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Chat log

00:00:09NotAHax ff
00:00:19KredeC -clear
00:00:19curdi q.q stäkki ei pelannutkaan
00:00:19NotAHax omni
00:00:19Bra~ i think we found a white guy
00:00:19curdi pittii`?
00:00:19valiante get me mirana
00:00:19Clip pizza
00:00:19Clip pit
00:00:23NotAHax who wants
00:00:29kiss3n i can
00:00:43NotAHax venge
00:00:44NotAHax would be nice
00:00:49valiante ye
00:00:50curdi vs lion
00:00:50NotAHax for team
00:00:53NotAHax veng
00:00:54NotAHax venge
00:00:56NotAHax get venge
00:01:02valiante bra
00:01:03NotAHax -.-?
00:01:05NotAHax venge plz..
00:01:06Bra~ :/
00:01:11valiante come on
00:01:20Bra~ booring
00:01:23Sotamursu my lion
00:01:26Sotamursu what do u want
00:01:26kiss3n i can play venge or es
00:01:27curdi can swap
00:01:32kiss3n if u rather es
00:01:37NotAHax get me krobe
00:01:41curdi hm
00:01:43verybad curdi
00:01:46valiante i solo top
00:01:46NotAHax -swap 5
00:01:47verybad can u buy ward
00:01:47kiss3n -swap 1
00:01:50curdi will c
00:01:54curdi gimme veno
00:01:54NotAHax venge es
00:01:55NotAHax fb midd?
00:01:59curdi -swap 5
00:02:02Sotamursu -SWAP 4
00:02:08verybad ty
00:02:14verybad gief to mursu
00:02:16verybad he can place
00:02:17Sotamursu give wards to me
00:02:18NotAHax fb midd
00:02:19NotAHax mirana come also
00:02:20NotAHax to arrow
00:02:25valiante dude
00:02:26valiante u have
00:02:27valiante venge
00:02:28valiante es
00:02:32valiante for 1 sf
00:02:37valiante should be possible
00:02:51valiante btw
00:02:54curdi hm we got only 2 stuns :&
00:02:57valiante please dont sell me out over ventrilo
00:03:18NotAHax eventhough im stacking with them
00:03:22NotAHax dosent mean i wanna lose fucking retard
00:03:26valiante good
00:03:40KredeC ss
00:04:23KredeC s s 1
00:05:50NotAHax remember tell me if miss top
00:05:52NotAHax they will try gang
00:05:57valiante 1 miss
00:05:59valiante re
00:06:20NotAHax es venge come midd
00:06:20NotAHax free kill
00:06:23NotAHax one of you
00:06:39kiss3n k i try
00:06:44Sotamursu veno go harass their jungle
00:06:48NotAHax wiat rune
00:06:58curdi cba
00:07:08NotAHax sf inc top
00:07:19NotAHax omw
00:07:35valiante miss lion
00:07:38NotAHax omg bra
00:07:40NotAHax lets gom idd
00:08:03valiante 2 miss
00:08:04valiante CARE
00:08:05Bra~ fck this mouse
00:08:06valiante MID
00:08:06Bra~ -.-
00:08:28kiss3n they have wards ehre
00:08:33kiss3n i dont know why i listen to you
00:08:37NotAHax you didnt know it ?
00:08:38kiss3n i knew that all the time
00:08:39NotAHax -.-
00:09:15NotAHax tiny invi
00:09:16Clip NOTA TOP
00:09:19NotAHax tiny inv
00:09:37NotAHax need new wards
00:09:54NotAHax --
00:10:08NotAHax mid miss
00:10:55valiante NOW
00:11:06valiante earlier dude
00:11:11valiante u see tower
00:11:12valiante going down
00:11:40valiante care
00:11:41valiante 2 mid
00:11:53NotAHax eh
00:11:54valiante wards
00:11:55valiante venge
00:11:59NotAHax why you
00:12:00NotAHax didnt wait with stun
00:12:02verybad emt kantsii kertoo kaverille et oottaa sen stunin kaa
00:12:45Sotamursu -ms
00:13:08NotAHax go top rune
00:13:14NotAHax venge go
00:13:15NotAHax wtf
00:13:19NotAHax i ta
00:13:20NotAHax b
00:13:21Bra~ tiny here
00:13:22Bra~ ..
00:13:25valiante omw
00:13:39valiante SUTN
00:14:09valiante gj
00:14:10valiante mate
00:14:11kiss3n u2
00:14:18NotAHax axe i farm
00:14:21KredeC ..
00:14:29KredeC why dont u farm mid?
00:14:31NotAHax sf nneeds gang
00:14:33NotAHax i cant
00:14:34NotAHax they roam
00:14:35NotAHax and we dont have vision
00:14:38valiante k
00:14:45KredeC well they roam woods 2
00:14:45NotAHax sf is fat
00:15:55NotAHax ¨push midd
00:16:39NotAHax lol
00:16:45valiante sry
00:16:46valiante :(
00:16:51valiante -aa
00:16:53valiante -stats
00:16:56valiante well
00:17:02NotAHax tele
00:17:24NotAHax bra
00:17:24NotAHax go gang
00:17:29valiante how about
00:17:31valiante all togethr
00:17:32valiante pushes?
