyhunter 1/10 win epic
00:00:41Lawok anyone lich rubick?
00:00:41LaSiCa so../
00:00:45Lawok lina?
00:00:55Lawok gosh
00:01:01Norrebro lastpick gets chicken
00:01:08VanPersie i will go tb
00:01:10Norrebro get tide
00:01:11VanPersie no more carries pls
00:01:16Lawok U WONT
00:01:17Lawok WTF
00:01:21Lawok GO RUBICK and puck
00:01:24Lawok ff
00:01:31mamyka tide + pucvk
00:01:31Norrebro get some disable guys
00:01:34Norrebro tide
00:01:38Norrebro rubick
00:01:43Lawok take lina or rubick or puck for last
00:01:49Norrebro gondar chicken
00:01:49mamyka bh
00:01:50Norrebro or ban
00:01:53Lawok range hero last
00:01:55GuiTaR stfu
00:01:59Norrebro u stfu
00:02:01Norrebro noob picker
00:02:02mamyka lines?
00:02:03VanPersie ye i need support top
00:02:04Lawok puck sb top
00:02:04GuiTaR i know the rules
00:02:07Lawok TB lich bottom
00:02:12mamyka cap lines?
00:02:14VanPersie sb go top pls
00:02:16Norrebro but u dont know what to pick
00:02:21Norrebro top spec
00:02:25VanPersie ty
00:02:28Norrebro dunno
00:02:28GuiTaR i pick what i want
00:02:29mamyka with doom?
00:02:31Norrebro since u picked shit
00:02:35GuiTaR sta ima srejo
00:02:41GuiTaR cuo sam se sa mkijem jos ima ban
00:02:43Norrebro doom can pull
00:02:45LaSiCa aa
00:03:22PriMo ???? ???
00:03:28VanPersie !ping
00:04:45mamyka ss bara
00:05:23sexyhunter rune
00:06:07Lawok SS MID
00:06:18Norrebro ss
00:06:32lysergic a little late dude
00:06:38Norrebro dont care
00:06:42GuiTaR hahah
00:06:49Norrebro with ure picks
00:06:51Norrebro rly dont care
00:07:03GuiTaR haha
00:08:11Norrebro ..
00:08:16Lawok CARE
00:08:21Norrebro dont scare them
00:08:22Norrebro ffs
00:08:46Norrebro fucking noobs
00:08:48GuiTaR noob?
00:09:01mamyka noob lesh
00:09:07GuiTaR i see
00:09:16mamyka mid failor
00:09:16Norrebro u can all suck my dick
00:09:29GuiTaR im b
00:09:32lysergic me2
00:09:44GuiTaR some one up chick
00:09:53Lawok upg chick
00:10:05lysergic ss bot
00:10:08GuiTaR 1
00:10:11lysergic 1 re
00:10:22mamyka cerf
00:10:24mamyka ????
00:10:27Lawok SS miD
00:10:28Lawok CARE
00:10:28Lawok ALL
00:10:29mamyka ????? ?????
00:10:32GuiTaR wanna gang?
00:10:59GuiTaR to gang lich?
00:11:07GuiTaR he cant swap hp
00:11:10GuiTaR w8
00:11:52mamyka ??? ????
00:11:53GuiTaR sss??
00:11:54lysergic and nice miss
00:12:08GuiTaR lol
00:12:18GuiTaR noob team
00:12:24GuiTaR dont say miss
00:12:33Norrebro i will not dont worry
00:12:40GuiTaR ??
00:13:21VanPersie miss 2 bot
00:13:34GuiTaR on lich
00:13:34sexyhunter b
00:13:40sexyhunter lol
00:13:43GuiTaR comeee
00:13:44LaSiCa miss key aaaaaaaaa
00:13:47Norrebro go
00:13:54Norrebro go
00:14:08101010 4 bot
00:14:14GuiTaR gj
00:14:17Norrebro twr
00:14:19GuiTaR finally
00:14:48Norrebro get mana boots
00:14:51Lawok lich buy wards
00:14:51mamyka focus radi?
