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Chat log

00:00:15NotAHax -magina
00:00:15Tamme -thrall
00:00:15SaloiG flamebird
00:00:15Tamme or that
00:00:15SaloiG thral
00:00:15NotAHax someone wants bara?
00:00:15Zagor me
00:00:44NotAHax get me doom
00:00:48Zagor k
00:00:50NotAHax Pinary get me doom plz and swap this for someone else
00:00:57NotAHax pinary get me doom and swap this for guy
00:00:57NotAHax plz
00:01:01NotAHax -swap 3
00:01:02Buugi u mid?
00:01:06PinaryB -swap 1
00:01:10Zagor u play bara?
00:01:15QuiNN me and salg lan
00:01:15Zagor i go doc then
00:01:18NotAHax nono
00:01:19NotAHax zagor play
00:01:20NotAHax bara
00:01:20SaloiG lan
00:01:21SaloiG bot
00:01:24NotAHax pinary
00:01:25PinaryB get me dazzle
00:01:25NotAHax what you want?
00:01:27NotAHax k
00:01:29Zagor u want pinary?
00:01:32PinaryB daz
00:01:35Zagor k
00:01:35KolleBolle hmm what to pick? :S
00:01:42PinaryB -swap 4
00:01:43Zagor -swap 3
00:01:54Tamme -water red
00:02:00Tamme -weather moonlight
00:02:01Tamme -hhn
00:02:05KolleBolle wtf
00:02:06Tamme razor'll be mid
00:02:09Tamme i guess
00:02:10NotAHax traxex
00:02:10NotAHax !
00:02:13Buugi lucifer is mid
00:02:15NotAHax :DD
00:02:21BT :DDDDDDD
00:02:23DSoul :D
00:02:31NotAHax xDDD
00:02:35NotAHax trolled
00:02:40NotAHax -ma
00:02:44Buugi share
00:02:44NotAHax im at dangerz vent
00:02:45BT and he plays her
00:02:45NotAHax btw
00:02:47NotAHax :D
00:02:47NotAHax y
00:02:50NotAHax wanna come?
00:02:52BT i broke my mic
00:02:54NotAHax LOL
00:03:01BT berseker mode: ON
00:03:02BT :D
00:03:06KolleBolle so what items to get now?
00:03:14NotAHax well win this
00:03:15NotAHax dont make agha
00:03:17NotAHax just get tanky
00:03:17NotAHax .
00:03:21BT yep
00:03:56BT who the fuck uses frost arrow
00:04:00BT srsly
00:05:27Tamme ok
00:05:40PinaryB solo lol?
00:05:41DSoul lo
00:05:45Tamme palun palun
00:05:49BT np
00:06:17Buugi rune bot?
00:06:19QuiNN no
00:06:27Buugi ss mid
00:06:43NotAHax cant
00:06:53Tamme a sa lvl 6
00:07:03QuiNN gyro
00:07:05QuiNN u suck maggot
00:07:14Buugi rune top
00:07:15Buugi take pls
00:07:18NotAHax so fail bara..
00:07:27BT 'ss
00:07:48NotAHax need obs
00:08:23Buugi ss mid
00:08:31Buugi care
00:08:32Buugi doom dd lvl 6
00:08:45Buugi inc top
00:08:49NotAHax MID MISS
00:08:57Buugi go
00:09:06NotAHax care
00:09:06BT ss
00:09:07DSoul here som1
00:09:31NotAHax i get
00:09:52PinaryB bot lane so gay
00:09:59NotAHax i come gang soon
00:10:12Buugi go
00:10:18Buugi ah
00:10:20Buugi canceled tp
00:10:26Buugi ss mid
00:11:15KolleBolle razor need to be killd asap
00:11:21Buugi ok
00:11:26NotAHax tuskarr inc
00:11:38NotAHax dazzle
00:11:39NotAHax obs plz
00:12:08KolleBolle omfg omfg omfg
00:12:14KolleBolle ball me all the time
00:12:24Buugi ned to kill
00:12:25Buugi razor :S
00:13:00KolleBolle well razor have won the game..