00:17:43valiante b
00:17:59NotAHax yh
00:18:00NotAHax this is gg
00:18:10valiante nah
00:18:11valiante not yet
00:19:22kiss3n ÄSUHADFLIUASDHFPÖ¨'
00:19:43valiante waht items for me notahax
00:19:46valiante me go carry dps
00:19:49valiante ?
00:19:50Clip 5/5
00:19:53NotAHax manta stygian
00:19:59NotAHax ei kiinostanu fissuree xd
00:20:21NotAHax push
00:20:25NotAHax ffs
00:20:39NotAHax :DD
00:20:46KredeC all btm
00:20:48valiante no stun venge?
00:20:55KredeC all come btm
00:22:14NotAHax aventhough
00:22:16NotAHax ur going carwry
00:22:19NotAHax iu need items also
00:22:20NotAHax and kijlls
00:22:22NotAHax you know..
00:22:25valiante me?
00:22:27NotAHax me
00:22:31valiante dude
00:22:33valiante i just shoot
00:22:35valiante while i have dd
00:22:39valiante starfall hit veno 2
00:23:44NotAHax need dagger on es
00:23:46NotAHax and axe
00:24:03Clip Go push mid
00:24:15KredeC tiny
00:24:40KredeC we need wards
00:25:07NotAHax D:D
00:25:07NotAHax :DD
00:25:08NotAHax :DD
00:25:10kiss3n hahaha nice
00:25:24valiante power of da stick
00:25:26kiss3n so fucking annoying he landed that hex
00:25:44Bra~ -ii
00:26:05kiss3n plz let me
00:26:08Bra~ y
00:26:19kiss3n :((((((((
00:26:21kiss3n need blink
00:26:24valiante k
00:26:25valiante soz
00:26:43NotAHax -_-
00:26:44KredeC get wards venge
00:26:51NotAHax ebin
00:27:25kiss3n 1k for blink
00:27:34KredeC me2
00:28:29NotAHax -
00:29:01NotAHax meneekö axen ulti graven läpi
00:29:14verybad menee
00:29:22valiante haste
00:29:23valiante lol
00:29:26valiante HAHA
00:29:29valiante jesus christ
00:29:29Bra~ :S
00:29:45kiss3n got it now
00:29:50KredeC me2
00:29:53NotAHax got vanguard
00:29:54NotAHax :DDD
00:29:57valiante ^^
00:29:59kiss3n lol n1
00:30:06KredeC place plz
00:30:13KredeC venge
00:30:14KredeC take
00:32:27NotAHax oom
00:32:30NotAHax i def mid
00:32:33Bra~ k
00:34:07NotAHax lv 16 soon
00:34:42curdi I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:49valiante gj
00:34:50valiante lads
00:35:00NotAHax es doing good job
00:35:04KredeC y
00:35:12kiss3n :)
00:35:13valiante and my ultis
00:35:21NotAHax y
00:35:22valiante saves ur but when u have ulti on
00:35:35NotAHax lets try push midd?
00:35:44curdi sf consider getting bkb :s
00:35:49KredeC y
00:36:22kiss3n ult in 15
00:36:34Bra~ ty
00:36:43NotAHax aa
00:37:09Bra~ xD
00:37:15NotAHax :D
00:37:19KredeC :D
00:37:26valiante _D:
00:37:27KredeC wicked
00:37:29KredeC owned!
00:37:59NotAHax let me
00:38:00NotAHax for shiva
00:38:12KredeC we need pipejsut as much
00:38:31valiante hey spede how does those donkey balls taste?
00:38:49valiante so far i believe ur the epic case of ass aching verybad
00:39:22NotAHax go rosh?
00:39:33Bra~ gogo
00:39:33curdi ward rosh
00:39:35valiante omw
00:39:40valiante -ms
00:40:09kiss3n i will stay up
00:40:13NotAHax axe
00:40:13NotAHax ..
00:40:23KredeC mnedalion
00:40:28Bra~ oh y
00:40:29NotAHax who take
00:40:30Bra~ .-
00:40:31NotAHax you take potm
00:40:40NotAHax go midd
00:40:41NotAHax got shiva
00:40:46valiante got deso
00:40:58NotAHax ÄXE SOTP
00:41:01NotAHax ffs
00:41:09curdi sec getting pipe
00:41:36kiss3n axe blink first
00:41:38kiss3n just get 1 or 2
00:41:39KredeC y
00:42:37kiss3n sry
00:42:52valiante blink
00:42:59valiante what item next for me?
00:43:06KredeC w8 my pipe 800
00:43:23kiss3n i got refresher
00:43:32Bra~ but no mana for it
00:43:33Bra~ :/
00:43:37kiss3n no
00:43:38kiss3n but we
00:43:47kiss3n just need mana boots
00:44:44valiante mid again?