00:14:56Norrebro y
00:14:56VanPersie a dust too pls
00:15:04VanPersie puck dust pls
00:15:11Lawok i have dust
00:15:11VanPersie care
00:15:12GuiTaR 3 down
00:15:12Lawok we need wards
00:15:14Lawok thats all
00:15:16Lawok please puck and lich
00:15:22VanPersie dust bh
00:15:29GuiTaR rune top
00:15:29mamyka chrger\
00:15:50mamyka nice try
00:15:52GuiTaR oom
00:15:55VanPersie not those wards
00:15:56VanPersie xd
00:16:01Lawok FFS
00:16:03Lawok OBS WARDS
00:16:17PriMo ???????
00:16:19mamyka z
00:16:22Norrebro gogo
00:16:22mamyka ? ?????
00:16:27mamyka ?? ????
00:16:49GuiTaR im b
00:16:53GuiTaR b
00:16:54GuiTaR b
00:16:55GuiTaR b
00:16:55GuiTaR b
00:17:05GuiTaR what a noob
00:17:08Norrebro fucking noobs
00:17:10GuiTaR epic
00:17:16GuiTaR told u backkkkk
00:17:24Norrebro stfu idiot
00:17:24VanPersie bb
00:17:28sexyhunter :/
00:17:30Norrebro if u went on them
00:17:33Norrebro i would kill 4
00:17:36GuiTaR ure an asshole
00:17:37VanPersie nice try
00:18:00Norrebro go back to dl faggot
00:18:16mamyka ???? ??? ???
00:18:19mamyka go
00:18:32mamyka let me farm
00:18:51mamyka u noob lesh
00:18:54GuiTaR hah
00:18:55Norrebro y
00:18:58Lawok LVL IT UP
00:18:59Lawok -.-
00:19:13mamyka reta4rd
00:19:18GuiTaR come mid
00:19:25Norrebro pick carry team next time
00:19:35GuiTaR def mid
00:19:39mamyka spectr was good pick
00:21:06mamyka oom
00:21:09GuiTaR b
00:21:13Norrebro i give mana
00:21:21Norrebro meet
00:21:23GuiTaR k
00:21:24GuiTaR come
00:21:53mamyka no one have tp?
00:21:58mamyka whata dream team
00:22:04Norrebro noob
00:22:19GuiTaR up chick/???
00:22:23Norrebro omg
00:22:26Norrebro x
00:22:27GuiTaR b
00:22:27GuiTaR b
00:22:28Norrebro on him
00:22:28lysergic he would kill me
00:22:32lysergic cd
00:23:05GuiTaR what a m,oron
00:23:11GuiTaR are u an idiot
00:23:12VanPersie really?
00:23:15GuiTaR walk into a trap
00:23:19LaSiCa gj
00:23:27GuiTaR just say fuck me pls
00:23:35Norrebro wow
00:23:42Norrebro pros
00:23:48GuiTaR razor fed by u
00:23:52Norrebro ok pro
00:24:04GuiTaR for how long solo??
00:24:19GuiTaR specter wtf?
00:24:25mamyka phone
00:24:27Lawok -ns
00:24:29Lawok -ms
00:24:29GuiTaR we can win just play togheter
00:24:36GuiTaR dont solo
00:24:36sexyhunter b
00:25:11GuiTaR dont
00:25:15sexyhunter reuse chick
00:25:19lysergic wth
00:25:41GuiTaR razor so though
00:26:06GuiTaR all def
00:26:45LaSiCa help?
00:26:48LaSiCa no
00:26:58101010 lol when i was 350 hp and no mana?
00:27:02Norrebro all so bro
00:27:04101010 double kill........
