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-39 X
-1 TS

78% | 1331 X | 1481 TS

-29 X
-1 TS

76% | 1357 X | 1425 TS

-45 X
-1 TS

59% | 1253 X | 1337 TS

-7 X
-1 TS

38% | 1099 X | 1290 TS

-31 X
-1 TS

26% | 1065 X | 1236 TS

+13 X
+1 TS

99% | 1842 X | 1644 TS

+4 X
+2 TS

78% | 1376 X | 1437 TS

+52 X
+2 TS

37% | 1079 X | 1307 TS

+43 X
+5 TS

26% | 1053 X | 1248 TS

+49 X
+4 TS

15% | 1005 X | 1157 TS

Chat log

00:00:01NotAHax bct
00:00:02NotAHax dont
00:00:03Maier ap
00:00:03NotAHax fuck up now
00:00:04nigulas -ap
00:00:05NotAHax play safe
00:00:11Bct_Murder i pick what i want
00:00:14NotAHax pugna
00:00:15Maier no
00:00:15NotAHax ,..
00:00:19Bct_Murder no ;]
00:00:52NotAHax same lanes
00:00:56NotAHax zonskass here?
00:01:08Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: off
00:01:10Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:11Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Oblivion [b,c,w,d]
00:01:19EyeforanEye lock now just harass them
00:01:21EyeforanEye dont lasthit
00:01:24Tachyon k
00:01:27EyeforanEye support* me :)
00:01:28zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Ate Dzioni [c,b,k,e]
00:01:34Tachyon should i pull every once in a while?
00:01:38EyeforanEye mb
00:01:43NotAHax when creep
00:01:44EyeforanEye lets w8 n see what happends
00:01:45NotAHax creeps
00:01:46mrk -apm
00:01:47Tachyon k
00:01:47NotAHax are psushed
00:01:50NotAHax like here
00:01:51NotAHax then go pull
00:01:54Tachyon ok
00:01:56EyeforanEye if they get pushed y
00:02:01NotAHax try get me
00:02:02NotAHax obs
00:02:02NotAHax fast
00:02:03NotAHax plz
00:02:06NotAHax leave
00:02:06NotAHax rune
00:02:08NotAHax ..
00:02:12Jerkku illuriki
00:02:58NotAHax : D
00:03:25EyeforanEye now pull
00:04:12xab too wardid
00:04:18xab ml kanal
00:04:26Tachyon ss
00:04:29Bct_Murder storm
00:04:32Bct_Murder first gank down
00:04:38NotAHax who
00:04:39NotAHax ss
00:04:43NotAHax well i cant gang lv 4 man
00:04:54mrk go pugna
00:05:01EyeforanEye ty
00:05:30nigulas storm top
00:05:44EyeforanEye now pull
00:05:56EyeforanEye gj
00:06:02EyeforanEye go pull
00:06:10NotAHax mow guys
00:06:18NotAHax we kill thrall
00:06:21NotAHax you need bait
00:06:38NotAHax Ty
00:07:24NotAHax i dont give mercy
00:07:25nigulas mana pool?
00:07:27nigulas imba
00:07:30NotAHax over 9000
00:07:36NotAHax well
00:07:38NotAHax i actually used bottle
00:07:39NotAHax at ulti
00:07:42NotAHax if you didnt notice
00:07:53EyeforanEye pull next
00:07:55mrk wtffff
00:07:56mrk use it first
00:07:58mrk dont waste it
00:07:59NotAHax man
00:07:59Bct_Murder people
00:08:00Bct_Murder change
00:08:01NotAHax you need stay back
00:08:01Bct_Murder line
00:08:02Jerkku wat
00:08:02NotAHax nono
00:08:03Bct_Murder or i feed
00:08:04NotAHax juist stya back
00:08:07Bct_Murder he killed me
00:08:08Bct_Murder 2 kill
00:08:09mrk u wasted like half of the dmg
00:08:12mrk cos he had 50hp
00:08:13NotAHax i come gang
00:08:13Bct_Murder change line
00:08:13NotAHax again
00:08:13Bct_Murder plz
00:08:16Tachyon warded
00:08:33NotAHax morph
00:08:33NotAHax inc
00:08:36NotAHax re
00:08:49zonskass ss 2
00:08:52Jerkku wait
00:09:08NotAHax go
00:09:08NotAHax meudsa
00:09:25Jerkku nigu can you say miss
00:09:45NotAHax xD
00:10:00NotAHax new wards plx
00:10:08mrk ss
00:10:18NotAHax i come soon bot
00:10:26Bct_Murder look my lvl and item
00:10:28Bct_Murder i cant farm
00:10:28Bct_Murder dwon
00:10:40mrk tp
00:10:43zonskass px, tas laimes :D
00:10:50NotAHax omw
00:11:23NotAHax alche
00:11:23NotAHax go stuin
00:11:33NotAHax lock
00:11:33NotAHax come
00:11:37Tachyon oom
00:11:50NotAHax m
00:11:50NotAHax b
00:12:01NotAHax hows bot doing
00:12:03NotAHax need new wards btw
00:12:15NotAHax you guys
00:12:16NotAHax i come bot
00:12:16Bct_Murder man we dont have money
00:12:21Bct_Murder you kill you have money
00:12:23NotAHax could lock buy?
00:12:25Bct_Murder one time you buy
