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+54 X
+1 TS

84% | 1477 X | 1447 TS

+31 X
+2 TS

68% | 1292 X | 1382 TS

-14 X
+3 TS

55% | 1199 X | 1361 TS

+19 X
+2 TS

52% | 1180 X | 1347 TS

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+34 TS

NEW | 1232 X | 1237 TS

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-2 TS

86% | 1378 X | 1555 TS

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80% | 1389 X | 1444 TS

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-1 TS

50% | 1122 X | 1390 TS

-42 X
-6 TS

52% | 1333 X | 1161 TS

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-3 TS

30% | 1086 X | 1288 TS

Chat log

00:00:11Rotkiv they last pick britty pro
00:00:14Vangelis lol
00:00:16Vangelis at last game
00:00:16Vangelis really lol
00:00:16Ckalle u srs?
00:00:16eXcluzziver fuck them
00:00:16eXcluzziver scourge
00:00:16Celcius no his not..
00:00:16Ckalle idd
00:00:16Nauru. ban bara/bat?
00:00:16Zagor ban spec?
00:00:16Celcius can i have chen ? or ban ?
00:00:16FetAA BARARUM
00:00:16Ckalle it's his ban first
00:00:16eXcluzziver i can syllabear
00:00:16Vangelis ban sniper
00:00:16Vangelis :S
00:00:16eXcluzziver u can change ban :d
00:00:16Ckalle I ban Batrider
00:00:16FetAA ?????
00:00:16FetAA sniper
00:00:18Vangelis :D
00:00:25eXcluzziver lanaya?
00:00:30Ckalle ^^
00:00:33FetAA my void powerful
00:00:34Rotkiv tc for me ..
00:00:35Vangelis excluzziver
00:00:36eXcluzziver good
00:00:38Ckalle FetAA loves his Void
00:00:38Vangelis what are you picking
00:00:39Vangelis ?
00:00:44Celcius give me venge
00:00:44Celcius then
00:00:47Ckalle u want chen?
00:00:50eXcluzziver prob terrorblade
00:00:50Celcius i just swap him out
00:00:51Ckalle or vs?
00:00:52Herre evnge
00:00:52Herre venge
00:00:52Vangelis k
00:00:53Celcius vs
00:00:54Celcius vs
00:00:54eXcluzziver mb tiny
00:00:55Vangelis i go sniper then
00:01:00FetAA me strong void!
00:01:02Nauru. dont pick sniper..
00:01:03Ckalle wow
00:01:03Nauru. omg why
00:01:05eXcluzziver jesus man
00:01:05Celcius More carry
00:01:05Ckalle carry team
00:01:06FetAA my ally strong tb and sniper
00:01:08eXcluzziver wjhy sniper
00:01:08Nauru. why in the world..
00:01:09Herre ::::::::D
00:01:10Herre :DDDD
00:01:12eXcluzziver why sniper?
00:01:13Herre now
00:01:14Herre get supporters
00:01:19Vangelis sniper first pick imo
00:01:19Celcius what you want ?
00:01:20Ckalle give me KotL
00:01:22Nauru. ..-.-
00:01:24Celcius kotl ?
00:01:26Nauru. sniper first ff
00:01:26Herre ezalor
00:01:27FetAA riki maru and viper now
00:01:28eXcluzziver very bad opinion
00:01:31Ckalle -swap 4
00:01:33Celcius -swap 1
00:01:34eXcluzziver k atleast 2 last picks dont fuck it
00:01:36eXcluzziver go tiny
00:01:37reptile ^^
00:01:38FetAA rikimaru and viper so we can lose!
00:01:40eXcluzziver tiny
00:01:41Rotkiv :D
00:01:42FetAA viper
00:01:42FetAA viper
00:01:43Herre :DDDDDDDd
00:01:44Nauru. sven?
00:01:45FetAA 5 carry
00:01:47Zagor more carry :D
