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Chat log

00:00:03Ckalle cool teams ^^
00:00:08Ckalle Me + IsseBisse mates
00:00:13Ckalle we go bot :)
00:00:13EyeforanEye ban rubick plz
00:00:18Ckalle mby ban magus
00:00:18NotAHax -weaver
00:00:18NotAHax -rubick
00:00:18NotAHax sittenki
00:00:18EyeforanEye ban the weaver
00:00:18BoNeshaw umm ye
00:00:18slc2 give me lina
00:00:18BoNeshaw weaver
00:00:18EyeforanEye goodie
00:00:31slc2 take lanya
00:00:33slc2 lanaya
00:00:41slc2 he fucks him
00:00:48extremewaari take pl for me
00:00:49BoNeshaw take solo
00:00:53slc2 lina for me?
00:00:53extremewaari :p
00:00:55NotAHax ":D"
00:00:58NotAHax expected
00:00:59extremewaari what u want?
00:01:05slc2 i wanted lina
00:01:07BoNeshaw mitä niin
00:01:18extremewaari eyefor what u want?
00:01:18BoNeshaw ill play myself
00:01:24slc2 silencer?
00:01:25EyeforanEye get me nort
00:01:27extremewaari or u will play it?
00:01:28extremewaari k
00:01:32EyeforanEye -swap 4
00:01:38slc2 -swap 2
00:01:44extremewaari lol?
00:01:44Ckalle nice :)
00:01:45Casberry meh
00:01:46extremewaari wtf :D
00:01:47EyeforanEye y
00:01:48EyeforanEye .
00:01:48BoNeshaw slc2 give that to extreme
00:01:49Casberry what to pick ?
00:01:52BoNeshaw that was just lame...
00:01:59slc2 -swap 2
00:02:03BoNeshaw ty
00:02:06EyeforanEye "swap 3"
00:02:07extremewaari -swap 4
00:02:13BoNeshaw /w BoNeshaw DotaKeys: on
00:02:13slc2 me no nerubian
00:02:13BoNeshaw /w BoNeshaw DotaKeys: Please type Hero's ORIGINAL hotkeys...
00:02:17BoNeshaw /w BoNeshaw DotaKeys: You typed f, g, d, t
00:02:24extremewaari K
00:02:28slc2 let me play this guys
00:02:34BoNeshaw who wants mid?
00:02:41EyeforanEye sure.
00:02:45slc2 i want top.
00:02:46BoNeshaw go mid krobe?
00:02:50Casberry nah
00:02:58EyeforanEye bone u roam?
00:03:05Ckalle rune top
00:03:10slc2 i solo?
00:03:11NotAHax k
00:03:13BoNeshaw nop
00:03:14NotAHax ward asap
00:03:14BoNeshaw ill come
00:03:17slc2 ty baby
00:03:59renqsu -hhn
00:04:11renqsu ss
00:04:46renqsu RE
00:05:06Casberry oh my
00:05:28BoNeshaw u go pull?
00:05:33slc2 yea
00:05:48IsseBisse wards on chick
00:05:50Ckalle feel free to place
00:06:00Ckalle nota
00:06:12NotAHax y
00:06:13NotAHax i place
00:06:23EyeforanEye ss mid
00:06:24EyeforanEye care
00:07:00EyeforanEye lina come gang mid.
00:07:04BoNeshaw ok
00:07:25EyeforanEye ss mid
00:07:32NotAHax na rune bot
00:07:53NotAHax MISS BOT
00:07:59renqsu miss top
00:08:09renqsu RE 1
00:08:23extremewaari omw
00:08:35NotAHax na silencer
00:08:35NotAHax inc
00:09:13NotAHax omw
00:09:40Ckalle gj
00:09:57EyeforanEye omw top
00:10:06EyeforanEye never is kinda freefarming.
00:10:09EyeforanEye treads rdy.
00:10:15EyeforanEye never inc top
00:10:42NotAHax 5 top
00:10:48EyeforanEye oom
00:11:19EyeforanEye gj
00:11:21Ckalle suck my dick
00:11:25Ckalle need calls on that shit
00:11:31slc2 i go for radi now or??
