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Chat log

00:00:04NotAHax -rd
00:00:13Dota.m i can Roof or ud
00:00:18NotAHax terve poolille
00:00:20Vangelis omg they get fp in pool of imba
00:00:20Timu arent the teams same as before?
00:00:20Vangelis ...
00:00:20atte terve hinteille
00:00:20Vangelis nope
00:00:20atte bala
00:00:20Timu k
00:00:20atte BALANAR
00:00:20Dota.m atta roof for me
00:00:20Vangelis he pick am
00:00:20Vangelis ...
00:00:20NotAHax idk man
00:00:20NotAHax theres gay doom
00:00:20Planktoni i can play doom or rexx
00:00:20Vangelis and roof
00:00:20NotAHax and roof
00:00:20atte ill go dusa
00:00:20Vangelis and specc
00:00:20Vangelis ....
00:00:20Rakett haluuks mulle specu
00:00:20NotAHax k
00:00:20Rakett ?
00:00:20atte = )
00:00:20atte i go magina
00:00:20Rakett im so sure notahax is streamsnipeing
00:00:20Rakett right now
00:00:20Rakett :D
00:00:20atte GOGO BAN
00:00:20TOo_LaZy i play visage or tiny
00:00:20TOo_LaZy :D
00:00:20NotAHax -MAGINA
00:00:22Dota.m its
00:00:23Rakett gahahahahahaa
00:00:24NotAHax MAGINA + NS BANNED
00:00:24atte = ) )
00:00:25Timu _D
00:00:27Timu :D
00:00:28Dota.m better to get supports
00:00:31Dota.m ty
00:00:33atte but i rly wanted roof
00:00:34atte :DD
00:00:36Rakett Gosu snipe notahax
00:00:36Rakett :D
00:00:37NotAHax i get
00:00:38Vangelis pick me ud
00:00:39Vangelis someone
00:00:40NotAHax ota doomi
00:00:42NotAHax planktoni
00:00:43NotAHax ota doom
00:00:44Dota.m and get ud
00:00:46Dota.m damn
00:00:47Planktoni meetkö mid?
00:00:49Rakett can i mid with qo
00:00:50Rakett p
00:00:50Rakett ?
00:00:51NotAHax sä voit
00:00:52NotAHax kattoo ny
00:00:53Planktoni lk
00:00:55atte ok this time
00:00:55NotAHax mitä nuo vetää
00:00:57NotAHax jos noilla on roof midis
00:00:58NotAHax otan spectre
00:00:59Momdsiw voin woodz
00:01:02NotAHax qop midis
00:01:05atte get sandking
00:01:05NotAHax get me spectre
00:01:06atte ?
00:01:06NotAHax vangelis
00:01:08Vangelis y
00:01:17NotAHax -swap 4
00:01:18Vangelis -swap 1
00:01:27atte fuck furion gone
00:01:34Dota.m what u want ?
00:01:35TOo_LaZy whats banned
00:01:35atte i think i go with dusa
00:01:35Rakett hmm
00:01:39NotAHax ns and
00:01:40Dota.m dusa ?
00:01:40NotAHax magina
00:01:41Vangelis am and ns
00:01:42Vangelis y
00:01:42atte -swap 5
00:01:42NotAHax get tiny
00:01:43atte t
00:01:43NotAHax or alche
00:01:44atte y
00:01:49NotAHax best heros in pool
00:01:50atte -swap 4
00:01:52Dota.m -swap 4
00:01:52NotAHax :DD
00:01:52TOo_LaZy -hhn
00:01:54TOo_LaZy -di
00:01:55Dota.m -swap 1
00:02:18NotAHax i got inside information
00:02:19NotAHax tuun midii
00:02:19atte trilane
00:02:21NotAHax ku niil o dusa
00:02:21Planktoni ok
00:02:22Rakett :DDDD
00:02:23Timu :D
00:02:29Dota.m lol
00:02:30Planktoni tiny go top
00:02:31Momdsiw dusa farmaa toppii
00:02:31Timu wat atte?
00:02:35atte expect
00:02:35Vangelis tiny
00:02:36atte wait
00:02:36Vangelis top
00:02:37Vangelis !
00:02:49atte sk come here
00:02:51NotAHax doublescreen + someone streaming from enemy team ftw
00:02:52atte then trilane
00:02:57Timu _D
00:02:57Momdsiw qop mid
00:02:59Timu :D
00:02:59Rakett I wonder whos that
00:03:00Timu oh nota
00:03:03Timu u so funneh
00:03:09Momdsiw haste qop
00:03:12atte well no trilane
00:03:13NotAHax mh activated problem?
