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-39 X
-4 TS

95% | 1613 X | 1593 TS

-42 X
-6 TS

56% | 1192 X | 1331 TS

-8 X
-29 TS

37% | 1114 X | 1239 TS

-22 X
-15 TS

29% | 1029 X | 1261 TS

-9 X
-7 TS

21% | 1011 X | 1197 TS

+15 X
+3 TS

85% | 1422 X | 1471 TS

+38 X
+7 TS

75% | 1351 X | 1370 TS

+7 X
+4 TS

65% | 1281 X | 1385 TS

+11 X
+10 TS

18% | 1001 X | 1167 TS

+54 X
+9 TS

15% | 982 X | 1156 TS

Chat log

00:00:11KolleBolle brb pee to much beer
00:00:17Raj funny
00:00:17NotAHax hewal can you play carry?
00:00:17-HewaL- yep
00:00:17-HewaL- let me naga
00:00:17NoHankyPanky wow he is little
00:00:17NoHankyPanky shit
00:00:17NotAHax -naix
00:00:17DeMiaN naga nerf
00:00:17DeMiaN no more crit
00:00:17NotAHax just ban spectre or you will regret
00:00:17NotAHax tip
00:00:17DeMiaN passive
00:00:17-HewaL- its better
00:00:17NotAHax -naix
00:00:17-HewaL- armor reduce
00:00:17NotAHax well
00:00:17NotAHax naga is good
00:00:17NotAHax becouse
00:00:17NoHankyPanky spec so boring game
00:00:17NotAHax you can buy bury
00:00:17DeMiaN crit > gush
00:00:17NotAHax =problem solved
00:00:17Soulyah spec
00:00:17NotAHax no
00:00:17NoHankyPanky i make it my duty to mass gang u
00:00:24Soulyah nigger fuck
00:00:25NotAHax sure thing
00:00:26NoHankyPanky u fell for it'
00:00:27NotAHax :DD
00:00:39Soulyah take naga
00:00:42Soulyah its quite good now
00:00:46NoHankyPanky u play
00:00:48NoHankyPanky who play
00:00:51NotAHax rot buffed
00:00:51NotAHax <3
00:00:53zonskass take thrall for me
00:00:56Soulyah +10
00:00:58NoHankyPanky thrall anyone?
00:01:12NoHankyPanky get me alche for thrall someone?
00:01:27NoHankyPanky alche plz for thrall
00:01:29NotAHax get tide
00:01:30NotAHax and puck
00:01:38NoHankyPanky random puck
00:01:40NoHankyPanky or naix
00:01:41NotAHax tide and lesh / alche+
00:01:42NotAHax or bane?
00:01:42Raj get me puck
00:01:44NoHankyPanky oh shit
00:01:45-HewaL- need pusher bot
00:01:45NotAHax tide bane would be nice also
00:01:45zonskass lina
00:01:47zonskass ?
00:01:47NoHankyPanky get me alche
00:01:51NotAHax wellk
00:01:52DeMiaN sure
00:01:52NotAHax or bane
00:01:55Raj pls let me have puck
00:01:56-HewaL- lesh
00:01:56NoHankyPanky alchemist
00:01:56DeMiaN or bane or puck
00:01:59-HewaL- gogog
00:02:01NoHankyPanky u can have thrall
00:02:02-HewaL- or lina
00:02:05Soulyah get him that alche
00:02:08NoHankyPanky take alche
00:02:10NoHankyPanky and we swap
00:02:12NoHankyPanky u can get puck
00:02:13Raj -swap
00:02:13NoHankyPanky maybe
00:02:16NoHankyPanky -swap 5
00:02:17Raj -swap 2
00:02:18DeMiaN tide wid me
00:02:20Raj -swaå
00:02:22Raj -swap
00:02:22NoHankyPanky swap puck and thrall
00:02:24NotAHax y
00:02:27Raj -swap 3
00:02:34DeMiaN i go get the new item
00:02:36DeMiaN it's so imba
00:02:40Raj god
00:02:41Raj come on
00:02:43zonskass which item?
00:02:44DeMiaN Veil of discord
00:02:52NotAHax what is use?
00:02:54NoHankyPanky plz let me farm puck
00:02:56NoHankyPanky need it bad
00:02:56zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:57veuncent what does it do
00:02:57zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:00zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Slayer [d,t,e,g]
00:03:03NoHankyPanky u can pull maybe or if lane is hard i can
00:03:03DeMiaN -20% spell reduction on ennemies
00:03:08NotAHax o nice
00:03:12DeMiaN imba u mean
00:03:21DeMiaN for a tinker =)
00:03:23NoHankyPanky -st
00:03:24NoHankyPanky -stats
00:03:27Raj -st
00:03:27KolleBolle rune up
