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Chat log

00:00:17Ckalle ah
00:00:24TOo_LaZy ban roof
00:00:26creeeeeee that 100% doesent suit you
00:00:34creeeeeee i'd like to steal that 1% from you
00:00:38creeeeeee :D
00:00:39hibalunt WHAAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT
00:00:41Razer.RGC.666.Q get pudge if u can
00:00:44NotAHax play it
00:00:46NotAHax i play it
00:00:48NotAHax if i get it
00:00:50NotAHax dont even dream
00:00:51Zagor get me doc pls
00:00:54NotAHax maxy
00:00:55NotAHax you play dk?
00:00:57Razer.RGC.666.Q they give me sk
00:00:57NotAHax k?
00:00:58TOo_LaZy any1 sd
00:00:59TOo_LaZy ?
00:01:01Maxy why boring heroes to me
00:01:02Razer.RGC.666.Q or qop
00:01:03Maxy give pudge
00:01:04Ckalle he'll take it
00:01:07NotAHax i play pudge
00:01:07NotAHax )
00:01:11creeeeeee prolly yes
00:01:11Maxy =D
00:01:16NotAHax can someone play
00:01:17NotAHax shadowdeon
00:01:17Maxy wait
00:01:20NotAHax shadowdemon
00:01:22NotAHax inusiini or kwlogeras
00:01:23hibalunt qop for me
00:01:24kwlogeras icant demon
00:01:26TOo_LaZy hahahahahaha
00:01:28NotAHax inusiini
00:01:28creeeeeee i think he will go qop or morph
00:01:29Ckalle team wanna do some pushing?
00:01:29kwlogeras seriously
00:01:29NotAHax voitko pelaa
00:01:29Maxy if we had
00:01:31NotAHax shadowdemon
00:01:31Maxy decent wisp
00:01:32Maxy mhmhm
00:01:35TOo_LaZy pushing
00:01:36TOo_LaZy never
00:01:37TOo_LaZy works
00:01:38TOo_LaZy :S
00:01:39TOo_LaZy here
00:01:39Razer.RGC.666.Q i can play wisp also
00:01:40NotAHax maxy go wisp roam with me?
00:01:42creeeeeee i'd like to do some hooking ckalle
00:01:44Ckalle if everyone wants to
00:01:45Ckalle it does
00:01:46Maxy give him wisp
00:01:46Ckalle u afk?
00:01:47Maxy nota
00:01:52Maxy and get Demon
00:01:53Maxy imo
00:01:55NotAHax y
00:01:56Ckalle we have Krobe and Pit in draft
00:01:59NotAHax maxy you dk
00:02:00NotAHax or morph
00:02:03Maxy morph ok
00:02:04TOo_LaZy go pit
00:02:05NotAHax k
00:02:05TOo_LaZy for me
00:02:05creeeeeee naaah
00:02:08NotAHax but im midd still
00:02:10hibalunt i can krob
00:02:11TOo_LaZy and take krobe
00:02:11Maxy yy
00:02:11TOo_LaZy then
00:02:15TOo_LaZy lets try push
00:02:19Maxy I go with those 2
00:02:20creeeeeee mhh
00:02:21TOo_LaZy crix
00:02:21Ckalle qop necro last?
00:02:22TOo_LaZy and qop
00:02:22Maxy and solo sk/qop
00:02:23TOo_LaZy ?
00:02:23NotAHax inusiini
00:02:26TOo_LaZy or qop necro
00:02:27NotAHax voitko pelata
00:02:27creeeeeee get qop for me then
00:02:28NotAHax shadowdemon
00:02:28Ckalle I do QoP mid
00:02:29NotAHax ?
00:02:32creeeeeee damn
00:02:34TOo_LaZy qop krob
00:02:39NotAHax inusiini afk
00:02:41TOo_LaZy qop necro
00:02:43NotAHax -afk
00:02:45Ckalle any1 wanna solo necro?
