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Chat log

00:00:09zebbelito r-d
00:00:16NotAHax someone wants es
00:00:16NotAHax ?
00:00:16Xove -clear
00:00:16reptile i would play es
00:00:16NotAHax -shadow demon
00:00:16NotAHax -eredar
00:00:16xenix- nah i want lane control
00:00:16FireMal -clear
00:00:16FireMal -ii
00:00:16FireMal -es
00:00:16zebbelito -sf hmm cant imagine what firemal will pick :D
00:00:17FireMal -es
00:00:22FireMal -es of
00:00:24FireMal -esof
00:00:25reptile eredar and sf!!!
00:00:34Xove get me maiden
00:00:36Arapiles any wishes?
00:00:38Xove -clear
00:00:44xenix- i go bara
00:00:46reptile lets see if someone is incompetent again
00:00:46xenix- ^^
00:00:46NotAHax get me luna
00:00:59NotAHax -swap 2 firemal still here ;:D
00:01:06reptile -swap 1
00:01:12xenix- firemal here ?
00:01:17NotAHax \"/o\"/
00:01:17Arapiles undying
00:01:27xenix- firemal is afk agein
00:01:29Arapiles -swap 3
00:01:36NotAHax lion
00:01:37NotAHax plz
00:01:38NotAHax .
00:01:38Xove -swap 3 am mid?
00:01:41zebbelito get lion or magnus
00:01:48xenix- i sad want lane control
00:01:54xenix- its kotl
00:01:57zebbelito u want mid wl?
00:01:57Arapiles -swap 3 no
00:02:03zebbelito k
00:02:04Arapiles swap nu? i wanted to sit you
00:02:08Xove -swap 2
00:02:08xenix- i can do solo
00:02:08iCitizen thats not lane control.. thats stealing all the creeps early
00:02:11iCitizen and feeding later
00:02:12iCitizen :D
00:02:12Xove sry but nvm
00:02:15xenix- nah
00:02:16FireMal -swap
00:02:17zebbelito come sit me then
00:02:19Xove sidder lige med fire ved siden af :D
00:02:21zebbelito lets own luna
00:02:22NotAHax Xenix-
00:02:23NotAHax you sure?
00:02:25Xove -clear
00:02:29Xove -swap 5
00:02:30zebbelito let tinker be bot
00:02:31xenix- pretty im not playing wl luike mariah
00:02:32FireMal -swap 3
00:02:56xenix- bottom will be ganged much cause of me
00:02:58xenix- ^^
00:03:00NotAHax just
00:03:00xenix- so help
00:03:01NotAHax dont feed
00:03:02NotAHax magina
00:03:03NotAHax and im happy
00:03:04xenix- y
00:03:21Arapiles 2 mid??
00:03:23zebbelito y
00:03:25zebbelito ???? OMFG
00:03:30zebbelito its not NORMALINE
00:03:31iCitizen es u pull?= fb?
00:03:45NotAHax Ahah
00:03:53NotAHax pussy
00:03:54FireMal wtf `?
00:05:20NotAHax you beter
00:05:21NotAHax win bot
00:05:23NotAHax i have hard time midd
00:05:43NotAHax double midd
00:05:44NotAHax At gc
00:05:51NotAHax ahah give me break retards
00:06:01NotAHax lion kotl
00:06:02NotAHax hm
00:06:03NotAHax i mean
00:06:05NotAHax es
00:06:11NotAHax and tuskarr
00:06:12NotAHax go midd
00:06:26NotAHax es tuskarr
00:06:27NotAHax come gang
00:06:29iCitizen omw
00:06:33NotAHax need bouth
00:06:43NotAHax we kill lock
00:06:54Arapiles ss top 2
00:06:56Arapiles care mid
00:06:57zebbelito nuike him k
00:07:05NotAHax go
00:07:06NotAHax lock
00:07:25NotAHax smart
00:07:26NotAHax guy
00:07:31NotAHax thanks
00:07:32NotAHax go back to top
00:07:32Xove ss
00:07:34NotAHax leave
00:07:35NotAHax i take
00:07:38NotAHax tuskar
00:07:39NotAHax go top
00:07:47NotAHax i take dd ss mid
00:08:09Arapiles top re ss mid dont push it
00:09:35Xove ss
00:09:42NotAHax So gc were too hard for you so you needed find stack partner?
