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Chat log

00:00:18Arapiles ban treant
00:00:18FetAA we can get it
00:00:18Arapiles dont wanna play vs that imba shit
00:00:18FetAA '
00:00:18FetAA treant
00:00:18Arapiles just played it last game
00:00:18QuiNN feta low skilled.
00:00:18GO_GO_I_TANK well he got 4 good players on his team
00:00:18FetAA afk
00:00:18GO_GO_I_TANK and we got flaming me
00:00:18FetAA sure i do
00:00:18ImNotGoodAtDotA can some1 give me axe
00:00:18ImNotGoodAtDotA =]
00:00:18SaloiG huskar
00:00:18FetAA -
00:00:18GO_GO_I_TANK i want WR or puck, and they will get picked so
00:00:18GO_GO_I_TANK carry with what?
00:00:18GO_GO_I_TANK rdy?
00:00:18Arapiles hmm
00:00:18GO_GO_I_TANK fetaa
00:00:18Arapiles thinking of invoker
00:00:21GO_GO_I_TANK thats a yes
00:00:22Arapiles wanna play him better
00:00:23GO_GO_I_TANK or afk?
00:00:28FetAA =
00:00:37QuiNN feta low skill
00:00:56Arapiles any1 want tide?
00:00:58FetAA -
00:00:59ImNotGoodAtDotA i go axe
00:01:01ImNotGoodAtDotA if i can
00:01:13SaloiG me quinn lan
00:01:17GO_GO_I_TANK k
00:01:19FetAA -il
00:01:21GO_GO_I_TANK me mid alone lan
00:01:30GO_GO_I_TANK axe u have to go lane then or one more solo top
00:01:31ImNotGoodAtDotA some1 has to solo bot
00:01:36Arapiles pugna may be nice
00:01:42GO_GO_I_TANK -ma
00:01:43Dota.m baah
00:01:45Dota.m randomed
00:01:51Arapiles pugna or enigma
00:01:52slc2 i go pugna then
00:01:54ImNotGoodAtDotA oh well
00:01:56GO_GO_I_TANK bird
00:01:57ImNotGoodAtDotA i'll lane then
00:02:03teh_re ill solo top then
00:02:04Dota.m i randomed my hero... -.-
00:02:05teh_re naix woods?
00:02:06teh_re OR?
00:02:07Arapiles pugna naix top?
00:02:13GO_GO_I_TANK axe solo top?
00:02:17GO_GO_I_TANK enigma woods?
00:02:17ImNotGoodAtDotA hard
00:02:21GO_GO_I_TANK -ma
00:02:22slc2 me and tide bot
00:02:23GO_GO_I_TANK naix is woods
00:02:25GO_GO_I_TANK u get bone
00:02:30GO_GO_I_TANK he no good
00:02:37ImNotGoodAtDotA well he still gets farm
00:02:38slc2 jeg har wards
00:02:39ImNotGoodAtDotA probably
00:02:45GO_GO_I_TANK y
00:02:47teh_re share
00:02:49Arapiles me2
00:02:49FetAA -il
00:02:55GO_GO_I_TANK dunno cap decides
00:02:59GO_GO_I_TANK share
00:03:00GO_GO_I_TANK chicken
00:03:01Dota.m omfg
00:03:02GO_GO_I_TANK thanx
00:03:02GO_GO_I_TANK you
00:03:03GO_GO_I_TANK verty
00:03:05GO_GO_I_TANK much
00:03:05Arapiles utake
00:03:11Dota.m what a ussles lanes..
00:03:13Arapiles go
00:03:16teh_re u r woods
00:03:18FetAA naix ur woods
00:03:21FetAA pull and woods
00:03:49FetAA be defensive bot
00:03:53slc2 feta blind?
00:03:55QuiNN enigma go to helll
00:03:55SaloiG wtf
00:03:56QuiNN idiot
00:03:58QuiNN fuck off
00:04:00QuiNN black homo
00:04:01Arapiles rly feta
00:04:05FetAA what
00:04:06QuiNN pause
00:04:06FetAA ping
00:04:07FetAA or smthing
00:04:07Arapiles did
00:04:07SaloiG ENIGMA
00:04:07QuiNN enigma ?
00:04:07FetAA ?
00:04:09FetAA for awhat
00:04:09QuiNN game ruining
00:05:42Arapiles pugna & bone need sw
00:06:28QuiNN fu
00:06:36Arapiles ss 1
00:06:46Arapiles b'
00:06:51ImNotGoodAtDotA basically i cant do anything here
00:06:58magaso lool
00:07:17FetAA -il
00:07:18Arapiles try lina?
