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98% | 1689 X | 1613 TS

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78% | 1399 X | 1401 TS

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+6 TS

72% | 1303 X | 1415 TS

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Chat log

00:00:17NotAHax hmm
00:00:17Timu i can es
00:00:17NotAHax syllabear
00:00:17SaloiG roof
00:00:34NotAHax gonna take na?
00:00:37pOWa storm
00:00:37NotAHax and mym stuns once again
00:00:38NotAHax !
00:00:44NotAHax !!!
00:00:50NotAHax cLIP
00:00:50NotAHax AFK
00:00:57NotAHax hes afk
00:00:58NotAHax ..
00:00:58spede 1 afk
00:00:58spede come on
00:00:58SaloiG not our problem
00:00:58Timu let's wait for few secs
00:00:58Strom wait 15 secs
00:00:58SaloiG ....................
00:01:13pOWa can i play furi or weaver
00:01:14pOWa ?
00:01:18Strom imo yea
00:01:21NotAHax tim u
00:01:23spede anyone play this?
00:01:23NotAHax wanna play tuskarr?
00:01:32Timu not really
00:01:36NotAHax get me weaver
00:01:39NotAHax r
00:01:40NotAHax wait
00:01:42NotAHax asdokdsgko
00:01:44NotAHax -swap 4
00:01:45SaloiG me quin top
00:01:45Timu :/
00:01:47Timu -swap 1
00:01:47NotAHax NP
00:02:04Timu np
00:02:08QuiNN me jungl furre
00:02:09QuiNN ffs
00:02:15pOWa k
00:02:19KolleBolle clip you pull?
00:02:25NotAHax triple top
00:02:26NotAHax go top
00:02:27NotAHax tiny
00:02:35Dota.m aa u go mid ?
00:02:36Strom share chicken
00:02:38KolleBolle i rly hate tripped
00:02:41KolleBolle suck penis
00:02:42Strom yeah I'll chill out in mid
00:02:47KolleBolle trippel*
00:02:50Timu Good luck & have fun!
00:03:06Timu anybody got wards?
00:03:07Timu no
00:03:09Timu fucked
00:03:21NotAHax tiny
00:03:22NotAHax go next tuskarr
00:03:23NotAHax and fb
00:03:27Dota.m fp
00:03:29Dota.m fb
00:03:39KolleBolle OMG
00:03:47NotAHax j
00:03:52NotAHax kolle
00:03:54NotAHax let tuskar farm
00:04:04SaloiG hahahah
00:04:07SaloiG U serious
00:04:11Timu :D
00:04:28pOWa harras
00:05:11NotAHax ES
00:05:12NotAHax CAN YOU TELE
00:05:18Timu joo
00:05:22NotAHax come andl ets fb
00:05:28NotAHax soon
00:05:50spede kollebolle come on
00:06:00spede if youre gonna last hit at least dont fail it
00:06:01KolleBolle stfu you su ck balls and can tlasthitt
00:06:02NotAHax try furi
00:06:30Timu lol
00:06:34NotAHax salve plz
00:06:43NotAHax pull
00:07:09Dota.m no ss from top before how ?
00:07:17Dota.m miss es
00:07:29Timu frick
00:08:42Clip upg chick
00:08:48NotAHax kollebolle
00:08:50NotAHax upd chick
00:08:59Clip ss
00:09:36Strom failed, blah
00:09:48Strom mis mid wl
00:10:01Strom re wl
00:10:05KolleBolle LOL?
00:10:44KolleBolle retadedniggher
00:11:13Dota.m strom weaver 1 ulti
00:11:14pOWa ss
00:11:49NotAHax KOLLE WAIT
00:11:56pOWa ff
00:12:20pOWa 0 miss
00:12:24pOWa noobs
00:12:46Strom wl mis
00:12:46NotAHax let me farm
00:13:06Strom re wl
00:13:15Dota.m ss bot
00:13:23NotAHax b
00:13:24NotAHax they miss
00:13:43Dota.m re 1
00:14:01pOWa asdfsdfasdfasdf
00:14:08KolleBolle lost
00:14:13pOWa na
00:14:14KolleBolle thax for napps lanes
00:14:17pOWa mby gang today?
00:14:32Strom I'll gang bot
00:14:49Strom wl going top
00:14:56Clip s
00:14:58Clip s
00:15:33NotAHax ??
00:15:34NotAHax deny?
