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100% | 1868 X | 1736 TS

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87% | 1447 X | 1483 TS

+42 X
+1 TS

66% | 1218 X | 1437 TS

-6 X
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51% | 1167 X | 1342 TS

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37% | 1092 X | 1303 TS

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93% | 1588 X | 1504 TS

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87% | 1433 X | 1503 TS

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86% | 1460 X | 1460 TS

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83% | 1416 X | 1430 TS

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24% | 1012 X | 1288 TS

Chat log

00:00:05Clip Mo
00:00:07Ckalle I wanna have some earlygame killing hero
00:00:08Buugi mo
00:00:11extremewaari mo
00:00:12Herre derp
00:00:12Ckalle and just fuck up the life of Clip
00:00:13Herre xD
00:00:13Herre :P
00:00:16hext mo
00:00:18Ckalle in every single way possible
00:00:19Nevari OH HEY CKALLE
00:00:19Herre you mean mean humang being
00:00:19hext LOL ITS A CKALLE
00:00:19Herre haha
00:00:19Herre its ckalle
00:00:19Herre x---D
00:00:19Ckalle they're sooooo mad
00:00:19Herre whys that
00:00:19Clip mitä meinasit pelaa
00:00:19Ckalle I played Lycan last game and had bad stats
00:00:19Buugi ma ei tieta
00:00:19Clip miksai
00:00:19Ckalle cus other team left all lanes and went chasing me in woods
00:00:19Ckalle and we had 0 wards or misscalls ^^
00:00:19McNabb hehe
00:00:19Buugi pasksa booli
00:00:19Herre derp
00:00:19Herre ban
00:00:19McNabb my orders
00:00:19Clip Hikinen peli munplessa??
00:00:19McNabb :D
00:00:19Clip Ei saa hävii
00:00:19Ckalle want me to ban magus or lycan
00:00:19Buugi ???
00:00:19Herre lycan
00:00:19Clip trashtalkkasin niin paljo ckallee
00:00:19Clip xD
00:00:19Jerkku well we had good teamplay
00:00:19Ckalle I ban Lycan
00:00:19Ckalle ye
00:00:19Ckalle u did
00:00:19Ckalle we had fuck all
00:00:19Ckalle and this guy
00:00:19Herre somebody bs mid?
00:00:19Jerkku yep
00:00:19Buugi spectre
00:00:19Ckalle just flamed his ass off
00:00:22Ckalle any1 magus?
00:00:36Ckalle :(
00:00:37Herre derp
00:00:39Jerkku gief me ud
00:00:41Jerkku some1
00:00:45Herre y
00:00:46Ckalle haahaha
00:00:46Herre give him ud
00:00:49Ckalle Clip Rubick
00:00:51Ckalle RAPE HIM
00:00:51Herre XXXXXXXXXX-D
00:00:56Herre derp
00:00:59Herre ota sille ud
00:01:00Herre fetaa
00:01:01Ckalle just melt his fucking face
00:01:09Jerkku kiitosta
00:01:12Herre hailasin
00:01:13Herre x_Ddd
00:01:16Herre derp
00:01:21Herre mitähän paskaa sitä pelais
00:01:29FetAA ota mulle jugger
00:01:32Ckalle herre zeus mid
00:01:32Jerkku joo
00:01:33Ckalle ?
00:01:36McNabb need ranged
00:01:36Herre hmm
00:01:38Herre nah
00:01:39FetAA i can zeus mid
00:01:42Jerkku -swap 3
00:01:42FetAA pr00
00:01:42FetAA shit
00:01:45Ckalle hmm
00:01:47FetAA -swap 5r
00:01:50Herre just take mid
00:01:51Herre imo
00:01:54FetAA jugger is nice vs meele
00:02:01Ckalle wanted SK + PotM
00:02:03Ckalle domination
00:02:04Ckalle but ok
00:02:06FetAA go sk potm
00:02:08McNabb me lesh bot
00:02:08FetAA i can go mid
00:02:12Ckalle k
00:02:15Clip Otit kyl hikisen
00:02:20McNabb herre come bot
00:02:22McNabb we own
00:02:23FetAA hope bs is mid then
00:02:23Herre kk
