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+32 X
+14 TS

68% | 1397 X | 1245 TS

-5 X
+8 TS

48% | 1192 X | 1286 TS

+47 X
+34 TS

50% | 1266 X | 1199 TS

+8 X
+8 TS

24% | 1158 X | 1141 TS

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+23 TS

17% | 963 X | 1226 TS

-55 X
-2 TS

98% | 1696 X | 1640 TS

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-2 TS

35% | 1111 X | 1264 TS

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-7 TS

21% | 1060 X | 1186 TS

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-14 TS

20% | 1037 X | 1198 TS

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-6 TS

13% | 978 X | 1173 TS

Chat log

00:00:04marsbar2k YOU
00:00:06marsbar2k ME CAPTAIN!
00:00:07marsbar2k ME IMBA
00:00:20MYuksel keave
00:00:21NotAHax ?
00:00:25marsbar2k LAVER DU SVANS
00:00:25Mercury oh gg
00:00:25marsbar2k Huskar
00:00:25Raj Nap Captain
00:00:25NotAHax -thrall
00:00:34NotAHax someone wants cm?
00:00:38NotAHax or sk?
00:00:39NotAHax or slardara?
00:00:40DayDream sk
00:00:40NotAHax or veno?
00:00:43Zulu me cm
00:00:50NotAHax get me Lanya
00:00:56MYuksel veno tiny top
00:01:05NotAHax get cm or pugna
00:01:06NotAHax :)
00:01:11marsbar2k Skal du spille den raj ?
00:01:15NotAHax get me lanya
00:01:18NotAHax -swap 3
00:01:20DayDream -swap 1
00:02:17Mercury why pick OOP hero notahax -.-
00:02:24NotAHax op hero?
00:02:25NotAHax not
00:02:33DayDream pugna go bot mby?
00:02:47MYuksel we are mates
00:02:52DayDream kk nvm
00:02:55Mercury oh noes u has furion too
00:03:01NotAHax but player is hewal
00:03:19NotAHax hewal is rallebrazil skilled
00:05:23KeLToS up chick
00:06:05NotAHax how
00:06:06NotAHax you can die
00:06:07NotAHax with sk
00:06:33DayDream stun and poison
00:07:08NotAHax lol
00:07:21Zulu ss
00:07:49marsbar2k ss
00:08:30marsbar2k ss
00:08:45DayDream boots
00:09:14NotAHax rune
00:09:15NotAHax .
00:09:17NotAHax storm will get
00:09:20Zulu ss
00:09:21MYuksel b
00:09:22MYuksel b
00:09:27NotAHax ..
00:09:28NotAHax wow
00:09:30NotAHax idiot
00:09:37NotAHax hyow stupid
00:09:38NotAHax you guys are
00:09:39NotAHax i said
00:09:41NotAHax storm will get
00:10:04Zulu ss
00:10:05Zulu 1
00:10:06Zulu re
00:10:20marsbar2k ss
00:10:21NotAHax i come gang
00:10:21marsbar2k new wards
00:10:23Raj oom
00:10:29NotAHax go
00:10:51MYuksel b
00:10:52NotAHax lkol i fial
00:10:53MYuksel fail
00:10:55Zulu y
00:12:33NotAHax wp
00:12:45MYuksel thx
00:12:49NotAHax let me farm furi
00:12:50NotAHax go away
00:12:56marsbar2k Atleast he can be your bitch
00:13:02MYuksel who
00:13:04NotAHax ?
00:13:09RalleBrazil ss
00:13:16NotAHax you are playing with ur fucking frend same team and still losing
00:13:16NotAHax Tard
00:13:23marsbar2k ss
00:13:36NotAHax '
00:13:37marsbar2k Why u mad ?
00:13:45NotAHax im not mad
00:13:51marsbar2k Suck me sideways
00:13:53DayDream ill tb bot
00:13:57NotAHax come
00:14:29Mercury panda wanna gang too?
00:14:33NotAHax furion
00:14:34Zulu ss
00:14:36NotAHax can you plz
00:14:38RalleBrazil ss
00:14:38-HewaL- ?
00:14:39NotAHax let me get some kills also?
00:14:44-HewaL- sry
00:15:00NotAHax wait
00:15:11MYuksel bit
00:15:14DayDream omw
00:15:28NotAHax need stun
00:15:29NotAHax him
00:15:51MYuksel care
00:15:52NotAHax WRONG WAY
00:16:12NotAHax furi
00:16:15NotAHax bah
00:16:15NotAHax nv
00:16:20NotAHax tiny
00:16:23NotAHax and pugna
00:16:23NotAHax move
00:16:24NotAHax to bot
00:16:25NotAHax help team
00:16:33Raj need mana boots
00:16:51DayDream ss2
00:17:03Raj ss
00:17:04NotAHax me
00:17:09MYuksel k
00:17:20NotAHax sigh
00:17:46NotAHax WOW THANKS MAN
00:17:51NotAHax thanks
00:17:52NotAHax for that toss
00:17:54NotAHax rly well played
00:18:14NotAHax you guys are fucking monkeys who expect me to play with all ur heros
00:18:19Raj stfu
00:18:23NotAHax ff
00:18:45NotAHax ??
00:18:45DayDream let lana farm
00:18:46marsbar2k after regen go mid
00:18:46NotAHax go away