00:03:15atte heheheh
00:03:18Rakett Gonna put 2min delay after game np
00:03:18NotAHax nice haswte
00:03:21NotAHax np
00:03:34NotAHax gl plantin wards
00:03:35NotAHax Xdd
00:03:41Timu ya want pull?
00:03:48atte you can
00:04:07Momdsiw onks sul raketin streami auki
00:04:14NotAHax on
00:04:24NotAHax no ei oo oikeesti
00:04:29NotAHax koitan saada ton kusee midii et alkais säätää sitä ny
00:04:49NotAHax atm freefarm
00:04:56TOo_LaZy goo
00:04:57TOo_LaZy d
00:04:57Momdsiw ootappa ku se saa levua vähä
00:05:38Momdsiw haste top
00:05:41Vangelis furi
00:05:46Vangelis will you try to gank at some point
00:05:47Vangelis ?
00:05:51Momdsiw ye
00:05:54Vangelis if we get lvl 3
00:05:58Vangelis we can kil ldusa
00:06:06Zagor ss furi
00:06:20Momdsiw if ud has
00:06:22NotAHax you shaking?
00:06:25Momdsiw 1deacy
00:06:28Rakett ?
00:06:30Momdsiw doublea heal
00:06:35TOo_LaZy i buy new asap
00:06:35Vangelis tiny
00:06:36Vangelis omg
00:06:38NotAHax who killed
00:06:39NotAHax courier
00:06:40TOo_LaZy whats omng
00:06:41TOo_LaZy I BUY ASAP
00:06:42Vangelis tiny did
00:06:44TOo_LaZy NEW
00:06:49TOo_LaZy i go buy
00:07:20NotAHax qop got illu
00:07:32Vangelis furi
00:07:33Rakett miss mid
00:07:34Vangelis come top
00:07:36NotAHax i hope dusa isent getting farm
00:07:37Vangelis once tiny comes
00:07:41Timu ss top
00:07:42Momdsiw after
00:07:43Timu re
00:07:43Momdsiw tiny 3
00:07:46Zagor 11
00:07:47Dota.m b
00:07:52Zagor ss furi
00:07:54Planktoni ss 2
00:07:54TOo_LaZy i finish my meal
00:08:20Momdsiw get some mana tiny
00:08:33Momdsiw rahsta inc mid
00:08:34NotAHax check rune
00:08:34NotAHax top
00:08:36NotAHax someone check rune top
00:08:40NotAHax when its
00:08:41NotAHax 6 min
00:08:43NotAHax qop will go
00:08:44NotAHax and we should get it
00:08:56NotAHax y good
00:08:56atte miss
00:09:04NotAHax b
00:09:09NotAHax b
00:09:10NotAHax hahaha
00:09:11NotAHax :DD
00:09:15atte care
00:09:16NotAHax rhasta so imba
00:09:23Vangelis furi
00:09:25Vangelis try now
00:09:26Vangelis ?
00:09:29Momdsiw k
00:09:30TOo_LaZy sec
00:09:32Momdsiw i take this pull
00:09:39TOo_LaZy need 20 mana
00:09:42Momdsiw k
00:09:47TOo_LaZy 10
00:09:53Dota.m ss bot
00:10:01NotAHax im rdy
00:10:02NotAHax to come
00:10:02NotAHax also
00:10:07Momdsiw hmm
00:10:24NotAHax Served
00:10:27Timu lol
00:10:39atte man
00:10:45atte i dunno
00:10:46NotAHax dont die
00:10:51atte cant charge against him
00:10:54NotAHax asd
00:10:55TOo_LaZy it wen good
00:10:55NotAHax oisit sanonu
00:10:57NotAHax et sulla oli ulti
00:10:58Rakett Dont lose mid while streamcheating
00:10:59Rakett O wait.
00:11:01atte buy me tp
00:11:05Momdsiw en huomannu ees et se oli low
00:11:07Planktoni ss rooff
00:11:08Momdsiw vittuku teleki oli cd
00:11:10NotAHax spectre winning qwop
00:11:11NotAHax xd
00:11:14Rakett u are?
00:11:14atte ffs
00:11:18Rakett Why am i ahead in levels? :D
00:11:19NotAHax Freefarm
00:11:27NotAHax becouse i went back to regen?
00:11:30Rakett :DDDDDDD
00:11:34NotAHax i still have freefarm
00:11:36Rakett sure sure.