00:02:24Ckalle oh
00:02:25Ckalle ok
00:02:25Ckalle well
00:02:28FetAA well what
00:02:29FetAA ever
00:02:30FetAA for me
00:02:38FetAA ud jugger not so strong but anyways :D
00:02:40FetAA atleast we get bot
00:02:42FetAA nice alne
00:02:46FetAA and they can roam mid perma
00:02:47Ckalle ye
00:02:47FetAA from bot
00:02:52Ckalle I can roam aswell
00:02:53Ckalle to bot
00:02:53Herre not
00:02:55Herre I need farms
00:02:56Herre mega farms
00:02:56Jerkku mää pullaan
00:03:03Herre see you in 40minutes
00:03:04extremewaari top rune
00:03:14Ckalle if u have fullbuild sure :)
00:03:15extremewaari u pull
00:03:23Clip Otan tän
00:03:33extremewaari go pull
00:03:35FetAA oops
00:05:28hext ill pull
00:05:30hext care
00:07:10Herre depr
00:07:33Jerkku huoh
00:07:48Buugi care top
00:07:51Buugi re
00:07:53Buugi care bot
00:08:13Jerkku ss top 2
00:08:16Buugi care bot
00:08:31Herre gg
00:08:36Herre oom
00:08:37Ckalle tuskarr bs inc
00:08:39Ckalle b
00:08:42hext ajotus creepit oikee
00:09:13Herre derp magus
00:09:24Ckalle re mid
00:09:58Buugi ss
00:10:00McNabb ty
00:10:13Herre derp.
00:10:25Herre :DD
00:10:29Herre derp.
00:10:44Jerkku ootko saanu farmii
00:10:49FetAA e ku depasi
00:10:50Ckalle we need wards.
00:10:52Herre y
00:10:57Ckalle inc top
00:11:00Herre b
00:11:03Ckalle INC TOP
00:11:05Herre B vittu
00:11:06Ckalle GET BACK
00:11:08Herre tajuatko
00:11:10FetAA lol
00:11:13FetAA chill
00:11:28FetAA maybe i know they cant kill me
00:11:32Herre :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:11:33FetAA 834 hp spin and ulti
00:11:36Herre sun spinni olis loppunu
00:11:45FetAA y they burst 834
00:11:46McNabb gj
00:11:47FetAA col story !
00:11:49Ckalle :)
00:12:00McNabb wards lesh
00:12:03Herre wards sk
00:12:06McNabb :D
00:12:09McNabb need mana boots
00:12:18Herre I need boots
00:12:25Ckalle 4 of them
00:12:28Ckalle twr dive
00:12:30Ckalle no tp scroll?
00:13:16FetAA upg?
00:13:19Ckalle WARDS
00:13:21FetAA no tpz
00:13:21Herre ff
00:13:21Ckalle GOD FUCKING DAMN IT
00:15:00Ckalle ok team
00:15:06Ckalle either start playing as a team
00:15:08Ckalle or just ff
00:15:38McNabb hmm
00:15:54FetAA sk didnt stun tuskar in start tyea
00:16:16Ckalle rubick 50 HP
00:16:40Ckalle sk place
00:16:42Ckalle the wards
00:17:09Jerkku illu
00:17:14Herre all miss
00:17:51Herre b
00:18:15FetAA diz potm
00:18:36Herre :DDD
00:18:45Herre so stupid
00:18:50Ckalle to fight
00:18:51Ckalle yes.
00:18:53Herre y
00:18:58Ckalle but we didn't have much of a choice
00:19:03Herre well
00:19:05Ckalle when Dirge and Jugger went it
00:19:07Herre if all would have backed in time
00:19:07Ckalle in*
00:19:15Ckalle ye but well they didn't
00:19:42Ckalle JUGGER KILL
00:19:46FetAA yeah
00:19:54Herre :DD
00:19:59Clip ime munaa :<
00:20:14FetAA go?
00:20:15FetAA there
00:20:18Herre derp.
00:20:18Ckalle he tp'd
00:20:21Ckalle u blind?
00:20:25Ckalle HE TP'D
00:20:35Herre dont worry
00:20:36Herre hes jugg
00:20:37Herre xD
00:21:24Ckalle ah
00:21:25Ckalle smoke
00:21:27Ckalle of course.
00:21:44Herre b
00:22:07McNabb arhh
00:22:09Herre dude.
00:22:10McNabb :D
00:22:13McNabb well
00:22:13Ckalle b
00:22:16Ckalle TP
00:22:24FetAA o rly
00:22:26Herre how much time
00:22:33McNabb 0
00:24:30Herre derp
00:24:31Herre hit it
00:24:32Herre :DD:
00:24:35Herre wtf dude
00:24:37Herre :DDDDDD
00:24:39Ckalle ROFL