00:01:47eXcluzziver checn tiny
00:01:49Vangelis LANAYA
00:01:49Celcius cmon full carry team ftw
00:01:49FetAA :D
00:01:49Herre take silencer
00:01:49Ckalle wtf they doing?!
00:01:51FetAA sven
00:01:54Ckalle get TINY
00:01:54Herre take tiny?
00:01:55Herre or viper
00:01:56Ckalle TINY
00:01:56Ckalle rape
00:01:58Herre y
00:01:59FetAA letssee at late game u fuckers
00:02:01eXcluzziver reptile are ufkin retard?
00:02:04Herre omg
00:02:09Ckalle rofl@axe
00:02:11Herre wtf
00:02:11reptile he said it?
00:02:13Ckalle ok hmm
00:02:14Herre tiny would have been superior
00:02:16eXcluzziver u stupid retard
00:02:17Nauru. ...
00:02:18Ckalle idd
00:02:18eXcluzziver he was joking
00:02:18Celcius you cant do shit against a push ?
00:02:20Ckalle now
00:02:21Ckalle lanes
00:02:22Ckalle hmm
00:02:22eXcluzziver brain dead faggot
00:02:24eXcluzziver low iq
00:02:27reptile haha
00:02:27Herre well
00:02:28FetAA ill u show shit mortal
00:02:29Vangelis i can snipe you to death
00:02:29Ckalle TC mid
00:02:29Herre Ican solo top
00:02:33reptile i wanna have some fun :SD
00:02:33FetAA ILL show u shit mortal..
00:02:38Zagor im woods
00:02:38Ckalle Spec + VS top
00:02:38eXcluzziver brain dead retard
00:02:46Herre axe bot
00:02:46Herre then
00:02:48Celcius take wards
00:02:48Nauru. Is it FUN when you feed all game
00:02:52Zagor omg
00:02:53Nauru. end up 1/17
00:02:54reptile sry if i destroy ur dream of winning y,
00:02:54Ckalle I hacve
00:02:55Zagor i need woods
00:02:56FetAA when u see our toplane u will shitbricks
00:02:59Ckalle take those u
00:03:00Herre aaah
00:03:01Herre go woods
00:03:05Herre or not
00:03:07Herre or y
00:03:07Ckalle axe wood
00:03:09Herre yy
00:03:11Ckalle u can gank with 3
00:03:16Ckalle @ top
00:03:17FetAA kill SPECTRE atleast
00:03:17Herre let me farm
00:03:19FetAA so we win ez
00:03:22Ckalle obvs.
00:03:24Zagor just need 1 or 2 pull
00:03:56Ckalle sven + sniper here
00:03:59Ckalle sniper will farm,.
00:04:05reptile tri lane?
00:04:11eXcluzziver stfu retard
00:04:13eXcluzziver dont use chat
00:04:14Herre gg
00:04:16reptile ^^
00:04:20FetAA chill man
00:04:21FetAA we winz
00:04:25FetAA we strong
00:04:28Celcius how many ?
00:04:32Herre 5
00:04:34eXcluzziver if we win is because they are bad
00:04:34Celcius kk
00:04:39FetAA excatly
00:04:45Zagor lvl 3 i gang
00:04:48eXcluzziver i would have picked tb if i knew 3rd and 4th are retards
00:05:06Nauru. Then again u pick banned heroes.. cuz u can
00:05:14Celcius ffs
00:05:14Herre asd
00:05:16Celcius newb
00:05:16Ckalle gj
00:05:17Celcius axe
00:05:19Celcius youi dumb shit
00:05:23Celcius it was spec
00:05:24FetAA dont deef
00:05:25Celcius omdf
00:05:30Celcius why d oyou think i didint hit
00:05:32Celcius you dumb nab
00:05:37eXcluzziver this reptile :DD
00:05:39eXcluzziver so bad
00:06:01Herre omg
00:06:05FetAA owned
00:06:07Herre Xd
00:06:54Nauru. dont auto attack pro
00:07:24Celcius how many ?
00:07:27Herre 15
00:07:33Celcius thats not hgood :/
00:07:38Herre i DIED