00:02:46TOo_LaZy -afk
00:02:47kwlogeras -afk
00:02:49Ckalle this tri would be strong
00:02:49TOo_LaZy i
00:02:50TOo_LaZy want
00:02:50TOo_LaZy :s
00:02:52creeeeeee could use carry
00:02:58Ckalle I carry with QoP
00:03:01creeeeeee get razor ? it can push too?
00:03:04TOo_LaZy and
00:03:06TOo_LaZy crix or necro
00:03:07Ckalle hmm then
00:03:11Ckalle if razor
00:03:16Ckalle he needs the trilane
00:03:21Ckalle means solo krobe or pit
00:03:23Ckalle prolly krobe
00:03:24kwlogeras bb?
00:03:26TOo_LaZy i can solo
00:03:26TOo_LaZy :S
00:03:28Maxy lol no
00:03:28NotAHax näh
00:03:29NotAHax sk
00:03:30TOo_LaZy pit
00:03:30Razer.RGC.666.Q rather dk
00:03:31Ckalle who's razor then?
00:03:32TOo_LaZy or
00:03:33TOo_LaZy i can do
00:03:34TOo_LaZy razor
00:03:34creeeeeee i can
00:03:36TOo_LaZy one of
00:03:37Maxy i am for sk
00:03:38TOo_LaZy my favourite
00:03:39TOo_LaZy afc
00:03:40creeeeeee i wont play pit
00:03:40TOo_LaZy creeee
00:03:41Ckalle krobe solo
00:03:42TOo_LaZy can also do
00:03:42NotAHax maxy you play morph
00:03:44Ckalle and qop
00:03:45TOo_LaZy ok ill do pit
00:03:46TOo_LaZy then
00:03:48NotAHax im pudge
00:03:50creeeeeee i hate pit :D
00:04:08Ckalle trilane bot
00:04:16TOo_LaZy whos solo
00:04:16TOo_LaZy ok
00:04:17Ckalle krob want mid or top?
00:04:19NotAHax inusiini
00:04:19TOo_LaZy remember guys
00:04:20NotAHax chicken plz
00:04:24hibalunt mid
00:04:24TOo_LaZy we are pushing
00:04:25TOo_LaZy this1
00:04:26NotAHax ty
00:04:27Ckalle k
00:04:28TOo_LaZy -hhn
00:04:29TOo_LaZy -d
00:04:30TOo_LaZy -di
00:04:31NotAHax osaatkai tota?
00:04:33TOo_LaZy dont foerget not
00:04:34TOo_LaZy farm
00:04:36TOo_LaZy but push
00:04:36creeeeeee soo krobe and pit get manaboots
00:04:36TOo_LaZy so
00:04:37Razer.RGC.666.Q oh no
00:04:38TOo_LaZy on level 6
00:04:39NotAHax oot bot
00:04:39Razer.RGC.666.Q my hotkeys
00:04:39creeeeeee for hardcore mana
00:04:40TOo_LaZy every ulti krob has
00:04:41NotAHax ur bot inusiini
00:04:41Razer.RGC.666.Q are bugged
00:04:42TOo_LaZy we push
00:04:43NotAHax support morph
00:04:45NotAHax dont take hes farm
00:04:47Ckalle krobe no mana boots
00:04:47NotAHax let only morph farm
00:04:51Ckalle krobe needs to tank for us
00:04:52NotAHax only harras + deny
00:04:59Maxy share
00:05:02Inuusini juu
00:05:03TOo_LaZy so guys remember
00:05:05creeeeeee could use 2 pair of manaboots
00:05:05TOo_LaZy every fucking krob
00:05:06TOo_LaZy ulti
00:05:08TOo_LaZy when not cd
00:05:09TOo_LaZy we push
00:05:10Inuusini en oo kovin kummone sd mut sen siitä saa kun afkaa
00:05:11NotAHax sharee
00:05:12NotAHax kana
00:05:12NotAHax plz
00:05:15NotAHax >_>
00:05:19Ckalle 2 mana boots nice but krobe fat nicer
00:05:21NotAHax kysyin cahtis
00:05:22Maxy kana = courier
00:05:22TOo_LaZy our towers must fall down so fast
00:05:23NotAHax mut afkasit
00:05:23Maxy ?
