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Chat log

00:00:16Mr.HaM tuskar + tiny
00:00:16Mr.HaM :-/
00:00:16NoHankyPanky i dont get that
00:00:16MariahCarry tb
00:00:16NoHankyPanky whats the combo?
00:00:16Mr.HaM its insta death ombo
00:00:16Mr.HaM combo
00:00:16Mr.HaM no matter your hp
00:00:16MariahCarry tuskar would be in the way
00:00:16NoHankyPanky u toss tuskar in fight?
00:00:16MariahCarry for toss
00:00:16NoHankyPanky and he snowballs?
00:00:16Mr.HaM no u roll
00:00:16MariahCarry yea
00:00:16Mr.HaM together
00:00:16MariahCarry exactly
00:00:16BoNeshaw bs leoric or
00:00:16eWeresT qop?
00:00:16NoHankyPanky better to toss tuskar first
00:00:16NoHankyPanky then snowball
00:00:16Mr.HaM u roll, stun, stun toss, ulti fomr tuskar
00:00:16Mr.HaM u are dead
00:00:16NoHankyPanky more distance
00:00:16MariahCarry and then tuskar uses ice to block off entrances
00:00:16MariahCarry where enemies could come
00:00:16NoHankyPanky and tiny should lvl hsi armor then
00:00:16NoHankyPanky if they come into trouble
00:00:16MariahCarry exactrly
00:00:16eWeresT ban what u wish :p
00:00:16MariahCarry let's lane tiny huskar bot
00:00:16zebbelito ???
00:00:16BoNeshaw leoric
00:00:16zebbelito ban
00:00:16MariahCarry banana
00:00:16MariahCarry ^^
00:00:16eWeresT lets get this party started
00:00:18NoHankyPanky can tuskar walros punch tiny? is that the combo*+
00:00:20NoHankyPanky ?
00:00:23NoHankyPanky some bug?
00:00:32Mr.HaM no
00:00:37Mr.HaM they jsut roll together, and gg
00:00:41BoNeshaw anyone want lich?
00:00:41Mr.HaM cant do shit
00:00:43Mr.HaM vs that
00:00:45eWeresT i want lina :P
00:00:54eWeresT :)
00:00:57NoHankyPanky hmmm ah with tiny buys book and tuskar gets his ice thingie they have 5 units to control
00:00:59Mr.HaM they roam and get kills
00:01:00NoHankyPanky thats imba combo
00:01:00Mr.HaM that is that
00:01:01zebbelito want tuskar?
00:01:13FetAA lich :O
00:01:15FetAA lich in da pool
00:01:16FetAA still
00:01:18zebbelito want tusk?
00:01:28NoHankyPanky lich
00:01:32BoNeshaw /w BoNeshaw DotaKeys: on
00:01:33BoNeshaw /w BoNeshaw DotaKeys: Please type Hero's ORIGINAL hotkeys...
00:01:33NoHankyPanky bah
00:01:36BoNeshaw /w BoNeshaw DotaKeys: You typed f, g, d, t
00:01:44eWeresT u play it or want swap ?
00:01:44zebbelito ham?
00:01:48Mr.HaM n n
00:01:51BoNeshaw lich u go boot
00:01:59eWeresT bone what u want
00:02:01NoHankyPanky melee fighters!
00:02:05BoNeshaw i will play myself
00:02:06FetAA AXE
00:02:08NoHankyPanky is that the combo?
00:02:09NoHankyPanky two melee
00:02:15FetAA :d
00:02:16Mr.HaM lucy mid?=
00:02:19eWeresT allright then
00:02:19extremewaari -swap 5
00:02:20Mr.HaM or me
00:02:21MariahCarry me mid
00:02:22livingde4th me lina top
00:02:22MariahCarry ofc
00:02:28zebbelito me bot
00:02:29zebbelito then
00:02:32eWeresT extrem?
00:02:35extremewaari dont swap
00:02:38eWeresT y
00:03:00livingde4th hanky u mad?=
00:03:04livingde4th dont doom us plz
00:03:06zebbelito why talk about this shit if u aint payin it
00:03:07NoHankyPanky yes
00:03:12livingde4th doom bs
00:03:15livingde4th he wants it
00:03:17zebbelito ¨couldve picked othger
00:03:18NoHankyPanky i doom lich
00:03:20extremewaari :)
00:03:22BoNeshaw yy likes verry very much
00:03:25livingde4th dont ruin my game
00:03:30livingde4th plz
00:03:34eWeresT doom me
00:03:34livingde4th i wont own i promise
00:03:38Mr.HaM tiny go bot on lvl 3 and kill
00:03:45livingde4th deal?
