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+31 X
+1 TS

93% | 1483 X | 1588 TS

-19 X
+2 TS

89% | 1413 X | 1555 TS

+40 X
+1 TS

77% | 1266 X | 1480 TS

+48 X
+1 TS

70% | 1201 X | 1462 TS

+42 X
+1 TS

61% | 1257 X | 1341 TS

-22 X
-1 TS

98% | 1705 X | 1631 TS

-42 X
-1 TS

78% | 1414 X | 1411 TS

-42 X
-1 TS

69% | 1245 X | 1439 TS

+4 X
-4 TS

65% | 1278 X | 1360 TS

-29 X
-1 TS

57% | 1278 X | 1281 TS

Chat log

00:00:04NotAHax ar
00:00:07NotAHax mitä vittua
00:00:11kle -swap 3
00:00:12Netukka repick tech
00:00:13Netukka ty
00:00:15kle no
00:00:18kle gief techie
00:00:19kle pls
00:00:23Tazok -swap 2
00:00:25NotAHax -repick
00:00:26KredeC -swap
00:00:28KredeC -swap 1
00:00:31NotAHax KAPPAS
00:00:34KredeC ursa
00:00:41kle orange chick
00:00:54Netukka ncie
00:01:00Netukka howhigh afk again
00:01:04ImNotGoodAtDotA -swapall
00:01:09Maier -clear
00:01:09ImNotGoodAtDotA -repick
00:01:09Netukka eh
00:01:13Timu :D
00:01:17Netukka go away
00:01:19Netukka ty
00:01:19ImNotGoodAtDotA duh
00:01:21Netukka both
00:01:23Tazok share
00:01:26kle -ii
00:01:26h0whigh -swapall
00:01:27Netukka tazok
00:01:27kle -hhn
00:01:28Netukka mitä vittua
00:01:29Netukka pois
00:01:29h0whigh never playd
00:01:30Timu why you repick
00:01:30h0whigh this
00:01:31Timu geex
00:01:33Netukka tazok
00:01:33h0whigh -repick
00:01:33Tazok repick then
00:01:33Netukka top
00:01:34KredeC omg
00:01:34Netukka vittu
00:01:35KredeC -clear
00:01:35Timu now we gonna lose lane fo sho
00:01:35ImNotGoodAtDotA dont like sniper
00:01:36Tazok what?
00:01:40Netukka tai mid
00:01:43Netukka top tai mid
00:01:43Netukka go
00:01:44Timu could have told earlier
00:01:45Netukka necro
00:01:45NotAHax hieno techi
00:01:50ImNotGoodAtDotA was afk
00:01:50Netukka älä
00:01:57Tazok share kredec
00:02:07NotAHax ihanaa ku retardit äddii ar
00:02:22Maier ss
00:02:23Maier top
00:02:30kle i go pull
00:03:34KredeC ss
00:03:54NotAHax maxannu raketin
00:03:54NotAHax xd
00:04:32Affliction eat
00:04:36Maier ty
00:04:37h0whigh some1
00:04:39h0whigh want mid ?
00:04:46Netukka necro should
00:04:49h0whigh we loose
00:04:49h0whigh soon
00:04:53Tazok just hang back and farm with rockets
00:05:09h0whigh he
00:05:10h0whigh get
00:05:10h0whigh all
00:05:11h0whigh creaps
00:05:17Maier oom ?
00:05:19Affliction y
00:05:22Maier kay
00:05:41Timu nice jump :D
00:05:41ImNotGoodAtDotA wee
00:05:44ImNotGoodAtDotA yeah
00:05:46ImNotGoodAtDotA saved ur ass :D
00:05:57Tazok -2
00:06:03Timu that jump didnt slow him?
00:06:06ImNotGoodAtDotA it did
00:06:15Timu oh
00:06:21kle gj
00:06:22NotAHax Howhigh you best dota player
00:06:22kle pro
00:06:23h0whigh ..
00:06:30Timu ty
00:06:52Maier cunt
00:06:53Timu ss2
00:07:12NotAHax need wards
00:07:13NotAHax affliction
00:07:15NotAHax can you buy
00:07:23NotAHax ty
00:07:27Netukka chicken?
00:07:28NotAHax an d upgrd chick
00:07:30NotAHax wheres our chick
00:07:37Maier shit
00:07:40Maier i will buy
00:07:41Maier asap
00:07:43Maier ss
00:07:46KredeC who needs gang
00:07:51Tazok mid?
00:08:02NotAHax you kill me one more time kle and i buy gem
