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Chat log

00:00:10Bct_Murder ?
00:00:13NotAHax IS THIS
00:00:15NotAHax REAL BOGDAN
00:00:15Soulyah da laffer is here
00:00:21Soulyah Lagger
00:00:21EyeforanEye rubick
00:00:21marsbar2k Fixed your connection souljay :/ ?
00:00:21Bct_Murder you lagger ;D
00:00:21Bogdan No i am from romania Bogdan is my real NAME
00:00:21Soulyah i cannot fix it
00:00:21Soulyah its random
00:00:21NotAHax soulyeah dont play then
00:00:21marsbar2k die in hell !
00:00:21NotAHax you know what herre
00:00:21Soulyah wether its good
00:00:21NotAHax said you
00:00:21Soulyah or not
00:00:21ZarD I'm going forest regardless of my hero
00:00:21NotAHax -aa
00:00:21NotAHax my ban is -aa
00:00:21Soulyah i dont care what herre says
00:00:21NotAHax AA + RUBICK BANNED
00:00:21Soulyah i talked to strom
00:00:31Soulyah strom > herre
00:00:31Zagor get und some1?
00:00:32NotAHax aa + rubick banned
00:00:35Bct_Murder BAN AA AND RUBICK !
00:00:49EyeforanEye get dazzle
00:00:53EyeforanEye lion
00:00:57Zagor dirge some1?
00:00:59EyeforanEye UD
00:01:14ZarD Swap me someone.
00:01:15NotAHax i thhmm
00:01:17ZarD Got insane lags
00:01:22ZarD need forest
00:01:39Bogdan zard what do you want
00:01:39Vangelis ..............
00:01:43ZarD tb
00:01:46Vangelis void
00:01:47Vangelis want top
00:01:48Vangelis ?
00:01:50Soulyah huh
00:01:53Bct_Murder ytews
00:01:54Bct_Murder yes
00:01:55EyeforanEye omg?
00:01:56ZarD lol
00:01:58ZarD viper
00:02:00EyeforanEye tb isnt banned-.-
00:02:06Soulyah ppl say my name
00:02:07Bogdan ...
00:02:08ZarD tb is banned, didn't notice
00:02:09marsbar2k a bob picks carry x:D
00:02:09Vangelis maybe tuskar also bot?
00:02:10Soulyah and it bans tb
00:02:14marsbar2k why not
00:02:16Soulyah its not banned
00:02:18Soulyah aa was banned
00:02:20ZarD tt
00:02:20Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:22Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Faceless Void [w,c,e,v]
00:02:23Soulyah but when capts say my name
00:02:25Vangelis otherwise this void might feed too much
00:02:26Soulyah it bans tb
00:02:27Vangelis if he is bot
00:02:33ZarD Amazing
00:02:35marsbar2k his gonna feed abnyway
00:02:37Bogdan -swap 3
00:02:37marsbar2k watch and learn :D
00:02:40NotAHax :D
00:02:41Vangelis lina
00:02:42ZarD I dont want viper tard
00:02:42Vangelis go top
00:02:42NotAHax murder
00:02:43ZarD i said tb.
00:02:44NotAHax you knwo what items
00:02:45NotAHax make?
00:02:45NotAHax lina top
00:02:46NotAHax y
00:02:48ZarD -swap 5
00:02:50Soulyah chicken
00:02:51Bct_Murder yes
00:02:52ZarD :( cant go forest like this
00:02:52Bogdan it is banned retard
00:02:53NotAHax tell me
00:02:56Soulyah :D
00:03:00marsbar2k scepter!
00:03:02EyeforanEye noo its not..
00:03:06NotAHax -_--
00:03:06Vangelis just rush midas, it is the best item there is!!!
00:03:07Soulyah well u cant rly go woods with new tb
00:03:08Bct_Murder tread maddnes battle furry or bater fly
00:03:08NotAHax xd
00:03:08ZarD It weren't banned.
00:03:09marsbar2k blublubluib
00:03:11Soulyah to slow farm
00:03:14NotAHax bct ye
00:03:14marsbar2k BATERFLY!