00:05:23NotAHax :E
00:05:25NotAHax y
00:05:25Inuusini joo
00:05:26creeeeeee akasha or wd who gonna make 2nd manaboots?
00:05:26TOo_LaZy so i make mana boots?
00:05:31Inuusini muija halus näyttää jotai
00:05:33Ckalle pit makes
00:05:34NotAHax :D
00:05:35Ckalle only
00:05:36creeeeeee need mana to push
00:05:42creeeeeee okay 1 is fine too
00:05:42Inuusini "mee www.... "
00:05:44Ckalle we'll have enough
00:05:46Inuusini "livefeediä meiä raidista!"
00:05:49NotAHax :DD
00:05:53Ckalle a basi or 2 would be nice ofc
00:05:59NotAHax tärkee firelands
00:06:01Ckalle ss top
00:06:02Ckalle re 1
00:06:15creeeeeee lol
00:06:17creeeeeee they 3 too
00:06:17Maxy ?
00:06:20TOo_LaZy haha so nice
00:06:21TOo_LaZy ;DDD
00:06:29Razer.RGC.666.Q our worst player farming?
00:06:36NotAHax su retard
00:06:39NotAHax hes good as i am
00:06:52Ckalle they got weaker tri
00:07:15Ckalle krobe don't make vang btw
00:07:21Razer.RGC.666.Q go doc?
00:07:25Ckalle point booster + hood so much better
00:07:45Inuusini gj
00:07:47NotAHax gj
00:07:51NotAHax MDID MISS
00:07:56NotAHax re
00:08:24Razer.RGC.666.Q rune top or taken
00:08:27NotAHax y
00:08:28NotAHax krobe took
00:09:13Razer.RGC.666.Q focus morpgh
00:09:24TOo_LaZy loosing mid?
00:09:29NotAHax invi bot
00:09:30hibalunt nah...
00:09:34TOo_LaZy go gang yes
00:09:36hibalunt but was stupid death
00:09:37Razer.RGC.666.Q doc has invis
00:09:39NotAHax y im b
00:09:43Ckalle I get fat
00:09:45Ckalle top
00:09:50Ckalle vs solo sk
00:09:50NotAHax sk go b
00:09:55Ckalle ss top
00:10:12Ckalle gi
00:10:13Ckalle go
00:10:13NotAHax try stun him and then let me hook
00:10:22NotAHax b
00:10:37Ckalle so dumb
00:10:40Ckalle why the fuck
00:10:41Ckalle do u go
00:10:43Ckalle when he's here?!
00:10:52Zagor my inv was over
00:10:55Razer.RGC.666.Q go someone?
00:10:58Razer.RGC.666.Q sry
00:11:02Razer.RGC.666.Q writing
00:11:10kwlogeras ss akasha doc to[
00:11:23TOo_LaZy we hsould
00:11:25TOo_LaZy go push
00:11:25TOo_LaZy and
00:11:27TOo_LaZy voljin
00:11:29TOo_LaZy go geng
00:11:30creeeeeee we can kill
00:11:30NotAHax wait me
00:11:31TOo_LaZy we are ok
00:11:31TOo_LaZy bo
00:11:47Ckalle ss sk top
00:11:47NotAHax go
00:11:59TOo_LaZy mid ss
00:12:06Ckalle no shit`?