00:09:45NotAHax i see
00:09:54NotAHax come gang midd again top guys
00:09:56zebbelito ?
00:09:59Arapiles ss tuskar
00:10:00zebbelito u talking to me?
00:10:04NotAHax y
00:10:10zebbelito i dont know this guy
00:10:15NotAHax cool story
00:10:16iCitizen es
00:10:17iCitizen come
00:10:30NotAHax ES
00:10:32NotAHax mieses
00:10:33reptile i can only stun
00:10:34NotAHax wtf ur doing
00:10:42Arapiles still ss tuskar
00:10:50Arapiles es ss
00:10:58Arapiles care mid
00:11:04NotAHax go top
00:11:04NotAHax back
00:11:05NotAHax again
00:11:15NotAHax kill
00:11:17Xove ss btm
00:11:28xenix- -afk
00:11:31Xove ss 2 btm
00:11:32Xove still
00:11:34Xove lion eza
00:11:35xenix- miss
00:11:55NotAHax go
00:11:56NotAHax tinker ss mid
00:12:03Arapiles still ss top 2
00:12:08Xove wtdf
00:12:11NotAHax es tuskarr
00:12:13NotAHax come gang midd again
00:12:14Xove is it that hard`?
00:12:14NotAHax they are freekill
00:12:22Xove just write fuckig ss
00:12:24NotAHax how fat ud is?
00:12:34Arapiles doing it all the time
00:12:34reptile he farms good
00:12:36iCitizen he is getting good gold past 2 minutes
00:12:45NotAHax i go farm top
00:12:47NotAHax you guys midd
00:12:53Arapiles still ss 2
00:12:59zebbelito omw bot
00:13:03NotAHax mieses stop feeding?
00:13:12iCitizen ss AM
00:13:38NotAHax we need obs
00:13:59iCitizen es
00:13:59iCitizen top
00:14:03Arapiles luna top
00:14:12Xove why au btm? care top icn
00:14:39Arapiles 3 top
00:14:49Xove our mid doesn't call miss
00:14:51Xove ss
00:14:55Arapiles we need wards
00:15:00NotAHax eza or lion
00:15:02NotAHax buy observer wards
00:15:04NotAHax and upgrd chicken
00:15:21Xove ss
00:15:22xenix- lion get wards
00:15:31NotAHax ME
00:15:31NotAHax ME
00:15:33NotAHax OMG
00:15:34NotAHax RETARD
00:15:40Arapiles ss mid
00:15:43Arapiles re
00:15:49NotAHax BACK
00:15:49NotAHax NO
00:15:54NotAHax idiot..
00:16:02Xove ss
00:16:04zebbelito gang mid ced ulti
00:16:23Arapiles b
00:16:25NotAHax STUN
00:16:34NotAHax ..
00:16:46Xove 2 btm
00:16:57NotAHax you must be pro with ur double lane at gc
00:16:58NotAHax And stack
00:17:05Xove ss btm
00:17:23Xove fucking leave items when use chck
00:18:05Arapiles im inv
00:18:11reptile 3 botr
00:18:11NotAHax DEF BOT
00:18:12Arapiles ss mid
00:18:18reptile 4
00:18:23Arapiles push
00:19:33Xove b
00:19:36NotAHax gg
00:19:36zebbelito =D
00:19:39Arapiles cant
00:19:41iCitizen lol ^3
00:19:50iCitizen gj
00:19:59NotAHax can
00:19:59NotAHax we
00:20:00NotAHax get
00:20:02NotAHax observer wards
00:20:02NotAHax PLZ
00:20:13xenix- i got
00:20:19NotAHax jonecy nää sun perseily acot alkaa pikku hiljaa vituttaa
00:20:19xenix- lion next
00:21:25NotAHax b
00:21:28xenix- y
00:21:36xenix- bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
00:21:46zebbelito ud dont solo?
00:21:46Arapiles warlock could you buy wards?
00:21:54Arapiles well
00:21:59Arapiles have to guess all the time
00:22:04Arapiles say if u have a gameplan
00:22:08Arapiles and ill be there
00:22:12NotAHax me farm
00:22:14NotAHax eletm
00:22:23NotAHax soon dagger es?
