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-2 TS

98% | 1677 X | 1591 TS

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-2 TS

69% | 1281 X | 1388 TS

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-18 TS

46% | 1203 X | 1231 TS

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-8 TS

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35% | 1022 X | 1326 TS

Chat log

00:00:02NotAHax ap same heros
00:00:02Rachel -hhn
00:00:02NotAHax -ap
00:00:14Dotson i guess i'm bot?
00:00:14Dotson thd
00:00:17Dotson with wards
00:00:18Dotson bot
00:00:23valiante yeh
00:00:25valiante u are
00:00:33NotAHax kotl veuncent
00:00:34valiante with bs
00:00:36valiante u babysit bs
00:00:44valiante rexxar jug top
00:00:50valiante actually
00:00:52valiante how about this
00:00:57Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:58Affliction -ii
00:00:59Affliction -don
00:01:00valiante bs thd mid
00:01:00Affliction -hhn
00:01:02Y4KUZA what lane i go?
00:01:03Gorppu no
00:01:03valiante i go solo bot
00:01:05Dotson sure
00:01:07zonskass let me down,i will go woods
00:01:08valiante u go mid
00:01:09valiante with dotson
00:01:14NotAHax ??????????
00:01:16Rachel centaorn
00:01:19Rachel go with kotl
00:01:19NotAHax k
00:01:20NotAHax alche
00:01:20NotAHax go top
00:01:22NotAHax alche top then
00:01:23zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:26zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Centaur Warchief [f,d,r,g]
00:01:28valiante dotosn
00:01:28NotAHax stupid centaur ..
00:01:29Y4KUZA so dotson, let me lasthit
00:01:30valiante go place wards
00:01:32Dotson aye
00:01:37Dotson hope i don't get killed
00:01:45valiante lets hope this messed up tactic owns
00:01:54Dotson wtf
00:02:08NotAHax allmost :|
00:02:10NotAHax remember to pull
00:02:25NotAHax CENTAUR
00:02:32NotAHax COME??
00:02:36NotAHax fucking retard
00:02:36zonskass no
00:02:38NotAHax GO WOODS
00:02:40NotAHax GO WOODS
00:02:46zonskass shut up
00:02:46NotAHax pull
00:03:44NotAHax centaur come gang lv 3
00:03:52NotAHax not now..
00:03:56NotAHax go woods man
00:03:56NotAHax wtf?
00:04:01NotAHax THIS CAMP
00:04:05zonskass need lvl more
00:04:07Y4KUZA ?
00:04:09NotAHax centaur
00:04:09NotAHax needs
00:04:09valiante reason
00:04:09NotAHax to
00:04:09NotAHax Read
00:04:09NotAHax rule
00:04:09NotAHax he
00:04:09NotAHax needs
00:04:09NotAHax listen
00:04:09NotAHax captain
00:04:09NotAHax commands
00:04:09zonskass ok
00:04:10valiante only lanes
00:04:12valiante nothing else
00:04:16NotAHax well why hes bot?
00:05:07NotAHax no stun
00:05:09NotAHax hmm
00:05:26valiante dont even know ur spells
00:05:31NotAHax i played too rambo
00:05:44Rachel -1
00:05:44NotAHax we can gang now centaur
00:05:45Rachel jak
00:05:45NotAHax if you come
00:05:59Rachel kotl
00:06:00Rachel malke
00:06:00zonskass ok
00:06:01Rachel crow
00:06:09NotAHax yeah jakiro bot
00:06:11NotAHax with haste
00:06:11valiante excellent
00:06:14Dotson gj
00:06:19NotAHax go