00:07:39Herre caps
00:07:53FetAA omg
00:08:10Nauru. ss 1
00:08:23Celcius tc you looseing to a void ?
00:08:31eXcluzziver venge
00:08:51eXcluzziver owned
00:09:03Rotkiv ss
00:09:05Celcius axe
00:09:06Celcius gang.
00:09:19Herre y
00:09:34eXcluzziver -ma
00:09:44Ckalle vs could u place those wards? <3
00:09:48Celcius ofc
00:09:55Rotkiv midss
00:09:58Rotkiv re
00:09:59Nauru. aggro now
00:10:00Nauru. ss bot
00:10:12eXcluzziver sven u should gang
00:10:42Ckalle vs cvome for mana
00:10:47Celcius lovely
00:10:56Nauru. oom
00:10:57Nauru. lo
00:11:02Vangelis miss
00:11:05eXcluzziver go anyway
00:11:05Herre 3 top
00:11:15eXcluzziver get him near tower
00:11:19eXcluzziver where he feelssafe
00:11:20Nauru. 5 mana
00:11:38Herre come top
00:11:41Herre some1
00:11:41Vangelis venge bot
00:12:42Celcius lets
00:12:42Celcius get
00:12:43Celcius tower
00:12:44Ckalle ye
00:12:51Rotkiv ss
00:12:54Rotkiv re
00:13:01Celcius maan
00:13:07Nauru. got stun
00:13:27Ckalle vs?!
00:13:31FetAA go tp bot
00:13:32Celcius reg
00:13:32FetAA help
00:13:34FetAA we cant lose fas ttower
00:13:36Ckalle me
00:13:39Celcius you give me mana
00:13:40Celcius after
00:13:41eXcluzziver fkin riki focusing spectre
00:13:41Ckalle y
00:13:56FetAA is ezalor b?
00:14:01Rotkiv voifd going bit
00:14:01FetAA go
00:14:36Celcius mana
00:14:38Celcius next time
00:14:41Celcius so that i can stun
00:14:44Nauru. lol
00:14:47Nauru. mid aint moving
00:14:48Nauru. :D
00:14:50FetAA :D
00:14:53Ckalle TC
00:14:57FetAA go eza
00:15:01Ckalle OMFG
00:15:13FetAA riki gets him
00:15:20FetAA RIKI BLINK
00:15:22FetAA U DUMB FUCK
00:15:29Ckalle nice try
00:15:50eXcluzziver i ulti
00:15:56Nauru. salve
00:16:03Vangelis lol
00:16:04eXcluzziver ty]
00:16:14Herre omg
00:16:15Herre :D
00:16:28Ckalle ROFL
00:16:41Herre gang
00:16:46Celcius manaj
00:17:15Vangelis if we win
00:17:17eXcluzziver get spec up
00:17:22Celcius we are looseing what the f.
00:17:27Ckalle Herre farming ok?
00:17:42Celcius tc
00:17:42Celcius get
00:17:44Celcius bottle
00:17:45Celcius phase
00:17:47Celcius lothars
00:17:48Celcius bkbk
00:17:50Vangelis if we win
00:17:50Celcius deselator
00:17:51Herre not really
00:17:52Vangelis i say lol
00:17:59Celcius thats the
00:18:03FetAA ofc we win fetaa void
00:18:15eXcluzziver this fkin axe
00:18:17eXcluzziver where is he from
00:18:37Celcius i need that lvl 11
00:18:50Celcius lets
00:18:52Celcius go mid
00:18:55Ckalle me oom
00:18:57Zagor mana pls
00:19:03Herre get dust also
00:19:05Celcius take
00:19:06Celcius axe
00:19:11Celcius ffs
00:19:12Zagor im oom
00:19:14Celcius take the haste
00:19:16Celcius and call
00:19:47FetAA go all mid
00:20:00FetAA we need sniper to def towers
00:20:05FetAA and sniper get str treads
00:20:09Celcius spec
00:20:11Celcius farm
00:20:12Celcius bot
00:20:13Herre y
00:20:19FetAA u dead
00:20:20FetAA soon
00:20:20Herre I will make rad
00:20:21Herre i
00:20:31Ckalle ofc
00:20:33eXcluzziver get kotl
00:20:38Ckalle ss 2 top
00:21:10Ckalle re I guess
