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Chat log

00:00:04Gevomancer -water 0 0 0
00:00:05Gevomancer /fsp
00:00:08Timu i can lion
00:00:15Mr.HaM get me king pls
00:00:16Mr.HaM some1
00:00:20NotAHax king??
00:00:22NotAHax leoric you mean?
00:00:22Mr.HaM skeleton
00:00:22Mr.HaM y
00:00:22que2stress soo
00:00:22NotAHax lo
00:00:22mrk i want prince
00:00:22que2stress any1 plays bala/aa?
00:00:22Mr.HaM that hero pwn evething here
00:00:22Affliction i can bala
00:00:22Mr.HaM and i pwn with king
00:00:22Mr.HaM i mostly play him
00:00:22NotAHax umm not rly
00:00:22que2stress k
00:00:22que2stress so i ban aa
00:00:22Xove i would love silencer
00:00:22Timu i can lion
00:00:22Mr.HaM anyway
00:00:22Affliction or dirge
00:00:22Mr.HaM ban what
00:00:22Mr.HaM any ideas?
00:00:22NotAHax silencer not good in this pool
00:00:22que2stress k i pick
00:00:22Mr.HaM ud? pheonix?
00:00:22que2stress lion?
00:00:22NotAHax you will get fucked by doom dirge
00:00:22que2stress or bala?
00:00:22NotAHax well
00:00:22Mr.HaM y sile sucks
00:00:22NotAHax you should try get
00:00:22Affliction bala
00:00:22que2stress k
00:00:22Gevomancer bala first
00:00:22que2stress -aa
00:00:22NotAHax LION///UD/ABBA/DOOM
00:00:22que2stress -aa
00:00:22NotAHax ENIGMA
00:00:22Xove ban doom then
00:00:22NotAHax tuskarr
00:00:22Xove or pudge
00:00:22Gevomancer if not bannaed
00:00:22Mr.HaM -aa - BALA
00:00:22Mr.HaM bala is in POOL
00:00:22Mr.HaM helou
00:00:22Mr.HaM !!
00:00:22Mr.HaM ban bala if u wont play him
00:00:22Gevomancer nigger
00:00:22NotAHax -ursa
00:00:22que2stress who will carry?
00:00:28Xove lol
00:00:29NotAHax get lion
00:00:30NotAHax i get doom
00:00:38Gevomancer bala?
00:00:44Affliction u want?
00:00:46Affliction get dirge
00:00:48que2stress hm
00:00:48Timu ffs
00:00:50spede anyone want to play lion?
00:00:55que2stress pick
00:01:00que2stress phoenix
00:01:03Mr.HaM n n
00:01:05Affliction -swap 1
00:01:05Mr.HaM going for king
00:01:08que2stress -swap 2
00:01:10Mr.HaM my fav hero
00:01:11NotAHax get tuskarr
00:01:12mrk what else?
00:01:12NotAHax or enigma
00:01:13NotAHax ffs
00:01:20curdi want me carry :D?
00:01:27NotAHax PLZ
00:01:29NotAHax or pugna
00:01:37que2stress get ud
00:01:43mrk i could play pugna tho
00:01:45que2stress and silencer
00:01:46mrk xove if u want tusk
00:01:48que2stress ...
00:01:48Affliction ud
00:01:49Affliction ud
00:01:50Affliction ud
00:01:52que2stress ud
00:01:54Xove never played him...
00:02:01NotAHax pugna or abba or magnus
00:02:03NotAHax or gyro even
00:02:06curdi bala can solo?
00:02:10NotAHax oh that works also
00:02:11que2stress ud bot with me
00:02:12Affliction sure
00:02:14NotAHax if you know how tu build it correctly
00:02:15que2stress bala mid
00:02:16Xove lanes?
00:02:18Mr.HaM +king
00:02:18NotAHax xove you know emp build?
00:02:19que2stress tiny solo top
00:02:21Xove y
00:02:21que2stress enigma
00:02:22Xove ofc
00:02:23Timu :D
00:02:24que2stress forest
00:02:25NotAHax DO EMP BUILD
00:02:29Xove i will!
00:02:32NotAHax leoric lion bot
00:02:33mrk lanes?
00:02:38Affliction bahh got bad mid items
00:02:45que2stress u want me mid?
00:02:45Timu got bad solo items :S
00:02:46NotAHax well
00:02:48NotAHax xove could solo bot
00:02:49NotAHax and triple top
00:02:50NotAHax go?