00:08:06Affliction wnat a ban ?
00:08:07kle k
00:08:08kle sry
00:08:11kle stay mid
00:08:18KredeC btm
00:08:27kle u know im german...and we are racist bastards^^
00:08:49KredeC om w mdi
00:08:56Maier s
00:08:57Maier ss
00:09:06Affliction b
00:09:06Affliction b
00:09:07Affliction b
00:09:07Affliction b
00:09:07Affliction b
00:09:18NotAHax yo kredexc
00:09:21NotAHax ur in candy camera
00:09:23Maier care there bane
00:09:31KredeC u farm?=
00:09:35NotAHax still sitting there kredesc?
00:09:53Tazok sk mis
00:10:20kle we ogt one down
00:10:23kle lets celebrate
00:10:47Affliction reuse
00:10:49NotAHax yes
00:11:16Maier come
00:11:17Tazok -2
00:11:17Maier void
00:11:42KredeC get mid?
00:11:48NotAHax wow how fat necro is
00:11:48NotAHax ..
00:11:50Affliction -ma
00:11:56ImNotGoodAtDotA i soloed against him
00:11:57kle with what?
00:12:05Netukka kill
00:12:30NotAHax i buy gem soon
00:12:31Timu good bubble
00:12:35Netukka osta vaa
00:12:37ImNotGoodAtDotA wanted the kill
00:12:39NotAHax sen teen
00:12:39Netukka pilaat senkin pelin
00:12:40ImNotGoodAtDotA obviously
00:12:44NotAHax niin
00:12:45Netukka hienoo ku ei repickaa
00:12:47Affliction -ma
00:12:48NotAHax :D
00:12:48Netukka vitun apinoita
00:12:50NotAHax jep
00:12:53NotAHax no en huomannu et ar; _;
00:13:22NotAHax ostan blademail imo
00:13:26kle yes
00:13:28NotAHax sit kävelen sin miinoihi talanteeni
00:13:29NotAHax :DD
00:13:29kle good idea^^
00:13:47NotAHax i know you have mines midd bithc
00:13:47NotAHax lol
00:13:48NotAHax :DD
00:13:50KredeC hihi
00:13:50NotAHax okay
00:13:51NotAHax enough
00:13:53kle no
00:13:55kle pls :(
00:14:01NotAHax "NotAHax as purchased Gem Of Truesight"
00:14:01KredeC get top towr
00:14:01kle thats not fair
00:14:02NotAHax no more fun
00:14:07kle k
00:14:18Maier go ulti
00:14:19Timu tactical ego inc
00:14:20kle will u accept my friend invation?
00:14:30Maier oom
00:14:30Maier b
00:14:30Maier b
00:14:31Maier b
00:14:34ImNotGoodAtDotA shit
00:14:44ImNotGoodAtDotA ultied right after he healed
00:14:45ImNotGoodAtDotA lucker
00:14:48KredeC omw mid
00:14:52h0whigh lets
00:14:52h0whigh take
00:14:53Maier ya lol
00:14:53h0whigh that
00:14:53h0whigh gem
00:14:59kle he really got one?
00:15:00Maier ss
00:15:01Maier down
00:15:01KredeC his mid?
00:15:04Tazok y
00:15:09NotAHax new obs plz
00:15:12KredeC go
00:15:13KredeC hook
00:15:17Tazok go kill bala
00:15:18h0whigh :D
00:15:33KredeC nice gem
00:15:58KredeC omw mid
00:16:03NotAHax mines
00:16:06kle let htem come
00:16:16NotAHax mines midd and on the hill
00:16:29NotAHax afflictio
00:16:31NotAHax we need fucking
00:16:32NotAHax obs
00:16:35kle no new game mate?
00:16:36NotAHax cant play blind against ns clock
00:16:37Affliction have 30 g
00:16:37Affliction :/
00:16:41KredeC omw btm
00:16:52KredeC get twr
00:17:01kle to is farm
00:17:03Affliction lets go gank
00:17:05kle first tower is gone already
00:17:18Affliction let void farm
00:17:22NotAHax y
00:17:22Affliction other gank
00:17:26NotAHax yea
00:17:27Tazok sorry
00:17:37Maier go
00:18:25ImNotGoodAtDotA so strong