00:15:54pOWa b
00:15:55KolleBolle retaded fuckers
00:15:57NotAHax ????????
00:15:59Timu wtf
00:16:01KolleBolle some1 els get chick
00:16:03Clip GIVE
00:16:04Clip CONT
00:16:21KolleBolle never... if some move my hero i dont have to have share anymore
00:16:23Clip Strom chick should be shared y?
00:16:26Strom yea
00:16:34KolleBolle when some1 move hero and kill me?
00:16:35Clip oh can u ban this fucktard then?
00:16:38NotAHax kolel
00:16:44NotAHax i was looking you
00:16:46NotAHax but i didnt touch
00:16:48NotAHax ur hero
00:16:53Timu give back share
00:16:53Timu now
00:16:57KolleBolle oh rly? hahahhaha dont facking joke
00:16:59Strom kolle, controlling your hero isn't allowed
00:16:59NotAHax BACK
00:17:01KolleBolle you tryed di denie
00:17:05Strom Mark down the game time and banrequest later
00:17:10KolleBolle exactrly notahax did it
00:17:14Clip And share chick y?
00:17:16NotAHax :d
00:17:43KolleBolle strom okey to give share to all ecept notahax?
00:17:47KolleBolle since he use my herio
00:18:13NotAHax kollebolle
00:18:16NotAHax can you plz give chicken share back..
00:18:18NotAHax rly need it
00:18:25KolleBolle never tuch again
00:18:52NotAHax KOLLEBOLLE
00:18:52Dota.m gj
00:18:53NotAHax GO GANG?
00:18:54Timu -ii
00:19:05KolleBolle no boots nothing at all thx to some ppls
00:19:10NotAHax ..
00:19:16NotAHax didnt know you need boots for ganging
00:19:17Timu :D
00:19:29Dota.m can i haste top
00:19:34pOWa brb
00:19:38KolleBolle then tell me how u shuld come close to them and stun? ive got ms 1
00:19:47NotAHax go behind hero from fog?
00:19:48NotAHax ..
00:19:57NotAHax nioce toss
00:19:59NotAHax you rly are pro
00:20:13KolleBolle i dident even toss ;)
00:20:18NotAHax yeah you didnt
00:20:20NotAHax thats why ur retard
00:20:21NotAHax :D
00:20:26NotAHax you were just watching
00:20:45KolleBolle tryed to stun but dosent work! ;) no boots thats the thingy
00:20:57KolleBolle have fun ppls ill farm woods
00:21:18Timu going great np
00:21:21QuiNN hehe :P
00:21:25SaloiG mym|weaver
00:21:30NotAHax : -d
00:21:30Clip YES
00:21:41QuiNN clip why the fuck are u flaming
00:21:45Clip ?
00:21:48QuiNN u remb
00:21:48Clip IM FLAMING?
00:21:49QuiNN u got
00:21:49Clip xD
00:21:49NotAHax hes allways flaming lol
00:21:51QuiNN 0-14 roof
00:21:54QuiNN wp roof
00:21:57Clip actually i dont remember
00:21:59Clip sorry :)
00:22:00QuiNN sure
00:22:03Clip bad memory :P
00:24:22pOWa care
00:25:23pOWa b
00:25:29Timu rage ulti
00:25:39Dota.m enigma
00:25:39Dota.m come
00:25:44Dota.m take use my bottle
00:25:47Dota.m i go rune
00:25:59SaloiG bracer weaver
00:26:01pOWa dont let weaver farm
00:26:15NotAHax well against na why not?
00:26:22SaloiG bracer weaver
00:26:26QuiNN hehe :P
00:26:32QuiNN clip 0-14 roof
00:26:39Clip Im wlock :o
00:26:49Timu :D
00:27:03Clip so braindead y?
00:27:10QuiNN hahah 0-14 roof
00:27:24Clip haha braindead enigma
00:28:06Clip also i have 1 game as roof that i have won :/
00:28:10NotAHax all tele top
00:28:28Clip so dunno
00:28:39Clip but now i remembered the game where u got 0-99 enigma
00:28:44Clip im 90% sure
00:28:48Clip nah 100
00:28:50NotAHax yeah
00:28:52NotAHax timu
00:28:55NotAHax why you take all my kills
00:28:58Timu dunno
00:28:59NotAHax you have been steaing them from start
00:29:01NotAHax you tihnk that will win?
