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Chat log

00:00:12MYuksel ´yes iam not with curdi :D
00:00:16MYuksel lucky me
00:00:27hext :DDDDD
00:00:36Dizney can i get gyro plz! :)
00:01:25hext curdi gonna gank vlv 1 lina=?
00:01:39NotAHax curdi
00:01:41NotAHax mitä haluut
00:01:47curdi emt oikee
00:01:48NotAHax can someone play thrall
00:01:48NotAHax ?
00:01:58curdi oli äske kyl nii vammanen peli et huh
00:02:01verybad od
00:02:07curdi voin pelaa jotai tc zeus
00:02:26NotAHax pelaa voidia
00:02:31curdi :s
00:02:33curdi mitä sä
00:02:35NotAHax vai haluutko bat
00:02:42NotAHax nmo voisin voidii periaateees mut
00:02:43curdi jaa-a
00:02:45NotAHax emt riittääkö carry power
00:02:47NotAHax riittää imo
00:02:48hext i play wlock
00:02:49curdi voin pelaa bat si
00:02:49MYuksel yurnero
00:02:55verybad jugger not happening
00:03:05NotAHax im void solo midd
00:03:09MYuksel fail pick ??
00:03:10verybad od mine
00:03:11curdi obsi vissii sie
00:03:13MYuksel void gonna rap us
00:03:14MYuksel omg
00:03:19NotAHax ?
00:03:22verybad you're terrible players
00:03:24NotAHax joo
00:03:32NotAHax :DDD
00:03:37Dara -swap 5
00:03:39Dara swap plz
00:03:39NotAHax verybad dooo ittt
00:03:40MYuksel lanes ?
00:03:43verybad wl tc top
00:03:45verybad tuskar doc down
00:03:51verybad doc
00:03:52verybad down
00:03:54KolleBolle i cant play that hero sry
00:03:55tanelli i hardly know thrall skills:)
00:03:56verybad wrong lane
00:04:01KolleBolle have never played tauren so cant swap
00:04:03tanelli which one first?
00:04:04MYuksel sry
00:04:08NotAHax you take
00:04:10NotAHax lightning
00:04:11NotAHax first
00:04:12NotAHax the dps
00:04:17verybad kollebolle
00:04:21KolleBolle ?
00:04:24verybad nvm
00:04:37NotAHax then like
00:04:39NotAHax max dps ball
00:04:40NotAHax spa mit
00:04:41NotAHax spam it
00:04:45NotAHax second take the circle
00:04:52KolleBolle wl on lvl 3 we kill... just dont stay abitt from me...
00:04:59KolleBolle all the time so you dont get in the ball
00:05:00Homicida i pull?
00:05:04MYuksel k
00:05:04curdi y
00:05:09MYuksel its wd
00:05:35MYuksel delay
00:06:04KolleBolle omg wtf happenings
00:06:08KolleBolle deley 2 3 sec
00:06:10KolleBolle or more
00:06:12NotAHax :DD
00:06:20Homicida n1 lol
00:06:21MYuksel i dont know, it also happed to me
00:07:46MYuksel miss
00:07:56MYuksel bug on hes magic wtf ?
00:08:08MYuksel i cant go
00:08:13Dara up chicken
00:08:14NotAHax need gang midd
00:08:34NotAHax gyro
00:08:35NotAHax can you come
00:08:37Dizney otw
00:08:50NotAHax come from behind
00:09:07NotAHax :DD
00:09:10NotAHax gj man
00:09:12Dizney u2
00:09:13verybad "täältä missaa"
00:09:17NotAHax kuulin
00:09:17NotAHax :DDD
00:09:27curdi ss2
00:09:34MYuksel where is chicken ?
00:09:40verybad void down rune
00:09:43NotAHax gyro
00:09:44NotAHax i have ulti
00:09:45NotAHax come again
00:09:49Dizney k
00:10:13MYuksel lol
00:10:17MYuksel b
00:10:22MYuksel omfg
00:10:23hext misssss
00:10:25hext copterr
00:10:48NotAHax gj
00:10:55curdi why u went there
00:10:56Dizney i go gang bot now..
00:10:59curdi damn stupid
00:11:00MYuksel ownage or ?
00:11:06Dizney thrall u got it up there ?
00:11:09Dizney :)
00:11:22verybad mid miss
00:11:28Dizney gang top then..
00:11:49NotAHax we can gang midd again
00:11:50NotAHax freekill
00:12:01NotAHax clock come?
00:12:02Dizney coming
00:12:02NotAHax i have ulti
00:12:03KolleBolle kill?