00:13:05SaloiG no
00:13:05NotAHax rune
00:13:07SaloiG u lost it
00:13:11SaloiG its called
00:13:17NotAHax MID MISS
00:13:18Buugi cahged
00:13:20Buugi gyro
00:13:26Buugi kill him
00:13:27SaloiG go top
00:13:29SaloiG drow
00:13:29SaloiG go
00:14:03SaloiG omfg
00:14:03SaloiG u suck
00:14:05BT :D
00:14:05SaloiG so hard
00:14:06NotAHax omw
00:14:13KolleBolle do i?
00:14:14DSoul wtf range
00:14:23BT too juked
00:14:23KolleBolle tell me what i shuld do there...
00:14:24BT this na
00:14:25BT :DDDDD
00:14:28SaloiG fucking hit
00:14:29SaloiG idiot
00:14:40KolleBolle i did? no boots... shadow
00:14:41KolleBolle and
00:14:43KolleBolle i sielnced
00:14:46KolleBolle slowed him
00:15:16Buugi ss doom
00:15:21KolleBolle get him all the time...
00:15:27KolleBolle need to be facking raped
00:15:35NotAHax THEY
00:15:36NotAHax COMING
00:15:37NotAHax TUSKARR
00:15:38NotAHax -.-
00:15:47SaloiG u coming
00:15:47SaloiG ??
00:15:58Tamme DONT PUSH THE LANE
00:15:59Tamme WITH STUNS
00:16:00Tamme omfg
00:16:01Tamme are
00:16:08NotAHax GRAVE
00:16:33BT sick na
00:16:33SaloiG holy
00:16:37DSoul tp
00:16:38DSoul ffs
00:16:42SaloiG O my
00:16:44SaloiG GoD
00:16:44NotAHax this is what they call outplay
00:16:48SaloiG no
00:16:51NotAHax Yes
00:16:51SaloiG u just luck
00:16:58NotAHax yea luck alot when you noob dont stun
00:16:58NotAHax xd
00:17:13SaloiG u are actually really bad
00:17:37Buugi luci inc mid
00:17:38Buugi b
00:17:39Buugi b
00:17:49Buugi told u
00:17:52DSoul daz
00:17:53DSoul wards
00:17:58NotAHax sieltä onkii
00:17:58NotAHax yeah
00:18:02NotAHax atleast..
00:18:05QuiNN sarvet esiin
00:18:07QuiNN ok ?
00:18:09NotAHax no
00:18:14QuiNN very well then
00:18:15QuiNN coachroach
00:18:22QuiNN bugie
00:18:24QuiNN come
00:18:25QuiNN son
00:18:27QuiNN fst
00:18:34Buugi kill top
00:18:36Buugi rzor
00:18:37DSoul nba invi
00:18:39DSoul na*
00:18:52NotAHax lol
00:18:57BT they only focus me
00:18:58BT :D
00:19:02DSoul care then
00:19:12DSoul need help
00:19:15DSoul ASAP
00:19:19DSoul 3 here
00:19:48DSoul carry tps
00:19:50DSoul and use 'em
00:20:05NotAHax i go b
00:20:26NotAHax -ms
00:20:50NotAHax hmm
00:21:08QuiNN help
00:21:08QuiNN ffs
00:21:31NotAHax stop feeding
00:21:38QuiNN gyro
00:21:41QuiNN u low skill
00:21:43QuiNN drow u suck
00:21:48Tamme i know
00:21:49Tamme best pick
00:21:51Tamme to lane with
00:21:53Tamme DROW
00:21:54Tamme with gyro
00:21:56Tamme against
00:21:57Tamme razor
00:21:58Tamme best pick
00:22:01Tamme :))
00:22:03Tamme im low
00:22:05Tamme BOB
00:22:06Tamme might say
00:22:09QuiNN true
00:22:10Tamme fucks sake
00:22:48NotAHax so late ulti
00:23:13NotAHax bara go farm
00:23:13Buugi tower low
00:23:16NotAHax and razor also
00:23:52NotAHax def
00:23:52Buugi b
00:23:53NotAHax ulti
00:23:54NotAHax dazzle
00:24:21NotAHax i will make ac btw
00:25:24SaloiG TP
00:25:47Tamme how do you think
00:25:48NotAHax dazzle
00:25:49Tamme i got bot
00:25:50NotAHax new wards
00:25:51Tamme ran?