00:29:06QuiNN wtf u talking about maggot
00:29:07Timu im not stealing :D
00:29:08NotAHax stealing ur carry kills
00:29:09Timu nigga pls
00:29:11Clip ur 0-99 enigma
00:29:14Clip Was funny game
00:29:20QuiNN .
00:31:13Timu cant fucking win when this nigger na kills all the time
00:31:27KolleBolle tusk
00:32:07KolleBolle leave tuskar
00:32:36spede owned
00:32:42spede except you didnt stun enigma fast enough
00:32:43SaloiG furion farming:P
00:32:49spede because you are a piece of diarrhea
00:32:50pOWa pushing
00:32:56KolleBolle hahahhaa!! rly
00:32:57SaloiG ok gj:P
00:33:00QuiNN :P
00:33:03Dota.m es dagger
00:33:15KolleBolle you are ven the worth tuskar ive seen... i'm better with it...
00:33:16Strom well powa, if you'd just tp into action
00:33:21Strom coul've killed weaver
00:33:22KolleBolle so you must be rly bad
00:33:24Strom he was running around with 200hp
00:33:44KolleBolle frefarm 20 min and got vguard
00:33:56spede freefarm
00:33:57spede sure
00:34:15NotAHax DONT SOLO
00:34:21Timu im not
00:34:39KolleBolle i need dagger so i can do atlest smth
00:34:46NotAHax XD
00:35:04SaloiG go rosh
00:35:04QuiNN get roskan
00:35:06pOWa got hex
00:35:35SaloiG ffs
00:35:41SaloiG go die
00:35:42SaloiG furion
00:35:45SaloiG stupid noob
00:35:52QuiNN furion ?
00:35:53QuiNN wtf
00:35:59NotAHax can someone buy smoke
00:36:01pOWa did i see them all?*
00:36:01NotAHax kollebolle
00:36:22KolleBolle bought dagger
00:36:23KolleBolle now
00:36:26KolleBolle so not now
00:36:43Timu well i have smoke
00:36:44Timu go gang?
00:38:06Timu gg
00:38:06SaloiG u dont like to fight aa?
00:38:08QuiNN we need all for fight
00:38:16Strom I don't like stupid fights, yeah
00:38:19pOWa no we cant fight
00:38:21Strom it was 2v4
00:38:21pOWa 5 vs 5
00:38:22Strom so I left
00:38:24NotAHax so ur playing na for mym aye?
00:38:26Strom dunno why puck stayed
00:38:30Clip Ur 0-99 game was alot like this too ...
00:38:34Clip u did about 100 failultis
00:38:35Clip :DD
00:38:35Clip :D
00:38:42SaloiG strength weaver
00:38:46NotAHax WON GAME
00:38:51NotAHax becouse na too retard xd
00:38:57SaloiG ur just bad
00:38:59SaloiG for rea
00:39:01SaloiG L
00:39:02Clip u mad?
00:39:07NotAHax and still won you third time
00:39:08NotAHax i see
00:39:57Clip Smoke
00:40:06pOWa b
00:40:34pOWa b
00:41:10spede see tiny?
00:41:14spede i rule
00:41:24NotAHax kolle
00:41:25NotAHax let me
00:41:25NotAHax dont
00:41:27NotAHax go top
00:41:41Clip some1 take the some
00:41:43Clip smoke
00:42:25SaloiG PUSH
00:42:26QuiNN ALL
00:42:27QuiNN for push
00:42:27SaloiG bot
00:42:28SaloiG all
00:42:37SaloiG come
00:42:37SaloiG ffs
00:42:39Strom coming
00:42:39pOWa k
00:42:41pOWa cd
00:42:46QuiNN just sidelane
00:42:48QuiNN meanwhile
00:43:04Strom care es
00:43:24SaloiG push
00:43:42Timu ffs
00:43:52Timu ffs
00:43:58Timu was just about to stun na
00:43:58Timu no
00:44:01Timu some random snow ball
00:44:25spede we won the fight because of that very snow ball
00:44:31Timu :
00:44:32Timu .
00:44:33Timu :DD
00:44:35spede could write a motherfucking book about that ball
00:44:36spede dude
00:44:37QuiNN listen
00:44:40QuiNN aa
00:44:40QuiNN hex
00:44:42KolleBolle no....
