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-11 X
-3 TS

98% | 1664 X | 1609 TS

-44 X
-3 TS

80% | 1369 X | 1454 TS

+39 X
-2 TS

66% | 1194 X | 1452 TS

-14 X
-6 TS

37% | 1201 X | 1147 TS

+13 X
-21 TS

16% | 916 X | 1246 TS

+22 X
+4 TS

86% | 1501 X | 1406 TS

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+2 TS

84% | 1397 X | 1493 TS

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+35 TS

69% | 1322 X | 1349 TS

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+11 TS

57% | 1214 X | 1322 TS

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+28 TS

10% | 999 X | 1060 TS

Chat log

00:00:07NotAHax -rd
00:00:13Maier was -xd
00:00:19Lowbob øh
00:00:19Lowbob da same
00:00:19LukeSkywalker was cd
00:00:19Tazok -clear
00:00:19-.- want huskar?
00:00:19-.- any1
00:00:19NotAHax rd now
00:00:19NotAHax 4 at xD
00:00:19-.- -am
00:00:19Sniesk me
00:00:19Maier ANTI MAGE banned
00:00:19NotAHax -bara
00:00:30Maier AM and BARA banned, dont pick them
00:00:33NotAHax do you want something?
00:00:37-.- guys
00:00:38-.- take sp
00:00:41-.- shadow priest
00:00:44-.- some1
00:00:46-.- not for me
00:00:46Tazok anybody want it?
00:00:51NotAHax lowbob wanna midd?
00:00:59Lowbob sure
00:01:05Tazok -tips
00:01:06-.- clock
00:01:07-.- take
00:01:16-.- -swap 3
00:01:18-.- want?
00:01:22soya no thanks
00:01:30-.- u better not fail
00:01:32-.- 3rd pick trax
00:01:32Tazok sniesk wanted it
00:01:37Sniesk what do i pick?
00:01:41-.- ogre
00:01:42-.- take
00:01:43NotAHax luke
00:01:45Sniesk -swap
00:01:45NotAHax can you play es?
00:01:47Sniesk -swap 1
00:01:49LukeSkywalker no
00:01:50NotAHax -swap 4
00:01:54-.- -swap 5
00:02:01Maier -swap 1
00:02:04-.- last guy
00:02:05DangerZ -swap 4
00:02:05-.- go ogre
00:02:07-.- gimme puck
00:02:09Sniesk -swap 5
00:02:11harren i take
00:02:13Sniesk -swap 1
00:02:14Maier -swap 3
00:02:17-.- u take what
00:02:21soya who mid?
00:02:21Sniesk pls don't let me play ogre
00:02:26Tazok puck
00:02:28harren ok then u take chick
00:02:28-.- shit i dont want ogre
00:02:28Sniesk take
00:02:29-.- :x
00:02:29harren als ?
00:02:31harren also ?
00:02:34Tazok puck, swap ogre
00:02:36harren then we switch ?
00:02:37Tazok like right now
00:02:40NotAHax ns top
00:02:40Sniesk fast
00:02:43-.- im not taking chick
00:02:43Sniesk -swap 1
00:02:44harren nope
00:02:45Sniesk -swap 5
00:02:47harren i take puck
00:02:51Sniesk pls cap
00:02:53-.- w/e
00:02:53Sniesk swap
00:02:56-.- im not ogre
00:03:00Tazok share
00:03:01Lowbob nota
00:03:03NotAHax ?
00:03:04Lowbob let me see ure bone
00:03:06-.- im really sorry man
00:03:08DangerZ that's gay
00:03:09-.- i wanted to say to last pick
00:03:10Lowbob if its better than mine
00:03:10-.- to pick ogre
00:03:11-.- :X
00:03:17NotAHax meh wel wanted clock
00:03:18NotAHax dangerz failed
00:03:21Tazok share puck
00:03:22DangerZ :(
00:03:23NotAHax he randomed rhasta
00:03:23NotAHax xd
00:03:28harren np
00:03:31Lowbob he is a fat gay
00:03:41NotAHax MIS
00:03:44Maier top miss
00:03:52NotAHax re