00:11:56Planktoni ss 2
00:12:06NotAHax best
00:12:06atte slow?
00:12:27NotAHax guys gang dusa midd
00:12:34TOo_LaZy ok
00:12:36TOo_LaZy im coming
00:12:37Planktoni furi come lane for a while
00:12:40NotAHax but ur toom
00:12:43Momdsiw k
00:12:45Dota.m ss bot
00:12:46Dota.m care
00:12:46Planktoni coming mid
00:12:57NotAHax we need wards
00:12:58TOo_LaZy ten min rune
00:13:00TOo_LaZy take?
00:13:01NotAHax y
00:13:02NotAHax check
00:13:08TOo_LaZy bot
00:13:17NotAHax we need those wards
00:13:41Momdsiw does your scream hit to darkness?
00:13:46Rakett yes
00:13:49TOo_LaZy qp
00:13:49TOo_LaZy mid
00:13:50atte get wards
00:14:21Dota.m damn 4 bot
00:15:03Planktoni got doom
00:15:04NotAHax check
00:15:06Planktoni coming mid
00:15:48TOo_LaZy i wanted to play visage :S
00:15:58NotAHax noo
00:15:59NotAHax i wanna farm
00:17:04NotAHax tiny :D??
00:17:21Zagor oom
00:17:23TOo_LaZy :(
00:17:25NotAHax we need
00:17:26NotAHax those wards up
00:17:27NotAHax and
00:17:28NotAHax gang medusa
00:17:30NotAHax or roof
00:17:32NotAHax bouth are freefarming
00:17:47NotAHax roof relic soon moust likely
00:18:03NotAHax ..
00:18:34TOo_LaZy ok w.e
00:18:41NotAHax why you guys
00:18:42NotAHax dont stay together
00:18:54Vangelis more like
00:18:57Vangelis why tiny goes alone
00:18:58atte i farm
00:18:58Vangelis ...
00:19:02NotAHax tiny retarted
00:19:06atte tard
00:19:09Dota.m 300
00:19:11Dota.m for relic
00:19:31NotAHax tohon wardi
00:19:52Dota.m try mid
00:19:54Dota.m got ulti ?
00:19:55Rakett i can insta ud
00:19:55NotAHax ja syö se
00:19:56NotAHax speedmeepo
00:20:13NotAHax def midd
00:20:25NotAHax 6 sec
00:20:25NotAHax to
00:20:25NotAHax ulti
00:20:25Vangelis i die now
00:20:25Vangelis ...
00:20:25Rakett best time to lag.
00:20:25Momdsiw spam decay
00:20:25Momdsiw it heals
00:20:25Momdsiw bit
00:20:25Vangelis all spells on cd
00:20:25Momdsiw tiny has spells?=
00:20:25NotAHax use
00:20:25Vangelis prob
00:20:25NotAHax tiny
00:20:25NotAHax if
00:20:25NotAHax he
00:20:25NotAHax drops
00:20:25NotAHax just
00:20:25NotAHax someone
00:20:25NotAHax use
00:20:25NotAHax him
00:20:25Dota.m plug -.-
00:20:25Zagor bitch
00:20:25Momdsiw roofbalances?
00:20:25NotAHax use
00:20:25NotAHax him
00:20:25NotAHax someone
00:20:25Momdsiw ¨miks sä et voi
00:20:25Planktoni furi use tiny?
00:20:25Momdsiw sul on 6 sec aikaa
00:20:25NotAHax sfgokdfkog
00:20:25NotAHax no voin
00:20:25NotAHax mut kamera tääl
00:20:25NotAHax tääl
00:20:25NotAHax i use
00:20:25Momdsiw no äkkiäkös painat toho mid tornille
00:20:25NotAHax tiny then
00:20:25Momdsiw en mäkää
00:20:25Momdsiw oo viel siel
00:20:25atte how
00:20:25atte Much
00:20:25atte MORE
00:20:25Timu 2 min imo
00:20:25Rakett Its 4min total
00:20:25Rakett so 2 more?
00:20:25Rakett zzzzzzzzzzzz
00:20:25Zagor we could have kill them all
00:20:25Dota.m who Balance ?
00:20:25TOo_LaZy ?
00:20:25TOo_LaZy ?
00:20:25TOo_LaZy me
00:20:25TOo_LaZy or?
00:20:38Dota.m LOL
00:20:40Dota.m LOL
00:20:52Dota.m then i die because of his fucking shitty lagg
00:20:56Timu ye
00:21:12NotAHax we need push towers
00:21:16Timu -ii
00:21:21Dota.m and ofc dom come to me first
00:21:23Dota.m -.-
00:21:24Momdsiw well i can do it
00:21:27atte they come
00:21:27atte top
00:21:30TOo_LaZy some 1p layd me
00:21:31TOo_LaZy we lost?
