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+23 X
-1 TS

90% | 1533 X | 1472 TS

-10 X
-1 TS

77% | 1374 X | 1434 TS

+3 X
-5 TS

53% | 1309 X | 1207 TS

-1 X
-1 TS

30% | 1089 X | 1254 TS

-35 X
-7 TS

5% | 1061 X | 953 TS

+27 X
+0 TS

85% | 1460 X | 1445 TS

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+0 TS

79% | 1313 X | 1512 TS

-16 X
+4 TS

49% | 1171 X | 1327 TS

-3 X
+1 TS

32% | 1054 X | 1305 TS

+22 X
+19 TS

11% | 1089 X | 1019 TS

Chat log

00:00:16Vangelis timu
00:00:17Vangelis carry plz
00:00:17Timu okei
00:00:17svents es pls
00:00:17Bra~ y give me
00:00:17Bra~ es
00:00:17svents no
00:00:17svents me
00:00:17MariahCarry bara
00:00:17svents es i
00:00:17svents i said first
00:00:17siloquez i go centa woods
00:00:17Vangelis ban tb???
00:00:17siloquez X D
00:00:17Bra~ mariah i can es
00:00:17Bra~ :D
00:00:17svents no
00:00:17MariahCarry ^^
00:00:17Timu bala
00:00:17Bra~ or fo you want svents to play es?
00:00:17svents mc for me ees
00:00:17Bra~ :D
00:00:23Bra~ aii
00:00:23Vangelis why
00:00:24Vangelis not
00:00:25Vangelis ban
00:00:25Bra~ minu es
00:00:26Vangelis tb
00:00:27Vangelis ?
00:00:27svents anna es mulle
00:00:31Vangelis gogo spec
00:00:31svents ära nussi nyyd
00:00:34Timu cause i wanted tb or spec
00:00:41Vangelis no cent plz
00:00:43Bra~ :((
00:00:43siloquez why pick spectre now
00:00:46siloquez =D
00:00:47Bra~ ei saa kumbki
00:00:48MariahCarry just get slardar
00:00:49x3m.PoOp2eaT pick ogre
00:00:49MariahCarry and enigma
00:00:50MariahCarry or ore
00:00:52MariahCarry and it's won
00:00:52x3m.PoOp2eaT and slardar
00:00:54Vangelis no forest hero plz
00:00:59MariahCarry stunners
00:01:02x3m.PoOp2eaT -clear
00:01:03siloquez i go tinker mid
00:01:04siloquez :D
00:01:05siloquez XD
00:01:05x3m.PoOp2eaT ogre, slard
00:01:06MariahCarry i'll damage so insanely much
00:01:07siloquez =D
00:01:08MariahCarry just stun them
00:01:10MariahCarry and they be dead
00:01:12Timu no u dont lol
00:01:17x3m.PoOp2eaT stevo
00:01:17siloquez w/E prO
00:01:18Vangelis get slardar ogre
00:01:18x3m.PoOp2eaT stevo
00:01:20x3m.PoOp2eaT ahahahahahahah
00:01:20x3m.PoOp2eaT :D
00:01:22LoveMyBobTeam jus dont leave the game
00:01:22LoveMyBobTeam :S
00:01:22Vangelis slardar krobe lion
00:01:24MariahCarry lion slardar pls
00:01:24Bra~ they be dead mofos
00:01:25LoveMyBobTeam like yesterday
00:01:26LoveMyBobTeam yo
00:01:31MariahCarry vista update :/
00:01:34MariahCarry didn't leave
00:01:34LoveMyBobTeam ...
00:01:38Bra~ pit
00:01:41MariahCarry i reset it to wait fucking 4 hours
00:01:42Vangelis spec
00:01:43Vangelis maybe
00:01:44MariahCarry right before game
00:01:44Bra~ võta pit
00:01:44Vangelis you mid
00:01:46Vangelis vs tb
00:01:47Vangelis ?
00:01:47MariahCarry and then suddenly
00:01:51MariahCarry just shuts it down
00:01:54Timu 'well k
00:01:55Vangelis get krobelus or pit
00:02:00Bra~ me woods
00:02:00Vangelis pit or krobe
00:02:05LoveMyBobTeam solo bot
00:02:07MariahCarry sk solo bot
00:02:12MariahCarry sk
00:02:12Timu wtf is wrogn with you?
00:02:12svents can i solo?
00:02:13Tundmatu käi putsi aff
00:02:13Vangelis :/
00:02:14MariahCarry i know u?
00:02:16Timu why do u pick that hsit
00:02:18Timu fuck this lastpick
00:02:21LoveMyBobTeam i couldnt play alone with these tards
00:02:22Elderi :D
00:02:22MariahCarry ur top with slard imo
00:02:24Vangelis :/
00:02:25siloquez cos i dont give a fuck what u want