00:27:08GuiTaR yo bro
00:27:09LaSiCa k
00:27:11GuiTaR lol
00:27:53VanPersie mom
00:27:59sexyhunter used
00:28:03Norrebro idiot noob
00:28:05VanPersie gj
00:28:07GuiTaR hahahaah
00:28:08GuiTaR ahahahah
00:28:10GuiTaR ahahahah
00:28:13GuiTaR told by u
00:28:20GuiTaR u die now
00:28:26GuiTaR I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:31Norrebro I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:39Norrebro why i play this bronze
00:28:45GuiTaR omg
00:28:47Lawok our players suck as much as urs
00:28:58GuiTaR ure not even good for it
00:28:59Norrebro ok but look picks plz
00:29:13Lawok same shit picks
00:29:15Norrebro spec gondar doom
00:29:15Lawok we have 3 carry
00:29:23Norrebro and gondar keeps calling me noob ..
00:29:31GuiTaR no\
00:29:33Lawok :D
00:29:34GuiTaR ure solo noob
00:30:14Norrebro omg
00:30:23Norrebro see
00:30:27Norrebro they cant do shit
00:30:35Norrebro no stun but they dont understabd that
00:30:40Lawok link razor too powerful :)))
00:30:48GuiTaR y
00:31:03Norrebro especially with no disable but fags will never learn
00:31:16Norrebro elp him
00:31:40LaSiCa gj
00:31:40sexyhunter no stun?
00:32:04LaSiCa pls play gather and finish
00:32:10Lawok 100 gp and im ready
00:32:58GuiTaR b
00:33:02GuiTaR b
00:33:15GuiTaR too late
00:33:17GuiTaR gone
00:33:22Norrebro gang mid all
00:33:45Lawok my team runs away
00:33:49Lawok when its our game entry
00:33:50Lawok :D
00:34:00GuiTaR hlp?
00:34:32mamyka ???????? ????????
00:34:41sexyhunter gay
00:34:47GuiTaR gj
00:35:08mamyka ???? ??? ?????
00:35:08GuiTaR epic team
00:35:10Norrebro feed him more plz
00:35:13mamyka epcik last pick
00:35:27LaSiCa pls all gather
00:35:33GuiTaR gj
00:35:39Norrebro help ffs
00:35:43Norrebro I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:43mamyka feed him more
00:35:49Lawok END IT ALREADY
00:35:57Norrebro i killed razor?
00:36:01GuiTaR y
00:36:02LaSiCa y
00:36:07Norrebro if u helped me i would survive
00:36:12LaSiCa a;;
00:36:13Lawok gATHER MID, dont hunt heroes
00:36:14LaSiCa all
00:36:16Lawok we go in 30sec
00:36:20VanPersie dont go solo then raz
00:36:27Lawok u have important 1k hp spectre
00:36:35Lawok WP
00:36:37Lawok I SAID MID
00:36:38Lawok FFS
00:36:50Norrebro omg get him spec?
00:37:00VanPersie dont solo
00:37:22VanPersie seriously?
00:37:27Lawok lasica u r the worst player in gc
00:37:30Lawok by stats and in reality
00:37:42GuiTaR wads
00:37:42VanPersie dont flame
00:37:43GuiTaR wards
00:37:46mamyka rly?
00:37:52sexyhunter tp
00:37:56Lawok listening to cap aint that hard
00:37:59Lawok just able to read
00:38:01Lawok makes it
00:38:06GuiTaR def base
00:38:34Lawok wp
00:38:34GuiTaR gj
00:38:35Lawok agian
00:38:36sexyhunter ty
00:38:37Lawok i said mid?
00:38:43LaSiCa pls all mid
00:38:51sexyhunter i said tp
00:39:23GuiTaR puck kill him
00:39:43LaSiCa pls again all fucking middddddddddddddd
00:39:47Norrebro bro
00:39:50GuiTaR I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:39:53lysergic I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:39:55lysergic how to ff
00:40:00mamyka doom tell me plz why you ulti on puck>?
00:40:00GuiTaR type ff
00:40:02Norrebro u just did
00:40:13mamyka if he have 20 hp?
00:40:16Norrebro ulti only tb or razor
00:40:19Lawok need rege
00:40:21mamyka ???? ????? ???? ? ???? ????
00:40:22Lawok cant end yet
00:40:30Norrebro ulti
00:40:32mamyka ????? ????? ? ?????? ?????