00:04:53NoHankyPanky dnopt
00:04:56NoHankyPanky than4x
00:05:44NoHankyPanky upg bird plz
00:05:55IceMal ss
00:06:25zebbelito soon
00:06:29zebbelito 1 pull
00:06:41eWeresT gj
00:06:48NoHankyPanky lad dog vær med at give fb
00:07:48MariahCarry ss mid
00:07:52MariahCarry care bot
00:07:52extremewaari mid ss
00:07:57MariahCarry re
00:07:58NoHankyPanky he has ulti
00:07:58NoHankyPanky bs
00:08:08NoHankyPanky b
00:08:08zebbelito spin lich
00:08:32livingde4th ss
00:08:47Mr.HaM go gank top lich
00:08:50Mr.HaM tiny*
00:08:56MariahCarry boots
00:08:56MariahCarry sec
00:08:57Mr.HaM just toss me
00:09:06IceMal ss
00:09:44NoHankyPanky wtf panda
00:09:45NoHankyPanky why go
00:09:49NoHankyPanky we have nothing
00:10:02NoHankyPanky ¨i freaking hope i saved u with that block
00:10:07NoHankyPanky ss top
00:10:10eWeresT ...
00:10:23Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:10:23Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:10:28MariahCarry lich was mid
00:10:31FetAA im dead
00:10:32FetAA prob
00:10:43NoHankyPanky top all fucked
00:10:43MariahCarry can u stop feeding
00:10:45MariahCarry omg
00:10:50NoHankyPanky nope
00:11:01extremewaari mid ss
00:11:03NoHankyPanky going bot
00:11:04NoHankyPanky go top jug
00:12:01MariahCarry go
00:12:07eWeresT luci bot
00:13:24NoHankyPanky b he ulti
00:13:34Mr.HaM 3 top
00:13:36Mr.HaM cant hold them
00:14:50BoNeshaw tiny with invis
00:14:59Mr.HaM btw tossme only when i have ulti pls
00:15:11BoNeshaw b
00:15:13BoNeshaw tiny with invis
00:15:19MariahCarry ofc
00:15:20BoNeshaw b
00:15:20BoNeshaw b
00:15:22BoNeshaw tiny invis
00:15:57IceMal poinson!
00:15:58BoNeshaw jugge used ulti
00:16:02eWeresT ........
00:16:03eWeresT d.
00:16:03eWeresT asgf
00:16:03eWeresT ds
00:16:04eWeresT hds
00:16:04eWeresT d
00:16:11MariahCarry bs freefarming
00:16:15MariahCarry 13 min
00:16:18MariahCarry gotta start gankin
00:16:18FetAA np
00:16:21FetAA oops
00:16:36extremewaari TUSKAR
00:16:36FetAA glying?
00:16:39eWeresT blind?=
00:16:41eWeresT ffs
00:16:58Mr.HaM rune in 10 sec
00:17:07Mr.HaM rune
00:17:12IceMal care tiny inc
00:17:23eWeresT KILL
00:17:29IceMal omg
00:17:30eWeresT why u b
00:17:31eWeresT ffs
00:17:44MariahCarry help
00:17:45MariahCarry ffs
00:17:46IceMal no uli
00:17:47IceMal oom
00:17:48NoHankyPanky no can do
00:18:45zebbelito hahahah
00:18:50FetAA lol was oom
00:18:56NoHankyPanky so shit bs heal stil works with doom ulti
00:19:00IceMal heal
00:19:31IceMal haha
00:19:58livingde4th dance baby dance
00:20:09livingde4th u like it? :))
00:20:11Mr.HaM ok mid down
00:20:20Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:20:20Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:20:20Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:20:20Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:20:20Mr.HaM MISS - BE CAREFUL
00:21:39eWeresT k
00:22:57extremewaari wait
00:22:59extremewaari ffs
00:23:34eWeresT ..
00:23:36zebbelito we have doom?
00:23:40NoHankyPanky yeah me
00:23:46NoHankyPanky i am playing doom hero
00:23:57MariahCarry he's dooming sent
00:24:12FetAA tiny?
00:24:15FetAA u coulda save me
00:24:18FetAA they were in pile
00:24:19FetAA u idiot
00:24:31FetAA cause tiny is tetris player
00:24:40FetAA "better suicide later alone?