00:12:08Ckalle wards plz
00:12:09TOo_LaZy i am bot
00:12:12Ckalle they perma gank
00:12:18creeeeeee ofc they got pudge
00:12:20TOo_LaZy dude
00:12:21TOo_LaZy voljin
00:12:22Ckalle so GET WARDS
00:12:22TOo_LaZy go gang
00:12:23TOo_LaZy its ok
00:12:23creeeeeee and we have no wards
00:12:24TOo_LaZy for us two
00:12:26TOo_LaZy hel their lanes
00:12:54TOo_LaZy psuh bot
00:12:54Inuusini pudge
00:12:55Razer.RGC.666.Q care
00:12:57Razer.RGC.666.Q doc inc mid
00:12:58Ckalle ss sk
00:13:01NotAHax tapetaa
00:13:03Ckalle re
00:13:18NotAHax let me look
00:13:19NotAHax bot rune
00:13:19NotAHax sec
00:13:30NotAHax oh krobe
00:13:31NotAHax fuck
00:13:32NotAHax sorry
00:13:32NotAHax :E
00:13:39Ckalle ss mid
00:13:50TOo_LaZy pduge
00:13:51TOo_LaZy form back
00:13:56TOo_LaZy omfg
00:13:57TOo_LaZy ARE U BLIND
00:14:05TOo_LaZy hooked
00:14:12Ckalle did try
00:14:13Ckalle to tell u
00:14:16NotAHax haha
00:14:19creeeeeee nice 1
00:14:23creeeeeee :D
00:14:25TOo_LaZy k push more
00:14:26TOo_LaZy then
00:14:26kwlogeras noob sk pwns akasha!
00:14:31NotAHax !
00:14:31NotAHax :D
00:14:32TOo_LaZy with all ?
00:14:35TOo_LaZy oomfg
00:14:36TOo_LaZy mr pushers
00:14:39NotAHax push bot
00:14:41creeeeeee just dont get hooked
00:14:43Inuusini oisko manaa
00:14:45Maxy no way
00:14:46NotAHax ei oo
00:14:49Ckalle go top then
00:14:57NotAHax wisp go ward bot
00:15:05Inuusini ty
00:15:06NotAHax np
00:15:07TOo_LaZy b
00:15:08TOo_LaZy b
00:15:08TOo_LaZy b
00:15:09NotAHax meni hata
00:15:10NotAHax äxää
00:15:10NotAHax :(
00:15:16NotAHax -st
00:15:17NotAHax :D
00:15:20NotAHax np
00:15:22kwlogeras 3 top
00:15:22NotAHax 6/7
00:15:23NotAHax :D
00:15:26Ckalle krob ult
00:15:28Inuusini ei huono
00:15:35TOo_LaZy omfg
00:15:36NotAHax rune bot
00:15:37NotAHax me
00:15:38TOo_LaZy feeder team
00:15:49Ckalle WHY DO U NOT WANT TO PUSH?!
00:15:55NotAHax here wisp plz
00:16:02creeeeeee kll
00:16:03Ckalle KILL
00:16:03creeeeeee kill
00:16:06Razer.RGC.666.Q 3 inc
00:16:09Ckalle OMFG
00:16:11Ckalle so horribad
00:16:11Ckalle ff
00:16:12Ckalle gg
00:16:13Ckalle go end
00:16:17TOo_LaZy go mid
00:16:18NotAHax tell ur team not to def
00:16:20TOo_LaZy mr pusher team odmf
00:16:28Maxy move ilus
00:16:30creeeeeee hiba wtf?
00:16:30TOo_LaZy omfg
00:16:32TOo_LaZy hibahut
00:16:32creeeeeee obvious hook
00:16:35creeeeeee and u stand there
00:16:36TOo_LaZy HERO
00:16:37TOo_LaZy IN TEAM
00:16:39TOo_LaZy AND U FUCK UP
00:16:41TOo_LaZy SOLO MID LOl
00:16:47Ckalle krob losing to pudge mid
00:16:49Ckalle gg
00:16:51NotAHax normal?
00:16:55Ckalle very.
00:17:03NotAHax ..