00:21:21Celcius dont hit when he get stunned newb axe
00:21:32Herre omg.
00:21:35Celcius gg axe
00:21:44Ckalle it's a lastpick
00:21:47Celcius still
00:21:47Zagor venge shut up u little prick
00:21:48Ckalle can't rely on him
00:21:49reptile invis
00:21:52Celcius top
00:21:55FetAA ok i take soon
00:21:57FetAA or tb
00:21:58Ckalle they got 0/3 Sven
00:22:01Ckalle it's kinda even
00:22:04Celcius tc
00:22:05Celcius stun
00:22:12eXcluzziver some1 took c
00:22:12eXcluzziver cre
00:22:14Vangelis cant
00:22:14eXcluzziver care
00:22:15Vangelis kill
00:22:16Rotkiv no
00:22:16FetAA y
00:22:17Rotkiv b
00:22:18Rotkiv mana
00:22:21Celcius im invis..
00:22:22FetAA go def bot
00:22:23eXcluzziver i smell tp
00:22:25Nauru. what do u mean cant kill
00:22:25Nauru. ?
00:22:26eXcluzziver inv*
00:22:29Ckalle mana coming
00:22:48FetAA push it
00:22:49Ckalle n1
00:22:50Rotkiv nice vs
00:22:56Celcius ty
00:22:58Herre def
00:22:59FetAA need to def mid
00:23:05Celcius tp me
00:23:07Celcius eza
00:23:11FetAA they coming here sven
00:23:28Celcius lets
00:23:29Celcius get tower
00:23:36Herre I will ulti
00:23:45Herre cant farm against void
00:23:46Vangelis lost
00:23:51Celcius lets get next to
00:23:55Ckalle coming
00:23:58eXcluzziver get them
00:23:59FetAA def all tier 2s
00:24:05Ckalle vang done
00:24:17FetAA i tp too
00:24:33FetAA def bot
00:24:36Celcius we need a dust
00:24:46Celcius or axe
00:24:48Celcius call him
00:24:49Celcius then i stun
00:24:57eXcluzziver sniper
00:24:58eXcluzziver b
00:25:00FetAA go
00:25:58Celcius shivas would be awesome
00:26:03Celcius if axe ever gets it :D
00:26:04eXcluzziver we need towers
00:26:07FetAA yeah
00:26:08Ckalle or me
00:26:12FetAA and cant lose tw2
00:26:17Ckalle I was thinking of Meka
00:26:21Ckalle but can do shiva
00:26:26Vangelis well need 900
00:26:28Vangelis and i am imba
00:26:29Vangelis :DDD
00:26:30Rotkiv i make pipe
00:26:32eXcluzziver come u 2
00:26:36Ckalle for what?
00:26:43Herre :D
00:26:43Rotkiv no need?
00:26:45Ckalle sven stun?
00:26:55Ckalle they don't have magic dmg
00:26:59Ckalle -ii
00:27:07Celcius tc
00:27:07Celcius wtf
00:27:08Celcius was
00:27:09Celcius that
00:27:11Celcius and axe
00:27:12Ckalle much better to get armor/ghost scep/vanguard
00:27:14Celcius why dont you back
00:27:19Celcius tc use your spells
00:27:23Celcius on tb and sven..
00:27:24Ckalle but tc
00:27:25Celcius why on void
00:27:27Ckalle u can make meka
00:27:29Celcius he can just jump.
00:27:32Ckalle TC
00:27:32Celcius ff tc
00:27:33Ckalle go meka
00:27:36Ckalle and I do shiva
00:27:42FetAA i farm top
00:28:02Vangelis haha
00:28:03Vangelis such
00:28:05Vangelis epic game
00:28:06Vangelis :D
00:28:19eXcluzziver im already waiting to call scourge noobs
00:28:21eXcluzziver when we enter mid
00:28:22Herre we need to get towers after my radi
00:28:25FetAA :DD
00:28:26Herre make that meka by that
00:28:26Ckalle ye
00:28:38Herre 1k for radi
00:28:42Ckalle nice
00:28:44Herre need to farm 1 minute