00:02:26LoveMyBobTeam and lose gam
00:02:29Timu well
00:02:30LoveMyBobTeam lost*
00:02:33MariahCarry share chick pls
00:02:34Timu thats why u are 2% kollebolle
00:02:35Timu fucking ret
00:02:36Timu but k
00:02:39MariahCarry are u
00:02:40MariahCarry from
00:02:43Vangelis ff
00:02:47MariahCarry frederiksberg?
00:02:47siloquez yy
00:02:48Bra~ ethiopia?
00:02:49Tundmatu ./votekick 10 retardcrab "i don't give a fuck what you want"
00:02:51Elderi hes not kollebolle
00:02:53LoveMyBobTeam no
00:02:54LoveMyBobTeam :D
00:02:55siloquez had 4year break in dota or something
00:02:55LoveMyBobTeam lal
00:02:58MariahCarry oh
00:02:58LoveMyBobTeam -clear
00:02:59Vangelis why
00:02:59Vangelis do
00:03:00Vangelis you
00:03:04Vangelis come and gameruin here then
00:03:05Vangelis ?
00:03:13x3m.PoOp2eaT steva gej
00:03:16x3m.PoOp2eaT steva gej
00:03:16x3m.PoOp2eaT :D
00:03:17LoveMyBobTeam !
00:03:17Vangelis well
00:03:18Vangelis why
00:03:20Vangelis gameruin then
00:03:21LoveMyBobTeam xD
00:03:22Vangelis plz tell me
00:03:22siloquez can u play or stfu ?
00:03:28Bra~ rune top or taken
00:03:31LoveMyBobTeam pull pls
00:04:04x3m.PoOp2eaT ss shaker
00:04:40x3m.PoOp2eaT care mid
00:04:45x3m.PoOp2eaT re
00:05:00LoveMyBobTeam pull
00:05:32Timu u can come gang
00:06:16svents ss es
00:06:20LoveMyBobTeam mate
00:06:21LoveMyBobTeam ffs
00:06:28Bra~ mate
00:06:30Timu flyign
00:06:30Bra~ i got no boots
00:06:49MariahCarry gank mid
00:06:56Timu -ms
00:07:20Bra~ omw
00:07:23Bra~ be rdy
00:07:44MariahCarry gj
00:08:00Vangelis try
00:08:44Timu need gang
00:08:45LoveMyBobTeam yy
00:08:47x3m.PoOp2eaT da sklopim vang?
00:08:47Vangelis ogre
00:08:48Vangelis now
00:08:49Vangelis you
00:08:49Vangelis go
00:09:16LoveMyBobTeam da
00:09:19LoveMyBobTeam gj
00:09:36LoveMyBobTeam ss
00:09:37LoveMyBobTeam 2
00:09:38LoveMyBobTeam care midd
00:09:52Vangelis ?
00:09:53Vangelis why
00:09:54Vangelis waste
00:09:55Tundmatu no ulti mana :/
00:10:07x3m.PoOp2eaT this akasah
00:10:10x3m.PoOp2eaT akasha
00:10:11x3m.PoOp2eaT joke
00:10:20svents idk that lion lvl 6 so
00:10:24MariahCarry enigma
00:10:26MariahCarry come again pls
00:10:42Vangelis get
00:10:43Vangelis mana
00:10:49Bra~ ill see if i get a rune
00:10:52LoveMyBobTeam ohh
00:11:04Vangelis ogre
00:11:04Vangelis gank
00:11:05Vangelis mid
00:11:13LoveMyBobTeam go b
00:11:17MariahCarry w8 ffs
00:11:18Bra~ loll sven
00:11:34LoveMyBobTeam ss
00:11:35LoveMyBobTeam tinker
00:11:54Timu mida sa teed?
00:11:58Vangelis mina
00:11:59Vangelis ?
00:12:00Timu ja
00:12:03Timu nagu
00:12:04Timu full managa
00:12:06Timu huiad kuskil
00:12:10Vangelis cd
00:12:11Vangelis oli
00:12:12Vangelis fissure
00:12:55Timu go gang guys
00:12:58MariahCarry gj guys
00:13:02MariahCarry keep up the ganks
00:13:11svents spec top
00:13:17Vangelis lion
00:13:18Vangelis come
00:13:19Vangelis ogre
00:13:32Vangelis lion
00:13:32Vangelis come
00:13:38x3m.PoOp2eaT gj
00:13:47LoveMyBobTeam ss
00:13:48LoveMyBobTeam tinker
00:13:50LoveMyBobTeam re
00:14:10Bra~ fu
00:14:17Bra~ got the dagger tho
00:14:18MariahCarry come gank mid guys
00:14:20MariahCarry so eas
00:14:21MariahCarry easy
00:14:22MariahCarry one stun
00:14:23Bra~ i will
00:14:24MariahCarry and ppl die
00:15:15Vangelis care
00:15:16Vangelis mid
00:15:30MariahCarry svents
00:15:31MariahCarry go top
00:15:35Timu come mid now
00:15:56MariahCarry gank top