00:18:25ImNotGoodAtDotA lol
00:18:30KredeC do i actually have a team?
00:18:37kle why are u going there?
00:18:38Tazok y, it died
00:18:43KredeC :D
00:18:43kle first question
00:18:44NotAHax kle i have 40 frend invitations
00:18:44kle second
00:18:57NotAHax i dont accept weak ones
00:18:57kle but just 1 from a cool guy from germany^^
00:19:00KredeC comne clock
00:19:09NotAHax you must deserve ur invitation
00:19:10KredeC omw
00:19:14Timu lol
00:19:17kle letting you win^^
00:19:17Timu maybe should ahve helped
00:19:21Affliction :D
00:19:24KredeC any1?'
00:19:28kle btw...u hurt my feelings
00:19:29Tazok im readt
00:19:29Affliction wonder why you didt stun :D
00:19:30KredeC no
00:19:44Timu thought it was suicide
00:19:44NotAHax theres only one cool german
00:19:47NotAHax and its buraydah
00:20:18Timu go aff
00:21:18Maier omw
00:21:24NotAHax ulta
00:21:39KredeC this clock is so bad..
00:21:50KredeC ff at 25
00:22:12h0whigh haha lucky u are so good
00:22:13h0whigh then
00:22:20KredeC y
00:22:24h0whigh u fail with ur carry again..
00:22:31Tazok oom
00:22:46h0whigh its night and u farm
00:22:49h0whigh when u can gank mid
00:23:00NotAHax wards
00:23:08NotAHax mines*
00:23:15KredeC well i cant solo five
00:23:57NotAHax yo void
00:23:58NotAHax wanna come?
00:24:06Netukka b
00:24:08kle why do uwant to ff?
00:24:19Affliction b
00:24:20Affliction b
00:24:36Affliction i have ulti
00:24:53h0whigh look
00:24:55h0whigh thats
00:24:57kle ok bala sucks hard
00:24:57h0whigh why he wana ff
00:24:59Affliction ok overkill
00:24:59Affliction :D
00:25:04KredeC y i do
00:25:12KredeC i fucking know never play this guy
00:25:12Tazok just push?
00:25:43Maier aff get wards please
00:25:45Affliction illu
00:26:02Netukka push
00:26:03KredeC gang void?
00:26:05Netukka aegis going soon
00:26:05Tazok push, before void gets fat?
00:26:06Netukka out
00:26:16Maier stay
00:26:17NotAHax illu
00:26:33Netukka vittu
00:26:35Netukka kredec
00:26:47Affliction b
00:26:47Affliction b
00:26:48Affliction b
00:26:53Affliction def
00:27:24Netukka NECRP
00:27:26NotAHax VOID
00:27:29NotAHax WE NEED UR ULTI
00:27:30NotAHax .........
00:27:35ImNotGoodAtDotA I USED IT
00:27:36ImNotGoodAtDotA ALREADY
00:27:39NotAHax thanks for informin us
00:28:27Maier void, stop losing this game for us =/
00:28:27ImNotGoodAtDotA still 15 sec
00:28:28ImNotGoodAtDotA to ulti
00:29:11Tazok b
00:30:07Affliction never get my book :(
00:30:20kle ward
00:30:30Netukka GOT SMOKE
00:30:33NotAHax b
00:30:33NotAHax b
00:30:34NotAHax b
00:30:40NotAHax ..
00:30:48Affliction well :/
00:30:49Tazok rax
00:30:51KredeC take bottle clock
00:30:52NotAHax well you stupid
00:30:52KredeC here
00:30:53NotAHax yes.
00:30:54Maier you're playing like 10% =/
00:31:02KredeC mid
00:31:03Netukka RAX
00:31:04Timu void
00:31:12h0whigh thx
00:32:15Tazok b
00:32:20kle b
00:32:43Timu imo void
00:32:45Timu u should ulti first
00:32:48KredeC we just push btm?
00:32:51Timu then i fly in and ulti as well
00:32:53Timu and razzor
00:32:54ImNotGoodAtDotA well