00:21:33TOo_LaZy that fight?
00:21:36NotAHax we iddnt lost
00:21:36Dota.m i go for my RELIC
00:21:37NotAHax fight
00:21:49Dota.m w8 me bot
00:21:55TOo_LaZy -hhn
00:21:57NotAHax you need more
00:21:59NotAHax ppl
00:22:05NotAHax push midd
00:22:08Vangelis i need
00:22:09Vangelis regen
00:22:30Rakett furi
00:22:30Rakett go
00:22:36NotAHax YOU JUST
00:22:38NotAHax HAVE TO SOLO
00:22:40NotAHax like retard
00:22:43NotAHax rly
00:22:45TOo_LaZy they were here
00:22:46TOo_LaZy i was
00:22:46NotAHax you have died
00:22:47TOo_LaZy on the mountain
00:22:48NotAHax 4 times
00:22:48NotAHax now alone
00:22:49TOo_LaZy whatever
00:22:54NotAHax so stupid
00:23:01TOo_LaZy people were r;ly near
00:23:06TOo_LaZy whatever
00:23:08Planktoni doom oi
00:23:11Momdsiw did you check their heros
00:23:13Momdsiw vs ours
00:24:06NotAHax roof reli
00:24:08NotAHax relic
00:24:39Timu pointless ulti but mkay
00:24:41Momdsiw again you solo?
00:24:45TOo_LaZy FUCK YOU
00:24:47TOo_LaZy BITCH ASS
00:24:51NotAHax banreuqest him
00:24:52NotAHax as gameruin
00:24:53TOo_LaZy for?
00:24:55TOo_LaZy are u dumb
00:24:57TOo_LaZy i died 4
00:24:58TOo_LaZy times
00:25:00NotAHax 45 times
00:25:01NotAHax 4 times
00:25:02NotAHax alone
00:25:02TOo_LaZy hwo that gameruining
00:25:03NotAHax you go
00:25:04NotAHax middle of them
00:25:05NotAHax to die
00:25:07TOo_LaZy im last pick
00:25:09NotAHax thats pure gameruin
00:25:10TOo_LaZy im worst
00:25:11NotAHax dosent matter
00:25:12Dota.m i would not let him go :D'
00:25:13TOo_LaZy in team
00:25:19Rakett crixa would have had a stun
00:25:19Rakett soon
00:25:21Timu imo my stun would have been ienough
00:25:21TOo_LaZy if u cant fucking move
00:25:22TOo_LaZy around
00:25:23TOo_LaZy nt my fault
00:25:24NotAHax if we tell you to stay with team
00:25:25TOo_LaZy fuckign retards
00:25:27NotAHax it dosent mean you go alone there
00:25:28NotAHax middle of them
00:25:30NotAHax and suicide
00:25:32NotAHax constantly
00:25:32TOo_LaZy oh now im going
00:25:35TOo_LaZy to stay near ur side
00:25:36NotAHax or are you retarted irl somehow?
00:25:37Dota.m well
00:25:37TOo_LaZy for this whole game
00:25:38NotAHax so you cant understand
00:25:39Dota.m got ulti soon again
00:25:40NotAHax what we are saying
00:25:44Dota.m 20 sec
00:25:45Rakett whats the cd
00:25:47Rakett on roofs ulti
00:25:48Rakett now
00:25:52Dota.m 95
00:25:54Rakett ROFL
00:25:56Rakett oh god
00:25:57Timu lol
00:26:03Dota.m and lvl 16 92
00:26:06NotAHax im the carry
00:26:07Dota.m 60 *
00:26:09TOo_LaZy retard
00:26:11NotAHax the guy who are supposed to farm
00:26:11Dota.m 90 *
00:26:12TOo_LaZy stop
00:26:13Momdsiw fuck
00:26:13TOo_LaZy die alone
00:26:14TOo_LaZy u fuckign
00:26:15TOo_LaZy retard
00:26:17TOo_LaZy momidsw
00:26:19Momdsiw ?
00:26:22Momdsiw manners
00:26:24Zagor go smoke
00:26:24TOo_LaZy 4 deaths
00:26:25TOo_LaZy alone
00:26:25TOo_LaZy ;((
00:26:27Vangelis well tbh
00:26:27TOo_LaZy manners?
