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-2 TS

100% | 1845 X | 1659 TS

-54 X
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91% | 1552 X | 1495 TS

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-2 TS

87% | 1444 X | 1487 TS

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-11 TS

43% | 1150 X | 1291 TS

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91% | 1546 X | 1481 TS

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76% | 1347 X | 1442 TS

Chat log

00:00:09PeterLars mariah
00:00:16PeterLars jeg er lige afk lad hver med at banne
00:00:17MariahCarry hvor længe
00:00:17Zulu can i try mid this time?
00:00:17MariahCarry ??
00:00:17NotAHax no
00:00:17kitkat no
00:00:17Zulu better than rakett
00:00:17MariahCarry ved du det peter?
00:00:17NotAHax haahha
00:00:17NotAHax no
00:00:17McNabb hehehe
00:00:17Arapiles hvad?
00:00:17NotAHax _UR NEVER
00:00:17NotAHax EVER
00:00:17kitkat DENIED
00:00:17NotAHax will be midd
00:00:17NotAHax in my games
00:00:17Zulu give me a shot
00:00:17NotAHax _NEVER_
00:00:17PeterLars sådan
00:00:17NotAHax _ N E V E R _
00:00:17MariahCarry hvad yussef laver
00:00:17Arapiles nej han er hjemme
00:00:17NotAHax after you took that aegis
00:00:17PeterLars jeg er hjemme
00:00:17PeterLars :D
00:00:17PeterLars er tilbage
00:00:17NotAHax gg for y
00:00:17Zulu omg..
00:00:17PeterLars skulle tisse :D
00:00:17MariahCarry lycan
00:00:17NotAHax y
00:00:17MariahCarry anyone want thrall?
00:00:17NotAHax u ban
00:00:17FetAA how many of ur caffe gang got banned
00:00:17NotAHax -warlock
00:00:17NotAHax fu
00:00:17Arapiles jeg spiller gerne invoker, aa or thrall
00:00:21curdi can go AA
00:00:22PeterLars all :D
00:00:25MariahCarry haha
00:00:26FetAA all?
00:00:29MariahCarry fear the mjollnir
00:00:29Arapiles helst invoker
00:00:31PeterLars ^^
00:00:38NotAHax hear the omni
00:00:38FetAA then what u do to get unbans
00:00:39PeterLars har i set det der står om game camp :D
00:00:43curdi et sä vittu ota tota
00:00:44Arapiles some1 want thrall?
00:00:46PeterLars i dont know
00:00:46MariahCarry ja :D
00:00:47curdi tota ei pelaa ku minä
00:00:47NotAHax tottakai otan
00:00:48Arapiles i would like invoker
00:00:49NotAHax :D
00:00:52NotAHax mä oon alottanu pelaa tä
00:00:54NotAHax carry stail
00:00:56curdi .
00:00:59FetAA need diffusal
00:01:02MariahCarry tb
00:01:04curdi PL PICK GOGO
00:01:06MariahCarry i go diff
00:01:07MariahCarry on tb
00:01:09MariahCarry get me tb
00:01:10MariahCarry arap
00:01:13Arapiles kk
00:01:17FetAA here
00:01:19MariahCarry wtf du er lastpick
00:01:20FetAA arapiles take for me
00:01:20MariahCarry ty
00:01:21MariahCarry -swap
00:01:23Arapiles fetaa u play thrall?
00:01:25MariahCarry -swap 3
00:01:25FetAA no
00:01:28FetAA can I solo mid lion
00:01:29kitkat I play lanaya
00:01:29FetAA -swap 1
00:01:29kitkat np
00:01:40FetAA i h8 lion in lane
00:01:42FetAA -swap 5
00:01:42Arapiles -swap 3
00:01:44MariahCarry så dumt at picke pudge
00:01:58PeterLars vidte ikke hvem jeg elers skulle spille4
00:01:58Arapiles we could trilnae?
00:02:08FetAA what lanes should we make
00:02:10Zulu panda listen to my plan
00:02:11MariahCarry yea
00:02:12MariahCarry im mid
00:02:16FetAA kk
00:02:18MariahCarry and u guys do as u please
00:02:22Arapiles hmm
00:02:26PeterLars me and lioon
00:02:27FetAA brb