00:28:48eXcluzziver u should push
00:28:50eXcluzziver we have late
00:29:07Nauru. i get support items?
00:29:15Vangelis get magic stick
00:29:16Vangelis im
00:29:17Vangelis o
00:29:18Vangelis :P
00:29:21Ckalle soon mana
00:29:24Herre saat selekääs poikaseni
00:29:28Zagor ty
00:29:36FetAA toistaseks!
00:29:53eXcluzziver crap
00:29:58Celcius nice try doe
00:30:02Vangelis def
00:30:04Vangelis bot lane
00:30:06FetAA ic ome kill bot
00:30:09eXcluzziver futile
00:30:12FetAA go him
00:30:25Nauru. spectre has relic
00:30:26FetAA gj
00:30:27Herre oimg
00:30:28FetAA i know
00:30:32FetAA soon radi
00:30:40Vangelis well
00:30:42Vangelis i get lothar
00:30:44Vangelis in 300 gold
00:30:44Ckalle b
00:30:46Vangelis so am imba
00:30:47FetAA ..
00:30:47Vangelis :DDD
00:30:52FetAA u get manta
00:31:06Celcius we need gem
00:31:10Ckalle haste bot
00:31:17Celcius lets
00:31:23Celcius try to get mid ra
00:31:24Celcius rax
00:31:30Celcius push take rosh
00:31:36FetAA koht pitäis alkaa olee relicci
00:31:37Celcius and try to end :)
00:31:43Herre ok
00:31:44Herre now
00:31:47FetAA raddu siis
00:31:49Nauru. riki
00:31:50Nauru. haste
00:31:51FetAA let me
00:31:52Nauru. or void
00:31:53FetAA letme
00:31:56Vangelis guys
00:31:58FetAA go kill'
00:31:58FetAA mid
00:31:58Vangelis i got lothar now
00:32:01Vangelis you can count on me
00:32:02Celcius axe
00:32:05Celcius give me the dust
00:32:14FetAA b
00:32:34Celcius push
00:32:36Herre go mid
00:32:40Herre hmm
00:32:42Herre purge next
00:32:47Nauru. lol, riki
00:32:48FetAA tp home riki
00:32:49Ckalle or just tank
00:32:58FetAA spectre radd so stronkk
00:33:21FetAA we need mechanism too
00:33:24Rotkiv b
00:33:27Rotkiv ?
00:33:27Herre or push
00:33:32Ckalle why b
00:33:36Celcius i rly dont know
00:33:37FetAA b
00:33:37FetAA tb
00:33:42Herre kill him then
00:33:45Herre we need to PUSH
00:33:52Nauru. getting meka
00:33:53Herre this is just stupid
00:33:53Ckalle mid with invis
00:33:57Herre y
00:33:57Ckalle entry
00:33:57Celcius he tp
00:33:59Ckalle and then end
00:34:00Herre y
00:34:01FetAA good
00:34:03Ckalle axe come
00:34:08Zagor tp me
00:34:12Celcius stay
00:34:22Herre ok
00:34:22Zagor ty
00:34:24Herre I shall be making hot
00:34:29FetAA hmm
00:34:43Rotkiv aiaiai
00:34:43Herre nice dust
00:34:57Herre omg
00:35:02Herre nobody used dust?
00:35:06FetAA mid
00:35:07eXcluzziver hhahaha
00:35:07Herre 10-0 void
00:35:07FetAA tower
00:35:07Herre gg
00:35:09Ckalle gem
00:35:12Celcius i was stunned the hole time
00:35:12eXcluzziver only pros can lose to 4 carry
00:35:12Ckalle now
00:35:20Herre well fed void
00:35:20FetAA dont talk yet dude
00:35:29Celcius 'i just need to stay behind
00:35:30eXcluzziver :D
00:35:34Celcius to swap him
00:35:35eXcluzziver i know there is a chance we can lose
00:35:46FetAA b
00:35:48Herre go again
00:35:50Herre with smoke
00:35:52Herre or something
00:35:54Zagor thye will ro soon
00:35:55Celcius we need some wards
00:35:59FetAA does styg and mkb stack