00:32:57NotAHax void ultis = im not in void ulti = win
00:32:57Timu will get dmg and shit
00:32:57ImNotGoodAtDotA this was good fight
00:32:59ImNotGoodAtDotA they just too strong
00:33:02NotAHax get rosh
00:33:11kle dont lose rosh
00:33:13NotAHax gogo
00:33:15NotAHax i push this back
00:33:18Netukka i cant go now
00:33:21kle they are doing
00:33:25Netukka go then
00:33:26ImNotGoodAtDotA dont have much dmg
00:33:26Netukka i got smoke
00:33:36KredeC omw
00:33:44Tazok you scout bala
00:33:45NotAHax who take?
00:33:46NotAHax can i?
00:33:49ImNotGoodAtDotA sure
00:34:27Timu go
00:34:28kle ns
00:35:01NotAHax COME
00:35:05Affliction go void
00:35:11NotAHax owned
00:35:13kle worth it
00:35:16NotAHax and y void not intrested
00:35:24ImNotGoodAtDotA what u want me to do
00:35:25ImNotGoodAtDotA with 200 hp
00:35:28ImNotGoodAtDotA i regened a little
00:35:29ImNotGoodAtDotA had no ulti
00:35:30NotAHax you had like 1k hp
00:35:31NotAHax ..
00:35:35ImNotGoodAtDotA not at first
00:35:39Tazok :D
00:35:39ImNotGoodAtDotA i came when i had enough hp
00:35:40Affliction I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:13Tazok 1337 hp :D
00:36:18ImNotGoodAtDotA go
00:36:21kle and?
00:36:21ImNotGoodAtDotA sk
00:36:23kle 1214
00:36:28Tazok funny?
00:36:33kle yes really funny
00:36:37kle explain pls
00:36:42kle b
00:36:43kle clock
00:37:05KredeC why u go up there=
00:37:53KredeC go tyop?
00:37:59kle why is techie suiciding himself for u^^
00:38:04NotAHax ..
00:38:06NotAHax why you solo man
00:38:22Timu go void
00:39:18kle ^^
00:39:20Tazok :D
00:39:23Tazok you tried
00:39:24Tazok np
00:39:30NotAHax BACK
00:39:30NotAHax BACK
00:39:37kle wasnt my intension
00:39:46ImNotGoodAtDotA btw, didnt have ulti before
00:39:46KredeC we got mellee
00:39:51Tazok i know :D
00:39:51NotAHax yeah i noticed
00:39:55Tazok bot lane now?
00:40:08ImNotGoodAtDotA but i'd say i've done fairly good ulties
00:40:15Maier ya
00:40:17NotAHax y you have
00:40:18KredeC can some1 buy me a clarity?=
00:40:18Maier get that bf quick
00:40:18NotAHax its just
00:40:20NotAHax ppl go die
00:40:21Netukka vittu mitä paskaa tääki peli taas
00:40:21NotAHax 1by1
00:40:23NotAHax if we play now good
00:40:24NotAHax we win
00:40:39Netukka push bot
00:40:39kle ?
00:40:54Tazok just go bot?
00:40:58Tazok -ms
00:41:07Affliction up ?
00:41:08NotAHax no
00:41:09ImNotGoodAtDotA no
00:41:12kle let me regg
00:41:19Affliction have 1 wardd @ base
00:41:27ImNotGoodAtDotA they b coming bot
00:41:32KredeC w8 all
00:41:44ImNotGoodAtDotA only raxes left
00:41:45ImNotGoodAtDotA so
00:42:08ImNotGoodAtDotA yeah
00:42:12ImNotGoodAtDotA I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:15Timu I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:21Maier I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:35KredeC wp guys
00:42:52KredeC i suck this hero op!
00:42:53NotAHax retardit voittaa jälleen
00:42:54kle pro attack dmg
00:42:58h0whigh wp hax..
00:43:01Tazok gg
00:43:04NotAHax You sucked
00:43:08h0whigh not u
00:43:09kle -.-
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