00:26:33Momdsiw yes
00:26:35Vangelis momdsiw isn't doing good either
00:26:35Vangelis ...
00:26:36NotAHax ward
00:26:36Dota.m top ?
00:26:36TOo_LaZy u first learn them
00:26:40Rakett spectre is watchimg my stream
00:26:42Dota.m tp
00:26:42Momdsiw push?
00:26:43Rakett smoke wont work :D
00:26:45Planktoni can someone else buy wards
00:27:18atte let me
00:27:24TOo_LaZy scream
00:27:40NotAHax let me
00:27:45NotAHax ty
00:27:51Vangelis almost
00:27:53Vangelis got pipe
00:27:54TOo_LaZy what a retard team this is
00:27:56TOo_LaZy i can not
00:27:57NotAHax man
00:27:58NotAHax you need hp
00:27:58TOo_LaZy think of it
00:28:00NotAHax you should not make pipe
00:28:01Vangelis i know
00:28:03Vangelis i make it next
00:28:30NotAHax b
00:28:41NotAHax momdsiw
00:28:42NotAHax osta wardi
00:28:47Zagor push
00:28:47NotAHax pakko saada yhet
00:29:07NotAHax k
00:29:07NotAHax go
00:29:25atte i farm mid
00:29:41Timu wait wtf
00:29:46Timu aha
00:29:48NotAHax '
00:29:49Timu sentrys
00:29:50NotAHax STREMA
00:29:51NotAHax '
00:29:51Rakett mis on?
00:30:01NotAHax We got vision from stream
00:30:02Rakett ROOF
00:30:02Rakett MID
00:30:06Timu sure you did
00:30:08NotAHax stream sniped trough the sandstorm
00:30:13Momdsiw roof relic
00:30:17NotAHax we need the fucking obs
00:30:27Momdsiw chickn has
00:30:40Zagor spec fat
00:30:48NotAHax i farm bot
00:30:52Timu ffs
00:30:55Planktoni let's gang that dusa
00:30:55NotAHax wp
00:31:15NotAHax y gang dusa
00:31:24atte notahax farms alone
00:31:26atte i farm with roof
00:31:29Rakett :D
00:31:31NotAHax def
00:31:53Planktoni al there
00:32:30TOo_LaZy so fats relic
00:32:32TOo_LaZy with freefarm
00:32:46NotAHax so ur stupid, ur also unmannered
00:32:51Planktoni tele
00:32:53NotAHax perfect combination
00:33:05Momdsiw were cd
00:33:12Rakett 300 and i get hex.
00:33:17Dota.m k
00:33:24NotAHax luci
00:33:26NotAHax missä sun speedaura
00:33:35NotAHax tuolla on
00:33:40Planktoni oli yhdessä välissää
00:33:42Planktoni söin väärän mörön
00:33:48NotAHax älä syö neutral mörköi
00:33:49NotAHax yhtää
00:33:54NotAHax pelkkiii creeppei ny
00:34:25atte need gem
00:34:40NotAHax gj
00:35:04NotAHax need gang dusa
00:35:49NotAHax need make
00:35:51NotAHax 5v5 fight
00:35:57Rakett Fast nigger
00:36:00NotAHax all b and get smoke
00:36:03NotAHax someone buy smoke
00:36:22NotAHax wtf
00:36:22NotAHax teet
00:36:26Momdsiw :D
00:36:29Momdsiw olikirjotukses
00:36:29NotAHax vittu wp
00:36:31Momdsiw en saanu stopattua
00:36:33TOo_LaZy imo banreq
00:36:34TOo_LaZy game ruin
00:36:35Momdsiw meinasin wardittaa
00:36:53NotAHax toss
00:36:53NotAHax me
00:37:03atte y
00:37:07atte fucking doom lothars
00:37:07NotAHax def top
00:37:08NotAHax i farm bot
00:37:08atte care
00:37:13atte get us sentrys and push with 5
00:37:52Dota.m 5 mid ?
00:38:00Zagor sewc
00:38:02Zagor nedd 200
00:38:10NotAHax buy smoke
00:38:11NotAHax go with 5
00:38:13NotAHax all top
00:38:14NotAHax come
00:38:26atte top
00:38:26TOo_LaZy need regen
00:38:27TOo_LaZy mana
00:38:29NotAHax k
00:38:31NotAHax wait tiny
00:38:41NotAHax i will come with my ulti
00:38:46NotAHax go top
00:38:48TOo_LaZy ok
00:38:49TOo_LaZy coming
00:38:56NotAHax WAT?