00:36:01Ckalle I have gem now
00:36:07eXcluzziver sure
00:36:08Celcius take him
00:36:09Nauru. u mean true strike?
00:36:10eXcluzziver mkb is not orb
00:36:10Nauru. it should
00:36:14Celcius now
00:36:15FetAA y truestriek
00:36:16Nauru. it kinda is i think
00:36:23Ckalle I HAVE GEM
00:36:24Ckalle dude
00:36:25Nauru. get it anyway :D
00:36:25FetAA cause i mean blinkd
00:36:26Celcius kk
00:36:28Herre :D
00:36:31FetAA he deos blind
00:36:31Celcius spec
00:36:32Herre I come take it
00:36:32Celcius come
00:36:33FetAA and i miss alot
00:36:35Ckalle spec take
00:36:43FetAA but i wont do styg
00:36:48Nauru. get mkb over styg
00:36:50Herre ok go mid
00:36:53Vangelis nope
00:36:55Vangelis get basher
00:36:56Ckalle mid
00:36:59Nauru. lol
00:37:00Celcius yeah
00:37:01Celcius all mid
00:37:01Nauru. su
00:37:06Celcius axe get bm!
00:37:07Vangelis double bash
00:37:09Vangelis good no?
00:37:12Herre yea
00:37:13Nauru. doesnt stack
00:37:13Ckalle or dagger?
00:37:15FetAA none of our noob supporst warded roshan
00:37:16Herre get bad mannered
00:37:18Herre XXd
00:37:24Celcius axe
00:37:26Celcius you tank
00:37:29Nauru. got meka
00:37:30Herre I can tank
00:37:32Nauru. what next
00:37:33Nauru. hex?
00:37:34Celcius kk
00:37:35Vangelis def mid
00:37:35FetAA gather
00:37:39FetAA do bkb
00:37:45FetAA u stil ldo dmg
00:37:48Ckalle tb running there
00:37:48Vangelis CARE
00:37:54Herre ILLU
00:37:55reptile gem
00:37:59Ckalle was hasted
00:38:00Ckalle so no.
00:38:03Herre :D
00:38:38Herre asd
00:38:39Celcius I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:40Ckalle GEM
00:38:41Ckalle take it
00:38:44Herre gg
00:38:45Nauru. lol
00:38:47Herre fed void
00:38:48Nauru. gj much?
00:38:48Ckalle gg wp
00:38:49Herre what to do
00:38:49Ckalle I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:51Herre I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:38:51Celcius spec why use ulti that late ?
00:38:51FetAA gay no rampage
00:38:53eXcluzziver rofl
00:39:05Herre wouldnt have made any difference
00:39:06Nauru. lifesteal ? :D
00:39:09Celcius ofc
00:39:10Celcius it does
00:39:13FetAA u could do vlad for us
00:39:15FetAA but i can do
00:39:23Celcius allways make it in the start in the battle
00:39:25Nauru. It'll take time for me.
00:39:29Herre thank you
00:39:33FetAA b after
00:39:41Celcius just like zsmj do
00:39:43FetAA money money money
00:39:49Celcius or seaking
00:39:55Vangelis well i got bot now
00:40:00Ckalle burning best spec
00:40:04Celcius nah :)
00:40:09Celcius zsmj ftw
00:40:15Ckalle ZSMJ said so in an interview
00:40:17Vangelis oh
00:40:17Vangelis lol
00:40:20Vangelis gem still here
00:40:21Nauru. lol.. got so much mana with sven
00:40:28FetAA wtf is ur build sniper
00:40:29FetAA bot..
00:40:30Ckalle that burning is best
00:40:31Celcius burning aka AA right ?
00:40:31FetAA and lothars
00:40:33Herre well
00:40:35Ckalle yes
00:40:35Herre do something
00:40:37Herre gang with somke
00:40:39Herre or ff