00:25:52Tamme fucktard
00:25:55Buugi tower
00:25:58QuiNN Tamme
00:25:58QuiNN u
00:26:00QuiNN low skills
00:26:13Tamme true
00:26:16Tamme and you're a bob
00:26:20NotAHax :;DD
00:26:21NotAHax pro stuns
00:26:28NotAHax b
00:27:10DSoul w8 me mid
00:27:15KolleBolle 1 hp
00:27:54NotAHax :D
00:28:00QuiNN mouse stopped working
00:28:02QuiNN gg ff
00:28:07NotAHax )
00:28:19DSoul -.-
00:28:51NotAHax push towers
00:28:55DSoul gem?
00:29:00NotAHax someoen got?
00:29:06DSoul nope
00:29:08DSoul get?
00:29:32NotAHax pinary
00:29:35NotAHax you rly need to stay back
00:29:42NotAHax wtf rambo
00:29:46NotAHax ..
00:29:48NotAHax so retarted
00:29:49NotAHax rly
00:29:49NotAHax stop that
00:30:14NotAHax ...
00:30:16NotAHax bith
00:30:16NotAHax wtf
00:30:19NotAHax where ur hood man
00:30:20NotAHax sigh
00:30:23NotAHax they have
00:30:24NotAHax 2 dagons
00:30:26NotAHax and na
00:30:30NotAHax ur expect vanguard will be enough -.-?
00:31:01NotAHax dazzlre
00:31:02NotAHax ulti
00:31:03NotAHax them
00:31:39NotAHax need
00:31:40NotAHax all 5
00:31:43NotAHax and axe needs go first
00:31:45NotAHax then dazzle ulti
00:31:46NotAHax then rape
00:31:46NotAHax ..
00:31:53DSoul just revived
00:32:14Zagor b
00:32:27Buugi -ms
00:32:29NotAHax pinaryt
00:32:32NotAHax whats ur problem
00:32:35NotAHax stay back
00:32:35NotAHax rly
00:32:39NotAHax pro stuns
00:32:46PinaryB i was in the tower radius
00:32:48NotAHax beyond godlike
00:32:51NotAHax no you werent
00:32:58NotAHax saloig you play in MYM?
00:32:58DSoul chargee
00:32:59QuiNN dont be cock
00:33:00QuiNN :S
00:33:02SaloiG why u even write to me ? random
00:33:03NotAHax MYM|SWaloiG
00:33:18NotAHax i am cock to cock ppl
00:33:23SaloiG u suck
00:33:24SaloiG hard
00:33:25SaloiG .
00:33:30NotAHax so ur playing in mym?
00:33:34Buugi ei se pelaa
00:33:35NotAHax na ur best hero
00:33:35SaloiG no
00:33:37NotAHax with imba stuns
00:33:44NotAHax dont be shy
00:33:45NotAHax i know you play
00:34:09NotAHax k b
00:34:22NotAHax razoe
00:34:23NotAHax razor
00:34:24NotAHax come
00:34:27Buugi tärkeitä doomeja
00:34:28DSoul im oom
00:34:31NotAHax rage doomei
00:34:33NotAHax 8D
00:35:08NotAHax :DD:DDD
00:35:35NotAHax abith
00:35:36NotAHax plz
00:35:36NotAHax stop
00:35:37NotAHax solo
00:35:37NotAHax okay?
00:35:44DSoul wtf
00:35:46BT ?
