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Chat log

00:00:18TOo_LaZy so many good heroes
00:00:18Kastrup any wishes?
00:00:18TOo_LaZy pudge maybe wanted is pretty good fyi, dont worry about kastrup...
00:00:18Kastrup well i ban doom
00:00:18Kastrup nota plays sicks doom
00:00:18NotAHax Planktoni
00:00:18TOo_LaZy take pidge
00:00:18NotAHax haluutko jotain
00:00:18TOo_LaZy wanted
00:00:18TOo_LaZy goes
00:00:18TOo_LaZy carry
00:00:18TOo_LaZy u go semi gang maybe
00:00:18Planktoni en mä
00:00:18Momdsiw kukkuu
00:00:18Kastrup i pick venge i think
00:00:18Kastrup for team
00:00:18Planktoni pudgen ehkä
00:00:18NotAHax kukkuu bala imo
00:00:18TOo_LaZy ok but i wont play this
00:00:18Planktoni mut jos ne pickaa nii antaa mennä
00:00:18TOo_LaZy venge:)
00:00:18Kastrup any1 want venge?
00:00:18Momdsiw pick me tuskar = gg
00:00:18NotAHax -doom
00:00:18Momdsiw im roamerz
00:00:18Kastrup wtf?
00:00:18Kastrup NS
00:00:18NotAHax sup
00:00:18TOo_LaZy go
00:00:19Kastrup thought u wanted doom :D
00:00:19TOo_LaZy pick
00:00:29Momdsiw tuskar plzz
00:00:33Kastrup anything else?
00:00:35Kastrup wont 1. pick tuskar
00:00:38Momdsiw lol
00:00:38TOo_LaZy pudge
00:00:42Momdsiw i always rape with him u play venge, hax?
00:00:45kitkat no
00:00:45NotAHax no
00:00:46Momdsiw ill go brood if they picks tuskar
00:00:46NotAHax i took it for kit ok
00:00:50Kastrup okay
00:00:53NotAHax someone go midd
00:00:55NotAHax me kit will lane
00:00:58TOo_LaZy :DD
00:00:58Kastrup who did want pudge?
00:00:59kitkat jep me mid?
00:01:01TOo_LaZy me
00:01:04NotAHax y u can go
00:01:07Planktoni i go with this?
00:01:11NotAHax rexxar
00:01:11NotAHax go
00:01:11NotAHax y
00:01:13Kastrup give me..
00:01:15Kastrup either storm
00:01:17Kastrup or..
00:01:19kitkat lol
00:01:22Kastrup gyro
00:01:22TOo_LaZy or?
00:01:23Momdsiw lol
00:01:24Momdsiw lazys pudge
00:01:25kitkat viper mid
00:01:27TOo_LaZy -swap 1
00:01:30TOo_LaZy :DD
00:01:31KolleBolle WantedZip = Pro
00:01:31Kastrup -swap 1 i can go lane iof u want mid
00:01:38KolleBolle :P
00:01:41Kastrup wait sec
00:01:42TOo_LaZy thats why i can let myself play pudge
00:01:43Kastrup -swap 4
00:01:43TOo_LaZy :DD
00:01:44Planktoni h
00:01:46NotAHax -swap 5
00:01:46Planktoni well
00:01:47kitkat -swap 1
00:01:48TOo_LaZy coz wanted
00:01:49TOo_LaZy carries
00:01:50TOo_LaZy :D
00:01:51TOo_LaZy -hhn
00:01:51TOo_LaZy -di
00:01:52TOo_LaZy :d
00:01:57KolleBolle wd pr
00:01:59kitkat -clear rex mid?
00:02:01Planktoni u go lane
00:02:02KolleBolle what tyo pick?
00:02:02WantedZip igen ? :P k
00:02:05Planktoni can dominate it better
00:02:05NotAHax me kit bot
00:02:06NotAHax viper go top
00:02:06Kastrup jeg vil lige prøve ham noget mere
00:02:08Momdsiw pugna or wd
00:02:09WantedZip k solo?