00:15:58MariahCarry and take tower
00:15:59Timu need wards
00:16:03x3m.PoOp2eaT tnx God
00:16:15Tundmatu ROFL
00:17:22MariahCarry tp top
00:17:22MariahCarry enig
00:17:23MariahCarry sk
00:17:37Bra~ no tp
00:17:39Bra~ no chick
00:17:44Bra~ almost there
00:18:31MariahCarry b
00:19:09LoveMyBobTeam alot of spell dmg
00:19:19MariahCarry if svents could try to feed less
00:19:20MariahCarry would be good
00:19:20Elderi i bring mana
00:19:21Elderi tower
00:19:28x3m.PoOp2eaT i told he is rly bad
00:19:31svents lion ultied me 3 times
00:19:39svents yeahslardar ur imba
00:19:42x3m.PoOp2eaT u dont take care for ur self
00:19:49LoveMyBobTeam enigma go
00:20:02Timu twer b
00:20:09Elderi :D:D:D::Dd
00:20:20Tundmatu already blink
00:20:25Elderi :DD:D
00:20:44Timu geesh
00:20:46Timu vangelis
00:20:48Timu hakka korallikut
00:20:48Tundmatu rofl tinker :D
00:20:48Vangelis ?
00:20:51Timu mängima
00:20:53Vangelis ?
00:20:54Vangelis mis
00:20:54Vangelis ma
00:20:55Timu sa missid nii palju olukordi
00:20:56Vangelis valesti teen
00:20:56LoveMyBobTeam he maxxed that at 7
00:20:56Tundmatu guy has lvl 4 laser, and uses march instead :D
00:20:57Vangelis ?
00:21:00LoveMyBobTeam march of mashines
00:21:01Vangelis mis
00:21:02LoveMyBobTeam y
00:21:03Vangelis ma praegu missisin
00:21:04LoveMyBobTeam y
00:21:04Vangelis ?
00:21:05Vangelis utle
00:21:05Vangelis ?
00:21:05Timu praegu telesid
00:21:08Timu oleks fissure first
00:21:08Bra~ rune top
00:21:12Timu kõik vennad meie toweri alla lõksu
00:21:15Timu siis ulti
00:21:15siloquez i wanted crixa ;c
00:21:22LoveMyBobTeam xD
00:21:22MariahCarry omw top
00:21:23MariahCarry sk
00:21:25MariahCarry kill lion
00:21:30Timu bot i s mine
00:21:31Timu go away
00:21:32MariahCarry just one stun
00:21:33siloquez hahaah
00:21:34MariahCarry w8
00:21:36MariahCarry i come from behind
00:21:50Timu go away
00:22:01LoveMyBobTeam farm there
00:22:03Timu ff
00:22:05Timu fuckign tinker
00:22:06Vangelis einoh
00:22:08Vangelis tore ka
00:22:10Vangelis et sa tb
00:22:11Vangelis ei banni
00:22:17Timu siis ta oleks speci võtnud türa
00:22:35Vangelis ja spec > tb
00:22:36Vangelis vaidad
00:22:36Vangelis ?
00:23:09Timu tpüra
00:23:13Timu ma väidan et nad on üsna even
00:23:21Timu ja ta oleks võinud võtta ka speci
00:23:23Timu siis ma oleks tb
00:23:24MariahCarry push
00:23:43Timu 4 of us are gankers
00:23:47Timu i hope u realize that
00:24:03MariahCarry b
00:24:04MariahCarry b
00:24:13MariahCarry enigma
00:24:15MariahCarry we really need u
00:24:28MariahCarry u can't just spend 30 mins till u got bkb in woods
00:24:36Bra~ 3-1-7??
00:24:48MariahCarry could've been 10 more kills
00:24:55Bra~ lol
00:24:59Bra~ made me type
00:25:01Bra~ ffs
00:25:08Bra~ ill come when i have bh
00:25:11Bra~ every time
00:25:18Bra~ like i have all game
00:25:29MariahCarry we need wards
00:25:33MariahCarry akasha
00:25:34x3m.PoOp2eaT well
00:25:37x3m.PoOp2eaT i will not wardin..
00:25:50MariahCarry go
00:25:51MariahCarry ulti
00:25:52MariahCarry slard
00:25:54MariahCarry ulti one
00:26:29Vangelis elderi
00:26:30Vangelis 2
00:26:32MariahCarry svents afk now?
00:26:33Vangelis assists
00:26:34Vangelis ?
00:26:41svents sry was afk yeah
00:26:43svents a little needed
00:26:47Timu well uall fucks are farming
00:26:48LoveMyBobTeam dont flame guys
00:26:51LoveMyBobTeam just play
00:26:51Timu what should be my job
00:26:54siloquez y cos u cant carry noob