00:12:04NotAHax rly nice man
00:12:07NotAHax 23 sewc
00:12:17MYuksel wait up
00:12:20NotAHax 11 sec
00:12:22KolleBolle gogogogogo
00:12:34Dizney otw
00:12:38NotAHax y
00:12:54Dizney g0
00:13:03hext MISS 3
00:13:21NotAHax he know
00:13:23Dizney y
00:13:41NotAHax :DD
00:13:58NotAHax gj guys
00:14:13NotAHax :DDDDD
00:14:37MYuksel if they come lets kill then
00:14:39MYuksel them
00:14:44NotAHax go tide
00:14:44NotAHax utli
00:14:45NotAHax and come bat
00:14:50Homicida lvl 5 lol
00:14:51curdi eio manaa
00:14:52NotAHax oh
00:14:54NotAHax k
00:14:58NotAHax go
00:15:21curdi botti missaa
00:15:25NotAHax :DDD
00:15:27KolleBolle omw
00:15:31MYuksel gogo
00:15:44NotAHax fuck
00:15:45NotAHax we need obs
00:16:02NotAHax keep ganging obsi
00:16:15MYuksel gogo
00:16:17NotAHax b
00:16:28NotAHax go gang obsi
00:16:39NotAHax gyro
00:16:40NotAHax ..
00:16:40NotAHax ?
00:16:46KolleBolle mana when you cna
00:17:04NotAHax guys
00:17:05NotAHax stop
00:17:07hext boots
00:17:07NotAHax FOLLOWING ME
00:17:08NotAHax GOG GANG TOP
00:17:15hext you?
00:17:17hext your?
00:17:23Dizney he tps
00:17:25KolleBolle y
00:17:31Dizney coming mid
00:17:45MYuksel g
00:17:51MYuksel tuskar
00:17:58NotAHax :DD
00:18:00hext :DDDD
00:18:02NotAHax en voinu cancewl
00:18:03NotAHax ku tuli
00:18:04NotAHax vitun
00:18:05NotAHax banish
00:18:44NotAHax tide..
00:18:48MYuksel gj
00:18:51NotAHax need ur ulti
00:18:53NotAHax in 5v5 fights
00:18:53NotAHax b now
00:19:01Homicida it was 3v5 fight
00:19:05NotAHax y it was
00:19:08NotAHax def midd
00:19:19MYuksel warlock more wards
00:19:20NotAHax tele
00:19:20NotAHax all
00:19:31NotAHax tele
00:19:33Dizney cd on tl
00:19:35Dizney tp
00:19:55KolleBolle *
00:19:59KolleBolle Curdi FUUUUUUUUUUUU
00:20:01KolleBolle :P
00:20:05NotAHax OMG
00:20:06NotAHax IDIOT
00:20:07NotAHax IT WAS MINE
00:20:07NotAHax gg
00:20:17hext who left chick
00:20:18hext wtf
00:20:22MYuksel ? wtf happin ?
00:20:22KolleBolle omg
00:20:23NotAHax i farm top
00:20:29NotAHax :DD
00:20:29KolleBolle damn nigger
00:20:31NotAHax ei tuu rmk enää
00:20:32NotAHax sori
00:20:39NotAHax anna ku arvaan
00:20:42NotAHax kolelbolle
00:20:46KolleBolle ok that one that focked chick is banned
00:21:07KolleBolle and no1 leaved items in base
00:21:09Homicida deny
00:21:12KolleBolle all my farm lost
00:21:16KolleBolle vanguard gone
00:21:19MYuksel heal ?
00:21:21KolleBolle treds gone
00:21:38NotAHax :DDD
00:21:38MYuksel fail
00:21:38NotAHax bam
00:21:38NotAHax bän
00:21:38MYuksel on lane
00:21:38curdi .
00:21:38NotAHax vittu
00:21:38NotAHax hext
00:21:38NotAHax ja dara
00:21:38NotAHax Ette
00:21:38NotAHax -.-
00:21:38NotAHax pelatkaa
00:21:38MYuksel w
00:21:38NotAHax loppuu
00:21:38NotAHax endataa heti
00:21:38MYuksel we can still win
00:21:38NotAHax ja np?
00:21:38MYuksel fuck hm
00:21:38NotAHax jos annatte
00:21:38NotAHax meidän
00:21:38NotAHax endaa
00:21:38NotAHax ??
00:21:38tanelli who balances?
00:21:38Dizney blue what item did u lose
00:21:38curdi q.q stäkki kusee plugataa
00:21:38MYuksel drop ?
00:21:38NotAHax umm
00:21:38NotAHax tanelli
00:21:38NotAHax you go
00:21:38NotAHax sorry
00:21:38NotAHax we need tide
00:21:38NotAHax ulti
00:21:38Dara wut
00:21:38Dara lag
00:21:38MYuksel '
00:21:38MYuksel drop him ?