00:35:47NotAHax get b
00:35:50NotAHax gyro were
00:35:51NotAHax low hp
00:35:52NotAHax why kill
00:35:53NotAHax .......
00:35:57NotAHax Dsoul
00:36:03NotAHax huskar was gonna snowball you
00:36:06Zagor wtf?
00:36:06NotAHax but no problem saving ur life
00:36:07Tamme yo
00:36:21DSoul w/e
00:36:22BT items
00:36:22BT ty
00:36:24NotAHax drop items
00:36:31DSoul you can't tpuch my hero
00:36:34Tamme care
00:36:39NotAHax but i let you die next time
00:36:40NotAHax n
00:36:43DSoul say then
00:36:45NotAHax if you want to die
00:36:46NotAHax i did?
00:36:48DSoul i can reaact myself
00:36:50KolleBolle some1 else get some wards?
00:36:53NotAHax i doubt that
00:36:56DSoul ....
00:37:02NotAHax you alrdy made many stupid misstake
00:37:16DSoul 1 aint many
00:37:24NotAHax let me
00:37:25NotAHax -.-
00:37:26NotAHax so ac
00:37:29PinaryB asdfölasdkkölasdas
00:37:45NotAHax cna we go
00:37:46NotAHax all midd
00:37:47NotAHax with gem?
00:37:48NotAHax buy me gem
00:38:08NotAHax can we go all midd?
00:38:28NotAHax nice solo man
00:38:30Buugi go mid
00:38:37DSoul solo?
00:38:45NotAHax b
00:38:45NotAHax b
00:39:09NotAHax k
00:39:11NotAHax thanks team
00:39:45NotAHax DONT
00:39:46NotAHax GO
00:39:47NotAHax STAY BACK
00:39:54BT ward
00:39:59Tamme b
00:40:06NotAHax bara
00:40:07NotAHax what i said
00:40:40NotAHax all mid noww
00:40:51NotAHax care
00:40:52Zagor wards?
00:40:55NotAHax i have
00:40:56NotAHax sentrys
00:41:05DSoul w8
00:41:06DSoul rzr
00:41:20NotAHax how stupid you are
00:41:21NotAHax rly
00:41:22NotAHax :DD
00:41:24SaloiG dont care
00:41:29NotAHax yh noobs dont care
00:41:30NotAHax =)
00:41:35NotAHax learn to play game
00:41:38SaloiG haha that was funny
00:41:39SaloiG ye
00:41:42SaloiG i should learn
00:41:48NotAHax you actually should y
00:41:55SaloiG y DoD
00:42:08SaloiG u jellous becaus i am 10x u+
00:42:10SaloiG ?
00:42:11SaloiG ?
00:42:12NotAHax :D
00:42:20Zagor gj
00:42:30NotAHax go midd
00:43:52NotAHax i think we should rosh
00:43:54Zagor wards pls
00:44:13Zagor bkb rdy\
00:44:34DSoul -ii
00:44:40DSoul 2 bkb's right?
00:44:52DSoul allowed
00:44:52NotAHax y
00:44:54NotAHax dont make
00:44:55NotAHax bkb on axe..
00:44:57NotAHax get pipe
00:45:02Zagor blademail
00:45:04Tamme asdasd
00:45:06NotAHax y
00:45:07NotAHax also
00:45:09Tamme didnt look at all :P
00:45:10NotAHax all midd
00:45:12NotAHax i have gem
00:45:14Zagor come smoke
00:45:37NotAHax go rosh
00:45:59NotAHax who take?
00:46:02Zagor u
00:46:02BT u
00:46:05NotAHax no space
00:46:06NotAHax someone else
00:46:06NotAHax go
00:46:11SaloiG ¨go base
00:46:13Tamme b
00:46:13DSoul instead botl?
00:46:15Tamme b
00:46:21NotAHax need def
00:46:24NotAHax well lets go midd
00:47:36NotAHax so you play ino mym?
00:48:05Buugi gg
00:48:06QuiNN GUYRO
00:48:43NotAHax na you suck ;)
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