00:03:29zonskass mb i make too
00:03:31Raj -int
00:03:32Raj -st
00:03:33DeMiaN one enough
00:03:38veuncent spell reduction on enemies?
00:03:42DeMiaN y
00:03:52NotAHax ¨single target or aoe?
00:03:58Soulyah ss
00:04:07DeMiaN don't remember
00:04:08veuncent i dont understand that
00:04:09DeMiaN i think aoe
00:04:14DeMiaN if u use on ennemy
00:04:15NotAHax if its aoe.. rolf
00:04:15DeMiaN they take
00:04:20veuncent why would you want to reduce spell damage on enemies
00:04:21DeMiaN +20% damage
00:04:25DeMiaN from spell
00:04:26veuncent oh + :P
00:04:27NoHankyPanky -st
00:05:12zonskass that water slows them?
00:05:13zonskass naga
00:05:21-HewaL- no
00:05:29-HewaL- damag en reduce armor
00:05:37zonskass roger that
00:05:46Soulyah ss
00:05:56NoHankyPanky gj puck
00:06:00NoHankyPanky withpulls
00:06:06veuncent miss
00:06:13veuncent re 1
00:06:15NotAHax need wards
00:06:16NoHankyPanky -st
00:06:16DeMiaN kill lvl 4
00:06:58KolleBolle thrall slow nihha ass
00:07:02KolleBolle niggah
00:07:22NotAHax potm inc
00:07:27Soulyah pudge gets rune
00:07:29NotAHax re midd
00:07:30Soulyah b bot
00:07:46KolleBolle omfg
00:07:50DeMiaN go
00:07:50NotAHax thanks for help guys
00:07:51DeMiaN go
00:07:51NotAHax xD
00:07:52KolleBolle go and buy a lot
00:07:57NotAHax ?
00:08:09DeMiaN b
00:08:10DeMiaN b
00:08:15Soulyah so random
00:08:18NotAHax so skill
00:08:19KolleBolle got lucky with that hooj
00:08:19zonskass ss 2
00:08:22KolleBolle nothing more
00:08:23NoHankyPanky ¨nice
00:08:25KolleBolle hook*
00:08:27-HewaL- pull
00:08:27Soulyah telling peepz u coming bot
00:08:27NotAHax lucky?
00:08:33KolleBolle y that was lucky
00:08:33NotAHax well they did go b
00:08:35NotAHax but too late
00:08:46Soulyah ssmid
00:08:53Raj we need gang bot
00:09:29NoHankyPanky wards plz
00:09:35DeMiaN wow
00:09:35Raj puck
00:09:36NotAHax we need wards
00:09:37DeMiaN sweet arrow
00:09:38NoHankyPanky need to see pudge gangs all the time
00:09:39Soulyah :)
00:09:40DeMiaN lina
00:09:42DeMiaN wards pls
00:09:43DeMiaN gj
00:09:43NoHankyPanky he will mass gang all game
00:09:47Raj fuck
00:09:49KolleBolle thral wtf are you doing?
00:09:52NotAHax dont folow me
00:09:52Raj u suck
00:09:58KolleBolle yy
00:10:02DeMiaN i tp bot
00:10:03DeMiaN go kill
00:10:10NoHankyPanky gabng mid
00:10:14NotAHax MID MISS
00:10:26NoHankyPanky pduge bot
00:10:26zonskass imba lucky
00:10:27NotAHax omw
00:10:35NoHankyPanky pduge
00:10:41KolleBolle raj leave game now
00:10:47Raj lol u fail
00:11:02KolleBolle i dident... i was not the one that was a nigger hehind
00:11:05Soulyah ssmid
00:11:07Soulyah inc
00:11:09Soulyah mid
00:11:09Soulyah i mean
00:11:13KolleBolle and was afraid of to die... insted of be a pussy i helped potm
00:11:25Raj yeah right u sucked
00:11:28Soulyah chill
00:11:28Raj suicide
00:11:29Soulyah ppl
00:11:30NotAHax we need sentrys and obs
00:11:30NoHankyPanky wards
00:11:35DeMiaN lina
00:11:38DeMiaN wards
00:11:46NotAHax lina
00:11:48NotAHax can you buy?
00:11:48Raj puck buys wards
00:11:48NotAHax plz
00:11:52NotAHax and upgrd chicken
00:11:53KolleBolle ill not event argument that me and all the others, knows that i did right
00:11:53zonskass no money
00:12:03Raj do u what u gotta do
00:12:04DeMiaN kill bot
00:12:13KolleBolle he blinked so yuo moron shuld do smth but even if he did that
00:12:17KolleBolle you dident noticied it
00:12:20Soulyah b
00:12:24KolleBolle pff end of this ciscussion
00:12:26NoHankyPanky wards puck
00:12:26NotAHax GO
00:12:27NotAHax TIDE