00:02:27Zulu u pull untill we get lvl 3 then we make fb on lane
00:02:29Rakett maiden panda top
00:02:30Rakett gogo?
00:02:32Rakett and me with aa
00:02:34Rakett notahax
00:02:35Zulu yeah
00:02:38PeterLars haha
00:02:40Zulu we got nice combo
00:02:42PeterLars peter køber kylling
00:02:44NotAHax GO
00:02:48McNabb stfu
00:02:52Rakett mad?
00:02:53NotAHax ur alrdy
00:02:55PeterLars vil ham der strom banne os alle eller hvad :D
00:02:58NotAHax startin to annoy ur captain
00:02:59kitkat mad panda
00:03:00Arapiles nope
00:03:00NotAHax thats not good
00:03:03PeterLars hvad sp
00:03:04McNabb lal
00:03:05MariahCarry kun samir
00:03:10Arapiles kun multi accounters
00:03:10MariahCarry etc
00:03:12FetAA fb?
00:03:14PeterLars y
00:03:17PeterLars har i snakket med ham
00:03:18FetAA ok let me s tart
00:03:22PeterLars y
00:03:29FetAA u took too
00:03:29FetAA ..
00:03:30FetAA fast
00:03:32Zulu furi pull unltill 3=
00:03:35Zulu or
00:03:41Rakett after pull we kill.
00:03:42FetAA b
00:03:43FetAA i fail
00:03:44PeterLars wtf
00:03:44Zulu y
00:04:07PeterLars HAHAS
00:04:12FetAA sry
00:04:13FetAA my bad
00:04:14FetAA :D
00:04:16kitkat :D
00:04:36FetAA pull
00:04:41PeterLars ok
00:04:41Rakett thrall go
00:05:13Zulu lvl 3
00:05:25curdi battery didnt cancel salve?
00:05:41Zulu no :O
00:05:45Zulu Strange
00:05:45MariahCarry ss mid
00:05:47curdi whats this shit
00:05:48MariahCarry omni
00:05:48Rakett lol regen
00:06:11Arapiles lion can u buy wards?
00:06:29FetAA zz
00:06:32FetAA hes too strong
00:06:38MariahCarry is he buffed?
00:06:38NotAHax go
00:06:39NotAHax thrall
00:06:44FetAA as a player
00:06:44curdi no
00:06:44FetAA i sayid
00:06:47FetAA omni sucks
00:06:48FetAA as mid
00:06:49MariahCarry nah
00:06:51NotAHax b
00:06:57NotAHax rakett
00:06:59NotAHax midi ilmane
00:07:00Rakett y
00:07:03Rakett k
00:07:05Arapiles lion can u buy wards??
00:07:09McNabb b
00:07:10McNabb b
00:07:17MariahCarry ss mid
00:07:36MariahCarry 3 mid
00:07:37MariahCarry wtf
00:07:37NotAHax b
00:07:38FetAA y
00:07:38NotAHax rakett
00:07:41NotAHax those trees
00:07:53Rakett y next time i can wait so he can get under the tower tt.
00:07:56PeterLars i pull
00:08:19PeterLars cm
00:08:21PeterLars miss
00:08:24FetAA re
00:08:57Arapiles furion is jungle/roam
00:09:12FetAA carry tps
00:09:27PeterLars wtf
00:09:28PeterLars guys
00:09:29PeterLars come top
00:09:35FetAA bot gys carry tp
00:09:38FetAA they gonna do alot of this diving
00:09:54Arapiles then fucking buy wards
00:09:57FetAA ?
00:09:58Arapiles you are support too
00:09:58NotAHax rakett
00:09:59NotAHax tule
00:10:02FetAA u dumb fuck
00:10:15McNabb :D
00:10:16Arapiles i need gold for chick crow boot tp wards ??
00:10:23FetAA so hard this target stun
00:10:38MariahCarry come mid
00:10:39Arapiles ss 2
00:11:03NotAHax KILL
00:11:07FetAA FFS
00:11:09Rakett ...
00:11:09McNabb ss
00:11:11PeterLars hi
00:11:21Rakett noobs gonna talk shit.
00:11:25PeterLars ^^
00:11:28kitkat DRAMAMAMAMA
00:11:41FetAA epic
00:11:43FetAA clcok
00:11:46FetAA omw
00:11:58Rakett ofcourse DD lion :D
00:12:39Zulu clap
00:12:53Rakett idiot :D
00:12:55NotAHax mana
00:12:56NotAHax drain
00:12:57NotAHax :D:D
00:12:58Rakett rot so u die to shatter
00:12:58Rakett WP
00:13:02FetAA D:
00:13:06NotAHax mun
00:13:07PeterLars mad bitch :D
00:13:13Rakett ur just
00:13:13Rakett Bad
00:13:17PeterLars i see :D
00:13:22NotAHax mariah inc top