00:03:16ZarD you can go woods with any melee
00:03:19Vangelis BATTERYFLY
00:03:24ZarD prefer tb for his high base dmg
00:03:45Bct_Murder lina stop it
00:04:51ZarD damn i lag
00:04:57EyeforanEye kinda need gang mid asap
00:04:57ZarD using too weak power supply
00:05:19ZarD well you kinda picked sniper yourself
00:05:22ZarD shitty choice
00:05:37marsbar2k wtf
00:05:37NotAHax :/
00:05:43EyeforanEye Greedy bastard.:(
00:05:47NotAHax nigger salve ruined it
00:05:52EyeforanEye :D
00:06:31Soulyah tango plz
00:06:32ZarD -1
00:06:37Soulyah ty
00:06:40Zagor \np
00:06:50marsbar2k gg
00:06:59Bogdan fking lag
00:07:04ZarD y
00:07:24ZarD qop miss
00:07:30NotAHax go
00:07:53NotAHax lol
00:07:54Soulyah :D:D:D:
00:07:54marsbar2k sry
00:07:54Soulyah :D
00:07:55EyeforanEye gj
00:07:56Soulyah :D:D:D:D
00:07:56Soulyah :D:DD
00:07:57Soulyah :D
00:07:57NotAHax so fail
00:08:02Soulyah tomb so lame hero
00:08:06Soulyah i mean skill
00:08:12NotAHax it wasent tomb
00:08:15Zagor gj und
00:08:15NotAHax it was fucking fail by me
00:08:50ZarD that mana leak
00:08:51ZarD wtf?
00:09:11ZarD you cant just walk into 10 creeps and 2 hereos
00:09:12EyeforanEye ss mid
00:09:13ZarD and drain his mana
00:09:13EyeforanEye care top
00:09:24NotAHax go viper
00:09:29marsbar2k i just cant read u phoenix
00:09:34marsbar2k gonna roam
00:09:41NotAHax y come midd
00:09:42NotAHax freekill
00:09:46EyeforanEye still ss mid
00:09:49EyeforanEye care all
00:09:51ZarD he was top
00:09:56EyeforanEye re mid
00:10:01EyeforanEye w8 lvl 6.
00:10:20EyeforanEye tusk mid..
00:10:29NotAHax gj
00:10:34ZarD stun lina
00:10:35ZarD please
00:10:59EyeforanEye fucking lvl 9 mid-.-
00:11:06ZarD stop whine
00:11:07ZarD seriously
00:11:12NotAHax go sniper
00:11:13Vangelis miss 2 bot
00:11:16Vangelis so care mid
00:11:34Soulyah lion
00:11:34Soulyah go
00:11:38NotAHax how many
00:11:39NotAHax Salves
00:11:40NotAHax you have
00:11:51ZarD lol
00:11:57EyeforanEye Enought for u :D
00:12:14Bct_Murder ward
00:12:14kims 4
00:12:15Bct_Murder ward
00:12:23Zagor got ulti
00:12:29EyeforanEye ss mid
00:12:38ZarD soul
00:12:40kims rasta in the forest
00:12:41Soulyah y
00:12:41ZarD change basi
00:13:25EyeforanEye ss mid..
00:13:29Bct_Murder this phx not good ;/
00:13:39Bct_Murder omg
00:13:41Bct_Murder .................
00:13:46Bct_Murder fucking noob this phx
00:13:55NotAHax lol
00:13:56marsbar2k xD
00:14:03Soulyah top again
00:14:13ZarD these spikes
00:14:15ZarD are killing me
00:14:20ZarD can barely move in fights
00:14:28Soulyah or
00:14:30Soulyah lets go mid
00:14:31Soulyah all
00:14:33Soulyah denied top
00:14:50EyeforanEye hahahahhahaqgsl rb'|atdzpxhjd
00:14:53NotAHax xd
00:14:58EyeforanEye SpASMA
00:15:07NotAHax b
00:15:10NotAHax 'me rune
00:15:27NotAHax yellow
00:15:28NotAHax tuskarr
00:15:55NotAHax b
00:16:02Soulyah stun?
00:16:03Soulyah kill?
00:16:25Zagor i hate u
00:16:29NotAHax :)
00:16:53Soulyah viper we need u
00:16:56Soulyah ur kina gang hero
00:16:59ZarD You guys are plain fucking stupid
00:17:06ZarD Yellow were killed in forest
00:17:08ZarD you stay lane
00:17:10ZarD and you die
00:17:10marsbar2k twrs
00:17:15NotAHax ye
00:17:22ZarD and sniper farmed treads
00:17:28EyeforanEye xD
00:17:39Bct_Murder i need farm ;/
00:17:52ZarD lol
00:18:17NotAHax gonna push top
00:18:17NotAHax bot*
00:18:19NotAHax and tele tele
00:19:02EyeforanEye sry cant do shit yet
00:19:06ZarD "yet"
00:19:07Soulyah sniper do u have 1st skill?
00:19:10NotAHax my rune bot
00:19:12ZarD you wont be able to do shit ever this game.