00:06:19NotAHax woods
00:06:20NotAHax behind
00:06:20NotAHax ...
00:06:32NotAHax go form there
00:06:35valiante four minute treads
00:06:46NotAHax now wait sf
00:06:54NotAHax coming?
00:06:56NotAHax let me start
00:07:00Dotson coming top
00:07:16NotAHax bah
00:07:19valiante ok i b :(
00:07:23Dotson 'fffs`!`!
00:07:28Dotson guys?!?
00:07:28zonskass where is creeps?
00:07:30Affliction mana
00:07:31Gorppu they have wards
00:07:32Y4KUZA ss
00:07:34Dotson ?
00:07:36Y4KUZA re
00:07:46Affliction v
00:07:46Affliction bb
00:07:47Affliction bb
00:07:47Dotson go!
00:07:47Affliction b
00:07:47Affliction b
00:07:47Affliction b
00:08:14valiante miss cent
00:08:17Gorppu gj
00:08:21Dotson gj
00:08:27veuncent miss
00:09:07NotAHax centaur come?
00:09:09zonskass ok
00:09:17Y4KUZA fu bitch
00:09:31NotAHax so you cant beat 500 hp hero alone need gang
00:09:33NotAHax rly pro player
00:09:36valiante hahahah
00:09:38FaH.Q thd gan ktop
00:10:10Gorppu gj
00:10:43Rachel blood miss
00:10:43Rachel care
00:10:46valiante miss
00:10:49Rachel care top
00:11:33valiante i called miss..
00:11:54valiante i go mid
00:11:58NotAHax need ganga sf
00:12:06Rachel hes mid
00:12:09NotAHax omw
00:12:13veuncent -ms
00:12:26Gorppu ss top
00:12:26FaH.Q rexx ult him
00:12:26Gorppu 1
00:12:29Gorppu sure
00:12:39Dotson dd bot
00:12:41FaH.Q gj
00:12:48valiante what does that spell do?
00:12:50Gorppu u 2
00:12:51Dotson sf
00:12:52Dotson go bot
00:12:53Dotson dd
00:12:59NotAHax kotl come?
00:13:02Affliction it fucks you stupid
00:13:04valiante shadowraze?
00:13:13veuncent top needs def
00:13:14NotAHax tele top
00:13:15NotAHax alche
00:13:16NotAHax or kotl
00:13:18veuncent no gold
00:13:36NotAHax mana
00:13:37NotAHax plz
00:13:42Affliction lol
00:13:43Affliction 1
00:14:33Gorppu do we need arcane boots?
00:14:35NotAHax GO
00:14:40NotAHax ..
00:14:41Dotson i'm trying to get it
00:14:43Dotson u go treads
00:14:47Dotson or smth
00:14:48Gorppu k :)
00:15:00valiante damnit
00:15:06Gorppu ss top 2
00:15:07valiante well i got my dagger
00:15:23Rachel w8
00:15:40Gorppu wait till I get some mana and go?
00:15:44FaH.Q k
00:15:53Dotson bs
00:15:55valiante im walking to the top
00:15:56Dotson silence that morph
00:15:57Dotson and pwn
00:16:09Dotson nvm
00:16:10FaH.Q go
00:16:11Rachel care
00:16:16NotAHax go rape?
00:16:17Rachel man ame
00:16:19Y4KUZA ss
00:16:21Rachel mana
00:16:22FaH.Q sr y:D
00:16:23NotAHax GO
00:16:26NotAHax ..
00:16:37valiante mega fail
00:16:41Gorppu np :D
00:17:04Dotson wtf was that?
00:17:08Dotson the fire
00:17:08NotAHax ur spell
00:17:14Dotson noes :(
00:17:32NotAHax ..
00:17:35Gorppu Pig ftw
00:18:10NotAHax well this is lost
00:18:13Rachel ...
00:18:21NotAHax you dont win with morphling by just farming in gc
00:18:26NotAHax you should get bottle and gang with runes
00:18:26NotAHax .
00:18:28Dotson mana
00:18:30Dotson come to me
00:18:35Gorppu come to us :D
00:18:37Dotson heh
00:18:43Gorppu ty
00:18:58valiante get mid twr
00:19:06Dotson silence morph