00:26:55Timu u have stuns and shit
00:26:56Timu go gank
00:26:58Timu i come with ulti
00:26:59MariahCarry noone be flamin
00:27:09Bra~ b
00:27:11MariahCarry kill
00:27:11MariahCarry enig
00:27:30Timu gj
00:27:33Bra~ captain obvious
00:27:34Bra~ ...
00:27:38Elderi push bot
00:27:42Vangelis no
00:27:46MariahCarry do they have wards or smth
00:27:47Bra~ i wont listen to you anymore
00:27:48Bra~ sry
00:27:49Vangelis my
00:27:50Vangelis ult
00:27:51Vangelis on cd
00:28:08MariahCarry mby if we got a ward some day
00:28:10Vangelis just
00:28:11Vangelis b
00:28:12Vangelis atm
00:28:12MariahCarry we could see where they were on the map
00:28:13MariahCarry oh well
00:28:14Bra~ i will get np
00:28:16Tundmatu dont
00:28:19Tundmatu let's push bot
00:28:23Bra~ i saw 1 top
00:28:26MariahCarry untill that happens
00:28:27Bra~ others missing
00:28:35MariahCarry i don't feel bad for jumping into 5 like that
00:28:46Bra~ got bh
00:29:18MariahCarry ULTIU
00:29:19MariahCarry SLARDAR
00:29:20MariahCarry ULTI
00:29:23x3m.PoOp2eaT cd
00:29:25MariahCarry NO
00:29:27Bra~ lol
00:29:27Elderi get items spectre
00:29:27MariahCarry FUCING WAY
00:29:28Bra~ XDDDD
00:29:29x3m.PoOp2eaT no not
00:29:31Timu no shit tra
00:29:32Elderi u lack radi
00:29:34x3m.PoOp2eaT now
00:29:35x3m.PoOp2eaT not
00:29:35siloquez :DDD
00:29:37x3m.PoOp2eaT but was
00:29:42Vangelis gg
00:29:45Vangelis ...
00:29:45Vangelis fail
00:29:46Tundmatu gg, this es
00:29:58MariahCarry push
00:30:09Bra~ ineed bkb
00:30:11Bra~ go mid twr
00:30:16x3m.PoOp2eaT ajiafsbdf
00:30:32Timu get wards
00:30:44Bra~ no bh
00:30:44Bra~ b
00:30:45Bra~ imo
00:31:19Vangelis leave
00:31:20Vangelis farm
00:31:20Vangelis for
00:31:21Vangelis spec
00:31:47MariahCarry slard
00:31:48MariahCarry in fights
00:31:50MariahCarry ur only job
00:31:54Vangelis OGRE
00:31:54x3m.PoOp2eaT ult
00:31:54Vangelis b
00:31:54x3m.PoOp2eaT y
00:31:56MariahCarry is to ulti every single time
00:31:57Vangelis you
00:31:58MariahCarry it's off cd
00:31:58Vangelis dead
00:32:00MariahCarry u ulti one more
00:32:05Timu i ulti
00:32:13LoveMyBobTeam let me midd
00:32:23MariahCarry sk
00:32:25MariahCarry and enig
00:32:27MariahCarry wanna join us?
00:32:28LoveMyBobTeam sec
00:32:32Bra~ y
00:32:33Bra~ got bk
00:32:36Bra~ b
00:32:41MariahCarry good
00:32:58MariahCarry go mid all
00:33:01Vangelis def
00:33:02Vangelis mid
00:33:02Vangelis ?
00:33:15LoveMyBobTeam :D
00:33:16Elderi :DDD
00:33:17siloquez spectre
00:33:20siloquez u are pro gamer
00:33:32Vangelis well
00:33:32LoveMyBobTeam i was shoping whole gime
00:33:32LoveMyBobTeam xD
00:33:33Vangelis you
00:33:33Vangelis aall
00:33:34Vangelis are
00:33:34LoveMyBobTeam time
00:33:37Vangelis if
00:33:40Vangelis you go 2v5
00:33:44siloquez hahahah
00:33:47siloquez it was 1on2 vs enigma
00:33:49siloquez he had 2hp
00:33:51siloquez u all didnt kill him
00:33:53siloquez gj
00:34:03MariahCarry tower
00:34:05Timu bkb and ran away
00:34:05Bra~ omw
00:34:06Timu dunnno
00:34:15MariahCarry b
00:34:16MariahCarry es
00:34:20siloquez if u ultied 2wks earlier
00:34:21siloquez :DDDD
00:34:51x3m.PoOp2eaT sta sad da sklopim? :D
00:34:53Vangelis buy
00:34:54Vangelis it
00:34:57MariahCarry spec has relic
00:34:57LoveMyBobTeam ruku
00:35:02LoveMyBobTeam in 31 min
00:35:22MariahCarry push fast
00:35:22LoveMyBobTeam gogo
00:35:24LoveMyBobTeam i ulty
00:35:25MariahCarry fuck that
00:35:26MariahCarry svents