00:13:26PeterLars learn me then bitch
00:13:30Rakett teacH
00:14:15NotAHax panda
00:14:17NotAHax rush agha
00:14:23MariahCarry i farm top
00:14:46NotAHax RUN
00:15:51FetAA tp bot
00:15:59PeterLars run bitch
00:16:03FetAA :D
00:16:06PeterLars ^^
00:16:07Rakett so bad
00:16:23NotAHax -_-
00:16:28Arapiles come to me mariah
00:16:32NotAHax focus tb
00:16:32MariahCarry ty
00:16:34NotAHax on ur ultis aa
00:16:58McNabb lol
00:17:09NotAHax useless aa
00:17:17NotAHax and you ask m
00:17:18NotAHax to give youm idd
00:17:21NotAHax not gonna happen
00:17:21NotAHax never
00:17:28curdi b
00:17:37MariahCarry almost diffu
00:17:43NotAHax imba aa
00:17:44NotAHax just imba
00:17:45PeterLars ^^
00:17:46Zulu ty
00:17:57PeterLars fuck that furi sucks :D
00:18:02MariahCarry yea xD
00:18:05FetAA say oops all chat
00:18:10curdi low mana
00:18:10PeterLars ^^
00:18:16Rakett if u say so
00:18:27kitkat needs to learn some tricks from me
00:18:28kitkat :>
00:18:33PeterLars Y^^
00:18:34NotAHax DEF
00:18:34NotAHax ALL
00:18:35NotAHax PLZ
00:18:38FetAA i think he already knows them
00:19:15NotAHax RAKETT
00:19:17Rakett who
00:19:22NotAHax ...
00:19:23NotAHax /facepalm
00:19:30Rakett was busy dodging lion
00:19:30NotAHax ff
00:19:38FetAA u killed chicken?'
00:19:45Arapiles in base now
00:19:51Rakett wtf :DDDD
00:20:46Rakett ur fucking welcome
00:20:53MariahCarry push mid
00:21:04NotAHax so bad aa
00:21:35Zulu so bad omni :(
00:21:37NotAHax ff
00:21:40kitkat ff
00:22:05NotAHax mariah is this gordonfreeman ur frend?
00:22:08NotAHax Hes retarted as you are
00:22:11NotAHax and aa also
00:22:11Rakett :
00:22:13MariahCarry huh?
00:22:15FetAA :DD ownedd
00:22:16Rakett :D
00:22:17Rakett y
00:22:17NotAHax ur frends?
00:22:19Rakett owned blind hook
00:22:22Arapiles hes my fuckslut
00:22:23FetAA no
00:22:23MariahCarry only know him from online
00:22:25FetAA u were in sight
00:22:26FetAA sory pro
00:22:29NotAHax i see
00:22:32NotAHax hes tard as youi
00:22:34PeterLars ^^
00:22:35Rakett lets put it this way
00:22:39Rakett Atleast i can hit stuns with lion
00:22:41Rakett prosgiht.
00:22:42Rakett Sight
00:22:43MariahCarry ok 3-5 omni :)
00:22:48MariahCarry if u say so
00:22:55FetAA atleast u think positive
00:22:57McNabb cm wards
00:23:01kitkat yes
00:23:06kitkat if I ever get gold ))
00:23:14FetAA ui g
00:23:18FetAA some1s
00:23:22kitkat and I have bought wards
00:23:23kitkat ffs
00:23:32Rakett so pro furion
00:24:02Zulu where is team
00:24:12kitkat :3
00:24:12Zulu im under siege
00:24:56Zulu omg
00:24:57Rakett so pro
00:25:01curdi y
00:25:04PeterLars where was rocket :D
00:25:07curdi cd
00:25:13PeterLars :S
00:25:53NotAHax jes
00:25:57Rakett lol
00:26:15NotAHax outpick
00:26:31MariahCarry u and rakett whine so much :)
00:26:37Rakett u suck so i have to whine.
00:26:38Rakett sry.
00:26:39FetAA well when we saw rakett gets furion we knew we have overpicked
00:26:39Rakett Sery
00:26:40PeterLars your furi sucks
00:26:42MariahCarry friends?
00:26:44NotAHax mariahcarry
00:26:47NotAHax talking about whining
00:26:48NotAHax coolstory
00:26:54NotAHax ur biggest retard of .gc everyone hates you and know it
00:26:54Arapiles b
00:26:59MariahCarry :D:D
00:27:05Arapiles haha
00:27:08Zulu mariah better than u
00:27:11MariahCarry i run on hate
00:27:11Rakett nono he sets up irl fights and then never shows up
00:27:16Zulu atleast better captain