00:40:41Celcius yeah his kinda imba
00:40:50eXcluzziver venge would win solo sniper
00:40:51Nauru. someone plant wards
00:40:55Ckalle spec is all about the farm
00:40:57Ckalle so burning wins
00:41:06FetAA OOPs
00:41:09Herre gg
00:41:11FetAA now b all
00:41:17Herre :DD
00:41:18Celcius lol
00:41:22eXcluzziver got kotl
00:41:27Nauru. lol
00:41:29Nauru. nice trade
00:41:36Rotkiv he buys out forsure
00:41:45Celcius mby
00:41:45Ckalle b if he does
00:41:53FetAA def
00:42:00FetAA riki go
00:42:04eXcluzziver noobs
00:42:05Herre XXd
00:42:05Herre I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:08FetAA FEEL the carry power
00:42:09Nauru. !
00:42:14Herre hahah 14-1
00:42:15Herre terve
00:42:16Herre kertooko vähän
00:42:18Ckalle KotL does as much for team as Void
00:42:20Ckalle fucking sad.
00:42:29Celcius you played agaianst a tc who cant beat a void mid..
00:42:33Nauru. Aye aye, capt.
00:42:38FetAA why would tc beat void mid
00:42:40Celcius thats something you dont see every day
00:42:41FetAA and whats ur point ckalle?
00:42:46eXcluzziver tc has terrible attack animation
00:42:46Celcius easy
00:42:48FetAA that im useless this game :D?
00:42:54Ckalle My point is u have a way better team then me
00:43:01Celcius he just make animation on creeps and the attack you imba low
00:43:04Ckalle cus my KotL is obviously way weaker then your Void atm
00:43:04Celcius kinda easy
00:43:09Vangelis you all know why sent won
00:43:14Vangelis it is because sniper so ogod
00:43:16Vangelis good
00:43:16FetAA well i kinda pwned this so fuu
00:43:20Celcius you cant do shit about it when he give + 80 dps
00:43:21Ckalle yeah
00:43:26Ckalle god
00:43:34FetAA no u said my team rapes !
00:43:37Celcius cuz his not the best ppl and cant play tc
00:43:41Ckalle ur team > mine
00:43:50Ckalle because asme result in teamfight without us 2
00:43:53Ckalle as with us
00:43:53FetAA well if they can win with those heroes lanes ;p
00:43:56Ckalle and ure stronger then me
00:44:37Herre XDd
00:44:38Herre I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:44:41Rotkiv I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:44:46Herre olipas se
00:44:47Ckalle wp
00:44:57Nauru. lol.. bet im getting -x this game.
00:44:59Celcius RAMPAGE
00:44:59Ckalle impossible to win if I don't carry
00:44:59Celcius LD
00:44:59Nauru. !
00:45:01Celcius :D
00:45:07FetAA so play carry
00:45:12Ckalle but it's boring :(
00:45:20Celcius hope you like the rampage
00:45:23FetAA :D
00:45:36Herre lol
00:45:38Ckalle well
00:45:40Herre how can you outcarry 4 carries
00:45:41Herre so plz.
00:45:42Ckalle if we had a proper last pick
00:45:47Ckalle instead of Axe
00:45:50Ckalle we woulda won
00:45:51Herre hah
00:45:52eXcluzziver not anyone can
00:45:56Herre he doesnt even have the dagger
00:46:12Nauru. Meka made game. 8)
00:46:15Nauru. Period.
00:46:20Vangelis nope sniper did
00:46:21Nauru. And sniper.
00:46:21Vangelis :DDD
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