00:21:38Homicida cant drop
00:21:38NotAHax saat bän
00:21:38NotAHax dara
00:21:38NotAHax nauhotan mumblee
00:21:38MYuksel we cant drop lol
00:21:38MYuksel fuckin verybad
00:21:38MYuksel you are totally bad
00:21:38MYuksel so what are we going to do ?
00:21:38curdi siistei kamui sulla
00:21:38NotAHax 1
00:21:38NotAHax Balances
00:21:38NotAHax From us
00:21:38NotAHax no joo :D
00:21:38hext ok
00:21:38NotAHax verybad
00:21:38NotAHax rage
00:21:38MYuksel what you mean ?
00:21:38NotAHax ku hikoiltii
00:21:38curdi nii et
00:21:38NotAHax ja sit
00:21:38MYuksel we cant drop him
00:21:38NotAHax eka gangi
00:21:38curdi kavereiden kaa pelaa
00:21:38NotAHax sano sen
00:21:38NotAHax kaverit
00:21:38NotAHax mumbles
00:21:38curdi ja sit ku kusee nii antaa
00:21:38NotAHax "midd miss"
00:21:38NotAHax ku oli kuolul
00:21:38NotAHax :DD
00:21:38NotAHax tai miss top siis
00:21:38NotAHax jos vaa
00:21:38curdi frendien venailla
00:21:38NotAHax antaisitte
00:21:38NotAHax end
00:21:38NotAHax .-
00:21:38NotAHax tajuutte kai
00:21:38NotAHax Et
00:21:38NotAHax tulee
00:21:38NotAHax ba
00:21:38NotAHax ban
00:21:38NotAHax oikeesti
00:21:38MYuksel anyone speek english ?
00:21:38MYuksel :P
00:21:38MYuksel curdi ?
00:21:38MYuksel what are we going to do ?
00:21:38curdi as nota said
00:21:38MYuksel i dont speek hes languge
00:21:38curdi he said
00:21:38curdi balance
00:21:38curdi from us
00:21:38MYuksel how =
00:21:38curdi and play on
00:21:39hext i balance
00:21:42NotAHax NO
00:21:43NotAHax ..
00:21:43hext ok?
00:21:44NotAHax -.-
00:21:45Dara k
00:21:46NotAHax Hexti derp
00:21:49NotAHax antakaa meidän vaa endaa
00:21:50NotAHax thrall
00:21:51NotAHax leave
00:21:51Dara you balance
00:21:59MYuksel -unlock ?
00:22:02NotAHax i take
00:22:04NotAHax thrall items
00:22:04Homicida void
00:22:07NotAHax ?
00:22:11Homicida nvm
00:22:16Homicida wanna said that take wards
00:22:20Homicida say*
00:22:30MYuksel omw down
00:22:41NotAHax antakaa finish ja readd?
00:22:43NotAHax lets go all midd
00:22:50NotAHax all midd
00:22:53hext no we play
00:23:00NotAHax i take
00:23:02NotAHax an we go midd
00:23:02Dizney voiud get and gang
00:23:04NotAHax i take
00:23:07NotAHax just go midd
00:23:10NotAHax 4v4 fight
00:23:21KolleBolle miss my items on shick :/
00:23:22NotAHax tide ulti first
00:23:25NotAHax when you see atleast 3 heros
00:23:39MYuksel die
00:23:39hext FF
00:23:42MYuksel haha
00:23:43hext go ff
00:23:45MYuksel dont
00:23:49NotAHax =(
00:23:52hext who carry
00:23:56curdi noo mul o dagu ny
00:24:00NotAHax joo
00:24:05MYuksel lets just end fast we can do it
00:24:23hext >.< me so pro
00:24:37NotAHax i farm bot
00:24:55MYuksel gogo
00:24:58MYuksel oyu first
00:25:01MYuksel you
00:25:09NotAHax i make diffusal
00:25:20MYuksel steal nice
00:25:23curdi moar stun
00:25:29hext i can stun
00:25:29MYuksel help
00:25:45Dizney im already on deffusial..
00:25:48NotAHax guys
00:25:48NotAHax stop solo
00:25:50Dizney but we can use 2..
00:25:52Dizney :)
00:25:53Homicida care
00:25:55curdi paraski sanoo :D
00:26:01NotAHax ?
00:26:04NotAHax mä farmin
00:26:07curdi nii
00:26:11NotAHax en mene suikkaa
00:26:47KolleBolle wl bait
00:26:49MYuksel one push
00:26:56MYuksel and we wil gank who come
00:26:59NotAHax allmost diffu
00:27:05NotAHax def bot
00:27:05NotAHax tide?