00:19:16Soulyah like best skill in sniper
00:19:18NotAHax gj with warding lina
00:19:21ZarD thanks to your selfish pick
00:19:23Soulyah sharpnels or whatever
00:19:31kims lok at my invnt =(
00:19:33NotAHax :F
00:19:34Soulyah lol
00:19:35NotAHax y u need boots
00:19:37Soulyah linken on qop
00:19:41NotAHax go
00:19:42ZarD great-
00:19:45NotAHax go him
00:19:52NotAHax hi
00:19:52EyeforanEye hahahha
00:19:57Soulyah gg wp nota, yet again
00:20:02ZarD Hahaha
00:20:05ZarD Well fed by retard
00:20:08NotAHax ty :)
00:20:10EyeforanEye im so failure :D
00:20:16ZarD No shit sherlock
00:20:20NotAHax itsj ust
00:20:22NotAHax qop>sniper on midd as hero
00:20:27ZarD Sniper firstpick
00:20:27NotAHax unless sniper camps behind tower at fog 24/7
00:20:29ZarD Go figure
00:20:58NotAHax tomb
00:20:58NotAHax tomb
00:21:14ZarD nice stun lion
00:21:17ZarD hit some more air
00:21:24Bogdan lag fkin lag
00:21:24ZarD !ff
00:21:30NotAHax *its just
00:21:31NotAHax Ff
00:21:33NotAHax you write ff
00:21:42NotAHax but you can do it at 25 min
00:21:45NotAHax Not befor
00:22:47marsbar2k cd
00:22:52NotAHax np
00:22:52NotAHax :P
00:22:52marsbar2k xd
00:22:52Soulyah im healing u
00:22:52Zagor kick sniper :P
00:22:52Soulyah but
00:22:52NotAHax :D
00:22:52Soulyah u still die
00:22:52Soulyah :D
00:22:52Zagor y
00:22:52NotAHax well
00:22:52NotAHax Hes ur only
00:22:52NotAHax ä
00:22:52NotAHax chance
00:22:52NotAHax to win
00:22:52NotAHax You rather just ff
00:22:52NotAHax ff
00:22:52EyeforanEye :;P
00:22:52Soulyah never!
00:22:52Soulyah i fight untill tree falls!
00:22:52NotAHax .
00:22:52NotAHax bad manner
00:22:52Soulyah like u did with tc
00:22:52Soulyah never ff vs u
00:22:52Soulyah :d
00:22:52Zagor and i still hate u qop :D
00:22:52Soulyah ego doesnt allow it
00:22:52NotAHax tc?
00:22:52Zagor :D
00:22:52NotAHax ??
00:22:52Soulyah ages ago
00:22:52Soulyah i trolled not ffing
00:22:52Soulyah with tc
00:22:52NotAHax cant remember
00:22:52NotAHax i do ff
00:22:52NotAHax those games
00:22:52NotAHax which
00:22:52NotAHax Are lost
00:22:52NotAHax but games
00:22:52NotAHax Where you can
00:22:52NotAHax still
00:22:52NotAHax win
00:22:52NotAHax i dont ff
00:22:52Soulyah thats why i dont
00:22:52NotAHax you cant win this one :P
00:22:52Soulyah 1% chance
00:22:52Soulyah u cant rly push us
00:22:52NotAHax 0,0000000000001%
00:22:52NotAHax i agree
00:22:52Soulyah just try to farm sniper
00:22:52NotAHax we cant push?
00:22:52Soulyah some items
00:22:52NotAHax void jump
00:22:52NotAHax ulti
00:22:52Soulyah skill first
00:22:52NotAHax i ulti
00:22:52NotAHax You dead
00:22:52NotAHax ???
00:22:52Soulyah and we are good
00:22:52Soulyah shackle plus tomb
00:22:52Soulyah rapes
00:22:52Soulyah or i mean shrarpels
00:22:52kims test
00:22:52kims test
00:22:52kims .
00:22:52kims .
00:22:52kims .
00:22:52kims .
00:22:52kims !reconnect
00:23:00Soulyah test
00:23:00NotAHax welcome back
00:23:10NotAHax lina
00:23:14NotAHax it reconnects automatically
00:23:18NotAHax you just need wait
00:23:25marsbar2k D:D:D:
00:23:26NotAHax xd
00:23:27kims thx
00:23:29NotAHax take rest
00:23:34Bct_Murder were chiken?
00:23:51kims reconnects in the same place as i was?
00:24:00Soulyah -afk
00:24:29Soulyah cmon final stand
00:24:31Soulyah :D
00:24:34Vangelis nope
00:24:35NotAHax all midd
00:24:40Vangelis our void farms forest
00:24:40NotAHax nee you
00:24:55Soulyah -afk
00:24:56Soulyah -kcikafk
00:24:59NotAHax bct
00:25:00NotAHax if you see
00:25:05NotAHax 3-5 heroes close eachother
00:25:06NotAHax go jump ulti
00:25:13Soulyah base
00:25:14NotAHax its 100% dead for all of them with my spells + ur utulti
00:25:30NotAHax b
00:25:31NotAHax b
00:25:33Vangelis wait wards
00:25:34Vangelis :D
00:25:34NotAHax k lets b
00:25:35NotAHax just b
00:25:38Vangelis k
00:25:42NotAHax lets go rosh
00:26:03NotAHax stun
00:26:15NotAHax Welcome
00:26:17Zagor -kickafk 3
00:26:24Bct_Murder omg ...