00:02:10WantedZip btw
00:02:10Kastrup wd!
00:02:11KolleBolle sec
00:02:13WantedZip scepter owns
00:02:13h0whigh we can pwn top
00:02:14TOo_LaZy wd
00:02:14TOo_LaZy afc
00:02:14h0whigh np k
00:02:19h0whigh 2x poizzzon
00:02:20Kastrup ikke til at starte med :)
00:02:25KolleBolle lycky for you moron
00:02:26Kastrup var alligevel ved alle kills
00:02:28KolleBolle notahax
00:02:31Kastrup well
00:02:34WantedZip sidst jeg spilled gyro 8 min scepter :P
00:02:34kitkat stunstutsnstutsn
00:02:34Kastrup with pudge
00:02:35Kastrup bot
00:02:37KolleBolle can we pause 10 sec KASTRUP SUXXXXXX
00:02:39Kastrup wd top
00:02:41h0whigh fy?
00:02:42KolleBolle need to change batteries
00:02:44TOo_LaZy why
00:02:45Momdsiw hf with wd luna ^^ fyi
00:02:47KolleBolle pause
00:02:47KolleBolle 10 sec for your information
00:02:47h0whigh fyi?
00:02:47NotAHax k
00:02:47TOo_LaZy i would have prefer
00:02:47TOo_LaZy kolle
00:02:47h0whigh aaaaaught
00:02:47h0whigh aihgt
00:02:47TOo_LaZy we are on bad terms with momidsw
00:02:47KolleBolle ok thx go =)
00:02:47TOo_LaZy ;)
00:02:47TOo_LaZy w/e
00:02:47Kastrup well never heard that one?
00:02:55Momdsiw kill lvl 2
00:02:55Kastrup u can easy go them lvl 2/3
00:03:02Kastrup kollebolle babysit him top
00:03:05Planktoni bot rune
00:03:07h0whigh ¨no :S
00:03:08h0whigh never
00:03:11KolleBolle ofc
00:03:12Planktoni YES! from?
00:03:18h0whigh swe
00:03:19Planktoni finland
00:03:21KolleBolle anyways he dont need it he will pawn anyways Oo
00:03:23NotAHax serbian
00:03:27kitkat so homo
00:03:36Momdsiw blah
00:03:37Momdsiw too tanky herrase
00:04:14NotAHax MISS PUDGE
00:04:19NotAHax back let me
00:04:48Momdsiw Pudge hook lvl 1 lol
00:04:51TOo_LaZy i lag
00:04:56Momdsiw why you dont skill
00:04:58Momdsiw rot on lvl 1
00:05:01TOo_LaZy fuck u
00:05:05TOo_LaZy Shitehead
00:05:05TOo_LaZy stfu
00:05:10Momdsiw basics
00:05:13Kastrup jldfsdjkfsdf
00:05:14Momdsiw woulda get fb
00:05:21Momdsiw maybe double
00:05:23Kastrup miss mid
00:05:24Kastrup CARE B OT
00:05:29TOo_LaZy fuck it
00:05:32Momdsiw omg you sukc
00:05:34TOo_LaZy U SUCK
00:05:35TOo_LaZy COKC
00:05:37Momdsiw Me?
00:05:39Momdsiw ops
00:05:40Momdsiw ops
00:05:40TOo_LaZy IDIOT
00:05:44TOo_LaZy FUCKTARD
00:05:51NotAHax b
00:06:25Momdsiw -.-
00:06:32Momdsiw try hook venge
00:06:35Momdsiw or i ball in after cd
00:06:54Momdsiw heal some
00:06:55Momdsiw i ball in
00:06:56Momdsiw now
00:06:58TOo_LaZy wait
00:06:59TOo_LaZy we die
00:06:59Momdsiw come next to me
00:07:03Momdsiw venge oom
00:07:04TOo_LaZy WE DIe herrase luna instead of farm
00:07:13Momdsiw -.-
00:07:17Momdsiw next
00:07:18Momdsiw wave dazlle
00:07:34KolleBolle try to kill on lvl 4?