00:24:47IceMal lol
00:24:50NoHankyPanky u all suck
00:24:51MariahCarry i got one
00:24:51zebbelito ? :D
00:24:53eWeresT wp
00:24:58MariahCarry and i find it fun to kill people
00:25:02MariahCarry so i don't care if i die
00:25:04MariahCarry lost anyways
00:25:18FetAA how come i ts lost u fat fuck?
00:25:30MariahCarry ts?
00:25:38FetAA ?
00:25:52MariahCarry invalid 7uestion
00:25:58MariahCarry please check ur spelling and try again
00:26:14FetAA even if ur horrible tiny doesent mean we lost this
00:26:33FetAA we rape 5on5 ez
00:26:38IceMal wtf
00:26:55Mr.HaM tuskar
00:26:57Mr.HaM ?
00:27:21NoHankyPanky i could have told u that
00:27:26FetAA y
00:27:38NoHankyPanky that too
00:28:47livingde4th b
00:28:48livingde4th b
00:28:56BoNeshaw agha or guinsooo
00:29:05extremewaari lich why u farm all the time? :o
00:29:20zebbelito hahaha
00:29:23FetAA panda not too smart
00:29:24extremewaari LICHJ
00:30:00extremewaari ULKTU
00:30:09NoHankyPanky told u that too
00:30:14zebbelito u tell alot
00:30:16zebbelito but suck alot
00:30:16FetAA I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:45zebbelito silence
00:30:46zebbelito dead
00:30:58eWeresT asd
00:31:06IceMal ulti
00:31:26Mr.HaM tell me
00:31:26NoHankyPanky panda 3k?
00:31:29Mr.HaM why u keep ultying bs
00:31:37NoHankyPanky no other weak right there
00:31:43NoHankyPanky whats with the 3k`?
00:31:46Mr.HaM every fight?
00:31:52Mr.HaM u know what
00:31:57MariahCarry ulting bs
00:31:57Mr.HaM u should watch my money more often
00:32:00Mr.HaM even in team fights
00:32:01MariahCarry after he used ulti
00:32:03MariahCarry is retarded
00:32:04MariahCarry doom
00:32:10MariahCarry but i guess that sums up ur gameplan Quite well
00:32:14MariahCarry so go ahead
00:32:25NoHankyPanky tuskar tiny evil combo
00:32:30NoHankyPanky doom panda not so much
00:32:44NoHankyPanky panda straight radi?
00:32:47MariahCarry lol
00:32:51MariahCarry doom panda imba combo
00:32:57FetAA radi imba in panda
00:32:59FetAA most useless item
00:33:01FetAA i could think
00:33:01MariahCarry doom removes a creep that's in the way
00:33:04MariahCarry and panda crits
00:33:04NoHankyPanky not vs sk lina no no, and we be stupid
00:33:09NoHankyPanky y
00:33:19NoHankyPanky and i take the whirlwind creep
00:33:24MariahCarry ^^
00:33:34NoHankyPanky so i can kill creep wave while panda goes hero or tower
00:33:39MariahCarry SHE DEAD
00:33:44eWeresT u just were mid :(
00:33:47eWeresT speedhack
00:33:49MariahCarry IM FAST LIKE THAT
00:33:52MariahCarry FAST HAX
00:34:44NoHankyPanky panda buy items?
00:34:49NoHankyPanky radi no good
00:34:51Mr.HaM lucy STFU?
00:34:53MariahCarry items suck
00:34:55FetAA if hes proo
00:34:55MariahCarry money in the bank
00:35:02NoHankyPanky yeah interest in new patch
00:35:03MariahCarry bling blang blaow
00:35:04NoHankyPanky is good
00:35:08FetAA pros like panda need only boots
00:35:09IceMal invis
00:35:11MariahCarry he ballin
00:35:13FetAA and luxury 2x circlet
00:35:14IceMal i take
00:35:18IceMal suprise ulti
00:35:45MariahCarry HEY
00:35:57FetAA panda how much money u gonna bank
00:36:00livingde4th w8
00:36:01livingde4th shop
00:36:04livingde4th agha
00:36:04FetAA u want to hire roshan for us or what?
00:36:06livingde4th b
00:36:06livingde4th b
00:36:08NoHankyPanky buy fucking scepter or part of it?
00:36:35NoHankyPanky panda going radi :D
00:36:41eWeresT y u doom me?
00:36:42eWeresT bitch
00:36:48NoHankyPanky the one item that is good combo with his ulti
00:36:53NoHankyPanky they told me to stop ulti bs
00:37:02FetAA panda has relic now
00:37:05NoHankyPanky can u ban panda for going radi? or
00:37:11NoHankyPanky or devine
00:37:21eWeresT nah
00:37:45FetAA that relic rly pwned
00:37:50NoHankyPanky devine straight?