00:39:00Momdsiw otin hex rahat
00:39:03NotAHax k
00:39:06atte i bait
00:39:18Momdsiw hasted roof
00:39:19atte well
00:39:19Momdsiw inc top
00:39:46atte we should be all there
00:39:48atte and i bait
00:39:48NotAHax wat
00:39:52NotAHax where did you got vision
00:39:53atte and then you come in
00:40:07Timu gj
00:40:09NotAHax -_-
00:40:15Momdsiw sick roof is sick
00:40:21atte go regen and mid
00:40:26atte you use smoke or something
00:40:28NotAHax ei me rooffin takii näitä fitei hävitä
00:40:29atte i farm there alone
00:40:31atte and they come
00:40:34atte we kill
00:40:36Rakett lol
00:40:36Rakett dude
00:40:41Rakett notahax is watching my stream
00:40:41Rakett :D
00:40:43Momdsiw toi ainaki
00:40:45atte ':DDD
00:40:47atte just push then
00:40:49Rakett yae
00:40:53NotAHax kait ku ette saan nukettua sitä alas
00:40:54Zagor net cafe?
00:40:54NotAHax i farm top
00:40:55Momdsiw se vaa healaa tiimiinsä
00:40:57Rakett ?=
00:41:04atte no, that idiot is streaming
00:41:12NotAHax i farm tolp and bot
00:41:14Rakett :))))
00:41:17NotAHax leave bot farm let it push
00:41:20Dota.m got ulti
00:41:20Planktoni gang dusa again
00:41:21TOo_LaZy i farm south and west
00:41:22NotAHax voi vittu momdsiw
00:41:24NotAHax ihan oikeesti
00:41:38NotAHax tajuutko et ku sulla on tuo hexi sä et tarvi isitä farmii enää kuha oot fiteis
00:42:03NotAHax jee
00:42:04NotAHax wp momdsiw
00:42:04NotAHax wp
00:42:14NotAHax menet farmaa sitä bottia etkä auta tiimiäs
00:42:18Momdsiw autoinha
00:42:23Momdsiw elä kitise
00:42:24Rakett streamcheat- still lose
00:42:25NotAHax tulit ku kaikki oli kuollu
00:42:29Momdsiw pelastin ud
00:42:31Rakett xd
00:42:31Timu lol
00:42:31NotAHax nyt meni
00:42:31Timu great
00:42:31NotAHax raxit
00:42:31Dota.m lol again
00:42:31NotAHax sit ihmetelleeä
00:42:31Timu lets postpone
00:42:31NotAHax miks
00:42:31Momdsiw rebuy
00:42:31NotAHax häviotää
00:42:31atte nyt vois lähtee röökille
00:42:31NotAHax paska oot
00:42:31Timu this for more 3min
00:42:31Zagor its soulyah:D
00:42:31Momdsiw elä kitise
00:42:31Momdsiw rapula doutaa
00:42:31Timu :D
00:42:31Momdsiw ^^
00:42:31Momdsiw always hes nervous
00:42:31Momdsiw he plugs goes smoek
00:42:31Momdsiw and then join back before 4 mins
00:42:31Zagor i go?
00:42:31NotAHax en ooo
00:42:31NotAHax ostamassa
00:42:31atte hes not gonna drop
00:42:31Rakett hes not gonna drop
00:42:31Vangelis spec will you buy?
00:42:31atte faster
00:42:31NotAHax no
00:42:31Vangelis or just leave rax
00:42:31Vangelis k
00:42:31NotAHax you can
00:42:31NotAHax def
00:42:31NotAHax without me
00:42:31Rakett T.T
00:42:31Vangelis tomb cd a bit
00:42:31Vangelis ...
00:42:31Momdsiw 2vs4?
00:42:31NotAHax jep
00:42:31NotAHax nillä on
00:42:31NotAHax setit
00:42:31NotAHax cd
00:42:31Momdsiw rooffil ei
00:42:31Momdsiw 12 sec cd
00:42:31NotAHax on
00:42:31Momdsiw sen healis
00:42:31Dota.m rakett not a bad game for u
00:42:32NotAHax no mitä vitun väliä
00:42:36NotAHax tombi maaha
00:42:36Rakett standard qop
00:42:36Dota.m 8-0
00:42:38NotAHax ja puut
00:42:45Timu 9 viewers
00:42:48Timu suht gosu
00:42:50NotAHax vb
00:42:52Rakett ma tena
00:42:54Rakett tean
00:42:54Rakett right
00:42:55Rakett :D
00:42:58NotAHax ammu niitä
00:43:02atte let me top
00:43:06TOo_LaZy nota farms bot
00:43:09TOo_LaZy ALL LEAVE
00:43:13Rakett got scepter.