00:07:43WantedZip k
00:07:45Kastrup :)
00:07:48Planktoni yjh
00:07:52TOo_LaZy wow
00:07:56TOo_LaZy i kenw that
00:07:59TOo_LaZy but w/e
00:08:00Momdsiw cause we didnt go earlier
00:08:03Momdsiw venge had mana now
00:08:04Momdsiw idiot
00:08:08TOo_LaZy anyway too risky
00:08:17Kastrup miss mid
00:08:17Kastrup CARE
00:08:23Kastrup rune
00:08:24Kastrup take
00:08:25Planktoni gyto ss
00:08:28Momdsiw taken
00:08:30Kastrup ah rex got
00:08:31NotAHax tUSKARR INC MID
00:08:34NotAHax se tulee mid
00:08:41Planktoni k
00:08:52NotAHax re
00:09:08Kastrup miss
00:09:08Kastrup still let me farm dazzle
00:09:41h0whigh it should be impossible 4 me 2 steal ur farm :S
00:09:48TOo_LaZy ss
00:09:49TOo_LaZy panda u ruin
00:09:54Kastrup more
00:09:54Kastrup more ss luna wd
00:10:14Kastrup so lucky! :D luna re
00:10:24Planktoni happens wd miss re
00:10:30Momdsiw pudge keeps feeding :/ dont psuh k?
00:10:55h0whigh 300 and i have mana botrs okey ? only lh and herrase k but no push
00:11:07TOo_LaZy gg
00:11:09KolleBolle some1 can gang?
00:11:09TOo_LaZy fuck this
00:11:09TOo_LaZy shit
00:11:12Momdsiw This pudge xD ONLY LH
00:11:17TOo_LaZy what this pudge
00:11:19TOo_LaZy are u dumb?
00:11:20TOo_LaZy motherfucker
00:11:28Momdsiw ye 4 deaths
00:11:29Momdsiw already
00:11:36Momdsiw with str fatty hero MISS?
00:11:54TOo_LaZy i never wnated to lane u
00:11:55kitkat miss lol
00:11:56TOo_LaZy idiot
00:11:58TOo_LaZy always makes
00:11:58TOo_LaZy me
00:12:01TOo_LaZy angry
00:12:03TOo_LaZy then i cand play
00:12:04TOo_LaZy decent
00:12:06Momdsiw you dont even know basics
00:12:08Momdsiw you skill hook at lvl 1
00:12:08kitkat actually bot is not missing xd
00:12:09TOo_LaZy fuck u
00:12:17TOo_LaZy i skileld co i wanted to hook
00:12:19h0whigh mid mby? :D
00:12:19TOo_LaZy at fountain
00:12:21TOo_LaZy for fun
00:12:22TOo_LaZy idiot
00:12:26TOo_LaZy we didnt go for fb
00:12:27Momdsiw rot is fun
00:12:27TOo_LaZy anyway
00:12:30Planktoni mb luna have farm so gank her alot
00:12:50Planktoni ss pudge
00:12:51Momdsiw bot miss
00:12:51Momdsiw both
00:13:16Planktoni care bot wd miss
00:13:31Kastrup miss 2 bot omw mid hax, items for me? push miod
00:13:54NotAHax tank
00:13:55NotAHax vanguard
00:13:56NotAHax hood
00:13:56NotAHax treads
00:13:57NotAHax bkb k omw bot gank
00:14:11Planktoni low hp
00:14:17Planktoni mana
00:14:30Kastrup b venge gank luna with me after
00:15:07h0whigh top plz
00:15:09kitkat ya
00:15:11kitkat I'll get manaboots
00:15:12Planktoni coming
00:15:13Momdsiw panda already 1,7k hp
00:15:21Kastrup well hanks pudge tp gank top
00:15:42kitkat YA all tank twr twr top? ½hp
00:17:02Planktoni k
00:17:12TOo_LaZy wanted go farm
00:17:13TOo_LaZy bot fak
00:17:26WantedZip lol
00:17:34Kastrup come bot
00:17:35Kastrup ALL
00:17:35Kastrup now tping top in 2
00:17:48Planktoni got ult lol 30 sec cd?