00:02:56NotAHax go tp
00:02:56Mr.HaM lion i spam with 1st ability when i get soul ring so that u know
00:02:57NotAHax go top
00:02:58NotAHax go top
00:03:01NotAHax LEORIC TOP
00:03:02NotAHax LEORIC TOP
00:03:10Mr.HaM mother fucker i got shop bot
00:03:16NotAHax and theres shop top also ? : D
00:03:21NotAHax retard
00:03:22spede sharew chicken
00:03:23Mr.HaM oh we are 3 top?
00:03:26NotAHax yes
00:03:33spede thanks
00:03:34Affliction leo mid
00:03:38que2stress mb mirror
00:04:26Timu triple top
00:04:27Timu meh
00:04:29que2stress ud
00:04:32que2stress go help top
00:04:56Xove ss
00:05:40NotAHax xove
00:05:42NotAHax remember tell me misses
00:05:47Xove i ddid
00:05:53NotAHax who missing?
00:05:54NotAHax NAME?
00:05:57Xove dirge
00:06:13mrk ball next wave
00:06:53Affliction ss
00:06:56que2stress n1
00:06:57Xove omg
00:06:57Mr.HaM gj
00:06:58Timu :D
00:06:59NotAHax WAT? :dd
00:07:01Timu mad gang
00:07:02NotAHax wAT
00:07:06NotAHax WHY YOU DIVWE
00:07:06curdi ebin
00:07:12mrk enigma timing
00:07:13Mr.HaM dunno why he dives
00:07:35Affliction bahh
00:07:36Xove ss
00:07:39Xove phin
00:07:45Xove re
00:07:48Mr.HaM can i PLEASE go bot
00:07:55NotAHax go then
00:07:55Mr.HaM pls
00:08:00NotAHax was expected you wsuck
00:08:07Mr.HaM y
00:08:12Mr.HaM after feeding top
00:08:21Mr.HaM "i suck"
00:08:28Xove ss
00:08:41Xove re
00:08:47Mr.HaM lvl 6 pshoenix
00:08:48curdi top ss leo
00:09:13Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:09:24que2stress leo lv l2
00:09:28NotAHax mid miss
00:09:29NotAHax NS INC
00:10:04Affliction ¨ss mid
00:10:24Xove ss
00:11:16NotAHax you rly own with ur leoric
00:11:23Mr.HaM fuck off
00:11:33que2stress are u goign urn?
00:11:36Xove ss
00:11:38Xove btm
00:11:39Affliction no
00:11:39que2stress i will
00:11:40Mr.HaM i know how to play dota
00:11:46NotAHax no you dont :D
00:11:49Mr.HaM and i dont need trool like u that dont even report miss on mid
00:11:54Mr.HaM stfu already
00:11:55NotAHax its ns
00:11:56NotAHax and night
00:11:56Mr.HaM and let me play
00:11:59NotAHax you expect him to famr?
00:11:59NotAHax retard
00:12:09NotAHax you are bot
00:12:13NotAHax gonna banrequest yuo
00:12:24NotAHax not listening
00:12:25NotAHax captain orders
00:12:33Xove ss
00:12:47Xove enigma btm
00:12:58Affliction b
00:13:01que2stress dont dive
00:13:39Gevomancer you blind?
00:13:52que2stress gw
00:13:53Affliction gfreed
00:13:56NotAHax y
00:13:56NotAHax :(
00:14:10Xove they b+åush btm
00:14:12Xove pudh
00:14:22Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:14:22Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:14:22Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:14:42Affliction go
00:15:01Gevomancer -ms
00:15:02Xove they brought dust :S
00:15:16que2stress EH
00:15:28que2stress mega fauil
00:15:31que2stress why not engima ulti
00:15:37curdi wonder why
00:15:46Affliction need dirge
00:16:11que2stress push mid now
00:16:22NotAHax leoric
00:16:23NotAHax go farm top
00:16:23que2stress all
00:16:25NotAHax free farm there
00:16:30NotAHax after you have
00:16:31Mr.HaM sam ehere
00:16:32NotAHax farmed bot
00:16:33NotAHax yy
00:16:36que2stress sec
00:16:38Xove def mid
00:16:51que2stress go mid
00:17:12Affliction :D
00:17:42Xove tusk u lost that battle by taking me in there...
00:17:49Xove fucking noob
00:18:00Xove how can u be so horribly bad!
00:18:30que2stress must rego
00:18:46que2stress wtf
00:18:47que2stress are u doing
00:19:14Affliction 4 mid
00:19:42Mr.HaM sadčfhčsahdf
00:19:46NotAHax fite midd
00:19:52Mr.HaM dead mid
00:20:00Xove omw
00:20:31que2stress hmm
00:20:49que2stress cant go without engima ulti
00:20:51Affliction 17 no boots pheoix?