00:35:30MariahCarry don't die
00:35:35Vangelis care
00:35:36Vangelis ogre
00:35:36Vangelis no
00:35:37Vangelis tele
00:36:03LoveMyBobTeam deny\
00:36:04LoveMyBobTeam pls
00:36:05LoveMyBobTeam ty
00:36:07Bra~ :D
00:36:17Bra~ gj sven
00:36:19Bra~ xD
00:36:26MariahCarry drunk today svents?
00:36:32svents no
00:36:36Bra~ hung over 24/7
00:36:37MariahCarry playing 8 tables at the same time?
00:36:39svents i dont drunk anymore
00:36:51x3m.PoOp2eaT he is drunk every game
00:36:54x3m.PoOp2eaT its seems like that
00:36:55Vangelis let
00:36:56Vangelis spec
00:36:56x3m.PoOp2eaT ..
00:36:57svents cause i lost my wallet with last drunk
00:36:57Vangelis take
00:36:57Vangelis bot
00:37:00Vangelis actually
00:37:03Vangelis tink is fine too so nvm
00:37:09Vangelis ogre
00:37:09Vangelis want
00:37:10Vangelis to
00:37:10Vangelis b
00:37:24Vangelis ehm
00:37:26Vangelis ............
00:37:39LoveMyBobTeam lets midd
00:37:44Bra~ got bh
00:37:46LoveMyBobTeam spectre fucking
00:37:48LoveMyBobTeam my dagger
00:37:48x3m.PoOp2eaT terror
00:37:49Bra~ come mariah
00:37:51x3m.PoOp2eaT wanna join us?
00:37:58MariahCarry gotta gank es first
00:38:01MariahCarry or spec
00:38:11MariahCarry wARDS
00:38:13MariahCarry MAYBE
00:38:13Vangelis miks
00:38:14MariahCarry for once
00:38:14Vangelis hood
00:38:15Vangelis ?
00:38:15Timu care
00:38:17MariahCarry in this 35 mins game
00:38:19Timu niisama
00:38:20x3m.PoOp2eaT enigma or akasha
00:38:21x3m.PoOp2eaT not me.
00:38:22svents we just have to start fight
00:38:26Bra~ had wards
00:38:30Vangelis einoh
00:38:30MariahCarry we can't start fight
00:38:31Vangelis tore
00:38:33MariahCarry if we don't have wards
00:38:33MariahCarry svents
00:38:35Vangelis et carry teeb niisama itemeid
00:38:40svents i bought once
00:38:43MariahCarry SO WAHT
00:38:47Vangelis car
00:38:47x3m.PoOp2eaT so buy again
00:38:48Vangelis mid
00:38:50LoveMyBobTeam use them
00:38:57LoveMyBobTeam and cut spamm about wards
00:39:00Vangelis b
00:39:02Vangelis ?
00:39:09Vangelis plz
00:39:10Vangelis care
00:39:11Vangelis enigma
00:39:14LoveMyBobTeam u 1st engima
00:39:23LoveMyBobTeam u have bkb
00:39:29Vangelis tinker
00:39:30Bra~ es there
00:39:33Vangelis ...............................................................................................
00:39:38siloquez u dont like free tower ?
00:40:09LoveMyBobTeam go
00:40:40Elderi sk
00:40:47siloquez SPECTRE??
00:40:48siloquez HELLO
00:40:55LoveMyBobTeam wtf
00:41:15Bra~ as u seee
00:41:15LoveMyBobTeam bad ulty enigma
00:41:19LoveMyBobTeam dont w so much
00:41:19Bra~ i cant go first
00:41:20Bra~ !!!
00:41:21LoveMyBobTeam w8
00:41:28Bra~ they are too separated
00:41:30LoveMyBobTeam u need avatar before
00:41:30Bra~ need bait
00:41:33LoveMyBobTeam spectre use ulty
00:41:37LoveMyBobTeam so she cant disable ur dagger
00:41:44Bra~ lol?
00:42:01Bra~ well
00:42:02x3m.PoOp2eaT s&y ili asault?
00:42:09Bra~ no point in jumping 1
00:42:57Bra~ ulti
00:43:06Bra~ lol rly
00:43:09LoveMyBobTeam that shit is fat
00:43:11Bra~ why not attack
00:43:14Bra~ slardar
00:43:19x3m.PoOp2eaT lol ?
00:43:27Bra~ needed 2 hits
00:43:30Bra~ you tried b
00:43:42Bra~ but failed
00:43:42svents and slard
00:43:44Bra~ both ways
00:43:51svents u should hey bkb and dagger not armlet
00:43:54svents get
00:43:57x3m.PoOp2eaT i couldnt kill him
00:44:00MariahCarry svents
00:44:12MariahCarry u should not be mind-afk all game