00:40:33PriMo ????????)
00:40:59GuiTaR b
00:41:00GuiTaR b
00:41:07GuiTaR soooo stupid
00:41:09VanPersie you are really very solo lesh
00:41:16sexyhunter lol tb
00:41:38Lawok WP AGAIN
00:41:40Lawok WHATTE FUCK
00:42:04GuiTaR haaha
00:42:16Lawok please
00:42:17Lawok i beg u
00:42:19Lawok lets go mid
00:42:24LaSiCa y mid all
00:42:28Lawok sb not alone
00:42:30Lawok :<
00:42:31Lawok ffs
00:42:41Lawok go here
00:42:42Lawok lets smoke
00:42:43Lawok into win
00:42:45Lawok i gotta go anyway
00:42:50GuiTaR rosh??
00:42:54VanPersie same
00:42:58LaSiCa all
00:43:07Lawok stay
00:43:08Lawok here
00:43:09Lawok lest smoke
00:43:09GuiTaR caome alll
00:43:15sexyhunter weed?
00:43:21Lawok y
00:43:42GuiTaR me take?
00:43:44GuiTaR or lesh
00:43:45mamyka ????
00:43:49mamyka lesh
00:43:51Norrebro spec
00:43:53GuiTaR specter
00:43:55Norrebro spectre
00:44:01GuiTaR im b
00:44:17mamyka go?
00:44:21VanPersie no dust xd
00:44:23GuiTaR b
00:44:24101010 sb have
00:44:24sexyhunter i did
00:44:52Norrebro gj
00:44:54Lawok PUSH MID
00:45:08VanPersie i am starting to lag too
00:45:08Norrebro I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:45:09Norrebro f
00:45:10Norrebro I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:45:11Norrebro fff
00:45:12Norrebro fff
00:45:14Norrebro go ff
00:45:14lysergic I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:45:15GuiTaR play man
00:45:15VanPersie lets end
00:45:16Norrebro alll
00:45:18GuiTaR we can win
00:45:21Lawok go
00:45:22Lawok go
00:45:23Lawok i tele
00:45:24Lawok gogoogog
00:45:27Norrebro shitnoobs like u wont win
00:45:33Lawok gosh
00:45:36GuiTaR de
00:45:38101010 sb go rege and mid then
00:45:38GuiTaR f
00:45:42Lawok ok b
00:45:43Lawok no time
00:45:44Lawok yellow
00:45:48mamyka track
00:45:52sexyhunter k
00:45:58GuiTaR lol
00:46:21VanPersie i lag xd
00:46:49GuiTaR now we lose
00:47:00Norrebro i hope
00:47:09Norrebro go ff
00:47:18GuiTaR but we can win
00:47:23mamyka kidding?
00:47:26Lawok throne
00:47:26Norrebro gl with that
00:47:27GuiTaR no
00:47:28Lawok straight
00:47:39mamyka we cant witn with last pick bh
00:47:42mamyka never
00:47:46GuiTaR why?
00:47:47mamyka after spectr and doom
00:48:03Norrebro well shitnoob dont understadn that
00:49:04LaSiCa ok now left
00:49:09VanPersie throne
00:49:14VanPersie mid qwith big creeps
00:49:16GuiTaR b
00:50:20Norrebro what a noo
00:50:23Norrebro nooooob
00:50:30Norrebro dont play at gc plz
00:50:36GuiTaR ok boss
00:50:37mamyka I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:50:41Lawok please ff
00:50:42Lawok -.-
00:50:44Norrebro we dont need ure kind
00:50:54GuiTaR wow
00:50:59Lawok GO MID NOW
00:51:04VanPersie i finish
00:51:05GuiTaR ure gratear idoit
00:51:21Norrebro well ure just too noob to be here
00:51:29Norrebro if u picked tide
00:51:36Norrebro we may had a chance
00:51:37GuiTaR i cant play him
00:52:05mamyka bh
00:52:08GuiTaR ??
00:52:09VanPersie ggg
00:52:11Lawok gg fags
00:52:11mamyka u can unly run
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