00:11:36EyeforanEye no
00:11:37EyeforanEye hp
00:11:38BoNeshaw hmm
00:11:38Ckalle 4 inc mid
00:11:40Ckalle care
00:11:42EyeforanEye vanquard n str trads
00:11:42NotAHax yy
00:11:43BoNeshaw go vanguard
00:11:47NotAHax you need go gang pla
00:11:48NotAHax pl
00:11:49Ckalle fight
00:11:49NotAHax with dust
00:11:50EyeforanEye then if good farm go radi /hot
00:11:50Ckalle got ult
00:11:52slc2 ok guys
00:13:03NotAHax ckalle
00:13:04NotAHax you realise
00:13:07NotAHax if you cant gang pl
00:13:08NotAHax and i have to
00:13:09NotAHax we lose
00:13:13Ckalle ye
00:13:17Ckalle waiting for my dust
00:13:38NotAHax ..
00:13:43Ckalle I die to dot anyway
00:13:44EyeforanEye ..
00:13:45Casberry fuck
00:13:48slc2 kill guys
00:13:52NotAHax new wards
00:13:59renqsu 3 TOP
00:14:03Ckalle omw top
00:14:04Ckalle got dust
00:14:14IsseBisse wards in base
00:14:15EyeforanEye pl focos ur corebuild on: Treads/vanquard/diff/radi/hot
00:14:19NotAHax can you plant
00:14:22IsseBisse sure
00:14:24NotAHax fiute top
00:14:38EyeforanEye all ss care
00:14:42EyeforanEye never had wards before
00:14:46Ckalle twr
00:14:48NotAHax y
00:15:15NotAHax dust
00:15:16Ckalle got
00:15:36slc2 omg they have dust
00:15:50IsseBisse wtF?!
00:15:52NotAHax no bite?
00:15:58renqsu -ms
00:16:08Ckalle nota just get bkb and win
00:16:15NotAHax näh-..
00:16:15Ckalle I can hate PL so he can't farm
00:16:21NotAHax well do it
00:16:22NotAHax but
00:16:24NotAHax need more then bkb only
00:16:31NotAHax and need
00:16:31Ckalle ye but start bkb
00:16:31NotAHax wards up
00:16:39IsseBisse its coming
00:16:43extremewaari B
00:16:44EyeforanEye b
00:16:45Ckalle go
00:16:45IsseBisse where do you prefer?
00:16:52IsseBisse k
00:17:04EyeforanEye lina come
00:17:04Ckalle b
00:17:04extremewaari ulti rdy
00:17:06EyeforanEye same
00:17:12Ckalle farmrhasta gonna die
00:17:12NotAHax wait
00:17:13NotAHax dont go
00:17:14NotAHax they coming
00:17:18Ckalle I come with smoke
00:17:22EyeforanEye creeps.
00:17:26renqsu pl farming in wood
00:17:29NotAHax lina haste
00:17:41Ckalle why mid
00:17:42Ckalle come on
00:17:45BoNeshaw hmm i go arcanes?
00:17:45Ckalle we had smoke kills
00:17:49BoNeshaw or is krobe going also=
00:17:54Casberry i am
00:17:55NotAHax need gang pl
00:17:56EyeforanEye mid
00:17:56NotAHax with dust
00:17:59NotAHax ward up
00:18:00BoNeshaw ok
00:18:04NotAHax cm
00:18:04NotAHax plz
00:18:05BoNeshaw then ill just rush dagger
00:18:05Ckalle they 4 here
00:18:07Ckalle THEY ARE FOUR
00:18:07NotAHax k
00:18:07IsseBisse not with 4 miss bot
00:18:08Ckalle HE DIES
00:18:14NotAHax gang pl then
00:18:20Ckalle walking
00:18:23NotAHax cm tele
00:18:23NotAHax y
00:18:27NotAHax dust bite = ded
00:18:30EyeforanEye b
00:18:34Ckalle rhasta
00:18:35Ckalle stay mid
00:18:36NotAHax go search woods
00:18:36NotAHax cm
00:18:36Ckalle we kill sile
00:18:40Ckalle rhasta
00:18:42Ckalle reactions?
00:18:44Ckalle hello?
00:18:45Ckalle wake up
00:18:50NotAHax wait
00:18:58EyeforanEye w8
00:19:03extremewaari all
00:19:05Ckalle lina tps
00:19:11NotAHax gow ard
00:19:13NotAHax and push bot
00:19:20NotAHax ward bot rune
00:19:21NotAHax and push bot
00:19:32NotAHax me
00:19:38NotAHax ..