00:27:18NotAHax ffs
00:27:24NotAHax you need go with 3
00:27:26NotAHax srsly
00:27:30NotAHax i need farm diffu
00:27:32MYuksel push
00:27:43MYuksel gogo
00:27:56KolleBolle well played all
00:27:57curdi tapetaako
00:27:59hext yes
00:28:05NotAHax wd
00:28:07hext meka
00:28:17MYuksel omg
00:28:17NotAHax my turn
00:28:21MYuksel i cant belive that happin
00:28:36MYuksel gank
00:28:36MYuksel gogo
00:28:39NotAHax nice tide dagger
00:28:41NotAHax lets go roshan with smoke
00:28:53NotAHax b?
00:28:59MYuksel carwe
00:29:01MYuksel care
00:29:02NotAHax canb someone
00:29:03NotAHax buy smoke
00:29:13Dizney getting smoke
00:29:14hext meka r soon
00:29:19NotAHax gather
00:29:23curdi pitäs kai hoodi
00:29:26NotAHax joo
00:29:38NotAHax take smoke
00:29:39NotAHax from chick
00:29:39KolleBolle some1 get 1 pack ewards
00:29:41KolleBolle wards
00:29:45NotAHax use
00:29:51NotAHax rosh
00:29:52NotAHax go
00:29:53NotAHax NO
00:29:54NotAHax NO
00:30:02NotAHax tide tank
00:30:06Dara neekerit pusketteko=?
00:30:13NotAHax heti kun lopetatte turtle
00:30:20MYuksel i knew it
00:30:34MYuksel fat
00:30:35MYuksel gogo
00:30:35NotAHax tide go to hill
00:30:36MYuksel fast
00:30:36NotAHax if they come
00:30:39KolleBolle stun
00:31:01Dizney bash !
00:31:23NotAHax niin tosiaan
00:31:25NotAHax ne ei toimi
00:31:25NotAHax D:DD
00:31:28Dara :DDDDDDDD
00:31:33NotAHax brainfart
00:31:36curdi mitk
00:31:37MYuksel icant
00:31:37NotAHax no siis
00:31:39NotAHax ajatteli net
00:31:42NotAHax difful counteroin locki
00:31:44NotAHax tää oli brainfart
00:31:53MYuksel be ready here
00:31:55Dara hurry
00:31:56KolleBolle omw
00:31:57MYuksel get me wards fast
00:32:03curdi nii tuplaorbi :s
00:32:06NotAHax jep :DD
00:32:09Dara go check
00:32:12MYuksel dont use
00:32:14NotAHax no myyn mom
00:32:49curdi gogo
00:33:09hext I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:33:11hext I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:33:32NotAHax tupla orb voidi rape
00:34:54KolleBolle care
00:35:00curdi deedee
00:35:22NotAHax i take dd
00:35:23NotAHax and lets go midd
00:35:26NotAHax WAIT
00:35:26NotAHax WAIT
00:35:37Dizney hoping to make him use stun..
00:35:40Dara -ms
00:35:42NotAHax bait midd
00:35:42hext -ms
00:35:43NotAHax tidfe
00:35:45NotAHax go hide
00:35:51hext def together
00:35:52MYuksel need 200 gold
00:35:56MYuksel fast
00:36:13hext if someone dies
00:36:17hext use od safely
00:36:21NotAHax ggo
00:36:43KolleBolle b
00:36:52MYuksel idiot
00:37:15NotAHax :DD
00:37:16MYuksel idiot why not help me
00:37:33NotAHax :D:DD
00:37:33MYuksel 20 sec
00:37:34NotAHax HILJAA
00:37:44NotAHax siis
00:37:46NotAHax diffu oli lock counter
00:37:50NotAHax ja brainfart et ne o li orbei
00:37:59MYuksel gogo
00:38:50MYuksel gogo
00:39:36MYuksel verybad its he faul we lose because he dont fuckin pick a lathe gamer !
00:40:06NotAHax kollebollen analyysi
00:40:59MYuksel badest team ever
00:41:05curdi as usual
00:41:19MYuksel our leader didnt pick any lathe game, what is fun with that ?
00:41:21NotAHax HOMO
00:42:09NotAHax tärkee def
00:42:33NotAHax mulla kohta buri butter
00:42:33NotAHax gl
00:42:50NotAHax SALAMIA
00:43:01NotAHax go midd
00:43:02NotAHax and finish
00:43:04curdi siisti kattoo kuitenki tätä yksinpuheluu
00:43:48NotAHax die hater
00:43:59MYuksel let me use destoryer
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