00:20:55que2stress its ff i think
00:21:01que2stress ah lol
00:21:05que2stress my boots are in chick :D
00:21:15Affliction christ
00:21:17Mr.HaM oom
00:21:31Timu omg
00:21:50que2stress enigma
00:21:51que2stress dagger
00:21:58Xove -ii
00:22:06Xove go their woods?
00:22:07Timu -ii
00:22:19Xove w8 me lion
00:22:33Xove go woods?
00:22:35Xove guys
00:22:36Mr.HaM go DENY
00:22:37spede they all there
00:22:38NotAHax ALL BOT
00:22:38NotAHax ALL BOT
00:22:41Mr.HaM 9 HP
00:22:54Affliction more wards
00:22:54NotAHax GO FIGHT
00:22:58NotAHax leoric can farm
00:22:59Xove omw
00:23:02que2stress b
00:23:06que2stress guys we wont
00:24:12curdi sigh
00:24:15curdi messed keys
00:24:56NotAHax WAIT ME
00:25:04Xove im oom 2...
00:25:07Mr.HaM gank
00:25:11Affliction b
00:25:58que2stress b
00:26:24NotAHax B
00:26:25NotAHax B
00:26:25NotAHax B
00:26:44que2stress hmm this is not going cool
00:26:45Mr.HaM i dont get it
00:26:47NotAHax someone get mjeka
00:26:47NotAHax plz
00:26:48Timu :D
00:26:48Mr.HaM how u attacked
00:26:50que2stress focus
00:26:51Mr.HaM that guy
00:26:54que2stress lion and invoker
00:26:56Mr.HaM with ! mark on your head
00:27:02Timu while nota rapes us
00:27:32NotAHax ALL MIDD
00:27:50Xove we could rosh if we antiwarded
00:27:56NotAHax näh
00:27:57NotAHax smoke beter
00:28:04que2stress enigma
00:28:07que2stress let me ult first
00:28:08que2stress then you
00:28:11que2stress all mid
00:28:20que2stress CVRE
00:28:23Mr.HaM spread
00:28:25Mr.HaM eni ulti
00:28:26Mr.HaM spread
00:29:12Affliction FFS
00:29:15Affliction KILL HIM
00:29:20Mr.HaM xD
00:29:23curdi not even close
00:29:47Mr.HaM i fucked up that fight
00:29:54Mr.HaM i needed 3 seconds to get my ulti
00:29:57Mr.HaM and i died before that
00:30:48que2stress go
00:30:49que2stress all
00:31:00NotAHax HMM
00:31:05NotAHax i think farm might be good option now
00:31:05NotAHax or rosh
00:31:10Mr.HaM help me
00:31:12Mr.HaM lucy
00:31:22NotAHax let me
00:31:22NotAHax tank
00:31:26Mr.HaM no i am better
00:31:29Xove lets rpsjh
00:31:29NotAHax no ur not
00:31:32NotAHax i have navng
00:31:32Xove rosh
00:31:33NotAHax vang
00:31:36NotAHax BUY SMOKE
00:31:52NotAHax COME
00:32:02Gevomancer hide and seek
00:32:04NotAHax y
00:32:06Mr.HaM 300 for relic cmon
00:32:07NotAHax leoric
00:32:07mrk they rosh
00:32:08NotAHax you rdy?
00:32:09mrk or smoke also
00:32:10NotAHax relic
00:32:11NotAHax wtf
00:32:17NotAHax stay
00:32:19NotAHax NEXT TO ME
00:32:20NotAHax LEPORIC
00:32:24que2stress engima
00:32:25que2stress stay b
00:32:27NotAHax fucking retard
00:32:28NotAHax leoric
00:32:33NotAHax gonna banrequest you gameruin
00:32:38Timu put ward
00:32:41que2stress ud go first
00:32:43que2stress and bala
00:32:50Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:32:54NotAHax where are you
00:32:54Affliction ud gets doomed
00:32:58NotAHax yeah you farm creeps meanwhile
00:33:00NotAHax like a pro
00:33:02que2stress then u go first
00:33:03NotAHax dont come
00:33:04NotAHax dont come
00:33:04Mr.HaM zz
00:33:07mrk why bring em here ffs
00:33:07Timu ward
00:34:22NotAHax LEORIC
00:34:23NotAHax RADI SUCKS
00:34:24NotAHax make bkb
00:34:25NotAHax and stygian
00:34:27NotAHax fucking retard..