00:44:53kiss3n y
00:44:56Bra~ axe come
00:45:02KredeC w8 pipe
00:45:03valiante getting my demon
00:45:04valiante edge
00:45:06NotAHax .-.-
00:45:06KredeC 700
00:45:16valiante i push top 2
00:45:16kiss3n we dont need pipe lol
00:46:07KredeC got it
00:46:13KredeC w8 on courrier
00:47:31valiante well
00:47:32valiante got rax
00:47:32kiss3n lol that bkb fucked me up
00:47:37KredeC guess its woth it
00:47:37valiante hehe
00:47:56curdi gotta push rly
00:48:02verybad why
00:48:05verybad we just got farmlane
00:48:05KredeC i was just too slowed so i couldn't get in and call
00:48:09kiss3n yeah
00:48:13kiss3n you need to stay back more
00:48:14kiss3n axe
00:48:17KredeC y
00:48:20curdi sooner or later we're short of raxes
00:48:24curdi when krobe gets bkb
00:48:29verybad butt full of rapiers
00:48:39NotAHax got bkb
00:48:43valiante nice
00:48:46NotAHax lets go top?
00:49:04KredeC all top?
00:49:11Bra~ ye go
00:49:13valiante how about bot?
00:49:15NotAHax b
00:49:16NotAHax dont rambo
00:49:18NotAHax go bot
00:49:19NotAHax then
00:49:23kiss3n oh
00:49:24kiss3n let me
00:49:24kiss3n reg
00:49:32NotAHax valiante
00:49:35NotAHax you should have made butter
00:49:36NotAHax not mkb/buri
00:49:37kiss3n goner
00:49:44valiante now im doing mkb
00:49:47valiante if he goes butter
00:49:51NotAHax es
00:49:53NotAHax ilet you use
00:49:54NotAHax my bottle
00:49:58kiss3n its ok
00:50:04NotAHax use
00:50:04NotAHax all
00:50:10kiss3n no need
00:50:43kiss3n WTF DID HE COME FROMR
00:50:59NotAHax ..
00:51:10NotAHax we will lose
00:51:12kiss3n nevermore came in from behind
00:51:12valiante hmm
00:51:13NotAHax if ex axe dont fix the shit
00:51:16Sotamursu cool ulti axe
00:51:18valiante listen up
00:51:18curdi swapping veno is best idea :/
00:51:22valiante we have one that swap
00:51:24valiante veno
00:51:26Bra~ dont go behind towers
00:51:31Bra~ just stay on the hill
00:51:36kiss3n yeah
00:51:36Bra~ or down the hill
00:51:42KredeC otherwise lets just farm
00:51:42kiss3n u all spread out = they spread out too
00:51:49kiss3n and nevermore from behind
00:51:49valiante ye we win late man
00:51:58KredeC we got just as good late as tjhe,
00:52:03valiante rosh is up btw
00:52:07KredeC and we got one rax open
00:52:10valiante es
00:52:13valiante go rosh
00:52:23valiante omw
00:52:31KredeC play defensive till aegies runs out
00:52:38Bra~ :S?
00:52:41NotAHax wat?
00:52:44KredeC venge need to ward it up
00:52:54NotAHax its not gonna work kredec
00:52:56NotAHax we need push now
00:52:57NotAHax when we can
00:53:01KredeC k
00:53:09NotAHax go bot
00:53:15valiante maaybe
00:53:15KredeC omw
00:53:20valiante through mid
00:53:22valiante with my ulti?
00:53:28NotAHax hmm y
00:53:29NotAHax can do that
00:53:34NotAHax lets push bot first
00:53:43NotAHax theyt have ward
00:53:46NotAHax go midd?
00:54:00valiante mkb on its way
00:54:01NotAHax they see if we go midd
00:54:02valiante on chicken
00:54:02NotAHax from herre
00:54:06NotAHax they have ward
00:54:07NotAHax we neewd
00:54:35valiante wait
00:54:37valiante for dazzle ulti
00:54:38valiante go off
00:54:38NotAHax y
00:54:53NotAHax ulti
00:55:23valiante rax
00:55:27NotAHax y lost
00:55:34NotAHax if we wanna do
00:55:36NotAHax surprice attack
00:55:38NotAHax like that
00:55:41NotAHax we need stay fog before we go
00:55:44NotAHax venge vent there and they knew
00:55:45NotAHax ..
00:55:54kiss3n they had ward here
00:56:09curdi wanna push or something now?
00:56:12Clip yep
00:56:12verybad y
00:56:16Clip mid
00:56:33curdi krobe might use travels to get rax
00:56:58valiante venge
00:57:00valiante never swap
00:57:00valiante ven
00:57:01valiante again
00:57:02valiante veno
00:57:16KredeC omg
00:57:32KredeC omg u suck venge!
00:57:38Bra~ wtf
00:57:48KredeC why the fuyck would u swap veno?
00:57:49NotAHax Gg :D
00:57:53KredeC gg
00:58:10kiss3n divine
00:58:11kiss3n lol
00:58:20KredeC I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:58:32Sotamursu u mad???
00:58:38NotAHax nä'
00:58:40KredeC YEAH :D
00:58:43KredeC this venge
00:58:51Sotamursu ahahah
00:58:51spede you lost because potm sucks
00:58:53spede tbh
00:58:54Sotamursu this axe
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