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Chat log

00:00:08kle lol gg wp wank^^
00:00:17WANKmaster why so :d
00:00:17kle look teams
00:00:17Planktoni pls go carry wank
00:00:17kle imo noob war or easy win for u^^
00:00:17WANKmaster sure
00:00:17kle uüs
00:00:17WANKmaster -ns
00:00:17kle huskar
00:00:20kle some1 get lycan and jungle
00:00:20WANKmaster hmm
00:00:22kle and rape them
00:00:25WANKmaster ud any4?
00:00:28WANKmaster ud anyone?
00:00:32kle n puck for me^^
00:00:37slc2 the you do?
00:00:40kle so obvious
00:00:40Jaikki i can play lycan ?
00:00:41slc2 then i do wr solo
00:00:43kle i take aa
00:00:44kle i think
00:00:54slc2 tehre go woods
00:01:01WANKmaster get ud
00:01:04kle so get lycan and farm woods
00:01:10teh_re hmm
00:01:10kle will be win
00:01:11teh_re random
00:01:13teh_re greeit
00:01:20kle theres no random in rd
00:01:29kle ull get the hero above 12:15
00:01:36WANKmaster get ud
00:01:38WANKmaster rhasta
00:01:40WANKmaster or puck
00:01:47Raj -swap
00:01:47WANKmaster good
00:01:49Raj -swap 4
00:01:51Swagga -swap 3
00:01:56teh_re are you kidding with me or is that true? :)
00:02:05Jaikki wr do u want pull
00:02:05kle y
00:02:08kle truth
00:02:10kle check it
00:02:10Swagga lanes?
00:02:12slc2 yes
00:02:13Swagga -clear
00:02:14Jaikki ok
00:02:16kle its always the same
00:02:23kle -ii
00:02:24kle -hhn
00:02:35slc2 u should have basil
00:02:36kle o ud was in pool^^
00:02:40teh_re rly slc solo?
00:02:47kle wr solo is ok
00:02:49Planktoni ud should be imba against those
00:02:53kle rhasta lina top
00:02:56teh_re right.
00:03:00Jaikki phase or treads
00:03:04kle treads
00:03:06Jaikki kk
00:03:12kle get vlads
00:03:13kle bkb
00:03:15Jaikki j
00:03:16kle vlads rosh
00:03:17kle =gg
00:03:18Jaikki basher
00:03:20Jaikki too
00:03:23kle after bkb
00:03:25Jaikki y
00:03:27Planktoni go pul
00:04:36MisterM kill
00:06:03kle miss 1
00:06:06teh_re ss1
00:07:07Jaikki upgr chicken
00:07:10teh_re ss1
00:07:11teh_re ud
00:07:12teh_re caremid
00:07:56kle miss 1
00:07:58teh_re mid iss
00:08:04Planktoni ss 2
00:08:20Jaikki ?
00:08:50WANKmaster miss top ?
00:08:56Planktoni told
00:08:59Planktoni never came back
00:09:17kle miss 1
00:09:29WANKmaster care
00:09:31WANKmaster aa
00:09:32WANKmaster coming
00:09:44slc2 lycan lvl?
00:09:48Jaikki 4
00:09:53Jaikki FFS
00:10:14slc2 miss 2
00:10:18kle miss 1
00:10:25kle re
00:10:32Planktoni ss
00:10:54WANKmaster and again
00:10:59Planktoni told
00:11:00kle my rune
00:11:02kle if drops
00:11:02Planktoni again
00:11:04WANKmaster no wards = me killed
00:11:08teh_re y top
00:11:09teh_re invis
00:11:11teh_re leaved it
00:12:28Planktoni ss
00:13:44kle im mid again
00:14:31Planktoni oom
00:14:43kle at least i have fun^^
00:14:51kle and i dont pick a almer hero^^
00:15:18Planktoni ss
00:15:20Planktoni many
00:16:31kle 3mid
00:16:48kle gang this fuckign fat alchio
00:16:48Planktoni y
00:17:08Swagga nice
00:17:42Jaikki def
00:17:44Jaikki oh
00:17:45kle farm jugnle
00:17:47kle what are u doing there
00:17:50kle still no vlads?