00:26:25Soulyah balance
00:26:25Bct_Murder afk
00:26:25NotAHax ¨
00:26:25NotAHax lina balance
00:26:25marsbar2k where is he going :DDD
00:26:25NotAHax kims
00:26:25NotAHax are you here
00:26:25kims y
00:26:25NotAHax do you know how system works
00:26:25kims no
00:26:25EyeforanEye ?
00:26:25NotAHax its like, if someone leaves/drops from enemy team one guy needs to balance
00:26:25Vangelis sadly, you have to balance if one of them drops
00:26:25Soulyah nalance now
00:26:25NotAHax so its 4v4
00:26:25Soulyah n=b
00:26:25kims =(
00:26:25NotAHax you will not get ban
00:26:25NotAHax you just need leave
00:26:25EyeforanEye :D
00:26:25NotAHax and
00:26:25NotAHax you will get points
00:26:25NotAHax still
00:26:25Zagor go
00:26:25NotAHax when we will win
00:26:25NotAHax so,unfortunally i think you should balance becouse ur weakest hero
00:26:25kims k
00:26:25NotAHax but you played good this game man :)
00:26:25NotAHax gogo
00:26:26marsbar2k sad
00:26:26NotAHax i take
00:26:28NotAHax lina items
00:27:07NotAHax someone wants
00:27:08NotAHax magic stick
00:27:08NotAHax ?
00:27:21Vangelis all have it
00:27:23Vangelis who need it
00:27:26NotAHax i took it
00:27:41NotAHax go midd
00:27:47Soulyah at base
00:27:48EyeforanEye twr
00:27:49Soulyah cant leave base
00:27:55Soulyah we all die in a sec
00:28:01NotAHax vangelis wtf
00:28:01Zagor stop it
00:28:02NotAHax you madem idas
00:28:03NotAHax :DD
00:28:04NotAHax mida
00:28:04Vangelis :D
00:28:05NotAHax midas
00:28:32EyeforanEye I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:28:39Soulyah I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:28:52NotAHax heal
00:29:04NotAHax b
00:29:29NotAHax close enough
00:29:30NotAHax Xd
00:30:02NotAHax :D
00:30:02NotAHax :D
00:30:03NotAHax :D
00:30:05NotAHax Xd
00:30:10Soulyah itemless void wins
00:30:12NotAHax Served by bct murted
00:30:13NotAHax :D
00:30:18Soulyah I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:30:18NotAHax go midd again
00:30:29marsbar2k bring dust :D
00:30:59Soulyah invi qop here
00:31:03NotAHax 1 nuke
00:31:04NotAHax to him
00:31:04Vangelis wait
00:31:05Vangelis for void
00:31:06NotAHax and i can insta kill im
00:31:07NotAHax y
00:31:08NotAHax wait void
00:31:15NotAHax tele midd man
00:31:40marsbar2k sides are pushed
00:32:12Bct_Murder use leaver ?
00:32:13Bct_Murder wtf?
00:32:21Soulyah allowed
00:32:32Bct_Murder they can use leaver?
00:32:33Soulyah just ff
00:32:35Soulyah plz
00:32:37Soulyah look at lvls
00:32:39Soulyah no chance
00:32:40NotAHax heal
00:32:41Soulyah we have no items
00:32:55Soulyah type ff
00:32:57Soulyah I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:33:01NotAHax ff guys cmon
00:33:09Vangelis go
00:33:32Soulyah rasta
00:33:33Soulyah lion
00:33:34Soulyah I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:33:37Soulyah this is a waste of time
00:33:42marsbar2k gotta pick up my kid soon
00:33:42Zagor I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:33:45marsbar2k lets end :S
00:33:51Zagor will lose so much x
00:33:51NotAHax yh
00:33:54Zagor shit
00:33:59NotAHax man come
00:34:04Vangelis ?
00:34:06NotAHax y rosh
00:34:08Soulyah lion
00:34:09Soulyah type ff
00:34:14NotAHax void come
00:34:16marsbar2k [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:34:16marsbar2k [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:34:16marsbar2k [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:34:16marsbar2k [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:34:16Bogdan I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:34:17Soulyah add to new and win
00:34:19NotAHax or no
00:34:20NotAHax Gg
00:34:20Soulyah gg wp
00:34:20Bct_Murder we win
00:34:42NotAHax imo should write book about dota
00:34:45NotAHax earn some cash
00:34:47NotAHax Xd
00:34:48Zagor losing to bct murder
00:35:20EyeforanEye Void mid lane finish.
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