00:17:03NotAHax depr
00:17:04NotAHax steal
00:17:05Inuusini lolol lasthit
00:17:07NotAHax jep
00:17:07Ckalle if the krob plays blindfolded without mouse or keyboard
00:17:16Inuusini halusin vaan assistin :D
00:17:16TOo_LaZy depeds
00:17:17TOo_LaZy on hero
00:17:18NotAHax np
00:17:18Maxy LOL
00:17:19TOo_LaZy i mean
00:17:20TOo_LaZy player
00:17:20TOo_LaZy dude
00:17:22TOo_LaZy how do u expect
00:17:25TOo_LaZy he wins vs nota
00:17:31Razer.RGC.666.Q i can come top
00:17:34Razer.RGC.666.Q pudge
00:17:36TOo_LaZy morph
00:17:37TOo_LaZy freefarm
00:17:37Ckalle nota sucks mid
00:17:38TOo_LaZy bot
00:17:40Ckalle he's mega weak
00:17:46Ckalle I win to his mid every time
00:17:50Ckalle and I'm a babysit player
00:18:07TOo_LaZy go mid ?
00:18:08creeeeeee why no hook?
00:18:15TOo_LaZy GO MID
00:18:15TOo_LaZy FFS
00:18:16TOo_LaZy CKALLE
00:18:18TOo_LaZy ALL OF U
00:18:23Ckalle I'm ghere
00:18:25NotAHax k
00:18:40NotAHax cmo
00:18:41NotAHax stop dodging
00:18:42NotAHax -ha
00:18:43NotAHax -st
00:18:46Ckalle ATTACK U RETARDS
00:18:53NotAHax OMG WISP
00:19:00Razer.RGC.666.Q y my fault
00:19:00NotAHax why you move
00:19:02NotAHax front of
00:19:03NotAHax my hook
00:19:22Inuusini wp
00:19:28Ckalle well I didn't have mana
00:19:41Inuusini why'd you dive then?
00:19:50Ckalle to make u go away
00:19:55TOo_LaZy morph
00:19:56TOo_LaZy so fat
00:19:58TOo_LaZy all time freefarm
00:20:20NotAHax wisp
00:20:21TOo_LaZy mid
00:20:22NotAHax stop following me
00:20:22NotAHax rly
00:20:22hibalunt top now
00:20:24creeeeeee pudge mid
00:20:24NotAHax ur showing them where i am
00:20:38NotAHax dont move
00:20:40NotAHax front of my hook
00:20:51Ckalle KROB
00:20:58Ckalle thaha
00:21:13NotAHax slowia
00:21:42TOo_LaZy shittiest team ever
00:21:43TOo_LaZy all lanes lost
00:21:48TOo_LaZy i said vojin can help mid
00:21:49Ckalle not top
00:21:50TOo_LaZy but nooo
00:21:50Inuusini assistmode
00:21:50Ckalle but ye
00:21:57Ckalle I had 50 CS min 8
00:21:57NotAHax )
00:22:03TOo_LaZy how much do u have now
00:22:08Ckalle 60
00:22:27Ckalle can't rly do a lot
00:22:30Ckalle when they gank perma
00:22:31TOo_LaZy try
00:22:34TOo_LaZy fucking pish
00:22:36hibalunt till lvl 5 mid was mine, then i hot some silly hook and downhill from there
00:22:54Ckalle top?
00:23:01Zagor def?
00:23:03Ckalle k
00:23:20creeeeeee just thought that ur prolly invis
00:23:30NotAHax -_-
00:23:51NotAHax ckalle why you dont just tell ur team to give up
00:23:52NotAHax you have lost
00:23:55Zagor morph having fun farming? :D
00:23:59NotAHax y he do
00:24:00Ckalle I did tell them to give up
00:24:09Ckalle b
00:24:09NotAHax well team of too_lazy and admin cree :PP
00:24:11NotAHax nto gonna happen
00:24:11TOo_LaZy b
00:24:12NotAHax )
00:24:20Ckalle seems that way :(
00:24:21TOo_LaZy what u mean ?