00:37:53FetAA +60 dmg every autoattack
00:37:55NoHankyPanky good combo with your ulti
00:37:55livingde4th linask=gayduo
00:37:58NoHankyPanky like tuskar/tiny
00:37:59MariahCarry so did ur mad farm jugge
00:38:02NoHankyPanky i see the smart
00:38:02livingde4th sorry guys
00:38:10extremewaari hot on pop?
00:38:13FetAA well better than urs
00:38:15livingde4th good try though
00:38:15FetAA or pandas
00:38:17MariahCarry not really
00:38:23extremewaari bkb<hot
00:38:32FetAA well seems math not ur best
00:38:33Mr.HaM feta
00:38:38extremewaari bkb<hot
00:38:38Mr.HaM u can STFU same as this sthiyy LUCY
00:38:44Mr.HaM u got MOST shitty ITEMS
00:38:44extremewaari hot>bkb?
00:38:45FetAA WHY U spaek shit and build shit
00:38:48Mr.HaM fucking PT on YUGER
00:38:52FetAA HAHAHHA
00:38:53FetAA HAHA
00:38:56FetAA dont make me puke
00:39:06FetAA u got relic u DUMB FUCk
00:39:10FetAA and talking about builds
00:39:10Mr.HaM Y SO!?
00:39:12Mr.HaM tard
00:39:20FetAA its like virging talking about fuckign
00:39:29FetAA u fat fuck
00:40:06FetAA relic pwned
00:40:06Mr.HaM .ff
00:40:08Mr.HaM !ff
00:40:11MariahCarry I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:19MariahCarry best game of the day
00:40:24NoHankyPanky radi first item panda... i have to write this down.. i understand now better why our communication owned on lane
00:40:25Mr.HaM pt / s and y on yuger
00:40:26Mr.HaM lul
00:40:36NoHankyPanky it a joke right? the relic?
00:40:36MariahCarry mr.ham
00:40:37Mr.HaM and lucy
00:40:37MariahCarry :)
00:40:39NoHankyPanky because we lost?
00:40:39Mr.HaM realy
00:40:41MariahCarry ur a bigger joke
00:40:48FetAA y he cant be seriosuly doing relic
00:40:49Mr.HaM relic owns on panda
00:40:50Mr.HaM always did
00:40:54FetAA :DDD
00:41:00FetAA u must be trolling
00:41:08FetAA even u cant be dumb enough
00:41:28zebbelito lol
00:41:30zebbelito jugger sucks
00:41:33NoHankyPanky u know panda is about the ulti`?
00:41:38Mr.HaM y so?
00:41:39NoHankyPanky does radiance work with the ulti`?
00:41:41Mr.HaM WHAT ABOUT IT
00:41:43Mr.HaM YES IT DOES
00:41:46NoHankyPanky ok
00:41:57FetAA IS what u need
00:41:59FetAA u dumb
00:42:00FetAA fuck
00:42:01Mr.HaM o k
00:42:01NoHankyPanky dagger agghanim
00:42:02Mr.HaM mr. yuger
00:42:05Mr.HaM mr. pt yuger
00:42:14FetAA pt on jugger is standard vs caster team
00:42:15FetAA LOL
00:42:20FetAA MRHAM does phase and has 800hp
00:42:26FetAA I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:27MariahCarry pt sucks
00:42:27eWeresT fuuuuu
00:42:28NoHankyPanky mine!
00:42:29MariahCarry :O
00:42:53MariahCarry tihihi
00:43:13NoHankyPanky my small soldiers?
00:43:21MariahCarry hjalp de meget eller rigtig meget?
00:43:29NoHankyPanky var lige ved at leve pga dem
00:43:37NoHankyPanky de ligner mig ret meget så sk og lina tog næsten fejl
00:44:07MariahCarry hahahahaha
00:44:09MariahCarry im lmao
00:44:10MariahCarry xD
00:44:29MariahCarry noone escapes lich ulti if i have a say in it
00:44:30eWeresT gg ff?
00:44:34FetAA I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:39NoHankyPanky :D
00:45:07extremewaari my killz!!
00:45:09NoHankyPanky good game
00:45:10eWeresT :D
00:45:11NoHankyPanky almost had em
00:45:13MariahCarry great game indeed
00:45:21NoHankyPanky mr ham add up
00:45:30NoHankyPanky i want to lane with you... we a good tard team
00:45:37BoNeshaw ://(((
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