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Chat log

00:00:01NotAHax -rd
00:00:04NotAHax you new guys
00:00:06NotAHax have you read rules
00:00:06curdi hyvä nota
00:00:16shri3o what we did wrong?
00:00:16NotAHax shri3o
00:00:16NotAHax you need buy chicken
00:00:16NotAHax you know?
00:00:16shri3o yea
00:00:16NotAHax good
00:00:16NotAHax -huskar
00:00:16NotAHax someone wants
00:00:16NotAHax wd
00:00:16NotAHax or dirge
00:00:16NotAHax ?
00:00:16curdi furion
00:00:16FireMal need to go to wc please wait
00:00:18xab ud for me mby
00:00:19FireMal brb in 15 sec
00:00:22xab i could go UD
00:00:30eXcluzziver i cant see red ban msg
00:00:34eXcluzziver so might forget
00:00:34NotAHax becouse its .rmk
00:00:38eXcluzziver i might forget
00:00:45NotAHax yy i will banrequest you then
00:00:55Tachyon cool if i take phoenix?
00:00:57NotAHax get me lanya
00:00:59xab k
00:01:04NotAHax -swap 3
00:01:04eXcluzziver witch doctor
00:01:05eXcluzziver pit lord
00:01:05curdi wd would be nice
00:01:06xab -swap 1
00:01:09xab take bb?
00:01:11xab or pit
00:01:13eXcluzziver wd pit, zeus
00:01:14NotAHax pit
00:01:14NotAHax imo
00:01:18Tachyon i could take wd aswell tho
00:01:18xab pit is imba ye
00:01:21eXcluzziver pitlord
00:01:23Tachyon k
00:01:28eXcluzziver nice
00:01:28NotAHax --_-
00:01:33xab bb now?:D
00:01:36Dizney me top or bot ?
00:01:36NotAHax no
00:01:37eXcluzziver and last chaos knight would be nice
00:01:39NotAHax not bb
00:01:39NotAHax anymore
00:01:43xab tank is tank :D
00:01:43NotAHax wr imo
00:01:46NotAHax ur our tank
00:01:47NotAHax wtf?
00:01:51xab they prolly suck with wr:d
00:01:51NotAHax ff
00:01:53NotAHax last pick spectre
00:01:55NotAHax lets ff
00:02:02FireMal ck?
00:02:02Dizney ck!
00:02:02curdi ck or zeus
00:02:02eXcluzziver yes
00:02:06FireMal plz wait need
00:02:07eXcluzziver ck
00:02:08eXcluzziver go ck
00:02:09NotAHax you pick
00:02:10NotAHax first
00:02:20Dizney im bo with luna..
00:02:23Dizney bot
00:02:24FireMal plzz wait afk for 15 sec
00:02:30NotAHax dont add
00:02:32eXcluzziver they wont wait
00:02:33NotAHax if you dont have time to play
00:02:36NotAHax theres 30 sec time
00:02:41curdi seriousgaming
00:02:56NotAHax spunk shri30
00:02:58NotAHax where have youp layed before
00:02:59NotAHax played*
00:03:04shri3o rgc
00:03:06Dizney wait gotta go to work .. back in 8 hourse... wait for me !
00:03:12Dizney :D
00:03:14NotAHax 1 more pause
00:03:15xab ;D
00:03:17NotAHax and i will banrequest
00:03:27Dizney haha
00:03:30Tachyon y u mad tho?
00:04:38Tachyon what do i buy for pit?
00:04:46eXcluzziver mana boots
00:04:49Dizney y
00:04:59eXcluzziver that new item
00:05:13eXcluzziver veil of discord
00:06:20eXcluzziver wtf#
00:07:38FireMal oom sry
00:07:49eXcluzziver missing down
00:07:50Tachyon no prob
00:07:56Tachyon next time we'll get him:d
00:08:04curdi ss
00:08:46NotAHax MID MISS
00:08:57FireMal b
00:09:22curdi jee
00:09:31NotAHax oot aika hyvä pelaa tinkerii
00:09:33eXcluzziver ig
00:09:39curdi mitä tos sit pitäs tehä
00:09:56NotAHax tää sun koko midi pelaaminen on ollu sirkusta
00:10:06Dizney ss
00:10:07Dizney bot care mid
00:10:08NotAHax ffs
00:10:10Dizney re
00:10:11NotAHax i need chick
00:10:30NotAHax gang luna
00:10:31NotAHax Xd
00:10:35shri3o ss down
00:10:38shri3o witch
00:10:39shri3o b
00:10:39NotAHax yo there exxluziver
00:10:41eXcluzziver farm lanaya
00:10:42NotAHax chilling at midd?