00:44:44Timu that ball didnt do shit
00:44:46QuiNN for weab
00:44:48Timu it didnt even reach target
00:44:48KolleBolle i fucked NA thats why
00:44:50pOWa meka
00:44:55spede you didn't get how it worked
00:44:58spede they were afraid
00:45:00spede of me
00:45:03spede and backed
00:45:07KolleBolle hahahahhahahhahhahahahahhaha
00:45:10pOWa b
00:45:11KolleBolle todays JOKE
00:45:17pOWa 4 re
00:45:22QuiNN need hex
00:45:23QuiNN on aa
00:45:25QuiNN not hearth plz
00:46:31KolleBolle stopppppppp
00:46:39KolleBolle use my got damn hhero
00:46:42KolleBolle focking christ
00:46:44NotAHax ......
00:46:46NotAHax noone used ur hero
00:46:47NotAHax :DD
00:46:50NotAHax i was using chicken
00:46:51KolleBolle some1 did....
00:46:56KolleBolle dident u se?
00:47:13KolleBolle hope we lose now bec of that
00:47:19QuiNN i jump
00:47:20QuiNN all come
00:47:29SaloiG furon
00:47:32pOWa y
00:48:10pOWa nice
00:48:37spede nice stun kollebolle
00:49:08pOWa bug at rosh
00:49:09pOWa plz
00:49:23KolleBolle ac soon
00:49:29SaloiG they rosh
00:49:30pOWa br
00:49:32pOWa brb
00:50:14Strom bait? ilu?
00:50:15SaloiG illus
00:50:18KolleBolle we need to get an entry soon
00:50:23Dota.m ilu
00:50:25Dota.m i baut
00:50:25Timu or else?
00:50:26Dota.m bait
00:50:29KolleBolle we will lose
00:50:30Timu nota gets too fat?
00:50:35NotAHax wait me
00:50:36QuiNN PUCK
00:50:38QuiNN heX!?
00:50:48Timu wait smoke
00:50:52Dota.m shiva
00:50:55QuiNN why
00:50:58Strom aren't you already making hex enigma?
00:51:02QuiNN ye
00:51:04Strom so
00:51:04QuiNN but need hex
00:51:05QuiNN vs weaver
00:51:07Strom 2 max
00:51:09QuiNN k
00:51:55SaloiG sweeet
00:51:57SaloiG missing people
00:51:59SaloiG in fights
00:52:05pOWa ^^
00:52:56NotAHax ..-
00:52:57NotAHax SO LATE
00:53:06Timu came as fast as i could
00:53:11Timu anybody wants gem?
00:53:59Timu gem there
00:54:00Timu maybe
00:54:07SaloiG go push
00:54:08SaloiG no es
00:54:15SaloiG ffs
00:54:16QuiNN plz
00:54:16QuiNN go all
00:54:17pOWa omw
00:54:19QuiNN go all
00:54:20NotAHax stop solo es
00:54:20NotAHax ..
00:54:25SaloiG u guys are the most passive guys in the hoistory
00:54:26Timu i was going shop
00:54:28QuiNN omg
00:54:29KolleBolle give me gem
00:54:31pOWa go mid puck
00:54:32NotAHax use chick?
00:55:40Strom damn, surprise es
00:55:43Clip Lol u guys did die :/
00:56:02pOWa next time you fight i push lane
00:56:08QuiNN why
00:56:09QuiNN u only hex
00:56:13QuiNN need hex on hero
00:56:16QuiNN listen
00:56:18QuiNN na gank ES
00:56:19QuiNN etc
00:56:22QuiNN an d push again
00:56:24QuiNN now he 0 aegis
00:56:27Strom well this fight was pretty good
00:56:29Strom he had aegis
00:56:40SaloiG almost tower bot
00:56:41SaloiG aswell
00:56:47QuiNN y but listen no more slowpoke on aa puck etc, when push mid not be bot
00:57:50NotAHax GO WITH 5
00:57:51NotAHax ALL MIDD
00:58:24NotAHax wat
00:59:02pOWa b
00:59:02pOWa b
00:59:12SaloiG wtf
00:59:40pOWa gg noobs
00:59:50pOWa B
00:59:51pOWa b
00:59:55pOWa shit noobs
00:59:57Clip enigma u do good ultis
00:59:59NotAHax : d
01:00:01Clip i give u that..
01:00:05NotAHax you rly are good mr saloig
01:00:08pOWa no way
01:00:40Clip was very good game
01:00:41SaloiG def mid
01:00:45Clip just kollebolle >> quin
01:00:49pOWa wp es
01:00:50Clip so pretty easy for us
01:01:01Timu VICTORYYY
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