00:44:20Timu top is mine
00:44:23svents i couldnt do shit about that
00:44:28x3m.PoOp2eaT svents
00:44:29Bra~ xD
00:44:30x3m.PoOp2eaT all u do is
00:44:33x3m.PoOp2eaT steal with ult
00:44:47Bra~ go top
00:44:48Bra~ FAST
00:44:51LoveMyBobTeam go
00:44:54LoveMyBobTeam ill push bot
00:45:43Bra~ sk
00:45:45Bra~ go ulti there
00:45:46Bra~ PLZ
00:45:54Vangelis I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:55Vangelis gg wp
00:45:57Bra~ sk go ulti mid
00:45:59Bra~ or sth
00:45:59Timu its not fuckign over
00:46:01Bra~ they need u
00:46:03Vangelis on kull
00:46:03Vangelis 2
00:46:04Vangelis lane
00:46:06Vangelis = over
00:46:10Bra~ whatever
00:46:16Bra~ sk??
00:46:19Tundmatu stun, fucking noob ogre
00:46:21LoveMyBobTeam ?
00:46:26Bra~ why are you solo
00:46:31Bra~ could have killed mid atm
00:46:49Timu WE GO AND PUSH TOP
00:46:49Elderi push mid
00:46:55Elderi mid tower low
00:47:01Timu THEN GO MID
00:47:03Tundmatu top has megas
00:47:04Tundmatu so
00:47:06Elderi mid tower 100hp
00:47:07Tundmatu should top
00:47:07Elderi base
00:47:09siloquez .DDDDd
00:47:15Bra~ come mid pplz
00:47:23Elderi take mid
00:47:31MariahCarry ULTI
00:47:32MariahCarry stard
00:47:42Vangelis ?
00:47:43x3m.PoOp2eaT did
00:47:43Timu FUCK THIS
00:47:46Timu TRA
00:47:46MariahCarry so hard to ult people
00:47:50Timu slaril oli mingi 10hp
00:47:50Bra~ :D
00:47:50x3m.PoOp2eaT I DID !
00:47:52Timu laksust kadus ära
00:47:57Bra~ ulti right away
00:48:01Bra~ he means
00:48:37MariahCarry svents
00:48:38MariahCarry hello
00:48:38Elderi b
00:48:40MariahCarry why u afk
00:48:45MariahCarry u watching tv or something??
00:48:48Vangelis einoh
00:48:49Vangelis gg wp
00:48:51Vangelis ei suuda
00:48:56Vangelis ega taha keegi 5v5 teha
00:48:57Timu kui joppab 5v5
00:49:09Vangelis no
00:49:10Vangelis nuud
00:49:12Vangelis nad pushivad
00:49:12Vangelis ara
00:49:46LoveMyBobTeam xD
00:50:06LoveMyBobTeam too much
00:50:08LoveMyBobTeam disables
00:50:10LoveMyBobTeam jesus
00:50:13svents i have seen 0 sk's ulties
00:50:17Bra~ too much armlet on slardar
00:50:20MariahCarry neither have i
00:50:21LoveMyBobTeam lol @ that
00:50:22Vangelis mid
00:50:22Vangelis must
00:50:23Vangelis take
00:50:24Vangelis mid
00:50:24Bra~ lol
00:50:26Bra~ at sk
00:50:26MariahCarry i haven't seen anything from svents either
00:50:27Bra~ :d
00:50:33Timu insane push go
00:50:36MariahCarry and enigma thought he had ulti
00:50:37MariahCarry but cd?
00:50:38MariahCarry :D
00:50:39svents i own all the time
00:50:41MariahCarry when u blinked in
00:50:43Elderi rax
00:50:45x3m.PoOp2eaT i falied so hard :D
00:50:47Vangelis need
00:50:47Bra~ nah
00:50:48Vangelis tinker
00:50:49MariahCarry now they rosh
00:50:49Timu tinker go bot
00:50:51x3m.PoOp2eaT failed *
00:50:54Bra~ just put midnioght
00:50:56Bra~ and stun
00:50:58Bra~ and ran
00:51:09Vangelis melee
00:51:10Vangelis rax
00:51:10Vangelis and
00:51:10Vangelis b
00:51:19Vangelis b
00:51:23Vangelis b
00:51:38Vangelis b
00:51:38Vangelis b
00:51:38Vangelis b
00:51:59MariahCarry rosh
00:52:00MariahCarry all
00:52:00MariahCarry fast
00:52:01Bra~ or just go mid
00:52:03Bra~ k
00:52:04MariahCarry ROSH
00:52:04x3m.PoOp2eaT rosh
00:52:06MariahCarry they're at rosh
00:52:08MariahCarry gotta stop them
00:52:08Bra~ i see i see
00:52:11Vangelis do
00:52:11Vangelis not
00:52:13Vangelis get ganged
00:52:19Timu gather and we go top
