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-54 X
-1 TS

98% | 1763 X | 1617 TS

-7 X
-3 TS

90% | 1517 X | 1449 TS

-17 X
-1 TS

77% | 1380 X | 1420 TS

-27 X
-1 TS

64% | 1288 X | 1360 TS

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100% | 1858 X | 1673 TS

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+3 TS

94% | 1589 X | 1542 TS

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70% | 1258 X | 1462 TS

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52% | 1215 X | 1318 TS

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+2 TS

19% | 971 X | 1268 TS

Chat log

00:00:09atte -rd
00:00:21NotAHax -weaver
00:00:21Vangelis he
00:00:21Vangelis picks am
00:00:21Vangelis ...
00:00:21atte balanar
00:00:22NotAHax i know
00:00:28Mercury -weaver , balanar banned
00:00:43atte want enig?
00:00:46sosen -tips
00:01:00NotAHax Wantedzip
00:01:02NotAHax can you play carry?
00:01:04WantedZip no
00:01:15NotAHax ...
00:01:16NotAHax ff
00:01:18WantedZip ff
00:01:21Vangelis ff
00:01:25veuncent qop please
00:01:25sosen are u kiddin me?
00:01:26NotAHax why pick
00:01:27NotAHax so stupid
00:01:27sosen u going mid?
00:01:32WantedZip i want to be u
00:01:38sosen am
00:01:39atte ofc lol
00:01:40Vangelis wantedzip
00:01:41NotAHax ur retarted or something?
00:01:42Vangelis just plug
00:01:43Vangelis :D
00:01:43atte am best mid hero ingame
00:01:43sosen lal
00:01:45WantedZip like u
00:01:45teh_re ill forest
00:01:45sosen me solo bot
00:01:46WantedZip y
00:01:49atte and they all melee
00:01:55atte i burn their mana
00:02:03atte they cant do a shit
00:02:03WantedZip no we have notahax .. he can plug
00:02:05WantedZip really pro
00:02:15sosen -ma
00:02:16NotAHax -hhn
00:02:41atte pelis pelkkii soloheroi
00:02:43atte iha jees
00:02:53atte miks ei oo dotast 5 linjan versioo
00:02:57atte tai 10vs10 versioo
00:03:05atte ois sairast
00:03:05PETTR -ma
00:03:11atte vois laittaa vaa 2x quadlane
00:03:15Mercury rune top
00:04:26veuncent holy shit
00:04:35PETTR n1
00:04:38veuncent :D
00:04:45veuncent since when do spells trigger tower attack?
00:05:13sosen enigma
00:05:14sosen when im lvl 4
00:05:15atte ss
00:05:16sosen try kill lina
00:05:27atte re
00:05:28teh_re ok
00:05:29teh_re yell then
00:06:05sosen now
00:06:08sosen but its pushed
00:06:09sosen go
00:06:11sosen afrer pull
00:06:12sosen go pull
00:06:14sosen then go lina
00:06:29atte ss
00:06:42teh_re ffs
00:06:45veuncent miss
00:06:49rezcomo sorry
00:06:50veuncent re
00:07:01atte enig can you get me tp
00:07:17veuncent mss
00:07:27atte btw they have runewards
00:07:45sosen can u upgrade chicken
00:07:47sosen enigma?
00:07:47veuncent up chick please
00:07:55veuncent miss
00:07:57NotAHax need wards
00:08:00sosen dont fkn use it
00:08:01atte doom inc bot
00:08:05atte has rune
00:08:07sosen un upgraded
00:08:17atte re
00:08:17sosen up it enigma
00:08:30sosen g lina?
00:08:33teh_re fu
00:08:42sosen ?
00:08:43atte vihul vähä wardei
00:08:48sosen lina freekill
00:08:48sosen come
