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92% | 1503 X | 1540 TS

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Chat log

00:00:08MariahCarry hey
00:00:17Xove hellow there stranger
00:00:22Xove -clear
00:00:26MariahCarry +2k idag :D
00:00:27Momdsiw statsit kaatuu
00:00:27Momdsiw niitä nousemaan en saa
00:00:30FetAA i hope +2k in pokkers
00:00:30Xove ikke dårligt!
00:00:30MariahCarry yea
00:00:30ATS_ ei jaksais valin pudgee
00:00:30MariahCarry obv
00:00:30FetAA lol what u playing
00:00:30valiante dirge
00:00:30FetAA nl200?
00:00:30Momdsiw mä linetän fetaa
00:00:30MariahCarry haha er det markers eller evox
00:00:30Xove Er det derfor at folk kalder dig Hr.Grysleiner?
00:00:30Vangelis ban weaveR?
00:00:30MariahCarry nl200-600
00:00:30MariahCarry hu
00:00:30MariahCarry ja faktisk
00:00:30MariahCarry :O
00:00:30FetAA what network
00:00:30MariahCarry eredar
00:00:30MariahCarry ft and ongame
00:00:30Vangelis get weaver???
00:00:30MariahCarry we should play fetaa
00:00:30Vangelis :D
00:00:30FetAA ok i can play u someday
00:00:30Momdsiw furion is gay ass hero
00:00:31Momdsiw pick it
00:00:34MariahCarry let's
00:00:36MariahCarry after game?
00:00:37Momdsiw take lion for me
00:00:38FetAA im playing b2b
00:00:44FetAA so i dont have money on any ongame
00:00:45FetAA site
00:00:51valiante ok
00:00:54MariahCarry b2b?
00:01:01valiante get wisp pudge
00:01:03FetAA mm enraction
00:01:05valiante for bot lane
00:01:06FetAA entraction
00:01:07MariahCarry oh
00:01:09valiante ?
00:01:11MariahCarry crapsite
00:01:13Momdsiw pelaaks
00:01:14valiante ok
00:01:15Momdsiw vai swappaaks
00:01:21Momdsiw leijona
00:01:23Momdsiw juuhuuu
00:01:29FetAA mm for nl200 hu u can find
00:01:35valiante ok viper venomancer
00:01:36valiante now
00:01:38MariahCarry i bet there's no action
00:01:44Xove swap?
00:01:47MariahCarry u play 200hu?
00:01:48Vangelis nah
00:01:49Xove veno?
00:01:51FetAA depends
00:01:57MariahCarry 100-200?
00:01:59Momdsiw 20nl theres like 4k ?e stakes
00:02:02Momdsiw pelaatko
00:02:03Momdsiw ite
00:02:03FetAA y
00:02:04Momdsiw vai swaps
00:02:05valiante no
00:02:07MariahCarry cool
00:02:08valiante abba top
00:02:12Sotamursu we are in mumble
00:02:12MariahCarry can u 4table?
00:02:13Sotamursu ...
00:02:13ATS_ i woods
00:02:15valiante dont care
00:02:19valiante im not letting bot lane loose
00:02:29Vangelis i go bot then?
00:02:31Sotamursu so ur going to put solo pudge?
00:02:32MariahCarry im getting so little action atm on ft
00:02:33verybad shaer chick
00:02:34valiante no
00:02:35valiante viper
00:02:38valiante slow
00:02:40valiante hook
00:02:40valiante rot
00:02:41valiante dead
00:02:45verybad wait
00:02:46verybad wat
00:02:48verybad give me abba
00:02:48Momdsiw ill make ward veno
00:02:50FetAA I usually avoid 4-tabling same opponent
00:02:53verybad dis sucks dicks
00:02:55FetAA im weakk
00:03:02valiante 2 melee is worse
00:03:02Idx shouldve gotten basi
00:03:03FetAA i lose focus
00:03:04FetAA ;p
00:03:04valiante u and viper will rape
00:03:13valiante and u get lots of kills
00:03:13Momdsiw im to poor for basi
00:03:14Momdsiw after chick
00:03:17Momdsiw you should bought wards
00:03:18Momdsiw bot
00:03:25verybad not plausible imo
00:03:53Momdsiw lol :D??
