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Chat log

00:00:03aquatic -di
00:00:16GO_GO_I_TANK i can aa or bs
00:00:16aquatic can do es
00:00:16SaloiG me bs solo mid
00:00:16SaloiG cockwerk
00:00:16aquatic but hey have first pick so
00:00:16SaloiG lich
00:00:16aquatic they*
00:00:16GO_GO_I_TANK yeah lich good counter vs bs, frostarmor sucks
00:00:16Herre =D
00:00:16NotAHax -PUGna
00:00:35GO_GO_I_TANK pick me aa or veno if u like
00:00:47GO_GO_I_TANK AA
00:00:49KredeC WE NEED AA
00:00:53KredeC woops
00:00:57KredeC caps
00:01:03GO_GO_I_TANK u play him herre?
00:01:05Herre lets see
00:01:07Herre prolly not
00:01:21Herre I mean, I prolly play it
00:01:23Herre yea, I play it
00:01:24GO_GO_I_TANK play a silencer?
00:01:26GO_GO_I_TANK who can
00:01:27Herre hmm
00:01:30GO_GO_I_TANK i cant
00:01:31KredeC i get silencer
00:01:34GO_GO_I_TANK silencer own es and puck
00:01:34Herre I coudl actually play silencer
00:01:37Herre well
00:01:38Herre nvm
00:01:39GO_GO_I_TANK swap me?
00:01:43Herre I paly aa
00:01:49KredeC laneS?
00:02:00KredeC es was going to
00:02:04KredeC top*
00:02:07KredeC lanes?
00:02:25KredeC laneS?
00:02:26GO_GO_I_TANK me silencer bot
00:02:26GO_GO_I_TANK -ma
00:02:29KredeC k
00:02:30Herre shares
00:02:30GO_GO_I_TANK own sk
00:02:43GO_GO_I_TANK sk have no mana or hp with silencer on lane
00:03:00GO_GO_I_TANK -ma
00:03:03Herre care for fb mid
00:03:10Herre they are ventwhores
00:03:15Herre >:/
00:03:24KredeC dd
00:03:36Herre es miss
00:03:41GO_GO_I_TANK ss
00:03:43KredeC ss
00:04:59KredeC b
00:04:59KredeC b
00:05:00KredeC b
00:05:28GO_GO_I_TANK es going mid
00:05:42GO_GO_I_TANK care
00:05:49GO_GO_I_TANK es is mid
00:06:01GO_GO_I_TANK here
00:06:16SaloiG ty
00:06:20Herre =D
00:06:34Tompson ty
00:07:16GO_GO_I_TANK es mid
00:07:21GO_GO_I_TANK b
00:07:38KredeC ss
00:07:51KredeC ss
00:07:58KredeC re
00:08:08aquatic miss 1
00:08:11aquatic re
00:08:20GO_GO_I_TANK ese coming
00:08:40NotAHax TY
00:09:10Nevari ss
00:09:10GO_GO_I_TANK b
00:09:13GO_GO_I_TANK or
00:09:17GO_GO_I_TANK b
00:09:39KredeC ss
00:09:48NotAHax B VENO
00:09:48NotAHax BS INC
00:09:51NotAHax use salve
00:11:01NotAHax WP BS
00:11:16GO_GO_I_TANK doh
00:11:27curdi no1 ganging sf..
00:11:31SaloiG ye
00:11:35SaloiG really?
00:11:40GO_GO_I_TANK aa or clock u gang
00:11:46curdi sherlock
00:11:47Herre f
00:11:48Herre ff
00:12:33KredeC i go top
00:12:40NotAHax WP
00:13:31Herre Xd
00:13:32GO_GO_I_TANK thanx
00:13:32NotAHax B
00:14:06Herre Ff
00:14:26NotAHax wp
00:14:29KredeC ss
00:14:38NotAHax herre avautuuko se siel
00:14:39NotAHax Xd
00:14:42Herre ei
00:14:47SaloiG can we just fucking
00:14:47SaloiG ff
00:14:53SaloiG u guys afk in lanes
00:14:53Herre no, at 25th minute
00:14:54SaloiG doing nothing
00:14:58GO_GO_I_TANK we afk in lane s:D
00:14:59GO_GO_I_TANK hahahahaha
00:15:00curdi u feed in lane
00:15:02Herre nothing what could be done anymore
00:15:03curdi doing nothing
00:15:04SaloiG rifk
00:15:07SaloiG i play 5v1
00:15:07GO_GO_I_TANK told u es gang so many times and u stay
00:15:09SaloiG u do nothing
00:15:12SaloiG i know retard
00:16:48aquatic stun
00:18:47SaloiG GO
00:19:22GO_GO_I_TANK gj
00:19:27KredeC wp
00:19:31KredeC :D
00:19:33NotAHax veno..