00:11:18NotAHax TINKER
00:11:18NotAHax INC
00:11:38eXcluzziver missing mid
00:11:38eXcluzziver missing mid
00:11:54eXcluzziver lanaya dd
00:11:55Dizney hmm.. everything is failing.. :/
00:12:04FireMal mouse probs
00:12:21eXcluzziver missing mid
00:12:31NotAHax get bouth
00:12:32eXcluzziver lanaya bottled dd
00:12:54FireMal 3top
00:13:04NotAHax im just warming up
00:13:55NotAHax tinker inc top
00:14:01Tachyon ss top all
00:14:48NotAHax ffs
00:15:16FireMal ff
00:15:29NotAHax can you stop stealing my kills plz ;)?
00:15:36eXcluzziver i knew we need ck to stop lanaya
00:15:36xab me?
00:15:37eXcluzziver but no
00:15:39eXcluzziver go zeus and feed
00:15:40NotAHax all
00:15:41NotAHax -_-
00:15:46xab im not trying to steal lol
00:15:58shri3o me too just trying to help
00:16:01xab what shud i buy?
00:16:12NotAHax gj man
00:16:16NotAHax xab,hood,vanguard,manaboots,agha
00:16:33eXcluzziver b
00:16:44NotAHax Xd
00:17:04Dizney care
00:18:13Dizney this is so gay!
00:18:28NotAHax dfkhdfhfdö
00:18:36reptile oom
00:19:01eXcluzziver get ghost scepter
00:19:07Dizney y
00:19:07eXcluzziver and lanay wont kill you
00:19:11curdi y right
00:19:42eXcluzziver b
00:20:28NotAHax yo
00:20:40NotAHax reuse chick plz
00:20:47NotAHax bait them
00:20:53NotAHax gogo big man
00:21:47FireMal cd
00:21:54shri3o dd
00:21:54NotAHax y i go
00:21:56shri3o lanaya
00:22:14NotAHax ty :)
00:22:36eXcluzziver lanya coming
00:22:47shri3o sry
00:23:24NotAHax gogo push
00:23:27NotAHax my stygi coming
00:23:28NotAHax we can get rax
00:23:29FireMal zeus nerfed so much since i last played him
00:23:39curdi nerfed..
00:24:29eXcluzziver zeus wasnt chaned
00:24:29FireMal inc mid
00:24:30FireMal b
00:24:30eXcluzziver changed
00:24:33eXcluzziver only buffed a little
00:24:47NotAHax xd
00:25:12NotAHax i go get dd
00:25:13NotAHax and lets go midd
00:25:13NotAHax sec
00:25:14xab chick comin
00:25:15NotAHax wr can you come
00:25:20NotAHax need ur mega mate
00:25:23NotAHax meka*
00:26:16NotAHax gg
00:26:17eXcluzziver always with dd that fag
00:26:30curdi huoraa ny äksääs näis lowbie peleis
00:26:33Spunk99 gg
00:26:45NotAHax oli niin free farm mid et tottakai saa äxää
00:26:45eXcluzziver gg spectre
00:26:47xab other lanes too?
00:26:49curdi niin
00:26:51eXcluzziver u were useful as neutrals in woods
00:27:08NotAHax yo guys
00:27:12NotAHax wanna let us end so you can add new guy?
00:27:21Dizney sure
00:27:52FireMal ff
00:28:06Dizney I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:08Dizney I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:10Tachyon I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:10curdi I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:28:13curdi cool game
00:28:18FireMal I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:28:36eXcluzziver pit lord gone
00:28:38eXcluzziver from this dimension
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