00:12:27Bct_Murder ward
00:12:59Jerkku gg wel feeded storm
00:13:08Maier then buy some fucking wards aswell
00:13:14Maier i got the top lane to control
00:13:27EyeforanEye go pull
00:13:34NotAHax geogoegoegeogeo
00:13:55zonskass easy
00:14:41Jerkku sry ogre
00:14:44Jerkku i moded u
00:14:46Jerkku :P
00:14:52xab ?
00:14:55Jerkku moved*
00:14:57Jerkku accident
00:14:59xab ah np
00:15:05Bct_Murder i can make mana boots?
00:15:10NotAHax what
00:15:11NotAHax why stop
00:15:17nigulas u have treads
00:15:18nigulas i dont
00:15:19NotAHax oh
00:15:19NotAHax Y
00:15:38Bct_Murder hot i can make mana moobs?
00:15:43NotAHax yes
00:15:53zonskass noob
00:15:54EyeforanEye dk top
00:15:57NotAHax fight
00:15:57NotAHax go
00:16:15NotAHax warlock
00:16:15NotAHax ffs
00:16:16NotAHax omg
00:16:17NotAHax guys
00:16:20NotAHax dont make
00:16:21NotAHax 2 mekas
00:16:22NotAHax pugna
00:16:23NotAHax make hood
00:16:28NotAHax and pipe
00:16:36EyeforanEye cant i do pipe?
00:16:40NotAHax no
00:16:40Tachyon who else is making meka??? last game s1 told me to get it
00:16:41NotAHax you make
00:16:42NotAHax vanguard
00:16:42NotAHax phase
00:16:43NotAHax ac
00:16:47EyeforanEye getting radi first
00:16:47NotAHax i told pugna to make meka first
00:16:48NotAHax but
00:16:49NotAHax pugna
00:16:49Maier reuse
00:16:50NotAHax eye kk
00:16:52Tachyon oh
00:16:52NotAHax its np
00:16:55NotAHax pugna
00:16:56NotAHax make
00:16:56NotAHax pipe
00:16:57NotAHax okay?
00:17:00NotAHax push
00:17:24NotAHax b
00:17:26mrk djk
00:17:26mrk ???
00:17:30NotAHax we rly rly
00:17:31Jerkku ?
00:17:32NotAHax need those wards
00:17:43Bct_Murder i mmke pipe ok ?
00:17:47NotAHax yes but
00:17:48EyeforanEye ill go bot
00:17:48NotAHax buy 1 wards
00:17:48NotAHax plz
00:17:54NotAHax ty
00:18:07EyeforanEye warded
00:18:08NotAHax def midd
00:18:13NotAHax warlock
00:18:14Tachyon dd
00:18:15NotAHax yy
00:18:16EyeforanEye take it
00:18:23NotAHax infernal
00:18:23NotAHax go
00:18:49NotAHax bock -.-
00:19:06Jerkku thrall
00:19:08Jerkku :D
00:19:14Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:19:17Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Oblivion [b,c,w,d]
00:19:51EyeforanEye me top
00:19:57NotAHax let me farm
00:19:57NotAHax riki
00:19:59NotAHax go away
00:20:06NotAHax ffs
00:20:14Tachyon dd
00:20:16NotAHax i take
00:20:17zonskass up chick
00:20:37NotAHax hmm
00:20:38NotAHax i think
00:20:39NotAHax we should just farm
00:20:44NotAHax they are with 5
00:20:46EyeforanEye ffs
00:20:55NotAHax pougna
00:20:57NotAHax let alche farm
00:20:57NotAHax rly
00:21:16EyeforanEye fffs
00:21:20EyeforanEye pugna go fuck ur mother
00:21:25Bct_Murder i fuck you
00:21:28Bct_Murder and your mother
00:22:18Tachyon top all left
00:22:20NotAHax upgrd cihkcen
00:22:21NotAHax warlock
00:22:22NotAHax or
00:22:22NotAHax pugna
00:22:28NotAHax gang riki
00:22:46NotAHax ..
00:23:17NotAHax bct
00:23:17Tachyon anyone defing???
00:23:18NotAHax murder
00:23:20NotAHax im trying say this nicely
00:23:27NotAHax eventhough im telling you what items to make
00:23:27Bct_Murder nicely ?
00:23:29NotAHax it dosent mean
00:23:31NotAHax you need to FARM
00:23:32NotAHax them
00:23:37NotAHax you can be in team fights and earn money with kills + assists
00:23:40NotAHax and leave farm to alche
00:23:50NotAHax GO FIGHT
00:24:05NotAHax riki
00:24:06NotAHax and
00:24:08NotAHax pugna
00:24:10NotAHax ur ruining this game
00:24:20Jerkku b
00:24:29NotAHax you need to be in fights
00:24:31NotAHax stop walking around
00:24:37xab want me to buy gem?
00:24:44Maier no
00:24:48Jerkku i can carry it
00:25:18NotAHax let me
00:25:19NotAHax farm
00:25:20nigulas skilzhero
00:25:21nigulas skilz
00:25:24Jerkku if we go together they cant get it
00:25:28NotAHax ZONSKASS
00:25:32zonskass "?
00:25:34NotAHax LEAVE
00:25:35NotAHax FARM
00:25:36NotAHax TO
00:25:36NotAHax ME
00:25:45zonskass ok master Joda
