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Chat log

00:00:01VictoriaJrocks no youre not
00:00:02VictoriaJrocks -apo
00:00:02Dota.m -ap
00:00:03VictoriaJrocks -ap
00:00:07VictoriaJrocks same heroes you had lastgame
00:00:08ATS_ :DDD
00:00:09VictoriaJrocks pick void
00:00:09VictoriaJrocks yumika
00:00:13Yunika ofc
00:00:13Zulu me and harren top
00:00:14Dota.m u pick void !
00:00:27VictoriaJrocks remember chick theone
00:00:30Yunika u think i am stupid i only dont know this system
00:00:35VictoriaJrocks lsatpick is ALWAYS chicken
00:00:37free.willy let me solo top
00:00:38Joce u are?
00:00:39Joce D:
00:00:44VictoriaJrocks gj
00:00:44free.willy and ds or cen t wood
00:00:51free.willy captain have to desice
00:00:51VictoriaJrocks remember to share
00:00:52ATS_ share
00:00:54Zulu ..?
00:00:57Dota.m do what u want guys
00:01:00free.willy decide
00:01:00Dota.m ¨i take mid
00:01:012xBM-Action captian lanes?
00:01:08VictoriaJrocks looks good
00:01:12free.willy is 1 wood?
00:01:16Yunika captan =D
00:01:16VictoriaJrocks void doesnt really fit anywhere
00:01:19Dota.m if u wants
00:01:19gis.harren i go half woods
00:01:25VictoriaJrocks so he is bot
00:01:29Joce i can handle bot
00:01:382xBM-Action purple pls read rules before joining
00:01:40VictoriaJrocks theone you forgot to share chick
00:01:43free.willy lol i whant solo nothing more but nvm
00:01:49Joce y
00:01:50theone_rulzz ffs
00:01:52theone_rulzz i will
00:02:04Yunika necro pull
00:02:072xBM-Action k
00:02:08Dota.m u want mid or whatl lion
00:02:23free.willy no no
00:02:24free.willy cool
00:02:28VictoriaJrocks nobody mid
00:02:302xBM-Action !checkme
00:02:30VictoriaJrocks re
00:02:472xBM-Action solo bot
00:02:522xBM-Action ss 1
00:02:54Dota.m luna goes top
00:02:55Dota.m ss
00:02:58Dota.m re
00:03:00gis.harren kk
00:03:162xBM-Action re
00:04:022xBM-Action void afk?
00:04:13VictoriaJrocks 5min allowed
00:04:21VictoriaJrocks bot analyzses replays
00:05:32Dota.m lololololoololol
00:05:37VictoriaJrocks i have no reason to run
00:05:39VictoriaJrocks i cant get away
00:05:52Dota.m i failed
00:06:17VictoriaJrocks I would have moved that way if not lag :D
00:06:32VictoriaJrocks dont quit im winning mid
00:06:41VictoriaJrocks ;DSAd.
00:06:512xBM-Action I come mid lvl 6
00:06:56VictoriaJrocks pudge miss mid
00:06:58VictoriaJrocks no need
00:07:08VictoriaJrocks pudge miss mid
00:07:08Dota.m w8 me
00:07:252xBM-Action void is afk a lot
00:07:25ATS_ ss 2
00:07:33Yunika ?
00:07:37VictoriaJrocks pudge miss mid
00:07:45Dota.m ss mid
00:07:462xBM-Action void u stood behind tower
00:07:47Dota.m goes top
00:07:502xBM-Action and im infight
00:07:50Dota.m care
00:07:54VictoriaJrocks pudge miss mid
00:07:57Dota.m i think he also got rune
00:08:00Yunika i killed creeps
00:08:02Dota.m re
00:08:03Dota.m mid
00:08:07VictoriaJrocks pudge miss mid
00:08:22Dota.m ss mid
00:08:38Joce ss mid
00:09:20VictoriaJrocks pudge miss
00:09:42VictoriaJrocks pudge miss mid
00:09:54VictoriaJrocks pudge miss mdi
00:09:592xBM-Action stop the spam
00:10:05VictoriaJrocks nobody cares about misses in gc
00:10:07VictoriaJrocks have to spam
00:10:31Joce ..
00:10:32Joce how
00:10:40free.willy so bad played :)
00:11:09VictoriaJrocks pudge miss mid
00:11:44Joce ss bot 3
00:11:49Zulu moonrider top
00:11:49Joce re
00:12:27ATS_ ss 2
00:13:06VictoriaJrocks chec
00:13:06VictoriaJrocks k
00:13:11Joce go mid?
00:13:13Joce farm
00:13:15VictoriaJrocks all top
00:13:34Joce ..
00:14:00Dota.m tp bot
00:14:12VictoriaJrocks b after
00:14:15Joce b...