00:08:53atte why no wards or chick on rune
00:08:59atte its sad
00:09:02atte enig go get rune
00:09:15veuncent miss tiny
00:09:23NotAHax mid miss
00:09:24atte rune bot
00:09:34atte doom inc
00:10:03atte jep
00:10:12atte lets gang bot
00:10:16NotAHax kato replay niin hymyilet
00:10:27atte oho pakotat tiimin ostaa wardei
00:10:49veuncent miss
00:10:56NotAHax need wards
00:11:24PETTR pudge mioss
00:11:25NotAHax :D
00:11:25veuncent norton update
00:11:25Vangelis i am sure
00:11:25NotAHax nh
00:11:25NotAHax näh
00:11:25Vangelis norton update
00:11:25NotAHax this one is plugg
00:11:25Mercury this is just stupid to do so
00:11:25NotAHax i dont
00:11:25NotAHax even
00:11:25NotAHax understand
00:11:25NotAHax why whine last
00:11:25NotAHax drop
00:11:25NotAHax By me
00:11:25NotAHax i had
00:11:25NotAHax Freefarm
00:11:25NotAHax could win game
00:11:25NotAHax atte rageplugging
00:11:25NotAHax nothing else
00:11:25sosen FML
00:11:25NotAHax mercury rly
00:11:25NotAHax difference is that
00:11:25NotAHax i have been
00:11:25NotAHax worse games
00:11:25atte lägää
00:11:25atte ???
00:11:25atte ?????
00:11:25atte ?
00:11:25atte ?
00:11:25atte WAITING FOR HOST
00:11:25atte LOOM
00:11:25atte LOOOOOOOOOOM
00:11:33atte vähä lagaa?
00:11:36NotAHax :DD
00:11:39sosen g pudge?
00:11:44rezcomo toss me
00:11:47rezcomo try
00:12:00NotAHax can someone buy wards
00:12:01rezcomo zzz
00:12:04rezcomo lost hero
00:12:08sosen u have ult?
00:12:09Vangelis try
00:12:10Vangelis again
00:12:11teh_re y
00:12:12sosen i dont
00:12:14sosen or I do
00:12:14sosen but
00:12:16sosen low mana
00:12:20atte get wards
00:12:31teh_re go or not?
00:12:35atte come kill mid
00:12:37sosen g
00:12:56Vangelis cd
00:12:59atte ss mid
00:12:59NotAHax i have ulti midd
00:13:00rezcomo argh
00:13:00NotAHax if someone comes
00:13:14atte rune bot
00:13:15atte doom has
00:14:05atte so dominated him and then he just took runes cos rexx doesnt use birn on runes
00:14:12atte and first ward up 10min
00:14:16atte tiny
00:15:07teh_re ff
00:15:55atte jep
00:16:28veuncent zomg
00:17:46NotAHax got doom
00:18:01sosen are u blind?
00:18:03sosen LOL
00:18:05atte idc
00:18:10atte lost game
00:18:15atte doom will just always come
00:18:16atte and kill me
00:18:31atte get raped early loose game
00:18:33atte dota.gc
00:19:45NotAHax lina
00:19:46NotAHax can you buy wards
00:19:51rezcomo soon
00:19:55NotAHax k nice
00:19:56rezcomo 1 min
00:20:22NotAHax :D
00:20:49rezcomo mid
00:21:13rezcomo why toss me
00:21:22Vangelis u can;'t
00:21:23Vangelis choose
00:21:26Vangelis who it tosses
00:21:27rezcomo i know
00:21:32rezcomo but wtf :D
00:21:38NotAHax need wards
00:21:41NotAHax and gangs
00:21:45rezcomo are in base
00:21:46rezcomo 4
00:21:50NotAHax plant to runes?
00:22:06rezcomo chicken busy allways
00:22:49NotAHax vangelis
00:22:50NotAHax plant one here
00:23:13veuncent pro
00:23:18sosen de8
00:24:27Vangelis soon
00:24:27NotAHax ward those places pretty plz
00:24:31NotAHax yh
00:24:45NotAHax and just gang magina
00:24:56NotAHax if rape magina they cant win