00:19:39NotAHax why rhasta
00:19:46NotAHax go
00:19:47NotAHax bait
00:19:56NotAHax rhasta
00:19:57NotAHax why you go there
00:19:58NotAHax whewn i said
00:19:59NotAHax we go bot
00:20:00NotAHax ?
00:20:33renqsu freakin double silence :/
00:20:41BoNeshaw good one
00:20:44NotAHax just
00:20:45Ckalle and here's the Rhasta
00:20:46Ckalle whee
00:20:46NotAHax stupid rhasta
00:20:47Ckalle ff
00:20:48NotAHax not listening
00:20:48NotAHax us
00:21:04NotAHax bo back
00:21:07NotAHax go back
00:21:23Ckalle invis top
00:21:27Ckalle NA takes
00:21:32Ckalle care now
00:21:36NotAHax ALL BOT
00:21:47EyeforanEye so far so good guys
00:21:49NotAHax let me
00:21:49NotAHax get souls
00:21:53EyeforanEye b
00:22:05NotAHax again
00:22:06NotAHax you solo
00:22:11EyeforanEye mid twr go
00:22:21renqsu brains dude
00:22:34Ckalle come on
00:22:38Ckalle u could kill him first
00:22:40Ckalle and save me
00:22:52Ckalle and naix
00:22:55Ckalle u could be with us
00:22:56Ckalle ...
00:23:20Ckalle FIGHT
00:23:25renqsu LASOS
00:23:42NotAHax B
00:23:42NotAHax now
00:23:47Ckalle u see that ult?
00:23:49BoNeshaw go farm pl
00:23:51renqsu GJ
00:23:55EyeforanEye pl try n get diff blade nextr
00:23:58EyeforanEye then go hot
00:24:00NotAHax ¨GO BACK
00:24:01NotAHax MIDD
00:24:03NotAHax --_-
00:24:16NotAHax push bot
00:24:17NotAHax as 5
00:24:21NotAHax naix can farm
00:24:22BoNeshaw need obs
00:24:29NotAHax FFS
00:24:31NotAHax WHY YOU DONT
00:24:31NotAHax LISTEN
00:24:34slc2 i never plays this hero its kinda bnoring hero
00:24:44NotAHax STUPID CLOWN
00:24:44slc2 farm 40 min and then win
00:24:54NotAHax RHASTA
00:24:55NotAHax how about
00:24:56NotAHax start
00:24:57NotAHax listening
00:24:58NotAHax and reading
00:25:06NotAHax b now
00:25:06Ckalle illus
00:25:11EyeforanEye gettin rune
00:26:01Ckalle def mid
00:26:05NotAHax de
00:26:05NotAHax midd
00:26:22EyeforanEye mid twr
00:26:24NotAHax who killed
00:26:24NotAHax courier
00:26:25NotAHax :D
00:26:36Ckalle I was flying it
00:26:41Ckalle but someone else controlled
00:26:47Ckalle so couldn't activate shield
00:26:52Ckalle -.-
00:26:56renqsu RHASTA?
00:27:02Ckalle custy
00:27:03Ckalle u drunk?
00:27:06slc2 i will get tower
00:28:20Ckalle ah
00:28:23Ckalle dagger of course
00:28:57slc2 what a bitch
00:29:06EyeforanEye placing ward
00:29:15NotAHax go midd
00:29:17NotAHax as 5
00:29:28renqsu SOME1 upg
00:29:31NotAHax again
00:29:32NotAHax you solo
00:29:33NotAHax RHASTA
00:29:34NotAHax cant you
00:29:35NotAHax stop feedin
00:29:36NotAHax ??
00:29:37NotAHax listen me
00:29:50NotAHax wow
00:29:54slc2 give me dd then rosh?
00:29:58EyeforanEye sry
00:30:02EyeforanEye get mid
00:30:08NotAHax k
00:30:25NotAHax if retard rhasta
00:30:26NotAHax and cm
00:30:27NotAHax stop solo
00:30:29NotAHax and listens
00:30:30NotAHax we might win
00:30:36EyeforanEye ty
00:30:37Ckalle cm was de-warding while they were busy
00:30:45Ckalle he found no ward and no bug
00:30:48Ckalle and they found him
00:30:56Ckalle u can't rly blame him for that
00:30:56slc2 got diff
00:31:00NotAHax ..