00:24:22TOo_LaZy :D
00:24:25Ckalle dd
00:24:26Maxy i push this
00:24:30TOo_LaZy by saying too lazy and creee?
00:24:34creeeeeee u cant even hook me
00:24:36creeeeeee :/
00:24:36NotAHax you never ff
00:24:41creeeeeee u sure?
00:24:45hibalunt have meka, lets start going 5 top now and take 2 towers, morph is playing runescape
00:24:45NotAHax y i cant you stay fog 24//
00:24:46Maxy :D
00:24:56creeeeeee random hook ftw
00:25:03Ckalle morph freefarm 19 min no item yet
00:25:04Ckalle rofl
00:25:05Ckalle so bad
00:25:08TOo_LaZy did u mean that our tema lost because of us ?
00:25:10creeeeeee but seems like u like ur ha more
00:25:13NotAHax -st
00:25:16TOo_LaZy b
00:25:16NotAHax 14/18
00:25:17TOo_LaZy b
00:25:17TOo_LaZy b
00:25:17TOo_LaZy b
00:25:18TOo_LaZy b
00:25:32Razer.RGC.666.Q dd
00:25:38TOo_LaZy mid def
00:25:44Ckalle got ult
00:25:55NotAHax get snetrys
00:25:57NotAHax sentrys
00:26:02hibalunt go 5
00:26:04NotAHax they have wards
00:26:04Razer.RGC.666.Q got already
00:26:09Ckalle gogo
00:26:09Razer.RGC.666.Q killed 2 wards
00:26:10TOo_LaZy go
00:26:11hibalunt pit go
00:26:12creeeeeee aaand we have no vision
00:26:12NotAHax now turtleing?
00:26:14creeeeeee fucked now :D
00:26:34NotAHax yy
00:26:37NotAHax Start go with 5
00:26:37NotAHax np
00:26:49Maxy b
00:27:12creeeeeee :(
00:27:18NotAHax all admins
00:27:19NotAHax do this same
00:27:21NotAHax never give up
00:27:23NotAHax when clearly win
00:27:29NotAHax Start gather up with 5 yeah dont give up
00:27:30NotAHax coolstory
00:27:32NotAHax i can go farm
00:27:33NotAHax its np
00:27:33creeeeeee cant ff before 25?
00:27:37NotAHax ofc you can
00:27:40NotAHax just stay fucking base and let us end
00:27:45TOo_LaZy ahahahah
00:27:45Ckalle except that u get banned for it
00:27:46Ckalle ye
00:27:46TOo_LaZy dnt let them
00:27:48creeeeeee hahaha :D
00:27:50creeeeeee yeap
00:27:51NotAHax y only admin strom
00:27:53NotAHax noone else cares
00:27:55NotAHax or maybyh erre
00:27:58NotAHax they only rule bitching
00:28:14creeeeeee thats why adminse are for
00:28:14hibalunt guess we are winning
00:28:23NotAHax yeah indeed
00:28:25NotAHax this place rules best man
00:28:28NotAHax gametime 50 min
00:28:31NotAHax 2 lanes dwn
00:28:34NotAHax Thhrone 10 hp
00:28:37NotAHax i go midd
00:28:39NotAHax with alche
00:28:42NotAHax alll 5 enemys ded
00:28:46Maxy creep
00:28:47Maxy =D
00:28:47NotAHax and midd not pushed so i get bd ban
00:28:54creeeeeee XD
00:28:58NotAHax Best rules
00:29:02Ckalle can I say :owned?
00:29:03TOo_LaZy come imana
00:29:06NotAHax nah
00:29:07NotAHax i can say
00:29:09NotAHax :HERRED
00:29:14creeeeeee if you play here
00:29:44NotAHax owned
00:29:44TOo_LaZy :D
00:29:53TOo_LaZy did u say anything bad to me
00:29:54TOo_LaZy i couldnt
00:29:56TOo_LaZy underdtand]
00:29:58TOo_LaZy the idea
00:29:58NotAHax 30 sec and you can ff
00:30:06hibalunt but we are winning
00:30:11creeeeeee you play here then you play by gc rules
00:30:12Maxy right
00:30:14NotAHax no i diddnt i was talking about retard rules of this place
00:30:15TOo_LaZy gather?