00:17:53Jaikki in minute
00:17:55kle lvl 9?
00:17:56kle rofl
00:18:19slc2 come here gank
00:18:45kle gang alchi
00:19:15Jaikki tp
00:20:03Jaikki troll on niin lame
00:20:49Jaikki when i can rosh, what ya think?
00:21:01kle with lvl 4 wolves
00:21:03kle and vlads
00:21:05Jaikki k
00:21:10Jaikki got wards?
00:21:16kle can pls gang this shitty alchi
00:21:22Jaikki i killed him before
00:21:22kle we got 4 gangers
00:21:24Swagga -st
00:21:25kle and u cant gang him?
00:21:26kle rofl
00:21:50Planktoni lold
00:22:06kle go mid
00:22:07Jaikki need wardfs
00:22:07kle got ulti soon
00:22:24kle get this tower
00:22:29kle while he roshs
00:22:38kle stay defensiv
00:23:42kle get bot
00:23:45WANKmaster make flying
00:23:49kle if tomb is there
00:23:51kle destroy it
00:23:54kle or leave the fight
00:24:05Jaikki i try in fights destroy it
00:24:14kle u can ingore it
00:24:18Jaikki true
00:24:19Jaikki but u dcant
00:24:35Jaikki got ulti
00:24:41kle get bot
00:24:44kle nto alone
00:24:58slc2 who uses chick?
00:25:24kle get them
00:26:05Jaikki bkb soon
00:26:08slc2 get twr
00:26:13kle lycan
00:26:16kle tank
00:26:34Jaikki got bkb now
00:26:40kle push then
00:26:45kle get basher now
00:26:46slc2 bot
00:26:47Jaikki yes
00:26:59slc2 lets get troll?
00:27:10slc2 lina b
00:27:15Jaikki push mid?
00:27:18kle hes invis
00:27:24kle get asmoke ans dust some1
00:27:59kle tomb
00:28:54kle hmm
00:29:01kle have to play this hero frequently
00:29:37kle got lvl 3 ulti
00:29:38kle we push bot now
00:29:39kle regg
00:29:51teh_re invis ogre
00:29:52teh_re care bot
00:29:53teh_re back
00:30:06kle alchi radi
00:30:07kle is bad
00:30:12kle he got cero hp
00:30:14kle just kill him
00:30:16kle after tomb
00:30:52Jaikki forgot bkb -.-
00:30:55kle wyne
00:30:56Jaikki push anyway
00:31:23slc2 go twr
00:31:26kle b asfter#
00:31:34kle u go bot
00:31:37kle ill support iwth ulti
00:32:24Swagga -st
00:32:49Jaikki care chicken
00:32:57Swagga b
00:33:05slc2 go ud?
00:33:09kle get a smoke
00:33:12kle -afk
00:33:12WANKmaster tell when rosh is back
00:33:15Jaikki afk
00:33:17WANKmaster now it is
00:33:17Planktoni it is now?
00:33:18kle they iwll do it
00:33:30kle fast#
00:33:32WANKmaster dont
00:33:44kle lol?
00:33:45WANKmaster COMe
00:33:46Jaikki lol
00:33:46kle why activaet?
00:33:48slc2 go take him
00:33:51kle no
00:33:51Jaikki because u said fast
00:33:52kle bkbk cd
00:33:54kle + ulti
00:33:58kle yes but not waste everything
00:34:05Planktoni 400 and bkb
00:34:32kle b
00:34:40WANKmaster i solo
00:34:41WANKmaster go
00:34:44kle super nice stun
00:34:47WANKmaster go farm
00:34:49WANKmaster i solo
00:34:49kle rhasta afk
00:34:50WANKmaster it
00:34:50kle reported
00:34:51Jaikki they got rosh
00:34:51kle -afk
00:34:52Jaikki ffs
00:34:55Jaikki afk
00:34:58Jaikki -afk
00:35:08kle troll is doing solo
00:35:09teh_re I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:14kle rofl?
00:35:16kle ff?