00:27:21MariahCarry haha wtf is that story with ckalle xD
00:27:22NotAHax y mr zulu talking
00:27:23FetAA i thought was dzinnu
00:27:23curdi knew this game's gonna be interesting since rakett, nota, mariah..
00:27:24PeterLars mariah sucks too
00:27:24MariahCarry pls tell me
00:27:30Rakett dzinnu too
00:27:32Rakett they r brothers :D
00:27:33Rakett h
00:27:33Arapiles bot push
00:27:35Rakett the lost brother
00:27:42Arapiles or def?
00:27:43FetAA I c
00:27:46NotAHax push
00:27:52Arapiles brb i buy tp
00:28:01FetAA what story mariahcarry
00:28:03FetAA hah
00:28:05FetAA set up irl fights
00:28:05NotAHax go basetrade
00:28:07NotAHax panda ulti
00:28:07Zulu ckalle found his lost brother in gc?
00:28:09FetAA caffegang..
00:28:19Rakett no
00:28:21Rakett mariahcarry is
00:28:55NotAHax f
00:28:56NotAHax I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:57Zulu I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:12Arapiles rosh?
00:29:14NotAHax its funny
00:29:17NotAHax how even retards win at .gc
00:29:19PeterLars ^^
00:29:21NotAHax this game is big exmaple of it
00:29:27MariahCarry this omni.. :D
00:29:29NotAHax Tb who died omni solo mid
00:29:30Arapiles notahax
00:29:32NotAHax winniing game
00:29:34NotAHax must be pro
00:29:38Arapiles you are a good player
00:29:46Arapiles but
00:29:52McNabb he is=?
00:29:54FetAA now the badnews
00:29:54Arapiles you need to learn to loose with style
00:30:00Rakett XD
00:30:04NotAHax cant loose with style against retards
00:30:07MariahCarry write a book nota
00:30:08Rakett yeah benkku lose with style
00:30:10NotAHax i lose with style at dotainvite where i respect other ppl
00:30:19MariahCarry 'Losing with grace' by notahax
00:30:21NotAHax here i dont give a shit about 95% ppl
00:30:24curdi jos sit meet vaa sinne :/
00:30:24MariahCarry foreword by Rakett
00:30:30Rakett :D
00:30:31NotAHax olin jo
00:30:32Arapiles lol
00:30:33Zulu haha
00:30:38Rakett 2 ulties on ´a 1000 hp furion
00:30:41Rakett mad skillz
00:30:44curdi tuutko tänne sielt aina publastomppaa
00:30:47PeterLars it called hate :D
00:30:51NotAHax ei siel oo pelei
00:30:52NotAHax tähä aikaa
00:30:58Zulu dotainvite for pros?
00:31:01NotAHax + oon arkkeril lanittamas ja pelaan kitun kans
00:31:02MariahCarry I BROUGHT THE GANG
00:31:12kitkat :3
00:31:27MariahCarry :D
00:31:31FetAA :d
00:31:31Arapiles mid?
00:31:33FetAA i wondered what happened
00:32:05Rakett d
00:32:07Rakett I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:09Rakett xd
00:32:12kitkat I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:14NotAHax mariahcarry getting carried by team
00:32:15NotAHax how funny
00:32:39MariahCarry Ur a great personality nota
00:32:39curdi otat kaiken vähä vakavasti
00:32:45kitkat :D
00:32:48NotAHax y i am
00:32:51NotAHax kit can påroof it
00:32:52kitkat he's just trolling :3
00:32:59kitkat *XD
00:33:02Zulu if i saw nota irl i would punch him
00:33:06kitkat why :D
00:33:07NotAHax coe
00:33:09NotAHax come
00:33:13FetAA come
00:33:14PeterLars ^^
00:33:16FetAA mariahcarry can settle u time
00:33:19NotAHax Finland Jyväskylä jenkkauka 1a 11 40520
00:33:19FetAA with notahax
00:33:19Rakett yea
00:33:20kitkat notahax has his pokerface on
00:33:20Rakett :D
00:33:20NotAHax imw aiting
00:33:20kitkat XD
00:33:27NotAHax waiting*
00:33:38NotAHax go lion
00:33:38NotAHax rakett