00:19:58NotAHax wARD
00:20:14Dotson wtf sf?
00:20:17Dotson did u see that
00:20:21NotAHax ff
00:20:30valiante gj u guys
00:22:43valiante bkb in a sec
00:22:52Gorppu got agha now
00:22:56valiante NICE
00:23:31Gorppu lol 45 sec cd :O
00:23:34valiante bye
00:23:46Gorppu lolololool
00:24:01Gorppu and 900 range
00:24:06Dotson wait here
00:24:40Dotson b?
00:24:55Gorppu >:(
00:25:11Affliction b
00:25:11Affliction b
00:25:18valiante go mid
00:25:45Rachel !ff
00:25:46Rachel ff
00:25:47zonskass ff
00:25:56Dotson we lost top twr;(
00:25:58Dotson phail
00:26:26valiante guys
00:26:30valiante why chase when we can open
00:26:32Gorppu greedy :D
00:27:22Rachel why do you get vanguard
00:27:28veuncent because i need hp
00:27:31Rachel mekkans better
00:27:43veuncent doesnt give hp
00:27:53NotAHax : D
00:28:05Rachel b
00:28:11zonskass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:19veuncent shut up
00:28:23NotAHax indeed
00:29:00NotAHax i get mjeka
00:29:18Rachel kotl drop ward
00:29:35valiante has ur aura been reworked?
00:29:36NotAHax we can still win
00:29:40valiante cause it deals insane damage
00:29:43zonskass no chance
00:29:49NotAHax omw
00:29:57NotAHax : D
00:30:06valiante ok guys
00:30:07NotAHax Served
00:30:10valiante lets not give this away now
00:30:10Gorppu why did I get stunned?
00:30:11Rachel some1
00:30:16NotAHax koska servasin
00:30:22Gorppu :o
00:30:38Y4KUZA ok just go with 5
00:30:43Y4KUZA and get mid raxes
00:30:44NotAHax gogo
00:30:46valiante ye
00:30:58valiante bot is poushed tho
00:31:11Dotson NOOOES
00:31:47Rachel help him
00:32:05NotAHax well i bought items
00:32:06NotAHax before died
00:32:10Rachel ok
00:32:11valiante nice one
00:32:11valiante :D
00:32:13Gorppu nice
00:32:27Rachel fast
00:32:28Rachel kotl
00:32:29Rachel come
00:32:30valiante i wanna see melee rax down now guys
00:32:31Rachel stay b
00:32:35Rachel and spam
00:32:36NotAHax kotl
00:32:38NotAHax make pipe
00:32:41NotAHax im making meka
00:32:43Rachel stay back
00:33:09valiante ALL FOR RAX
00:33:14Y4KUZA b
00:33:31Y4KUZA b
00:33:32Y4KUZA b
00:33:42FaH.Q 1 sec
00:33:43FaH.Q for ulti
00:33:44Rachel care sf
00:33:44FaH.Q so lol
00:33:57Rachel me down
00:33:59Rachel centaur
00:34:02NotAHax kotl
00:34:04NotAHax make
00:34:06NotAHax pipe
00:34:07NotAHax okay?
00:34:07veuncent y
00:34:09FaH.Q we shopuld go with 5 now
00:34:24valiante ye
00:34:33FaH.Q get bot
00:34:37FaH.Q all 5
00:34:40FaH.Q stop wood farm
00:34:48Rachel i get eth
00:35:20valiante got dd
00:35:30Rachel alch
00:35:31Gorppu jugger can u go AC?
00:36:06NotAHax :D??
00:36:09NotAHax kauan olin jäässä oikein
00:36:25valiante gg
00:36:28valiante lol go
00:36:29NotAHax vbg
00:36:31Gorppu fu
00:36:52Dotson 1st time i won against hax
00:37:22NotAHax gol
00:37:38valiante NOOOOS
00:37:39NotAHax : - D
00:37:51valiante just go end?
00:37:52Affliction I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:09veuncent gg
00:38:29Rachel gg
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