00:43:34Rakett -apm
00:43:36NotAHax check
00:43:39Timu -apm
00:43:41NotAHax someone buy smoke and lets go take it
00:43:42NotAHax ourself
00:43:45Vangelis got
00:43:46Vangelis smoke
00:43:50atte -apm
00:44:24NotAHax newed go
00:44:25NotAHax with smoke
00:44:29Vangelis got
00:44:30Vangelis smoke
00:44:35NotAHax i farm top
00:44:49Dota.m mid again ?
00:44:52NotAHax go all gather
00:44:56atte get gem or smth
00:44:56NotAHax and use smoke
00:44:58Vangelis tiny gg
00:45:02Vangelis tele
00:45:03Zagor sentry we got
00:45:07Rakett notahax stop telling ur team what to do D:
00:45:19atte coiem mid
00:45:20atte all
00:45:28NotAHax its trap
00:45:36atte illu or dd for me
00:45:43NotAHax we need
00:45:45Planktoni need gem
00:45:45NotAHax the fucking
00:45:46Planktoni get me
00:45:46NotAHax SMOKE
00:45:47NotAHax NW'
00:45:49NotAHax ALL
00:45:50NotAHax USE SMOKE
00:45:54NotAHax folow me
00:45:57NotAHax hex if see someone
00:46:03NotAHax GO
00:46:03NotAHax GO
00:46:44NotAHax get
00:46:45NotAHax another smoke
00:46:46NotAHax lets go rosh
00:46:46atte do they have gem?
00:46:47Rakett i got furions hex on me
00:46:48Rakett doom
00:46:49Vangelis and gem
00:46:52Vangelis i buy both
00:46:54Rakett and shiva + lvldeath
00:46:54Rakett :D
00:46:55NotAHax NOI
00:46:56NotAHax dont buy gem
00:46:58NotAHax you need get tanky
00:47:05Timu i just died to aura
00:47:13Vangelis got pipe and vanguard, won't get hot any time soon
00:47:18Rakett well i hexed doom before he ultied me but yea
00:47:20NotAHax meka?
00:47:21Rakett furion hexed me
00:47:21Rakett so
00:47:21NotAHax or
00:47:23NotAHax blademail
00:47:24Vangelis hmm
00:47:25atte the more closer you are at spectre the more dmg you take
00:47:25Vangelis i could y
00:47:27NotAHax or just platemail
00:47:29Planktoni i go blademail next
00:47:33atte care
00:47:34Vangelis i make meka
00:47:36Dota.m tp cd
00:47:38NotAHax we newed smoke rosh now
00:48:03Momdsiw gather then
00:48:11NotAHax come here
00:48:12Dota.m got ac soon
00:48:16atte sentrys
00:48:20Timu ye have
00:48:21NotAHax k tiny stay back
00:48:22NotAHax tiny
00:48:23NotAHax go b
00:48:24Zagor me2
00:48:25TOo_LaZy k
00:48:26TOo_LaZy i know
00:48:27NotAHax go def midd
00:48:32Rakett had enough
00:48:36NotAHax come
00:49:30Rakett go atte
00:49:32Rakett got sonic
00:49:35atte k
00:49:40TOo_LaZy we cant
00:49:43Rakett GO
00:49:53Timu haha
00:49:58TOo_LaZy i knew that
00:49:58Rakett kill
00:49:58Timu get gem
00:49:59TOo_LaZy lol
00:50:00Rakett roshan
00:50:00TOo_LaZy even i
00:50:00Rakett ROSHAN
00:50:01TOo_LaZy knew
00:50:01TOo_LaZy ;D
00:50:02Rakett KILL IT
00:50:02NotAHax mee
00:50:03NotAHax roosalle
00:50:03Timu gem
00:50:04NotAHax se on siel
00:50:07Dota.m gem
00:50:08Momdsiw ei oo
00:50:13NotAHax ON
00:50:16NotAHax ETKÖ SÄ NÄHNY
00:50:16NotAHax ..