00:31:01Ckalle either they have some fucked up wards
00:31:02NotAHax they have ward
00:31:02EyeforanEye goodie
00:31:03NotAHax here
00:31:04Ckalle or map hack
00:31:05NotAHax obs
00:31:05BoNeshaw ill go mekansm or nort/krobe want?
00:31:08NotAHax obvs
00:31:11Casberry do it
00:31:11EyeforanEye ill go hex next
00:31:12Ckalle he wasn't in the range
00:31:14Ckalle of that one
00:31:15BoNeshaw ok
00:31:23Ckalle he was here
00:31:32Ckalle so either they have on the high mountain
00:31:37Ckalle or haxxy bugs
00:31:40NotAHax Go with 5pl z
00:31:41Ckalle or map hack
00:31:51NotAHax and y its nice to try farm when no wards
00:31:54renqsu GO DOWN
00:32:04Ckalle rhasta took about 50 CS from me this game
00:32:08Ckalle and yet he's not fat
00:32:12IsseBisse Wards in base. You place em
00:32:23extremewaari wait
00:32:31extremewaari have ulti 20 sec
00:32:34Ckalle we should skillban rhasta
00:32:36extremewaari and give mana
00:32:44extremewaari ty
00:32:44EyeforanEye ulti rdy
00:32:49slc2 i come
00:32:53slc2 w8 me
00:32:54NotAHax can we go
00:32:55NotAHax with 5
00:32:59Ckalle ye
00:33:00Ckalle come
00:33:01Ckalle I smoke
00:33:01IsseBisse where?
00:33:11renqsu b
00:33:15Ckalle it's hard to go 5 if u tp to another lane :(
00:33:16EyeforanEye bot twr y
00:33:29NotAHax i obvs get souls for good ulti?
00:33:34Ckalle ye
00:33:36Ckalle and we die
00:33:37slc2 mayby i shuold get some damage now
00:33:42EyeforanEye mb radi
00:33:43slc2 bf?
00:33:46EyeforanEye 'no.
00:33:46Ckalle come to me
00:33:47Ckalle smoke
00:33:51NotAHax why we would smoke
00:33:53BoNeshaw radi
00:33:54NotAHax when they are next to us
00:33:55NotAHax go fite now
00:33:58BoNeshaw or even manta better than bf
00:34:00renqsu 3
00:35:08Ckalle PL freefarm 30 min doesn't have shit and they still win
00:35:10Ckalle :(
00:35:26slc2 sad
00:35:30Ckalle souls top
00:35:56BoNeshaw -ms
00:35:56slc2 soon relic
00:36:05Ckalle rhasta steals all farm and doesn't say shit
00:36:05Ckalle wtf
00:36:05BoNeshaw k then radi good choice
00:36:33slc2 i come
00:36:39NotAHax mayby ban makes him speak
00:36:40Ckalle come all
00:36:46NotAHax i need souls
00:36:50Ckalle NA HERE
00:36:53NotAHax dust?
00:36:53Ckalle SMOKE DIDN*T WORK
00:37:14slc2 i push mid
00:37:50NotAHax I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:52Ckalle I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:56NotAHax ff this
00:37:59IsseBisse I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:04renqsu SURRENDER!
00:38:11Ckalle new krob with a team that ganks
00:38:11renqsu I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:13Ckalle unstoppable
00:38:20Ckalle he's not even playing well
00:38:23Ckalle or getting good farm
00:38:25NotAHax JUST FF
00:38:27Ckalle still imba
00:38:28renqsu IDIOT rhasta
00:38:31NotAHax can you fucking retard rhasta ff
00:38:33Ckalle rhasta banned
00:38:45NotAHax RHASTA
00:38:47NotAHax Custy
00:38:48NotAHax SAY
00:38:48NotAHax I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:58slc2 ty
00:39:00Ckalle say FF
00:39:03renqsu write to chat ff
00:39:03extremewaari [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:39:03extremewaari [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:39:03extremewaari [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:39:03extremewaari [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:39:03custy I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:08EyeforanEye Gg
00:39:09Ckalle naix
00:39:10Ckalle go back
00:39:11Ckalle all ff
00:39:20Ckalle that's the first thing rhasta said in chat
00:39:22Ckalle this entire game
00:39:35Ckalle I'm not sure he speaks English
00:39:39EyeforanEye *:)
00:39:46BoNeshaw -ms
00:39:50Ckalle but he sure gave u a few nice entrys
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