00:18:12kitkat T#WEGFGASF
00:18:15kitkat come out of the fucking way there u go :D
00:18:42Planktoni :)
00:18:57Kastrup clear
00:18:58TOo_LaZy stay come with me rex
00:19:00TOo_LaZy while they come
00:19:02TOo_LaZy fore creeps?
00:19:03Planktoni sure
00:19:04NotAHax all midd soon
00:19:07Planktoni bot rune
00:19:08NotAHax im allmost lv 11
00:19:13Planktoni they have it going dagger now? panda?
00:19:33h0whigh rocket
00:19:34h0whigh inc
00:19:34NotAHax my ulti was cd
00:19:35NotAHax -_-
00:19:44h0whigh -.-
00:19:56Kastrup hasted
00:20:05TOo_LaZy need boots luna ulti?
00:20:30TOo_LaZy -st
00:20:41NotAHax ¨lets go
00:20:42TOo_LaZy 0 ards
00:20:42NotAHax all midd
00:20:42TOo_LaZy :D
00:20:45NotAHax get t2 toiwer k
00:20:48Kastrup :/ fuck him useless
00:21:02TOo_LaZy saw
00:21:02TOo_LaZy us
00:21:03Momdsiw low mana
00:21:04TOo_LaZy bird
00:21:07Kastrup b
00:21:35Momdsiw :D
00:21:39Momdsiw ei muka iskeny ultiani heal
00:21:45Kastrup i said b! ty
00:21:57Momdsiw they dived to our base tower
00:21:57NotAHax back
00:22:03NotAHax i go b
00:22:04NotAHax you can push
00:22:14Planktoni b
00:22:24Kastrup ;)
00:22:27kitkat homo
00:22:29Momdsiw sniper
00:22:41Kastrup true :D
00:22:48TOo_LaZy :D
00:22:49kitkat dxdxdxdxadax
00:22:52KolleBolle sad change on WD ulti is fucked
00:22:55NotAHax all top
00:22:55NotAHax now
00:23:02h0whigh ...
00:23:03h0whigh stop
00:23:05h0whigh ffs
00:23:06Planktoni lol
00:23:09Planktoni was buying
00:23:16Kastrup come
00:23:17Kastrup all
00:23:20Kastrup not luna
00:23:21Kastrup he farms
00:23:28Momdsiw panda so hard :< need all
00:23:32NotAHax can we go with all
00:23:33Kastrup t
00:23:34NotAHax yellow
00:23:47NotAHax all
00:23:47NotAHax come
00:23:48Kastrup care
00:23:50Kastrup trhey see us need rex
00:24:35TOo_LaZy b u die
00:24:51TOo_LaZy u dont have
00:24:53TOo_LaZy the slow
00:24:53TOo_LaZy a
00:25:07NotAHax ??
00:25:07NotAHax bm
00:25:08NotAHax wtf
00:25:14kitkat wtf
00:25:15kitkat :(
00:25:22TOo_LaZy :D
00:25:23Kastrup :/
00:25:30Planktoni my bad
00:25:40Kastrup incoming
00:25:45Planktoni jau
00:25:46Momdsiw well after luna gets bkb we can make proper team fights
00:26:00NotAHax viper
00:26:02Planktoni go with 5?