00:50:23Planktoni puita
00:50:25NotAHax hex
00:50:26NotAHax hexaa
00:50:27NotAHax hexaa se
00:50:31TOo_LaZy wow
00:50:33NotAHax go
00:50:34TOo_LaZy SO WISE
00:50:34NotAHax ud lets go
00:50:35Momdsiw :D
00:50:35Rakett Stronk tp
00:50:35Rakett :D
00:50:35TOo_LaZy momidsw
00:50:38TOo_LaZy whahahahahahah
00:50:40TOo_LaZy pro player
00:50:41Momdsiw i were disabled
00:50:46Momdsiw you too
00:50:55Planktoni gemmm
00:50:58Rakett zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:51:02NotAHax wp
00:51:21atte b
00:51:23Planktoni tiny where are u going
00:51:32Vangelis oom
00:51:36NotAHax tiony come
00:51:36NotAHax yo
00:51:45TOo_LaZy k
00:52:09atte y
00:52:16Rakett =D
00:52:16NotAHax ootte paskoi t.kikkihiiri
00:52:24Dota.m gg they are to strong
00:52:25NotAHax furii
00:52:31Momdsiw ye ye
00:52:46NotAHax i take
00:52:50Rakett you were so close to losing while having a position equivalent to a maphack
00:52:53Rakett Why are u talking
00:52:53Rakett ?
00:53:11NotAHax You realize that i havent watched ur stream whole game, ur just stupid enough to think i did
00:53:19TOo_LaZy what stream ?
00:53:19NotAHax wanted you to start closing it on start at midd so you would fuck up
00:53:44Rakett jeap.
00:53:44Timu i dont believe you nota :D
00:53:55NotAHax why we havent countered ur wards then
00:54:04Vangelis gather
00:54:07Rakett cause this channel is filled with noobs who dont buy counter
00:54:08Rakett ?
00:54:08Rakett :D
00:54:10Planktoni mana
00:54:20Vangelis mana boots cd
00:54:22Vangelis 25 s
00:54:42atte ffs
00:54:43NotAHax nice toss
00:54:56NotAHax gj
00:54:56TOo_LaZy u jsut makde me angry
00:54:58TOo_LaZy o hell
00:54:59TOo_LaZy at stard
00:54:59Timu gg
00:55:05Rakett thats just spec
00:55:05Rakett :D
00:55:15NotAHax well you played stupid
00:55:17TOo_LaZy yes
00:55:18TOo_LaZy idid
00:55:19TOo_LaZy but
00:55:21TOo_LaZy all went aggro
00:55:25NotAHax i said it as constructive critisicm
00:55:28NotAHax not as flame
00:55:39TOo_LaZy i lost 200x in these two days :D
00:55:40TOo_LaZy so
00:55:41TOo_LaZy :D
00:55:43Vangelis he is b
00:55:43Vangelis ...
00:55:44Momdsiw cool
00:55:58NotAHax b
00:56:09Rakett o noez the aegis is goon
00:56:16Vangelis i hjave to tele home
00:56:17NotAHax np needed some space to inventory anyway
00:56:18Vangelis totally oom
00:56:20Rakett i know .D
00:56:33Dota.m leave top
00:56:34Dota.m need ac
00:56:35atte shouldnt buyout
00:56:36atte at rosh
00:56:39atte now would have butter
00:56:40Rakett yea
00:56:54Rakett but to kill spec u would need divien
00:56:59NotAHax invi top
00:57:05Vangelis i take
00:57:07NotAHax y
00:57:09NotAHax all
00:57:10NotAHax get close to ud
00:57:12NotAHax ets fight
00:57:15NotAHax i come with ulti
00:57:21NotAHax focus medusa
00:57:46NotAHax feedwards i see
00:58:02NotAHax from midd
00:58:03NotAHax go
00:58:12NotAHax trees
00:58:44Rakett :D
00:58:45atte I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:58:47Rakett sick toss
00:58:49Rakett I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:59:02NotAHax gg
00:59:06atte tuhotkaa throne
00:59:06Rakett Derp.
00:59:12atte ei olla deffaamas
00:59:16NotAHax spectre>medusa
00:59:17NotAHax protip
00:59:24Rakett :D
00:59:30atte oho oikeesti
00:59:32NotAHax there was even counter for spectre
00:59:33NotAHax in pool
00:59:35atte kuka tol vaa jaksaa pelaa?
00:59:36NotAHax but y noobs no pick
00:59:38Timu medusa always fails in gc
00:59:38Vangelis what
00:59:38NotAHax minä
00:59:39Vangelis was it
00:59:40Vangelis :d
00:59:44Momdsiw specu on kooli hero
00:59:46NotAHax vengelis come irc
00:59:47NotAHax i tell you
00:59:48NotAHax ei oo
00:59:52NotAHax tälle o countterinsa
00:59:54NotAHax paskat ei vaa tiiä
00:59:55atte iha vitun tylsä
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