00:03:55Momdsiw hook lvl 1
00:03:56Idx even saw him there
00:03:58Sotamursu razor im making basi
00:04:05Momdsiw rot is much better?
00:04:29Sotamursu >last pick telling others how to play
00:04:30FetAA would u believe
00:04:36FetAA that svents plays nl200 refular
00:04:37FetAA on ongamer
00:04:42FetAA @ ongame
00:04:44MariahCarry no
00:04:51FetAA i played him hup
00:04:53Idx well
00:04:53Momdsiw so?
00:04:55Momdsiw It basics
00:04:55MariahCarry LOL
00:04:59Momdsiw its
00:04:59Idx he gets like 1k rakes every mouth
00:05:02Sotamursu u are basic
00:05:02FetAA hes regu in nl200 6-max
00:05:07verybad i am advanced
00:05:10MariahCarry nick?
00:05:17FetAA cant remember anymore
00:05:18FetAA ask him
00:05:32FetAA we played for fun nl100 hu for 40mins or so
00:05:41Momdsiw whats hu
00:05:46Idx heads up?
00:05:49FetAA mm
00:05:50Momdsiw k
00:06:02Vangelis try now
00:06:04Vangelis got boots
00:06:22FetAA come kill
00:06:31Momdsiw XD
00:07:08valiante miss
00:07:08valiante furi
00:07:20FetAA lol
00:07:21FetAA en kattonu
00:07:26MariahCarry gank mid
00:07:29ATS_ vaikka blinkkasin
00:07:29Momdsiw k
00:07:37MariahCarry need dust
00:07:48valiante re
00:07:53Momdsiw hard gangable
00:08:07Momdsiw he has ulti
00:08:22valiante hi
00:08:22Momdsiw cant gank
00:08:29Momdsiw no dust
00:08:31Vangelis miss bot
00:08:50valiante miss
00:08:54valiante MISS
00:08:55valiante UFRI
00:08:59valiante re
00:09:06FetAA meen base re soon
00:09:14valiante miss again
00:09:24FetAA :D
00:09:40Sotamursu ss lion
00:09:41Sotamursu long time
00:09:56FetAA tp mid with dust
00:09:58ATS_ momsi wardeja
00:10:06verybad -ha
00:10:06verybad -st
00:10:13MariahCarry get bot
00:10:17FetAA tp mid with dust
00:10:17FetAA instead
00:10:19FetAA hmp
00:10:25MariahCarry VENO
00:10:32Momdsiw was shopping
00:10:36valiante never seen this
00:10:40valiante bad viper
00:10:44FetAA :
00:10:52Momdsiw why hes bad?
00:10:53verybad i told u i wanted abba
00:10:58valiante cant orbwalk
00:11:09FetAA use dusT?
00:11:10Momdsiw if he havent skilled slow?
00:11:11FetAA he come to us :D
00:11:15FetAA idx freezing
00:11:21Idx got some laggs
00:11:25MariahCarry get mid
00:11:31Idx omfg
00:11:38Idx zzz
00:11:55Momdsiw i push bot twr
00:12:02MariahCarry kill vbiper
00:12:03MariahCarry i tp
00:12:19Vangelis thanks
00:13:05Sotamursu rune
00:13:06Sotamursu they got
00:13:07Sotamursu care bot
00:13:25valiante mass dust
00:13:32valiante ULTI
00:13:35valiante VUIPEr
00:13:37valiante THROW
00:13:37Idx oom
00:13:49valiante fucking insane
00:13:53FetAA what
00:14:59ATS_ ss
00:15:00Momdsiw i blocked the path
00:15:01ATS_ re
00:15:08Momdsiw almost :<
00:15:08MariahCarry gotta gank top
00:15:13Sotamursu not even close
00:15:19Momdsiw my imba blocks
00:15:39MariahCarry gj
00:15:52ATS_ ss
00:16:39Momdsiw b
00:16:56valiante viper
00:17:50Sotamursu furi
00:17:50FetAA :_D viper
00:17:52FetAA doesent care
00:17:53FetAA to go b
00:17:59Momdsiw nice
00:18:12FetAA tp
00:18:12FetAA veno
00:18:13FetAA tapetaa
00:18:18FetAA mee takaa
00:18:19verybad -st
00:18:21FetAA eiku mä
00:18:23FetAA ?