00:26:02NotAHax eventhough
00:26:04NotAHax i told you items
00:26:05NotAHax you make
00:26:08NotAHax it dosent fucking mean
00:26:10NotAHax yoy far
00:26:11NotAHax farm
00:26:12NotAHax 24/7
00:26:15NotAHax and abandon ur team
00:26:19TOo_LaZy i lag
00:26:20TOo_LaZy so much
00:26:20NotAHax im the only one in our team
00:26:21TOo_LaZy im on battery
00:26:22NotAHax who should farm
00:26:22TOo_LaZy loptop
00:26:23TOo_LaZy :(
00:26:23NotAHax to get lv 16
00:26:26TOo_LaZy electricity
00:26:26TOo_LaZy gone
00:26:28TOo_LaZy in apartment
00:26:30Kastrup come g
00:26:32TOo_LaZy tho internet seems ok
00:27:18h0whigh u farm panda ? :S
00:27:19Kastrup b
00:27:20Kastrup b
00:27:20Kastrup b
00:27:21TOo_LaZy panda
00:27:57Kastrup care
00:28:14TOo_LaZy 0 ward
00:28:15TOo_LaZy rox hax come
00:28:20Momdsiw get then
00:28:21NotAHax i need
00:28:22NotAHax lv 16
00:28:24NotAHax then we can go rax
00:28:24NotAHax -_-
00:28:27NotAHax but k wait me top
00:28:28NotAHax wait
00:28:29NotAHax me ok b
00:28:32NotAHax and you
00:28:33NotAHax should go b
00:28:33Kastrup get wards pzl
00:28:35TOo_LaZy caree b
00:28:43NotAHax gather here
00:28:55NotAHax wen eed dust
00:28:56NotAHax or sentry
00:28:57NotAHax ..
00:29:01Kastrup ;)
00:29:02TOo_LaZy b
00:29:02Planktoni i farm lvl 3 necro
00:29:05NotAHax go push top
00:29:05NotAHax no
00:29:06NotAHax push top
00:29:07NotAHax now
00:29:08NotAHax bm also GO TOP
00:29:14WantedZip rexxar used ulti
00:29:16WantedZip why not g ?
00:29:17Kastrup i check with zeppe
00:29:23Kastrup top a
00:29:24Kastrup all
00:29:27Kastrup luna
00:29:29Kastrup ulti after me
00:29:31Kastrup when no creeps
00:29:39Momdsiw str treads luna
00:29:40NotAHax tower + b
00:30:10WantedZip dont go dazzle
00:30:11WantedZip the healer
00:30:12Kastrup at base
00:30:13Kastrup at base!
00:30:36NotAHax b
00:30:59NotAHax you guys just
00:31:01h0whigh ah panda went b
00:31:03NotAHax you ignore me
00:31:04NotAHax i said
00:31:06NotAHax on the start
00:31:07Kastrup hmm
00:31:07NotAHax tower and b
00:31:09NotAHax and you go die
00:31:09Kastrup this is tough
00:31:11Kastrup but its possible
00:31:14Momdsiw mm
00:31:14h0whigh why dont go when we are 5vs2
00:31:19TOo_LaZy afc i go pibe
00:31:23h0whigh we could take base tower?
00:31:24Planktoni i wonder the same
00:31:24Kastrup wards PLEASE
00:31:25Kastrup kollebolel?
00:31:34Kastrup please
00:31:40Kastrup come bot for panda
00:31:42TOo_LaZy dagger
00:31:43Kastrup thats their only good player
00:31:43Planktoni i farm that necro 3 now
00:31:45TOo_LaZy on her
00:31:47Kastrup so?
00:31:49Kastrup i got lothars
00:31:49NotAHax i farm lv 16
00:31:56h0whigh i farm full invent.. tp
00:32:14Kastrup they miss panda
00:32:16Kastrup so get erady
00:32:22Kastrup oh my god! stay tower
00:32:42kitkat stop using my hero
00:32:43Kastrup panda
00:32:44Kastrup come
00:32:53Kastrup if not
00:32:54Kastrup b
00:32:58Kastrup i def top
00:32:58Kastrup fast
00:33:00Kastrup cARE guys b
00:33:03NotAHax haukka
00:33:10NotAHax i farm top
00:33:11NotAHax to get lv 16
00:33:12NotAHax then we go smoke?