00:34:34NotAHax well hf ur gameruin ban
00:34:35NotAHax you dont come rosh
00:34:38NotAHax you tele awayu when we could kill
00:34:40NotAHax just pro
00:34:46Mr.HaM what is your problem
00:34:54NotAHax my problem is that ur retard
00:34:55curdi cant focus doom
00:34:56NotAHax who cant play this gamer
00:34:59Timu y
00:35:02NotAHax you dont listen ur captain
00:35:04NotAHax you solo make fail item builds
00:35:08NotAHax dont come help us rosh
00:35:09NotAHax and you tell
00:35:10Affliction tiny should fokus lion
00:35:11Affliction 1 shot
00:35:12NotAHax xD
00:35:15que2stress y
00:35:29Xove im gonna heal and come
00:35:41NotAHax wow you made that relic
00:35:42Mr.HaM u are funny guy
00:35:45Mr.HaM notahax
00:35:45NotAHax so retarted
00:35:48Mr.HaM i laugh at u now :DD
00:35:53Mr.HaM hahahahahahha
00:35:57Xove care mid
00:35:59que2stress gang
00:36:02mrk smoke
00:36:03Affliction u cant
00:36:06que2stress we can
00:36:09Xove care
00:36:19NotAHax B
00:36:22que2stress k mid
00:36:24Mr.HaM regroup
00:36:25Mr.HaM and go
00:36:26que2stress we need counter wards
00:36:26Mr.HaM no b
00:36:28que2stress or smokes
00:36:36Affliction ud stay back
00:36:38Mr.HaM got no ulti -_-
00:36:40que2stress someone take those
00:36:42Mr.HaM wait 30 sec
00:36:44mrk no worries
00:36:45mrk u have radi
00:36:48NotAHax FOLOW
00:36:52que2stress meet and smoke
00:36:55que2stress bala
00:37:00Affliction sec
00:37:01NotAHax -MS
00:37:07que2stress ud i give you
00:37:09NotAHax TUSKAR FIRST
00:37:13Mr.HaM dust needed
00:37:19Affliction lol
00:37:20que2stress and
00:37:20que2stress gg
00:37:24curdi wp
00:37:28que2stress BASE
00:37:38que2stress holy shit
00:37:38que2stress team
00:37:41que2stress D
00:37:41Affliction LOL
00:37:42curdi I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:45Timu affliction
00:37:46Timu jesus
00:37:47que2stress I LOVE THEM
00:37:52que2stress WHY THE HELL
00:37:53que2stress YOU GO
00:37:55que2stress IN?
00:37:59curdi tiny did
00:38:00Mr.HaM btw they cant blink
00:38:02Timu meh
00:38:02Mr.HaM cause of my radi
00:38:05NotAHax ..
00:38:06Timu thought everybody wanted to go in
00:38:08NotAHax you rly are retard
00:38:09Affliction I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:12que2stress EVERYBODY?
00:38:12Timu I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:38:13spede they blinked in
00:38:14spede :D
00:38:14Mr.HaM hahahaha
00:38:16Timu :D
00:38:16que2stress u realized that bala was dead?
00:38:16spede retard
00:38:18Mr.HaM and u r realy funny guy
00:38:21Timu who gives a fuck about that
00:38:25que2stress well
00:38:27que2stress we lose
00:38:29que2stress cause u dont
00:38:30Timu no shit :D
00:38:33curdi no shit..
00:38:45que2stress go
00:39:11NotAHax OMW
00:39:18NotAHax -MS
00:39:25que2stress u see
00:39:33Xove damn
00:39:34que2stress we can fight
00:39:36que2stress if we do
00:39:37Timu idd
00:39:48Mr.HaM tusk
00:40:23NotAHax ---.--.-..-.-
00:40:48que2stress def
00:40:55Xove go mid?
00:40:55que2stress we got no towers anymore
00:40:57que2stress at throne
00:41:00spede no w/o doom
00:41:01NotAHax YOU NEED ME
00:41:02mrk let them take 1st
00:41:03que2stress case u went 4v5
00:41:04NotAHax def in bas
00:41:04mrk def base
00:41:06que2stress 3v5
00:41:07NotAHax def in base
00:41:08curdi who cares
00:41:14NotAHax wtf
00:41:14que2stress i do
00:41:14NotAHax ur doing
00:41:16que2stress cazse we could win
00:41:23NotAHax YEAH GO RAMBO
00:41:31Affliction b
00:41:37NotAHax go midd nowq
00:42:53que2stress enigma
00:42:56curdi yes
00:42:57que2stress whsy u never use ulti :(
00:43:01Xove weeee
00:43:03Xove wp
00:43:05curdi i got hexed
00:43:06Affliction suxs that engima
00:43:07curdi and stunned
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