00:07:18ImNotGoodAtDotA clinkz freefarms
00:07:20slc2 no
00:07:21GO_GO_I_TANK bird plz enigm,a
00:07:33GO_GO_I_TANK bird plz someone
00:07:38ImNotGoodAtDotA no muney
00:07:45Arapiles gyro freefarm
00:07:48Arapiles so lame
00:07:50Arapiles this laning
00:08:18Arapiles ss lina
00:08:26Dota.m i come gank soon
00:08:28Dota.m sec bone
00:08:36FetAA -il
00:09:03ImNotGoodAtDotA naix + clinkz freefarm top
00:09:05ImNotGoodAtDotA i mean..
00:09:08ImNotGoodAtDotA not good
00:09:12QuiNN u stupid :P
00:09:15Arapiles up chick some1
00:09:17ImNotGoodAtDotA what can i do?
00:09:18ImNotGoodAtDotA nothing..
00:09:39slc2 i lvl 4 go
00:09:44slc2 der har decrep
00:09:45GO_GO_I_TANK invoker top
00:09:49Arapiles reuse chick
00:09:51FetAA omw top
00:10:12GO_GO_I_TANK bird wards
00:10:23Arapiles oom
00:10:29FetAA -il
00:10:43ImNotGoodAtDotA gank top wr
00:10:48GO_GO_I_TANK sec
00:10:56ImNotGoodAtDotA need dust tho
00:11:26magaso omfg
00:11:26Arapiles oom
00:11:36ImNotGoodAtDotA why u gank
00:11:38ImNotGoodAtDotA if u have noi dust
00:11:44FetAA -il
00:11:50Arapiles im b
00:12:06FetAA -il
00:12:21FetAA -il
00:12:34Arapiles gang ax
00:12:57FetAA pro gankers strike again
00:13:03QuiNN why flame
00:13:06QuiNN sad_boy
00:13:18FetAA what flame !:O
00:13:24QuiNN dont cry
00:13:24FetAA -il
00:13:26QuiNN plz
00:13:37GO_GO_I_TANK lina can u ward?
00:13:40Arapiles go in inv
00:13:42Arapiles ffs
00:13:42QuiNN can u ?
00:13:45slc2 come again
00:13:46GO_GO_I_TANK no plz
00:13:51GO_GO_I_TANK fuick it we win
00:14:13teh_re "go invi ffs"
00:14:15teh_re can u sush
00:14:25Arapiles u fuckin suck
00:15:19Arapiles lina
00:15:25GO_GO_I_TANK thanx
00:15:28QuiNN u ego
00:15:31GO_GO_I_TANK nope
00:15:36QuiNN buy wards then
00:15:38GO_GO_I_TANK im team
00:15:43GO_GO_I_TANK i carry this shit
00:16:24magaso lol
00:16:25magaso lina imba
00:16:31magaso epic ulti
00:16:34Arapiles gg invoker
00:16:39QuiNN u suck
00:16:39Arapiles no mapawareness
00:16:40QuiNN shut up
00:16:44FetAA was oom
00:16:47FetAA how my fault u stayed suicide
00:16:55FetAA -il
00:16:58magaso i see u suck
00:16:58Dota.m btw lina nice ulti u wasted on me :D
00:16:59Arapiles was asykill if u stayed
00:17:03magaso LOL
00:17:05FetAA sure with autoattack?
00:17:05Arapiles cold snap lik 70 mana?
00:17:07QuiNN enigma
00:17:10QuiNN sucks
00:17:15FetAA 100
00:17:30Arapiles got ult
00:17:31GO_GO_I_TANK b
00:17:47GO_GO_I_TANK me one plz
00:18:42GO_GO_I_TANK was oom
00:18:42Dota.m ffs
00:18:43GO_GO_I_TANK sorry
00:18:43magaso y ax
00:18:43Dota.m bone
00:18:46magaso keep on farming
00:19:03Arapiles hop i creep
00:19:04GO_GO_I_TANK lethim get dagger
00:19:05slc2 clinkzz+??
00:19:16GO_GO_I_TANK -ma
00:19:16Dota.m ffs really clinkz
00:19:18Dota.m u suck
00:19:26Dota.m we could have killed him before
00:19:29QuiNN wp doTa
00:19:49FetAA ff
00:19:50FetAA efef
00:19:53Arapiles ff at 25
00:19:55FetAA hotkeys dont work nice to play
00:19:59QuiNN sure
00:20:01QuiNN feita
00:20:02FetAA with clicking with mouse
00:21:10Dota.m come one
00:21:12Dota.m mangler 100 gold
00:22:14ImNotGoodAtDotA got dagger
00:22:15ImNotGoodAtDotA i jump
00:22:16ImNotGoodAtDotA mid
00:22:16Arapiles b
00:22:41QuiNN no enigma im not gay
00:22:46QuiNN sry wrong chat
00:23:04GO_GO_I_TANK lina
00:23:04FetAA -il
00:23:12SaloiG XAXAXA wr u suck
00:23:19FetAA -il
00:23:26teh_re naix
00:23:26slc2 comon seriyslty
00:23:30teh_re what r u waiting for?