00:33:25NotAHax get
00:33:26NotAHax sentry
00:33:27NotAHax or dust
00:33:29NotAHax for gyro necro lvl 3
00:33:47NotAHax bm got necro lv 2
00:33:48NotAHax so
00:33:48NotAHax buy dust
00:34:01Planktoni now 3
00:34:03h0whigh he have lvl 3
00:34:03h0whigh now
00:34:04h0whigh ye
00:34:07Kastrup mid
00:34:10Kastrup panda no tp
00:34:14NotAHax i get lv 16
00:34:15NotAHax as i said ye but we need u
00:34:24NotAHax omw
00:34:25NotAHax midd
00:34:50Kastrup run
00:34:52WantedZip ty pudge
00:34:52NotAHax everytime i come
00:34:54TOo_LaZy np
00:34:54NotAHax we never have
00:34:55Kastrup just b
00:34:56NotAHax dust on gyro
00:34:57NotAHax or anything
00:34:58NotAHax so useless
00:34:58Kastrup i take top
00:35:01Kastrup and got buttefly
00:35:11TOo_LaZy -st
00:35:29NotAHax im lv 16
00:35:33NotAHax lets g mid now go mid?
00:35:36Kastrup hmm
00:35:36Planktoni ye
00:35:38NotAHax let me get
00:35:40NotAHax regen
00:35:43NotAHax and wait my ulti b w8
00:35:54Kastrup care mid dazzle
00:35:58Kastrup incomming panda behins to7wer
00:36:17NotAHax vipoer
00:36:18NotAHax just su
00:36:18NotAHax okay?
00:36:20TOo_LaZy me
00:36:21TOo_LaZy o
00:36:24Kastrup lol fak u
00:36:28TOo_LaZy seco
00:36:36Kastrup get ready for mid
00:36:50NotAHax ..
00:37:10Kastrup guys!?
00:37:59Kastrup pudge did u hook once?
00:38:03TOo_LaZy afc
00:38:06Momdsiw once luna away
00:38:09Momdsiw from dying
00:38:12Kastrup :D
00:38:15Kastrup in 35 min
00:38:16Kastrup well done
00:38:18Planktoni go again
00:38:21Kastrup im so happy i picked that one for u
00:38:21TOo_LaZy thx
00:38:25Momdsiw well single hooks but not in team fights
00:38:26TOo_LaZy im practising
00:39:07Planktoni go mid?
00:39:22NotAHax go midd agin
00:39:27Kastrup come mid
00:39:28Kastrup please
00:39:37kitkat gank?
00:39:38Kastrup at base
00:39:38Kastrup now
00:39:42Kastrup tp
00:40:31TOo_LaZy :D
00:40:38NotAHax gj yr
00:41:20Planktoni get reaxes?
00:41:28Momdsiw well luna got kinda shit farm too
00:41:30Planktoni now 3rd up
00:41:32Kastrup GO! b ?=
00:41:49WantedZip b got pibe now
00:42:31Planktoni go top? w8 me
00:43:00NotAHax calculated
00:43:11Momdsiw rgn top
00:43:12Kastrup :D i say try top again
00:43:16NotAHax all top
00:43:17NotAHax y
00:43:18NotAHax wait me kk
00:43:38Kastrup i dont want fucking reg again
00:43:47Momdsiw get dd then
00:43:48NotAHax ty
00:43:48Momdsiw next
00:43:55Kastrup I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:43:56Kastrup wp
00:44:00Momdsiw I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:10Kastrup not one single ward
00:44:15Kastrup noone buying flying
00:44:18Kastrup gahh i love gc
00:44:33KolleBolle i have bought wards
00:44:42WantedZip 2 dead ?!
00:45:26NotAHax push
00:45:27Momdsiw just forfeit
00:45:33WantedZip I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:45:35NotAHax gg
00:45:37Kastrup wp
00:45:46WantedZip fed bot
00:45:48WantedZip ftw
00:45:52Kastrup horrible pudge
00:45:52Planktoni luckily too_lazy didn't fail
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