00:52:21MariahCarry nice
00:52:22MariahCarry they're not
00:52:24Bra~ :d
00:52:24Timu actually need rosh
00:52:27Vangelis y
00:52:33Vangelis CARE
00:52:37MariahCarry let me tank
00:52:37Vangelis they
00:52:38Vangelis rosh?
00:52:39MariahCarry sf
00:52:39Vangelis atm
00:52:40MariahCarry sk
00:52:40Vangelis ?
00:52:47Vangelis guess
00:52:47Vangelis so
00:52:48MariahCarry all bot
00:52:48Timu b
00:52:49Timu base
00:52:52Bra~ okay boss
00:52:52MariahCarry gotta push the lane
00:52:57MariahCarry so tinker doesn't tp to it
00:53:03Vangelis amazing
00:53:04Vangelis ward
00:53:13Elderi there came thru someone
00:53:15Elderi sk
00:53:24Elderi care
00:53:32Vangelis we
00:53:32Vangelis def
00:53:34Vangelis bot
00:53:37Elderi smoke gang
00:53:38MariahCarry focus lion es ogre with dmg
00:53:41Vangelis we
00:53:42Vangelis can
00:53:43Vangelis try
00:53:43MariahCarry and spec with stuns
00:53:43Vangelis but
00:53:44Vangelis fast
00:53:45Vangelis then
00:53:48Elderi meet
00:54:07LoveMyBobTeam goo
00:54:17Bra~ fuuuuckeed
00:54:46Vangelis mid
00:54:47Vangelis push
00:54:48siloquez need to finish now :D
00:54:49MariahCarry 1 rax to go
00:54:49siloquez or gg
00:54:51MariahCarry :D
00:54:53LoveMyBobTeam y
00:54:54Bra~ ^^
00:54:56Tundmatu BAASILE
00:55:00Tundmatu go on base or lose
00:55:01Vangelis ALL MID
00:55:02Vangelis go
00:55:04Timu MID THRONE
00:55:08Vangelis TINKER
00:55:09Vangelis DEF
00:55:10LoveMyBobTeam creeps will do the job
00:55:10Timu TINKER
00:55:12Timu TAKE CARE
00:55:14x3m.PoOp2eaT ocemo jos stevo?
00:55:17LoveMyBobTeam da
00:55:19LoveMyBobTeam jos 1
00:55:26x3m.PoOp2eaT aj da upadnemo u isti
00:55:28Vangelis oh
00:55:28Bra~ got bh
00:55:29Vangelis well
00:55:29Bra~ wait
00:55:30Vangelis cant
00:55:30Vangelis go
00:55:31Bra~ wait
00:55:31Vangelis all alive
00:55:32Timu B
00:55:37Vangelis gather
00:55:40Vangelis need
00:55:40Vangelis all
00:55:52Vangelis all
00:55:52Vangelis mid
00:55:53Vangelis go
00:56:04Vangelis rosh
00:56:05Vangelis dead
00:56:50Timu 'TINK
00:56:50Timu DEF
00:56:57Tundmatu spectre tanking like a baws
00:57:00Bra~ i guess we lost it
00:57:01Bra~ :D
00:57:04Vangelis get
00:57:04Vangelis bot
00:57:04Bra~ too bad
00:57:08Vangelis bot
00:57:26Vangelis tinker
00:57:26Vangelis go
00:57:27Vangelis help
00:57:28Vangelis i def
00:57:30Bra~ or not yet
00:57:37Vangelis tinker
00:57:37Vangelis go
00:57:38Vangelis help
00:57:41Vangelis nvm
00:57:42Vangelis go
00:57:42Vangelis b
00:57:43Vangelis bot
00:57:47MariahCarry spec with -16 armor
00:57:51Bra~ too bad bd isnt allowd
00:57:54MariahCarry why is he so hard to kill
00:57:59Vangelis all
00:58:00Vangelis regen
00:58:02Vangelis and push top
00:58:02Timu YE
00:58:03Timu AND TOP
00:58:09siloquez if we push they can bd
00:58:09Bra~ the disablers around him
00:58:09siloquez :D
00:58:14Vangelis no
00:58:15Vangelis tinker
00:58:16Vangelis can
00:58:16LoveMyBobTeam i dont get that hero
00:58:17Vangelis kepp
00:58:19Vangelis lanes
00:58:20Vangelis and rules
00:58:20siloquez its 1 rax man
00:58:23Bra~ we see
00:58:25Vangelis mean = you have to enter
00:58:26LoveMyBobTeam its like that dispersion
00:58:27Vangelis with creeps
00:58:29LoveMyBobTeam gives
00:58:30siloquez k
00:58:36LoveMyBobTeam 90% reduced dmg
00:58:37Vangelis try
00:58:39Vangelis to keep buyout
00:58:40MariahCarry ye
00:58:40Vangelis money
00:58:45Bra~ 22%?
00:58:48Bra~ :D