00:25:07sosen doom relic=(
00:25:30sosen g
00:25:32atte come
00:25:51atte new wards
00:26:55NotAHax push
00:26:58atte let me
00:27:14sosen all 8ast
00:27:26atte top cd
00:27:29atte tp
00:27:48NotAHax i get dd
00:27:49NotAHax sec
00:27:50sosen ur the biggest retard
00:27:53NotAHax and gj all
00:27:59NotAHax will def top
00:28:01atte TP CD
00:28:43NotAHax mercury
00:28:46NotAHax you go ac or me
00:28:47Mercury y
00:28:47NotAHax ?
00:28:56Mercury u can go
00:29:02atte ???
00:29:44WantedZip aka
00:29:46WantedZip gio
00:29:47WantedZip tiny
00:29:50WantedZip nvm
00:29:57Vangelis he got hp
00:29:59Vangelis can't kill him
00:30:35Vangelis lina
00:30:36Vangelis we need
00:30:37Vangelis moar wards
00:30:39NotAHax go
00:30:47veuncent thanks team
00:30:52sosen 88
00:30:54atte no can do
00:30:54sosen I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:57NotAHax gj all
00:31:02atte wheres the hawk for vision
00:31:08NotAHax i see ur magina pro
00:31:16atte i see ur trax pro
00:31:22NotAHax what trax
00:31:22sosen "I go mid magina best mid hero in game"
00:31:25NotAHax xDD
00:31:26NotAHax y
00:31:26teh_re I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:33NotAHax Well its atte
00:31:34atte joo ei tuurii runeissa?
00:31:37NotAHax he have no idea about this game mechanics
00:31:45sosen noticed
00:31:54sosen keeps spamming his ult on doom
00:31:55NotAHax go rosh
00:31:56sosen mean pudge
00:31:59NotAHax :D
00:32:03Mercury no ward
00:32:11rezcomo are in base
00:32:27sosen doom inc
00:32:33NotAHax soon ac
00:32:58NotAHax i use chick
00:33:23Vangelis b
00:33:38NotAHax just go rosh now with 5
00:33:39NotAHax with smoke
00:33:46veuncent plant please :)
00:34:20Mercury who has smoke?
00:34:39NotAHax rosh
00:34:45sosen b
00:34:46NotAHax dk take
00:34:46sosen smoke
00:34:47sosen d
00:34:56NotAHax and after we go midd
00:35:23NotAHax i get
00:35:32veuncent dd
00:35:39atte dk is a bait
00:35:49atte i tp when they come
00:35:51NotAHax split
00:35:51NotAHax for enigma
00:35:53atte caree
00:35:59veuncent tp
00:36:17sosen doom maybe tp top
00:36:20sosen and kill u
00:36:35NotAHax .
00:37:15NotAHax b
00:37:22NotAHax lol you didnt lost aegis
00:37:24NotAHax we can push another lane after
00:37:30NotAHax all regen + get full hp then head to bottom
00:37:59Vangelis wwarded
00:38:09Mercury top?
00:38:19Mercury or bot
00:38:22NotAHax bot
00:38:38atte gp
00:38:39atte go
00:38:51NotAHax need lina
00:38:52Vangelis tiny so gangsta with his club
00:38:53Vangelis :D
00:38:57NotAHax lets go
00:39:05NotAHax b
00:39:07atte b
00:39:19veuncent yay
00:39:56teh_re I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:58NotAHax care enigma
00:41:04NotAHax hit tower
00:41:04NotAHax tiny
00:41:07Vangelis y
00:41:08PETTR I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:13NotAHax gg wp
00:41:16NotAHax wp mercurial
00:41:20NotAHax and all
00:41:33veuncent gg
00:41:37atte vois kyl ens kerral repii piuhat irti ku herolost
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