00:30:15NotAHax yy creee
00:30:16creeeeeee whats so hard to understand here
00:30:17NotAHax Start strom shit
00:30:31NotAHax mby you understand someday this place
00:30:31Ckalle Feel free to play anywhere else if u don't like it.
00:30:33NotAHax Rules are retarted
00:30:39NotAHax Y i am playing somewhere else
00:30:43NotAHax my seirous games
00:30:45Ckalle and here aswell
00:30:51Maxy ^^
00:30:53NotAHax y
00:31:02Ckalle damn that's srs bizznizz
00:31:08Razer.RGC.666.Q demon farming woods?
00:31:12creeeeeee by ur talk you play serious here too
00:31:12TOo_LaZy comign top ?
00:31:22NotAHax picking poudge as pålaying seirous
00:31:29NotAHax dosent fit
00:31:48Maxy tower diving
00:31:50Maxy ftw
00:31:52NotAHax yeah never give up never surrender
00:31:57Ckalle we're not
00:31:59Ckalle no worries.
00:32:01NotAHax im off to farm, tell me when you understand you stop wasting ur time
00:32:04NotAHax ur not?
00:32:07NotAHax morph freefarm 26 min
00:32:11NotAHax he suun fullbuild
00:32:12creeeeeee and only linken?
00:32:14NotAHax good luck on that with ur razor
00:32:16Ckalle slash to the fucking care
00:32:16creeeeeee sure thing man
00:32:25Ckalle I farm top
00:32:26Ckalle u bot
00:32:31Ckalle keep turtling
00:32:35Ckalle just to piss him off
00:32:42creeeeeee its fun :D
00:32:48Ckalle idd
00:32:54hibalunt umm like no? That is what he want us to do, to turtle and not push
00:32:58NotAHax -st
00:32:59hibalunt we got ok pushing power
00:33:09Ckalle we got ok late aswell
00:33:10creeeeeee we cant push
00:33:22Ckalle nub morf won't win vs us
00:33:24NotAHax b
00:33:44NotAHax YOU WILL WIN THIS!
00:33:45NotAHax !
00:34:10creeeeeee pudge coming
00:34:20Maxy D
00:34:30TOo_LaZy :D
00:34:33Ckalle soon hex
00:34:49TOo_LaZy lets try oru best
00:34:49TOo_LaZy the
00:34:52TOo_LaZy then
00:34:58TOo_LaZy dont use
00:34:58TOo_LaZy glyph
00:35:51NotAHax buy smoke and go rosh
00:35:52Ckalle why vang?
00:35:54NotAHax aegis for morph
00:36:05Maxy dunno how
00:36:08Ckalle ?
00:36:08Maxy i got only 160cs
00:36:11NotAHax :D
00:36:14NotAHax y strange..
00:36:17Maxy i didn't miss any creep
00:36:20Maxy really
00:36:29Ckalle b
00:36:34TOo_LaZy b
00:36:35Ckalle just def
00:36:36Ckalle 200 ehx
00:36:38hibalunt gank
00:37:02Ckalle hex
00:37:19TOo_LaZy how did this suck
00:37:19TOo_LaZy cock
00:37:20TOo_LaZy why dint
00:37:21TOo_LaZy we go
00:37:22TOo_LaZy safe
00:37:23TOo_LaZy route
00:37:23TOo_LaZy back
00:37:55TOo_LaZy useu lti
00:37:55TOo_LaZy imo
00:38:01Ckalle cd
00:38:10kwlogeras tp me wisp?
00:38:25NotAHax go rosh
00:38:26NotAHax with smoke
00:38:27Inuusini take my items
00:38:35Ckalle go smoke them?