00:23:55Dota.m enigma
00:23:58Arapiles fucking nab team
00:24:33teh_re naix
00:24:35teh_re u suck so bad
00:25:00GO_GO_I_TANK well got guinsoo
00:25:46GO_GO_I_TANK just whjen
00:25:50ImNotGoodAtDotA :/
00:25:52ImNotGoodAtDotA tried
00:25:59ImNotGoodAtDotA wasnt fast enough to dagger :P
00:26:17GO_GO_I_TANK oh guinsoo
00:26:35slc2 stramt
00:26:37FetAA -il
00:26:50Dota.m så du ikke den jeg lavede med ham ?
00:27:02Arapiles var nice
00:27:11Dota.m med armlet deactive og så efter activere
00:27:23slc2 comeon ew f
00:27:23slc2 a f
00:27:23slc2 sdf
00:27:24slc2 asdf
00:27:24slc2 asdf
00:27:25slc2 af
00:27:25slc2 sadf'
00:27:26slc2 f sd'
00:27:27slc2 Sf
00:27:27slc2 ASD
00:27:50Arapiles var called
00:28:07GO_GO_I_TANK mid
00:28:08Arapiles I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:12Arapiles just ff
00:28:14Arapiles its over
00:28:20FetAA -ff
00:28:21FetAA I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:25QuiNN hahahah invoker
00:28:27Dota.m deg
00:28:27QuiNN gives up
00:28:33FetAA o rly
00:28:35FetAA since min 4
00:29:20SaloiG ty axe
00:29:28QuiNN nice job axe
00:29:30QuiNN enigma
00:29:32QuiNN 1 guy in ult
00:29:32QuiNN wow
00:29:33QuiNN WP
00:29:43Dota.m clinkz
00:29:48Dota.m why not take me in you
00:29:49Dota.m and gnak
00:29:50QuiNN but really enigma
00:29:53QuiNN u dont play dont much
00:29:56QuiNN since u low skills
00:30:00Dota.m gank lina top clinkz
00:30:01magaso :))
00:30:09teh_re maybe do something then
00:30:09ImNotGoodAtDotA just go again
00:30:10teh_re this time
00:30:12ImNotGoodAtDotA we are strongarrr
00:30:44Arapiles b top
00:30:44FetAA cant we ff
00:30:46FetAA im sleeping
00:30:46Arapiles inc from mid
00:30:48FetAA i ruined this alrdy
00:30:49Dota.m +b
00:30:55QuiNN u are very bad in dota enigma
00:31:01GO_GO_I_TANK 4uinn stop the flame plz
00:31:03GO_GO_I_TANK its annoying
00:31:06QuiNN idc
00:31:08QuiNN DOD
00:31:22Dota.m b
00:31:23Dota.m b
00:31:57Dota.m perma stunned
00:32:01Arapiles same
00:32:13ImNotGoodAtDotA good enough trade
00:32:14ImNotGoodAtDotA i suppose
00:32:16ImNotGoodAtDotA 1 for 5
00:32:16ImNotGoodAtDotA :P
00:32:17GO_GO_I_TANK yeah :D
00:32:22QuiNN all in team playing good
00:32:24QuiNN but not enigma
00:32:28QuiNN he is very low skilled
00:33:00ImNotGoodAtDotA coming
00:33:04Dota.m clinkz u need to take me in you so we can gnak
00:33:18QuiNN enigma this is not apem :P
00:33:27Dota.m b
00:33:38teh_re I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:07ImNotGoodAtDotA blagh
00:35:06Dota.m clinkz
00:35:08Dota.m come get me
00:35:13GO_GO_I_TANK take a gem after linkens gyro`?
00:35:51ImNotGoodAtDotA coming
00:36:24Arapiles b
00:36:34GO_GO_I_TANK sorry fail
00:36:36ImNotGoodAtDotA o hi
00:36:36GO_GO_I_TANK nice
00:36:42ImNotGoodAtDotA ^^
00:36:48QuiNN wp axe
00:36:54QuiNN but u are idiot and low skills enigmas
00:36:54GO_GO_I_TANK 'nice
00:37:20GO_GO_I_TANK care
00:37:24GO_GO_I_TANK lets just roshan?
00:37:26Dota.m def
00:37:27ImNotGoodAtDotA sure
00:37:29GO_GO_I_TANK and go if they come
00:37:31ImNotGoodAtDotA got one dust
00:37:45Dota.m they rosh ?
00:38:00SaloiG i take it
00:38:33slc2 def
00:39:48Arapiles :P
00:40:16teh_re slc
00:40:19teh_re what was that
00:41:03Dota.m omfg
00:41:06Arapiles y
00:41:07ImNotGoodAtDotA push bot
00:41:08ImNotGoodAtDotA i go top
00:41:09Dota.m they give me all
00:41:10Arapiles too feedet by now
00:41:19Arapiles just ff
00:41:23Arapiles this is waste of time
00:41:29Arapiles -afk
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