00:14:19Joce free towers
00:14:22Joce gg
00:14:442xBM-Action -water 255 255 255
00:14:49Dota.m b
00:14:49VictoriaJrocks -water bukkake
00:14:50Dota.m top
00:15:17VictoriaJrocks then go top
00:15:37VictoriaJrocks gj
00:15:41VictoriaJrocks couldnt have gone better
00:15:53VictoriaJrocks go top?
00:16:31VictoriaJrocks push top 2 towers
00:17:09gis.harren care
00:17:21VictoriaJrocks more
00:17:22VictoriaJrocks towers
00:17:29VictoriaJrocks they cant insta us fast enough
00:17:35Joce can u tp?
00:17:57VictoriaJrocks 0 spells from necro .D?
00:17:582xBM-Action perma stun
00:17:58ATS_ stupid
00:18:02gis.harren gj
00:18:03Dota.m gj
00:18:04ATS_ y
00:18:08ATS_ perma stun
00:18:11ATS_ we need bkbs
00:18:112xBM-Action was in perma stun xD
00:18:21VictoriaJrocks or void
00:18:25VictoriaJrocks to make good chrono
00:18:27VictoriaJrocks and get all ultis inside P
00:18:452xBM-Action well I get bkb after mekka
00:18:46ATS_ -.-
00:18:55Dota.m come
00:19:21gis.harren hoot
00:19:23Joce 200 to blink
00:19:38Zulu hooked before..
00:19:49VictoriaJrocks en malkta oottaa x tuele taka
00:19:52VictoriaJrocks saan ~150
00:19:53VictoriaJrocks täl hketle
00:19:55Dota.m han nåede bare ulti før mig
00:20:002xBM-Action english?
00:20:07VictoriaJrocks i was talking to ats sory
00:20:09ATS_ mistä tiiä?
00:20:16VictoriaJrocks koska voittanu hyvillä scoreilla 5 peliä
00:20:20ATS_ aah
00:20:22ATS_ ite kuus
00:20:25VictoriaJrocks nice :D
00:21:39ATS_ bannable
00:21:44theone_rulzz ffs
00:21:44VictoriaJrocks to take neutrals
00:21:50theone_rulzz i was on hold
00:21:52VictoriaJrocks but we wont rquest
00:21:53Joce gogo
00:21:54theone_rulzz and he attack
00:21:58VictoriaJrocks dont worry on request
00:22:012xBM-Action mid
00:22:02VictoriaJrocks no
00:22:28VictoriaJrocks fucking blink
00:22:39VictoriaJrocks lets start ganging -.-
00:22:44VictoriaJrocks why all farm
00:22:48ATS_ ei voi
00:22:50ATS_ perma stun
00:22:532xBM-Action 5 mid and we got 2 in woods
00:22:552xBM-Action DENY MID
00:22:56VictoriaJrocks kill mid no tide ulti
00:23:092xBM-Action DENY
00:23:112xBM-Action ffs
00:23:132xBM-Action ROOF
00:23:172xBM-Action wow
00:23:202xBM-Action that took long
00:23:28VictoriaJrocks kai pitää sit tehä bkb -.-
00:23:28ATS_ i didnt check
00:23:31VictoriaJrocks nini tylsä item
00:23:352xBM-Action I told u 5 times
00:23:50free.willy dagger up
00:24:002xBM-Action gang
00:24:02Dota.m guys we need to push them now we can't win late
00:24:08Joce y
00:24:15Zulu -afk
00:24:19Dota.m void all rdy bf
00:24:34free.willy lol he had like 5 cs bot oO
00:24:42VictoriaJrocks take mid
00:24:422xBM-Action mid tower
00:24:53VictoriaJrocks b
00:25:09VictoriaJrocks ill farm bkb fast
00:25:41Dota.m regroup 5 and mid
00:26:072xBM-Action ...
00:26:18VictoriaJrocks they got gem?
00:26:23Dota.m mid
00:26:27ATS_ jaa a
00:26:282xBM-Action sentries
00:26:39VictoriaJrocks no deffing with 3
00:26:51ATS_ sentrys
00:27:082xBM-Action we need void ult
00:27:09Joce ...
00:27:10Dota.m zului
00:27:10free.willy gg
00:27:12Zulu ..
00:27:13Zulu sorry
00:27:18free.willy b?
00:27:19Dota.m :D
00:27:20Dota.m b
00:27:21VictoriaJrocks yup
00:27:412xBM-Action but void farms only
00:27:48VictoriaJrocks void hel pus
00:27:55Dota.m b
00:28:58Dota.m mid mid :d
00:29:03Joce y
00:29:04Dota.m when all respawn
00:29:04ATS_ again
00:29:08Zulu rosh?