00:18:47marsbar2k tower
00:18:49NotAHax gtfo
00:18:50Mercury slardar get bkb
00:18:50NotAHax retard
00:18:54Raj stfu
00:19:16MYuksel mine
00:19:29NotAHax they have wards
00:19:50NotAHax best
00:19:50NotAHax Team
00:19:53MYuksel yea
00:20:12NotAHax BEST TINY
00:20:12NotAHax :DDD
00:20:18NotAHax raj biggest retard tiny 2k11
00:20:19DayDream omg
00:20:22NotAHax dosent even know toss ava combo makes more dmg
00:21:34marsbar2k go there woods together
00:22:27NotAHax RAJ
00:22:28NotAHax DO YOU KNOW
00:22:37NotAHax retard...
00:22:37Raj i fuckin idiot
00:22:41NotAHax y i know
00:22:41Raj toss was cd
00:22:43Raj moron
00:22:47Raj dont u think i knw
00:22:49Raj asshole
00:22:50NotAHax i do
00:22:51NotAHax ur idiot
00:22:52Raj play the game
00:22:58NotAHax learn to play the game
00:23:03NotAHax GO AWAY
00:23:06Raj haha ur just fail
00:23:06NotAHax ffs
00:23:09NotAHax mercury
00:23:11NotAHax can you ban this pugna
00:23:19NotAHax GO BACK
00:23:20NotAHax RETARD
00:23:27NotAHax biggest
00:23:27NotAHax Retard
00:23:28NotAHax in'
00:23:29NotAHax world
00:23:36DayDream def mid
00:23:40MYuksel notahax you just fail
00:23:46MYuksel gfys
00:24:02Mercury mid towwa
00:24:14NotAHax they go die
00:24:15NotAHax 1by1
00:24:18DayDream overfeed
00:24:25DayDream ff
00:24:32NotAHax and then think
00:24:33NotAHax Y WHY LOSE
00:24:40KeLToS u mad?
00:24:45DayDream its like playing in b-net
00:24:52NotAHax worse
00:25:07NotAHax this tiny
00:25:10NotAHax dosent just understand
00:25:13NotAHax toss ava does dmg together
00:25:14Raj this lanaya
00:25:15NotAHax And havent skill ulti
00:25:16NotAHax 8D
00:25:23Raj U must be mad
00:25:56NotAHax ..
00:26:01NotAHax no comment
00:26:05Raj THIS SK
00:26:06MYuksel fuck sandking
00:26:10-HewaL- omg sk
00:26:14MYuksel then he tell us that this is like playing in b-net
00:26:15MYuksel haha
00:26:19MYuksel you play like a noob 2
00:26:33DayDream so
00:26:38Zulu wp sk furion
00:26:53DayDream i agree wasnt my best moments
00:27:53MYuksel well nice items not a haxs
00:28:15NotAHax how you expect me to have any items when i try gang lanes for you
00:28:20NotAHax and then furion sk takes every kill
00:28:56MYuksel nic
00:29:24NotAHax this is
00:29:26NotAHax noobshow
00:29:51NotAHax if you do
00:29:53NotAHax go take that farm
00:29:55NotAHax i will banrequest you
00:29:56NotAHax gameruin
00:30:01NotAHax mercury
00:30:03NotAHax can you ban tiny?
00:30:09NotAHax Hes constantly taking ban with pugna from me
00:30:12NotAHax spellfarming everylane
00:30:27Raj U MUST BE A RETARD
00:30:43NotAHax sorry raj im not mirror
00:30:48DayDream b
00:30:49Mercury go mid?
00:30:50DayDream pughna
00:31:00DayDream b
00:31:12MYuksel wtf happin
00:31:13DayDream listen
00:31:15marsbar2k xD
00:31:15DayDream omg
00:31:20MYuksel 600dammeg :D
00:31:21MYuksel ahha
00:31:27DayDream inv doesnt last forever
00:31:48marsbar2k Lewl
00:31:51Raj NOOOB
00:33:22NotAHax cool decre pugna
00:33:25NotAHax you just saved es life
00:33:28Mercury lets go mid with 5
00:34:30-HewaL- captain fail
00:34:35marsbar2k n1
00:34:36MYuksel Captian fail mid !
00:34:43-HewaL- CAPTAIN FAIL MID !
00:35:21Raj I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:24MYuksel I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:25MYuksel I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:25-HewaL- I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:35:30MYuksel all ff
00:35:37DayDream its not over yet
00:35:45Raj u blind ?
00:36:04MYuksel comeon ff
00:36:43Mercury go top
00:36:48MYuksel comeon ff
00:37:12MYuksel rosh
00:37:13MYuksel look
00:37:25DayDream forest warded
00:37:33Raj I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:39:47KeLToS KS
00:39:49NotAHax def
00:40:48DayDream I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:41:02Zulu glyph!
00:41:27KeLToS RAPED
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