00:04:17Tazok just dont die bot
00:04:21Tazok and get pull ward
00:04:41-.- MID MISS
00:04:41Lowbob fb
00:04:46Lowbob w8 me
00:04:47Lowbob drow
00:04:53Lowbob go
00:06:18harren care
00:06:36Maier -ms
00:06:51Maier ss top
00:06:55harren gj
00:07:00harren nice move anyway
00:07:05Maier dazzler
00:07:09Maier get dazzle
00:07:09Tazok -2
00:07:16Sniesk ganking mid
00:07:24-.- ok
00:07:26Sniesk got haste
00:07:30-.- good
00:07:31Maier be ready
00:07:32Tazok take puck
00:07:35NotAHax OGRE INCM IDD
00:07:38NotAHax with haste
00:07:44NotAHax LOL
00:08:00-.- shouldnt dive
00:08:04Lowbob anus
00:08:26Lowbob omg
00:08:27-.- gj
00:08:38harren go ?
00:08:41harren got ulti
00:08:45harren go
00:08:56Tazok -2
00:08:58Sniesk got no boots
00:09:04harren get sentry ogre ? :)
00:09:10harren in chick
00:09:11Sniesk i don't even have gold for boots
00:10:12-.- i come gank top
00:10:24-.- or is bot needed
00:10:25-.- more
00:10:41Tazok -1
00:10:52DangerZ pro nigger lucker
00:10:55DangerZ eat a dick
00:11:04Lowbob all day
00:11:14harren ban from silly speaking .. screenshot
00:11:23LukeSkywalker pff
00:11:24harren gank top
00:11:28-.- heal pls
00:11:31DangerZ ubad
00:11:45-.- ofc
00:11:49NotAHax Back to cs
00:12:00-.- back to not playing dota for you :D
00:12:04Tazok silence tarax+
00:12:07-.- u have played since i 7uitted 2 years ago
00:12:09-.- And u still suck
00:12:11-.- lol
00:12:13NotAHax :DD
00:12:22soya grave?
00:12:34Tazok how could i tell that rhasta was coming
00:12:38Tazok and you have not skilled silence..
00:12:50soya inc mirana
00:12:58Sniesk huskar come
00:13:00Lowbob ulti
00:13:38Lowbob go
00:14:25Lowbob BAM!
00:14:59Lowbob come on!
00:15:08DangerZ well played
00:15:10DangerZ suicide
00:15:26DangerZ atleast mid lost
00:15:36Tazok you get dust from chick huskar
00:15:42Tazok so you can kill bone at will
00:15:50-.- k
00:16:02NotAHax gang?
00:16:22-.- got it
00:16:30NotAHax b
00:16:36Maier b
00:16:36Maier b
00:16:45Lowbob wow
00:16:54Lowbob this goping tyo fadt
00:16:57-.- coming
00:17:01Lowbob this going too fast
00:17:03NotAHax ns
00:17:04NotAHax gang?
00:17:09soya im away
00:17:12-.- guys
00:17:13-.- GUYS
00:17:14-.- WTF
00:17:17Sniesk fissure
00:17:20-.- tazok man
00:17:22-.- u shouldve came
00:17:42Tazok saw it as a stupid place to fight
00:17:44Tazok b
00:17:45NotAHax ns just try rape trax
00:17:47-.- well
00:17:51-.- grave is so strong
00:17:53-.- early
00:17:55-.- on me
00:18:11NotAHax ns go b
00:18:13-.- kill
00:18:14-.- bot
00:18:15-.- fellas
00:18:17Tazok wards, puck ogre?
00:18:24Sniesk dazzle?
00:18:29Tazok money?
00:18:34LukeSkywalker vlads or armlet?
00:18:34Sniesk same problem here
00:18:37Sniesk need arcane boots
00:18:38NotAHax bkb
00:19:08NotAHax :DDD
00:19:36Maier -ms
00:20:07-.- go
00:20:08-.- top
00:20:39NotAHax gang trax now
00:20:40-.- why cant u fight
00:20:42-.- decently
00:20:42-.- ogre
00:20:59NotAHax lowbob
00:21:02-.- this is just silly they are so paper
00:21:04Lowbob y
00:21:07NotAHax do you think bkb good for this game?