00:38:36Ckalle I got
00:38:50TOo_LaZy b
00:38:53Ckalle come
00:38:54Ckalle smoke
00:39:12NotAHax Yeah again
00:39:13NotAHax Turtle
00:39:15NotAHax in ur base
00:39:17Ckalle :(
00:39:18NotAHax rly skilled players
00:39:23Maxy oh
00:39:24Maxy lol
00:39:25Maxy .
00:39:36NotAHax mroph
00:39:40NotAHax there was
00:39:41NotAHax triple for you
00:39:42NotAHax 1 wave
00:39:45Maxy i know
00:39:45Maxy .
00:39:49Maxy i just ultied
00:39:50NotAHax i hope
00:39:51Maxy before i saw them
00:39:51NotAHax ur not making
00:39:54NotAHax gosu scepter
00:39:55NotAHax man
00:39:56NotAHax dont mae
00:39:57NotAHax make
00:39:58NotAHax etherial
00:40:06NotAHax just go manta butter
00:40:06NotAHax hot
00:40:08Razer.RGC.666.Q ffs
00:40:09Ckalle got hex
00:40:09Maxy waht makes you think i got etheran
00:40:09Ckalle we can
00:40:11Ckalle kill him
00:40:14Maxy go
00:40:14Maxy *
00:40:17TOo_LaZy tping
00:40:20NotAHax not finishing manta
00:40:33Ckalle b
00:40:33Ckalle b
00:40:37Ckalle worth it
00:40:38Ckalle btw
00:40:45TOo_LaZy oh im feeding so hard
00:40:51Ckalle well we got aegis for ur death
00:40:52Zagor we all are
00:41:00Ckalle I'm not :)
00:41:04Zagor :D
00:41:17TOo_LaZy care
00:41:20TOo_LaZy need smoke aain
00:41:23NotAHax wait here
00:41:27NotAHax link
00:41:29TOo_LaZy buy me a tp
00:41:30TOo_LaZy to sell
00:41:32Ckalle I got smoke
00:41:37TOo_LaZy qq
00:41:40TOo_LaZy buy me tp
00:41:44Ckalle no gold
00:41:45Maxy coureir
00:41:45Ckalle RUN
00:41:54NotAHax blink stun
00:42:38Ckalle focus ur ult hiba
00:42:44Ckalle it targets whoever ure autoattacking
00:42:50NotAHax do you guys want medal of "retard"
00:42:55NotAHax you win!
00:42:55Ckalle no u?
00:43:03NotAHax näh i know when game is over
00:43:12NotAHax you own me 17 mins of my life
00:43:19Ckalle but not when it's pointless (or even encouraging) to whine?
00:43:20creeeeeee you have 1?
00:43:30NotAHax Y
00:43:39Ckalle come
00:43:40Ckalle smoke
00:43:46NotAHax wisp
00:43:46NotAHax tele me
00:43:51creeeeeee mid to top
00:44:05NotAHax wisp
00:44:05NotAHax link me
00:44:06NotAHax lets go
00:44:14NotAHax move away
00:44:32Inuusini väistin ees razorin nuken
00:45:09NotAHax ffs maxy
00:45:10NotAHax -st
00:45:12TOo_LaZy I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:15Maxy greedy
00:45:15Maxy boy.
00:45:17Ckalle Wasting 40 minutes of NotAHaxs life, mission accomplished
00:45:25NotAHax yehah life mission
00:45:27Maxy not still
00:45:28NotAHax more like daly stomping
00:45:46Ckalle u really do have an attitude problem bro
00:46:06NotAHax How ome
00:46:07NotAHax its true
00:46:09NotAHax this all
00:46:11NotAHax this all
00:46:12NotAHax just stomp
00:46:16NotAHax im playing with 1 hand
00:46:23creeeeeee ty
00:46:23Ckalle ^^
00:46:24Razer.RGC.666.Q xD
00:46:27Zagor jerking with other? :D
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