00:19:35NotAHax stop farm?
00:19:36Tompson n1 kredec
00:19:40KredeC haha
00:19:43GO_GO_I_TANK tp
00:19:44Tompson u won that fight for those noobs :)
00:19:46NotAHax kill
00:22:16NotAHax : - D
00:22:23SaloiG afk team
00:22:28Clip NICE DAIVO
00:22:37KredeC what would u ahve me do?
00:22:39GO_GO_I_TANK haha
00:22:44GO_GO_I_TANK dude we were fighting them
00:22:46GO_GO_I_TANK while u farmed mid
00:22:52SaloiG i mean for whole game
00:23:05KredeC y but what would u have me do
00:23:09NotAHax i take
00:23:11KredeC its not like i can gang mid
00:23:13GO_GO_I_TANK i gang lvl 1 with aba?
00:23:23GO_GO_I_TANK we warded for u
00:23:29KredeC i did
00:23:37GO_GO_I_TANK i am
00:23:42Herre looll
00:23:46KredeC u bought 7uilling abba
00:23:52GO_GO_I_TANK ofc
00:23:59KredeC lol
00:24:03KredeC so nabisyh
00:24:24KredeC coz abba needs alot of farm
00:24:44GO_GO_I_TANK ;:D
00:25:14KredeC we just needed better gangers
00:25:25KredeC only clock could gang,,
00:25:28KredeC and he didn't
00:25:49Herre lol
00:25:50Herre uurna
00:25:50Herre DD
00:26:05KredeC ff in 2 plz
00:26:20SaloiG easy kill
00:26:21SaloiG with me
00:26:21SaloiG go
00:26:40Herre xD
00:26:40GO_GO_I_TANK ups
00:26:42Herre ::::::D
00:26:46Herre drops
00:26:48Herre ddAZD
00:26:53Herre perhaps heal bs instead
00:27:02GO_GO_I_TANK no chance of me getting kill
00:27:05GO_GO_I_TANK with that
00:27:13GO_GO_I_TANK this seemed more coincidental
00:27:13Herre I see
00:27:23KredeC he's shit player u know..
00:27:29GO_GO_I_TANK pro krede
00:27:57NotAHax :dd
00:28:05Herre :dd
00:28:32Herre ASD
00:28:34NotAHax NOIN
00:28:42KredeC ahnd abba is standig there next to us..
00:28:45GO_GO_I_TANK :D
00:28:48GO_GO_I_TANK krede u smart
00:28:51GO_GO_I_TANK go to sleep
00:28:53GO_GO_I_TANK u seeing things
00:29:00Herre vois lähtä kaljakauppaan
00:29:30KredeC I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:22SaloiG I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:30:22SaloiG -ff
00:30:23SaloiG !ff
00:31:42Herre I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:31:43KredeC why not ff guys?
00:31:54GO_GO_I_TANK no no no
00:31:55GO_GO_I_TANK and no
00:31:59SaloiG ??????
00:32:12SaloiG u play fucking abadon and dont want to ff
00:32:16SaloiG u must have a nice life
00:32:19Herre jokseenkin tärkeitä pelejä
00:32:27Clip älä itke
00:32:33Herre itken
00:32:34curdi stackaaminen on tärkeetä
00:33:14Herre Dx
00:33:21KredeC first live :D
00:33:24curdi nii toi lifesteal :&
00:33:27GO_GO_I_TANK life
00:33:34KredeC y
00:33:38GO_GO_I_TANK u smart
00:33:39GO_GO_I_TANK i can tell
00:33:45KredeC i surpose ur right
00:33:59Herre I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:15SaloiG i go play football manager this sux
00:34:21KredeC y
00:34:23Herre y
00:34:26GO_GO_I_TANK y
00:34:30SaloiG y
00:35:30curdi I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:35:33SaloiG -ff
00:35:34SaloiG -fff
00:35:34GO_GO_I_TANK ok
00:35:35SaloiG -ff
00:35:35SaloiG -f
00:35:36SaloiG f-f
00:35:36curdi [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:35:36curdi [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:35:36curdi [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:35:36curdi [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:35:36GO_GO_I_TANK I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:35:43NotAHax Saloig 99% player
00:35:45NotAHax 8D
00:35:46Clip ahahahaha u guys suck cock
00:35:58SaloiG 100%
00:35:58Clip especially herre 8D
00:36:02SaloiG before this game
00:36:18SaloiG ?
00:36:19SaloiG u suck
00:36:23Clip ur mom
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