00:21:07NotAHax for bone
00:21:17-.- wait
00:21:18-.- bot
00:21:21Maier omw
00:21:29soya inv
00:21:33Lowbob no need
00:21:33-.- i got dust
00:21:34-.- obv
00:21:39Lowbob play ninja
00:21:50soya ss all
00:22:11soya husk rosh?
00:22:27-.- wait
00:22:29-.- a sec
00:22:29Tazok wards please now ogre
00:22:40-.- ok
00:22:41-.- go rosh
00:22:46Sniesk check money
00:23:01-.- 4 man gank
00:23:03-.- how lovely :)
00:23:09DangerZ just for you
00:23:11DangerZ <3
00:23:27Tazok ahahahaaha
00:23:42Lowbob BAM!
00:23:42Tazok man, how bad by me :(
00:23:43-.- u really have to come wih us
00:23:43-.- now
00:23:55-.- trax
00:24:09DangerZ dagger
00:24:13Maier regen
00:24:13Maier rune
00:24:33-.- harren
00:24:34-.- why not
00:24:36-.- uknow..
00:24:46Lowbob nota
00:24:47-.- take rosh
00:24:47harren tried to get
00:24:51Lowbob eat a large creeps
00:24:53Lowbob then fight
00:25:19harren tried to get as far as possible
00:25:33Lowbob one shot one kill
00:25:45-.- roshan
00:25:45-.- go
00:25:47harren all mid fast ?
00:25:53-.- rosh
00:25:58Tazok mana
00:26:04-.- ogre
00:26:05-.- spell him
00:26:33Maier luke
00:26:33soya nvm
00:26:33Tazok trax
00:26:34Maier get wards
00:26:36soya y
00:26:40harren trax
00:27:04DangerZ hea lucker oled
00:27:13Tazok b
00:27:13Tazok b
00:27:15DangerZ 1 sec ult
00:27:24-.- kill
00:27:38-.- guys
00:27:57-.- hate playing huskar
00:28:00-.- makes me feel way too rambo
00:28:09Tazok forgot that aegis :(
00:28:09Lowbob puller for dig
00:28:22-.- go
00:28:23-.- for them
00:29:02soya lemme farm
00:29:17Lowbob lol bone
00:29:39soya my stack :(
00:29:43-.- i took only 1
00:29:45Maier potm
00:29:47Maier wtf
00:29:48Tazok ogre/puck, new chick
00:29:50Tazok and flying pelase
00:29:55Sniesk who made him die?
00:30:00Lowbob wtf
00:30:02Tazok dont give a shit
00:30:04Sniesk I DO
00:30:05Tazok make new
00:30:09Maier 26min and those are your items ?
00:30:13Sniesk the one who killed it buys
00:30:15Maier goddamn
00:30:27Lowbob i know
00:30:39soya chick pls
00:31:08Tazok y u no stun?
00:31:29-.- :)
00:31:31soya lol
00:31:42Lowbob hello
00:31:56-.- guys
00:31:57-.- finish mid
00:31:59-.- or smt
00:32:28Lowbob bone use ulti on biggest creep in woods before fights
00:32:48NotAHax didnt rly had time
00:32:49NotAHax ..
00:32:55-.- coming
00:33:15-.- push mid
00:33:16-.- raxes
00:33:24Tazok activate pouck
00:33:57Tazok rax
00:34:03Tazok b
00:34:14Tazok b
00:34:21Tazok b
00:34:24Tazok oom
00:34:48Tazok why the fuck could we not back up?
00:34:52-.- got ze rax
00:34:53Tazok nothing more to gain there
00:34:59Tazok we had melee rax
00:35:03Tazok should have backed
00:35:04-.- well yeah
00:35:06-.- bad stay
00:35:08-.- but still got other rax
00:35:17Tazok nope
00:35:22-.- oh
00:35:22-.- we didnt
00:35:23-.- lol
00:35:30-.- lets go roshan
00:35:31Tazok ogre, you get wards now
00:35:31-.- it will be up
00:35:33-.- any minute
00:35:34Tazok dagon ogre...
00:35:50-.- go roshie
00:36:09harren -ma
00:36:27-.- rosh up
00:36:27-.- come
00:36:30soya sec