00:33:42Zulu ask mariah im a wing tsun master
00:33:47PeterLars let tgake mid
00:33:48MariahCarry True story
00:33:54NotAHax ah so ur retard frend of mariah?
00:33:57Rakett :D
00:33:57Arapiles omni
00:33:59kitkat XD
00:34:00NotAHax I KNEW IT
00:34:03Zulu so i think i will beat ur ass
00:34:13NotAHax the retardness cant be so much unlees mariah frend
00:34:31NotAHax def mid
00:34:51curdi curdi the hater
00:34:57NotAHax :D
00:35:10NotAHax ¨go lion
00:35:12Rakett im too tired to give a fuck ^^<<
00:35:19curdi yeah boss /,,/
00:35:35Zulu thrall
00:35:36Zulu 100 hp
00:35:37Zulu haha
00:35:52PeterLars han har invi
00:35:52PeterLars s
00:36:26NotAHax TB
00:37:00MariahCarry nice hook :)
00:37:04PeterLars ^^
00:37:11PeterLars -ha
00:37:18Zulu gwem
00:37:24kitkat oreary
00:37:27PeterLars let push and finish :D
00:37:29PeterLars det fandme kedeligt
00:37:29FetAA so
00:37:31FetAA whats the story
00:37:34NotAHax go
00:37:34NotAHax now
00:37:35MariahCarry yea
00:37:35MariahCarry gogo
00:37:37NotAHax before tb
00:37:37FetAA ckalle and mariahcarry got infight in gc?
00:37:39MariahCarry når jeg reviever
00:37:41FetAA and set up for irl
00:37:44MariahCarry no idea xD
00:38:00MariahCarry what's the story with ckalle
00:38:03MariahCarry pls tell
00:38:16Rakett You acting all tough and then dodging
00:38:19Rakett Whole story
00:38:20Rakett innit.
00:38:23MariahCarry in more detail
00:38:28Arapiles gather as 5
00:38:47Zulu what happend to ckalle
00:39:05Zulu he maybe found out he was gay?
00:39:06Arapiles rosh?
00:39:12NotAHax y and got raped by mariah
00:39:14MariahCarry prolly
00:39:14NotAHax and you
00:39:14Rakett imbaplayer mariah wanted to meet him irl for a fistfight and then mariah didnt show up
00:39:16Rakett :(
00:39:23Zulu haha
00:39:25PeterLars ^^
00:39:25NotAHax mariah went there and raped ckalle
00:39:37NotAHax lol
00:39:49NotAHax we can actually
00:39:54NotAHax win this
00:39:56NotAHax if hex soon and focus tb
00:40:18NotAHax ..
00:40:20NotAHax lol rakett
00:40:21Rakett :DDDDDDDDD
00:40:25Rakett cant
00:40:26Rakett too tired
00:40:30FetAA gem in ground
00:40:40PeterLars killed it :D
00:40:42Arapiles where?
00:40:43Zulu I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:13PeterLars ^^
00:41:16kitkat ffs
00:41:18kitkat maphack
00:41:28kitkat :C
00:41:37Zulu notahax ban them.. u lick admins asses
00:41:42kitkat :---D
00:41:43PeterLars ^^
00:41:53NotAHax dont test me
00:41:56Zulu they use maphack
00:42:03NotAHax nah mh bans are automatic
00:42:03Zulu go lick some ass boy
00:42:05NotAHax but you
00:42:09NotAHax i actually could get you baned
00:42:11Zulu what me
00:42:14NotAHax you took aegis from me
00:42:19NotAHax ignored captain orders
00:42:21NotAHax game ruining
00:42:24NotAHax we could lose becouse it
00:42:26NotAHax so bye bye ;)
00:42:37curdi yes very sereal gamign
00:42:39MariahCarry damn boi
00:42:41PeterLars imba hooks :D
00:42:52NotAHax more like imba feeding
00:43:15Zulu yeah nice friend u got there furion 0/10
00:43:43Zulu hey pudge uses hook cheat
00:43:49kitkat :----D
00:43:52Zulu go ban him asslicker
00:43:53NotAHax nice trolling zulu
00:43:54kitkat aren't you a smartass
00:44:38NotAHax zulu
00:44:42NotAHax have you heard story about banana island
00:44:50MariahCarry gg
00:44:51Arapiles gg
00:45:42Zulu fufa
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