00:26:01NotAHax thats the spirit
00:26:23NotAHax taking farm from ur captain leads path to the darkside
00:26:33zonskass get wards
00:26:46NotAHax me farm
00:27:05NotAHax -_-
00:27:12NotAHax nice try
00:27:17NotAHax b
00:27:18NotAHax b
00:27:32NotAHax zonskass riki too strong man
00:28:10Bct_Murder pipe rdy
00:28:14NotAHax good
00:28:25NotAHax come
00:28:52Tachyon where should i set up the wards?
00:28:57Jerkku storm dd
00:29:06NotAHax bct
00:29:07NotAHax go bait
00:29:07zonskass go go
00:29:08NotAHax them to here
00:30:04NotAHax pussy
00:30:09nigulas :D:D
00:30:10xab fatso
00:30:11nigulas pls come tallinn
00:30:12nigulas i meet u
00:30:14nigulas and ask u
00:30:14NotAHax :D
00:30:15nigulas pussy?
00:30:25NotAHax yy dzinnu gang waiting me
00:30:34Maier i would be happy to fuck you up
00:30:38NotAHax :DD
00:30:59Maier it's your attitude, not the owning
00:31:02NotAHax its hilarious
00:31:03NotAHax how so
00:31:05NotAHax serious
00:31:13Bct_Murder what i can make now?
00:31:17Bct_Murder dagon meybe?
00:31:17EyeforanEye hex
00:31:19NotAHax hex
00:31:20Bct_Murder ok
00:31:22nigulas id hit u because
00:31:25nigulas Ur a sad troll
00:31:25Bct_Murder i hate suprot ;/
00:31:28Bct_Murder i wana kill
00:31:32NotAHax Raket sadtroll
00:31:33NotAHax go hit him
00:31:41nigulas idc
00:31:43nigulas rakett is
00:31:43nigulas 15
00:31:47nigulas would be lame
00:31:48nigulas to hit
00:32:01NotAHax never thinking ppl might be different in irl
00:32:09Maier b
00:32:12Maier need to turtle atm
00:32:55Maier care
00:32:56Maier all
00:32:56Maier b
00:33:02mrk I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:17NotAHax can we go push
00:33:18NotAHax with 5
00:34:08nigulas I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:10Maier I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:13Bct_Murder good now ward ;D
00:34:21xab I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:25zonskass mana
00:34:37nigulas jerkku ff
00:34:43Jerkku no
00:34:49Jerkku we can maybe win
00:34:54Jerkku if they get raxes i will ff
00:35:15zonskass kur auka
00:35:19NotAHax take dd
00:35:20NotAHax and go
00:35:26NotAHax hit rosh behind
00:35:27NotAHax remember
00:35:28NotAHax i take aegis
00:35:38Maier dont
00:35:38Maier dont
00:35:42Maier we gotta turtle
00:35:50Maier BACK
00:35:52zonskass heal
00:35:56NotAHax lets go
00:35:57NotAHax all midd
00:36:04Maier b
00:36:04Jerkku b
00:36:05Jerkku b
00:36:20EyeforanEye 100 fr4om ac
00:36:26NotAHax k
00:36:26NotAHax b midd
00:36:27NotAHax b midd
00:36:31nigulas end it
00:36:34NotAHax ff it
00:36:34nigulas we have a optimist non ffer
00:36:39mrk I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:40Bct_Murder I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:40mrk I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:40NotAHax let me guess
00:36:42NotAHax jerkku?
00:36:43NotAHax xd
00:36:43nigulas y
00:36:44Maier aye
00:36:48zonskass I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:36:50NotAHax Y he retardinhed
00:36:52Jerkku sanoin jo et sitku saatte raxit ni ff
00:37:00NotAHax no siis
00:37:07NotAHax en usok et saadaa jos turtleette
00:37:11NotAHax mut ette te lates tätä tuu voittaa
00:37:14NotAHax ku alche on joniin läski
00:37:17EyeforanEye rdy
00:37:19Jerkku niino
00:37:21NotAHax come
00:37:22NotAHax sil ac radi
00:37:55Jerkku joo
00:37:56zonskass [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:37:56zonskass [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:37:56zonskass [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:37:56zonskass [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:37:56Jerkku I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:57NotAHax juu
00:38:02NotAHax take ur illu off
00:38:03NotAHax morph
00:38:10NotAHax gg
00:38:28NotAHax le ff?
00:38:29NotAHax You see?
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