00:29:40Dota.m all mid
00:29:56Dota.m fast
00:30:01VictoriaJrocks def at base
00:30:052xBM-Action roof tp
00:30:17VictoriaJrocks now good void ulti
00:30:20VictoriaJrocks and it could be won
00:30:272xBM-Action care for hook
00:30:45VictoriaJrocks ulti voi
00:30:46VictoriaJrocks d
00:30:53ATS_ same time ggggg
00:30:57VictoriaJrocks gj
00:30:58VictoriaJrocks ish
00:31:09ATS_ start before stuns pls
00:31:16Yunika monster lags
00:31:18VictoriaJrocks :D
00:31:23VictoriaJrocks where you playing from
00:31:27Yunika germany
00:31:30Dota.m we need roof and void out first then hold us
00:31:382xBM-Action me too
00:31:38VictoriaJrocks got bkb
00:31:43free.willy was just a bad go
00:31:43ATS_ +1000
00:31:47free.willy tower fokused me
00:31:59free.willy and we had noone out
00:32:23Joce need to gank and push
00:32:23VictoriaJrocks 5 miss O_O
00:32:24Joce smoke
00:32:39VictoriaJrocks b bot
00:33:00Dota.m mid fast
00:33:02Dota.m no void
00:33:172xBM-Action mid
00:34:07Joce y
00:34:07free.willy uff
00:34:09Joce gg
00:34:14Joce forget that void
00:34:18VictoriaJrocks coolersson
00:34:302xBM-Action fast bot
00:34:36VictoriaJrocks omw but we wont make it
00:34:42Joce ..
00:34:462xBM-Action get tower at least
00:34:48Joce u didnt saw void?
00:35:092xBM-Action b
00:35:092xBM-Action b
00:35:28ATS_ i have ulti go?
00:35:332xBM-Action y void
00:35:35VictoriaJrocks i got ultiin ~30 :S
00:35:362xBM-Action ulti cd over
00:36:21Zulu -afk
00:36:24Zulu lion?
00:36:28Joce -afk
00:36:30Joce ..
00:36:342xBM-Action GUYS
00:36:35VictoriaJrocks go
00:36:44Joce go
00:36:462xBM-Action ffs void
00:36:51Joce JUMP
00:36:54Dota.m balance
00:36:54VictoriaJrocks necro balance
00:36:54theone_rulzz ?
00:36:54VictoriaJrocks good healing
00:36:542xBM-Action wtf?
00:36:54theone_rulzz what?
00:36:54VictoriaJrocks but you balance
00:36:54ATS_ leave bb
00:36:54Joce necro leave
00:36:54gis.harren GO
00:36:54Dota.m necro u have to leave
00:36:54Joce for balanc
00:36:54Joce e
00:36:54theone_rulzz lol
00:36:54VictoriaJrocks teams gotta be balanced
00:36:54theone_rulzz =))
00:36:542xBM-Action what the fuck?
00:36:54VictoriaJrocks necro leave
00:36:54VictoriaJrocks you still get points
00:36:54Joce ::::D
00:36:54ATS_ leave
00:36:54VictoriaJrocks you still get the points
00:36:54Joce how hard it's?
00:36:54VictoriaJrocks leave
00:36:542xBM-Action what for shit
00:36:54theone_rulzz ballance=leave ??????????????????
00:36:54VictoriaJrocks one of them left
00:36:54ATS_ alt qq
00:36:54VictoriaJrocks one of us hav eto go
00:36:54theone_rulzz fuck thic gc
00:36:54theone_rulzz ha ha ha
00:36:54VictoriaJrocks go necro
00:36:542xBM-Action what a fail
00:36:54Joce this is not same system like dl
00:36:54Dota.m necro leave or banreq
00:36:54VictoriaJrocks you STILL get the points
00:36:54Joce so stfu
00:36:54ATS_ bb
00:36:54theone_rulzz fucking rule
00:36:54theone_rulzz =))))))))))
00:36:54VictoriaJrocks necro why does it matter when you get points
00:36:54ATS_ bb
00:36:54ATS_ go allready
00:36:54theone_rulzz what a shitty site
00:36:542xBM-Action ffs
00:36:54Joce he will get points if he leave so...
00:36:54VictoriaJrocks you can readd
00:37:07Joce I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:37:08Joce I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:37:12Joce gg
00:37:18VictoriaJrocks push
00:37:21Joce [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:37:21Joce [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:37:21Joce [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:37:21Joce [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:37:30Dota.m I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:37:42gis.harren LOL ?=
00:37:49Zulu why did we loose?
00:37:54VictoriaJrocks you forfgeited
00:37:55VictoriaJrocks fofeited
00:37:57VictoriaJrocks Forfeited
00:37:58Zulu I did not
00:37:58gis.harren no?
00:38:00gis.harren we didnt
00:38:04ATS_ bb
00:38:07VictoriaJrocks yes you did
00:38:10VictoriaJrocks you typed ff
00:38:12Zulu no
00:38:14Zulu i didnøt
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