00:22:24Xove def mid
00:22:26reptile 400g
00:22:29NotAHax okay
00:22:30NotAHax farm it woods
00:23:11Arapiles inc top
00:23:23NotAHax :E
00:23:38iCitizen u had 2 charges on urn =/
00:23:54NotAHax you guys need stay together or shit happens
00:23:56reptile dagger rdy
00:23:56iCitizen and i somehow hoped u had ulti :D
00:24:12NotAHax hav eult
00:24:22NotAHax bait
00:24:23NotAHax here
00:24:38NotAHax :D
00:24:41NotAHax bad idea
00:24:42NotAHax lol
00:24:48NotAHax BACK
00:25:43NotAHax xenix
00:25:43NotAHax leave
00:25:44NotAHax farm
00:26:20NotAHax b
00:26:30NotAHax new wards
00:26:30NotAHax zpl
00:26:32NotAHax pl
00:26:34NotAHax pkz
00:26:36NotAHax plz
00:26:37NotAHax .
00:26:37NotAHax ty
00:26:39NotAHax plant to runes
00:26:40xenix- mo
00:26:43NotAHax BACK
00:26:51Xove gang?
00:27:04NotAHax -_-
00:27:40NotAHax What
00:27:47Arapiles was on chicken
00:27:57Arapiles thought i was dead for sure
00:28:00iCitizen sry
00:28:05NotAHax n
00:28:07NotAHax np
00:28:16NotAHax i farm
00:28:20xenix- k
00:28:23Arapiles luna goin butterfly
00:28:32Arapiles u should mkb AM
00:28:33Xove y we gotta gang more
00:28:37NotAHax care am mid
00:28:48NotAHax we need vision
00:29:09NotAHax why no come
00:29:10Xove ^^
00:29:25NotAHax welkcome
00:29:33NotAHax go
00:29:50NotAHax get
00:30:05Arapiles inc bot
00:30:17NotAHax buy me smoke
00:30:18NotAHax someone illu am ?
00:30:57xenix- smoke buyed
00:31:16NotAHax ffs
00:31:18NotAHax dont suicide chick
00:31:30Arapiles b
00:31:37Xove plan?
00:31:38NotAHax i go rosh
00:31:40NotAHax dont come with me
00:31:43NotAHax just def lanes
00:31:46NotAHax act normal
00:31:49reptile ^^
00:31:53Arapiles we get fistfucked all 5 by luna is my plan
00:32:04FireMal can someone bait ?
00:32:07Xove sounds fair
00:32:10Arapiles i go pipe or radi?
00:32:12xenix- am
00:32:16xenix- care
00:32:18zebbelito pipe
00:32:21Xove blademail :D
00:32:24NotAHax i hope he dosent come ?
00:32:45zebbelito come
00:32:46zebbelito roshga
00:32:54iCitizen nice job
00:33:21NotAHax you guys
00:33:22NotAHax watch
00:33:24NotAHax how they kill me es
00:33:27zebbelito i get mkb
00:33:31zebbelito for luna
00:33:35Arapiles i go pipe or radi?
00:33:38zebbelito pipe
00:34:16FireMal luna
00:34:17FireMal go go go
00:34:23Arapiles he kill us?
00:34:48NotAHax we need hex for magina
00:34:59iCitizen im getting, but itll take time
00:35:57NotAHax maphackactivated
00:36:03NotAHax they have
00:36:04NotAHax wards
00:36:13Xove twr push mid
00:36:31NotAHax DEF IN BASE
00:36:42NotAHax i told you ty
00:37:08mieseskarma I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:38NotAHax why you so silent zebbe
00:37:39Arapiles taken not back
00:37:43NotAHax i think someone else is playing there
00:37:47zebbelito haha
00:37:48zebbelito :D
00:37:49FireMal can we gather smoke and gang ?
00:38:07NotAHax go midd
00:38:08NotAHax with 5
00:38:08NotAHax plz come am
00:38:15iCitizen our jungle empty
00:38:16FireMal ¨gather here
00:38:17NotAHax all midd
00:38:25xenix- coming
00:38:58reptile I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge] FUCKING FUCK
00:39:10Xove brb
00:39:30Xove twr
00:40:40NotAHax well i must say omw am
00:40:46NotAHax TEACH ME TO PLAY rgen
00:40:48NotAHax ./SARCASM OFF am
00:41:30NotAHax y skilled hero
00:41:35NotAHax I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
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