00:58:50LoveMyBobTeam nothing
00:58:51Timu ALL
00:58:52Timu COME
00:58:53LoveMyBobTeam 0%
00:58:59Vangelis go
00:59:00Vangelis fight
00:59:02Vangelis actually
00:59:04MariahCarry push bot
00:59:05Vangelis smoke
00:59:05Vangelis anyone
00:59:06Vangelis ?
00:59:07Timu WELL I ULTI
00:59:09MariahCarry hope they let us snipe rax
00:59:09LoveMyBobTeam its just too much str grow per lvl
00:59:14siloquez they
00:59:15Timu ASDasd
00:59:15siloquez come
00:59:16siloquez bot
00:59:17siloquez guys
00:59:21Vangelis y
00:59:22Elderi m eet
00:59:24siloquez fast
00:59:25Vangelis GATHER
00:59:29MariahCarry all just disable people
00:59:32MariahCarry and hit the rax
00:59:32Bra~ care now
00:59:36Bra~ es
00:59:37Bra~ care
00:59:37LoveMyBobTeam u go rax
01:00:15Vangelis push
01:00:18Vangelis tinker
01:00:19Vangelis push
01:00:19Vangelis top
01:00:24Bra~ we need smoke gang
01:00:35MariahCarry on their rax yes
01:00:39Bra~ y
01:00:40Timu need allat top
01:00:54x3m.PoOp2eaT b terror
01:01:00Elderi meet
01:01:10Elderi need all top
01:01:13Bra~ u dead?
01:01:19MariahCarry dunno
01:01:21MariahCarry but if i go b
01:01:27MariahCarry and we lose a fight near our base
01:01:29MariahCarry then we die too
01:01:37LoveMyBobTeam go rax
01:01:43x3m.PoOp2eaT go terror
01:01:46Vangelis all
01:01:47MariahCarry getting BoT
01:01:48Vangelis have
01:01:49Vangelis tps
01:01:49Vangelis ?
01:01:54MariahCarry sure bd isn't allowed?
01:02:00LoveMyBobTeam it is
01:02:01svents y
01:02:04Bra~ its not
01:02:06LoveMyBobTeam is it?
01:02:09svents no
01:02:09Bra~ nope
01:02:09LoveMyBobTeam hwy?
01:02:12siloquez w8
01:02:12siloquez i regen
01:02:13Bra~ not in base
01:02:15MariahCarry k
01:02:17Bra~ other twrs only
01:02:18LoveMyBobTeam thats shit
01:02:20LoveMyBobTeam rax get reg
01:02:38MariahCarry can't win a fight
01:02:45LoveMyBobTeam come b
01:02:48LoveMyBobTeam asap
01:02:48Bra~ you go
01:02:51Bra~ nh
01:02:52Bra~ go
01:02:53MariahCarry rty def
01:03:29Timu thorne
01:03:50Timu no tp slot
01:03:51Bra~ umm
01:03:51MariahCarry gg
01:03:57Elderi ?=
01:03:59LoveMyBobTeam if u were here
01:04:03LoveMyBobTeam I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:06Vangelis issand
01:04:06Vangelis kui
01:04:08Vangelis napp mang
01:04:08Bra~ no crix no
01:04:08Vangelis :D
01:04:11MariahCarry I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:12Vangelis damn
01:04:13siloquez =))))))))
01:04:13Bra~ I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:14Tundmatu indeed
01:04:14Timu mõtsin kohe et specc on kõvem
01:04:15siloquez no need to thank
01:04:15Vangelis this good game
01:04:18Timu keegi ei saa maha
01:04:20Vangelis einoh
01:04:21Vangelis meil vedas
01:04:26Vangelis ma sail liiga palju haid ultisi
01:04:26Vangelis :D
01:04:30Timu jea
01:04:32Timu see oli päris hea jah
01:04:39Timu gj u2 tinker
01:04:39Bra~ go ff
01:04:43Bra~ wasting ur time
01:04:50x3m.PoOp2eaT -ff
01:04:56Bra~ just "ff"
01:04:59Timu [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:04:59Timu [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:04:59Timu [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:04:59Timu [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
01:04:59x3m.PoOp2eaT I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
01:05:15Vangelis gg
01:05:18Timu gg wp
01:05:20Bra~ gg wp
01:05:21LoveMyBobTeam wp
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