00:18:24FetAA what
00:18:26Momdsiw wtf
00:18:27Momdsiw :D
00:18:28Momdsiw oho
00:18:31Momdsiw katoin et telesin jo
00:18:32Momdsiw vittu
00:18:33Momdsiw Asd
00:18:44Momdsiw en oo tottunu olee ruskee
00:19:36Momdsiw fuck
00:19:50Momdsiw this your noob viper rapes our team
00:20:01FetAA :D
00:20:02Idx right
00:20:06MariahCarry oh wow
00:20:07Vangelis epic
00:20:09Vangelis aint it
00:20:10Vangelis :D
00:20:12Idx thought i had ult
00:20:48verybad ADVANCED CREEPING
00:20:50FetAA this is momdsiwww
00:20:54valiante :D
00:21:08FetAA 5 man gnak top
00:21:18Momdsiw oh we have ds
00:21:41Momdsiw ds farmed 20 min for nothing :O
00:21:50valiante gj
00:21:51FetAA noob ally i ff
00:22:03Momdsiw mul on taas krapula häviö aura
00:22:08ATS_ they was wating in woods
00:22:09FetAA farming lesson by ats
00:22:14verybad -st
00:22:17FetAA how to farm w00dz
00:22:20Momdsiw oon kohta jo 20% taas
00:22:27Sotamursu 1. go die to aba at lvl 3
00:22:31Momdsiw en pääse enää ees silverii
00:22:42ATS_ no oli virhe koittaa gangii midii
00:23:30verybad -ha
00:23:31verybad -st
00:24:05Vangelis ..........................
00:24:17valiante ^^
00:24:43MariahCarry bot def
00:24:50Vangelis what
00:24:53Vangelis should i build
00:24:54Vangelis ...
00:24:59verybad vanguard treads
00:25:03Vangelis after that
00:25:07Sotamursu mb lothar
00:25:07verybad agha
00:25:10Sotamursu or agha
00:25:11MariahCarry ats
00:25:13Sotamursu forgot that improves ur ulti
00:25:13MariahCarry wake up
00:25:15Vangelis no loth i think, because they carry dust
00:25:18ATS_ täh
00:25:20ATS_ what?
00:25:22Sotamursu make agha
00:25:46valiante they come now
00:26:37Idx just fucking haste me ffs
00:27:20Momdsiw ASd
00:28:21verybad -st
00:28:24Sotamursu b
00:28:37valiante b
00:28:47valiante thx
00:29:02valiante keep up the pushing
00:29:06FetAA xoveki farmannu
00:29:08Vangelis coming
00:29:08FetAA 26min
00:29:20Momdsiw j
00:29:39FetAA no huhhu
00:30:04FetAA täähä iha perseest
00:30:07FetAA vois ff ja suihq
00:30:11FetAA we suck so much
00:30:15Momdsiw I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:16Sotamursu go ff
00:30:17Momdsiw forfeit
00:30:20ATS_ I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:30:20MariahCarry no
00:30:26MariahCarry just cus u guys suck
00:30:28MariahCarry doesn't mean we ff
00:30:44ATS_ well outpicked
00:30:46verybad -st
00:32:22verybad -st
00:32:22MariahCarry for a 4v5 game i think we did ok
00:32:32Sotamursu i shop quick
00:33:40Idx I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:33:51MariahCarry I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:33:54valiante :D
00:33:58ATS_ I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:34:04Momdsiw feta surrendaa
00:35:10valiante get top
00:35:39Momdsiw feta?
00:35:41Momdsiw antaudu
00:36:22Idx aint that prolonging
00:36:24Vangelis b?
00:37:41Momdsiw they all so tanky
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