00:35:21slc2 no
00:35:25kle just learn to stun with lina
00:35:26kle and play
00:35:29teh_re :D
00:35:38kle wate ulti pls
00:35:38teh_re how u think i stun when out of range
00:36:04Jaikki where the fuck u were
00:36:45Jaikki why u didnt tp
00:36:50kle why u going in
00:36:52kle u fucking noob
00:36:54kle open your eyes
00:36:56Jaikki :DD
00:36:59Jaikki i though u can tp
00:37:00kle its your faulth not our
00:37:05kle stop thinking
00:37:06kle and just play
00:37:07Jaikki if u cant tp
00:37:09Jaikki its ur fault
00:37:11kle if u suck
00:37:13kle sry
00:37:14Jaikki <3
00:37:16kle lycan easy hero
00:37:17kle and u suck
00:37:17Jaikki i dont mind
00:37:20Jaikki u?
00:38:02kle can pls get a smoke
00:38:04kle and gang?
00:38:07kle picking gangers
00:38:11kle and fail
00:38:22kle unbelievable
00:38:22Jaikki go smoke
00:38:32Jaikki FAST
00:38:34Jaikki -.-
00:39:38kle nc
00:39:40kle jakki
00:39:43Jaikki :DDD my fault
00:39:45kle u have to deal dmg
00:39:46kle yes
00:39:48kle they focusing us
00:39:52kle and u run away
00:39:54Jaikki LOL
00:39:56kle u have to deal dmg
00:39:57Jaikki i run away?
00:39:59kle yes
00:40:01kle u ran with us
00:40:01Jaikki i hitted troll
00:40:03Jaikki are u blind
00:40:04kle really
00:40:06kle when he was invis
00:40:09Jaikki watch replay :DDD
00:40:11kle I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:19kle worst players eva....go next wank
00:40:19Jaikki i dont do much dmg when i dont have ulti
00:40:24kle have to clean room
00:41:16Jaikki why no hex AA
00:41:25kle no mana
00:41:30kle at least useles
00:41:32kle s
00:41:45Raj dead
00:41:57Planktoni buja
00:41:59Raj well not
00:42:03Jaikki pro move
00:42:10Planktoni don't u think
00:42:33kle supports to fail to buy a 100g smoke^^ funny
00:42:42teh_re aa is carry?
00:42:50kle aa not full support
00:42:58Raj semi cock sucker
00:42:59teh_re wr is?
00:43:04kle yes
00:43:07kle wr carry
00:44:30Jaikki get heal and smoke gank
00:44:32Swagga bait
00:45:10Jaikki b
00:45:23Jaikki troll satanic
00:45:23Jaikki I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:42teh_re "b" and you go in first
00:45:45teh_re thats great
00:45:47Jaikki LOL
00:45:50Jaikki u went there
00:45:55Jaikki i was there first because ulti
00:46:16kle dont buy bkb if u dont use it
00:46:23Jaikki i used it :D blind
00:46:32kle so u can waste 3,9k gold on antoher item
00:46:36kle yes u used it
00:46:40kle cause u are stunned locked
00:46:46Swagga farm
00:46:48Planktoni y
00:46:48Raj min
00:46:59Jaikki no bash
00:46:59Jaikki ffs
00:47:05kle jaikki favourite player in my team
00:47:17Jaikki i love u 2
00:47:17Planktoni let's end?
00:47:23WANKmaster come take cheese
00:47:23WANKmaster some1
00:47:37Raj min
00:47:40Raj cheese
00:48:04kle can u ff pls
00:48:24kle or come to me?
00:48:31Planktoni finish?
00:48:36WANKmaster y
00:48:44kle k then dont
00:48:47Jaikki omw
00:48:56kle we wantto fight with 4
00:48:57kle yes
00:48:58kle k
00:49:03kle best team eva
00:49:06kle -afk
00:49:21kle -afk
00:49:27Jaikki -afk
00:49:29Jaikki gg afk
00:49:32kle reported
00:49:36kle and so is rhasta for afk
00:49:47Jaikki :DD
00:49:52Jaikki lame hero
00:50:03kle I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:18Jaikki u must play if its not ff
00:50:20Jaikki report if dont
00:50:38slc2 I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:42slc2 I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:01kle wp wank
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