00:36:33Tazok b
00:36:34Tazok b
00:36:34harren go rosh
00:36:35harren fast
00:36:36-.- trax
00:36:37-.- come
00:36:38harren trax pick
00:36:39Maier ALL TOGETHER
00:36:39harren up
00:36:39Maier woods
00:36:51Maier potm
00:36:52Maier ptom
00:36:53Tazok ward
00:36:56soya we need scoutt
00:37:00Tazok puck
00:37:11-.- u take
00:37:11harren i did ward
00:37:12-.- trax
00:37:17Tazok tp boys
00:38:19-.- go top
00:38:20-.- all
00:38:20NotAHax me
00:38:28Tazok one need to def bot
00:38:51-.- go top
00:38:54-.- tra
00:38:54-.- x
00:39:32Tazok b
00:39:33Tazok b
00:39:34harren y
00:39:38-.- bot
00:39:39-.- tower
00:39:42soya continue
00:39:44-.- k
00:39:45-.- go
00:39:46Tazok no tp on potm
00:40:17Tazok b
00:40:28Tazok run
00:40:28Maier get trax
00:40:31Tazok b
00:40:37soya ..
00:40:45Tazok why not b?
00:40:46Tazok 3v2
00:40:51Tazok 3v1
00:40:52-.- ok fellas
00:40:53-.- go bot
00:40:56-.- after revived
00:41:07-.- should i make the hand
00:41:08-.- hmm
00:41:11Tazok pipe
00:41:21-.- pipe it is
00:41:27-.- guys
00:41:29-.- i buy sentrys
00:41:30Tazok wait trax
00:41:33-.- pick up some1
00:42:05-.- why
00:42:06-.- do u
00:42:06-.- go
00:42:07-.- so far
00:42:09-.- without us
00:42:11soya hes stupid
00:42:23harren was out fokused
00:42:31Tazok was too stupid..
00:42:36-.- go bot fellas
00:42:37-.- right now
00:42:53harren was speaking IRL
00:42:53-.- trax
00:42:59Tazok puck/ogre obs
00:43:01-.- come now
00:43:03Tazok get obs wards
00:43:04soya sec
00:43:05-.- traxxxx
00:43:08soya bkb 200g
00:43:12soya i tp
00:43:15harren cd på obs
00:43:42Lowbob omg
00:43:50Tazok wtf ulti puck?
00:44:03harren 85 cd
00:44:14soya stunned
00:44:51Lowbob they placed wards
00:44:53-.- just
00:44:54-.- push
00:44:55-.- it
00:45:00-.- 3 guys dead
00:45:02-.- very long time
00:45:04-.- go raxes
00:45:26-.- another win against this famous notahax
00:45:35-.- mightve been not my game tho
00:45:42-.- but so wasnt your last one
00:45:42-.- ^^
00:46:00NotAHax go
00:46:06Tazok stay
00:46:11NotAHax NS
00:46:12NotAHax wTF
00:46:23NotAHax ns
00:46:24soya ffs
00:46:26NotAHax why the fuck
00:46:27NotAHax you dont go
00:46:28NotAHax ...
00:46:32-.- going
00:46:38Tazok b
00:46:45Tazok he silence you
00:47:15DangerZ fuck you
00:47:20Tazok no ulti es
00:47:24Tazok go bot again?
00:47:25harren LOL
00:47:33soya rosh
00:47:35soya fast
00:47:37-.- go
00:47:41soya dead
00:47:46-.- btw
00:47:49-.- i still have 2 sentrys
00:47:50-.- left
00:47:51NotAHax go midd
00:47:54NotAHax with holy smok
00:48:02soya rhasta es
00:48:08-.- they got smoke
00:48:11-.- they plan to attack with it
00:48:14-.- i plant sentrys
00:48:16soya all rosh
00:48:23Tazok cant go rosh
00:48:25Tazok 5
00:48:57NotAHax ..
00:49:09-.- just finish
00:49:10-.- from mid
00:49:14-.- dont need bot
00:49:20Tazok can take them
00:49:23Tazok to ensure it
00:49:26-.- ok
00:49:26-.- lets
00:49:36harren finish
00:49:54Tazok gg
00:49:56harren gg
00:49:58DangerZ noobs gonna win
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