00:24:40Jerkku :DD:D:D:D:D:
00:24:44Herre ahhah
00:24:45Ckalle Jerkku
00:24:49Ckalle are u asleep IRL?
00:24:54Jerkku i think i am D
00:24:57Herre im laughing so hard
00:24:58Jerkku :D
00:25:01Ckalle first u run past me when I'm dying
00:25:05Ckalle then u don't hit that thing
00:25:17Jerkku i thought some point that tuskar is in our side
00:25:36Herre HEAL
00:25:38Ckalle got heal?
00:25:57Herre ahhah jerkku
00:25:58Herre plz.
00:26:01Ckalle and don't feed them with tombstones man
00:26:36Nevari oh ckalle died 9 times already
00:27:08Herre derp
00:27:21FetAA money in the bank
00:28:01Buugi -apm
00:28:08Nevari -apm
00:28:15Herre :FF
00:28:17Ckalle ^^
00:28:20Ckalle 6th time
00:28:22Ckalle this game
00:28:23Ckalle they do that
00:28:31Ckalle 27 HP twr
00:28:40Herre >.<
00:28:55FetAA def this
00:28:57FetAA sk leshrac
00:28:58FetAA ok not
00:29:04FetAA wp
00:29:04Herre oom
00:29:05FetAA lesh sk
00:29:12FetAA i use mana to creepz so we lose freetowah
00:29:19Herre ahhah
00:29:20Herre xDD
00:29:20Ckalle want my ult before fight anyway
00:29:21Herre hehe
00:29:22Herre :P
00:29:31Ckalle got it now
00:29:40Ckalle go them?
00:30:29Herre y
00:30:49Ckalle b?
00:30:52Ckalle jugger not with us
00:30:57Herre y
00:30:59Herre got bkb
00:31:12Jerkku i go pipe
00:31:17Ckalle k
00:31:48Herre :DD
00:31:49Herre le smoke
00:31:50Ckalle rofl
00:31:54Ckalle they be hatin'
00:32:18Ckalle they seem to think I'm the maincarry or smth
00:32:38extremewaari b
00:32:48Ckalle push
00:33:07Herre y
00:33:37Ckalle got ult
00:34:02Herre b
00:34:34Jerkku go smoke? i have
00:35:05FetAA tp cd
00:35:13FetAA hey
00:35:18Ckalle go reg
00:35:42FetAA y leap there
00:36:46Herre :DD
00:37:05Herre bs
00:37:14Herre or sentry
00:37:20Herre I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:20Jerkku I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:37:22McNabb I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:37:26McNabb shit game
00:37:53Ckalle THIS DIRG
00:37:56Herre ahhah
00:37:57Herre nice heal
00:38:09Jerkku wut
00:38:10Ckalle I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:38:12Herre :DDd
00:38:15Ckalle u on crack?
00:38:20Jerkku i think i am
00:38:24Ckalle so do we.
00:38:31Jerkku not going so well
00:38:41Ckalle no shit?
00:39:43Herre jooooooooooo
00:39:45Ckalle this
00:39:45Ckalle is
00:39:47Ckalle DIRGE
00:39:50hext hes last pick
00:39:50Herre mitä vittua sä teet
00:39:50Jerkku SPARTA
00:39:55Jerkku hiiri
00:39:55Ckalle so are u.
00:39:58Jerkku ei voinu mitää
00:40:00Nevari he died 6 times
00:40:02Nevari u died 13 times
00:40:08hext u just blame other for your failure
00:40:16Ckalle yeye w/e
00:40:16Jerkku haha
00:40:19Herre xd
00:40:43Ckalle what do I say to that?
00:40:49Ckalle they're so obviously clueless
00:41:01FetAA wtf
00:41:47FetAA why
00:41:52Herre xDD
00:41:55Ckalle fun to try
00:42:01Ckalle not like we're gonna win anyway
00:42:17Jerkku I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:20Ckalle gg wp
00:42:24Clip gg wp u too
00:42:26Buugi gg
00:42:26Clip dirge too bad for u
00:42:31Jerkku yep
00:42:41Clip u deserved better
00:42:45Ckalle I know u think that's a funny and sarcastic comment
00:42:50Clip its not?
00:42:53Ckalle but he even said himself he's off his game
00:42:54Nevari and it totally is?
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