00:12:28NoHankyPanky pzl
00:12:39Raj top
00:13:31NotAHax OR TIDE
00:13:32NotAHax ANYONE?
00:13:35NotAHax JUST BUY THEM
00:13:38veuncent get a grip man
00:13:40zonskass i bought flying
00:13:48NotAHax AND GANG
00:13:49NotAHax NOT FARM
00:13:50NotAHax WITH LINA
00:13:53-HewaL- veno and thrall on my as
00:14:15NotAHax there you die
00:14:15NotAHax again
00:14:16NotAHax beocuse no obs
00:14:17Soulyah gj
00:14:19Raj u2
00:14:22NotAHax they have we dont
00:14:24NotAHax =? lose game
00:14:29Raj did we get aka
00:14:29Raj ?
00:14:36NoHankyPanky imba alcjhe
00:14:39Soulyah :D:D:D:D:
00:14:43NotAHax y lucker
00:14:51Soulyah all calculated..
00:14:56Soulyah cmon alche
00:14:57Soulyah farm
00:15:00NoHankyPanky i am
00:15:04NoHankyPanky jhust dying to much
00:15:10NotAHax yeah
00:15:10NoHankyPanky keep wards up
00:15:11NotAHax lsathit kill
00:15:11NoHankyPanky puck veno
00:15:12NoHankyPanky your job
00:15:13NoHankyPanky thrall
00:15:15NoHankyPanky all of u
00:15:17NotAHax 1 more and i make dagon and purpose lose this game for you
00:15:18DeMiaN autoattack ...
00:15:24NotAHax scream is auto attack?
00:15:25NotAHax cool storty
00:15:31DeMiaN Lolz
00:15:35DeMiaN i scream early
00:15:58NotAHax kill potm
00:16:02NotAHax go
00:16:03NotAHax ulti
00:16:13NotAHax ..
00:16:33NotAHax tide
00:16:34NotAHax use ur ulti?
00:16:37veuncent cd?
00:16:41NoHankyPanky now wards
00:16:41veuncent no mana either
00:16:44NoHankyPanky need to see pudge
00:17:07Soulyah any1?
00:17:10NotAHax -ha
00:17:10Affliction otw
00:17:12NotAHax -ha
00:17:12DeMiaN naga
00:17:14DeMiaN potm coming
00:17:16NotAHax -hopok
00:17:16DeMiaN care arrow
00:17:17NotAHax -hook
00:17:18NotAHax -commands
00:17:28Affliction kk
00:17:51NotAHax -quote
00:18:02DeMiaN 4 bot
00:18:25NotAHax naga
00:18:28NotAHax havent you skilled wave?
00:18:29-HewaL- oom
00:18:31-HewaL- oom
00:18:34NotAHax share
00:18:35NotAHax share ur unit
00:18:44NotAHax wtf lol
00:18:45NotAHax ..
00:18:45NotAHax :D
00:18:47Soulyah gj pp
00:18:49Soulyah l
00:18:51-HewaL- ok
00:18:53NotAHax you should get web with wave not fucking illus
00:18:56Affliction b
00:19:26-HewaL- i was agaisnt to range ...
00:19:28NotAHax cool
00:19:28NoHankyPanky gj
00:19:29NotAHax story
00:19:29-HewaL- need farm
00:19:40NoHankyPanky 4uiet?
00:19:46Soulyah :D
00:19:47Soulyah pwnt
00:19:50NotAHax yes you rly pro with owning 4
00:19:50NotAHax retard
00:20:42NotAHax ..
00:20:57NoHankyPanky +0puck wards
00:21:00NoHankyPanky u lost last game for us
00:21:01NoHankyPanky njot this one too1
00:21:04NotAHax LINA CAN YOU BUY?
00:21:08NoHankyPanky or veno or someone
00:21:09NoHankyPanky just ward
00:21:10NoHankyPanky and we win
00:21:12NoHankyPanky i outfarm em
00:21:17NotAHax ur fucking urn not gonna help a shit
00:21:18veuncent stop shouting
00:21:31NoHankyPanky puck plz dont go dagon!
00:21:45NoHankyPanky diont go 25 dagon plz
00:21:48Soulyah dagon is gut
00:21:57Soulyah need nukes to fuck naga
00:22:13NotAHax we need obs
00:22:14Affliction maybe if you mind you own hero you wont go 1-3
00:22:35veuncent 1 sec cd on ulti...
00:22:45NotAHax ..
00:22:49Soulyah :D:D
00:22:59Affliction b
00:23:02NotAHax my retard team just dosent understand vision is the key
00:23:16Raj plant
00:23:33Raj nooo
00:24:44NoHankyPanky doh
00:24:45NoHankyPanky sorry
00:24:46NoHankyPanky my bad
00:25:21NoHankyPanky shit u farmed
00:25:22DeMiaN place
00:25:22DeMiaN em
00:25:37NoHankyPanky gj
00:25:39NoHankyPanky imba shit
00:25:39NotAHax game is over
00:25:40NoHankyPanky thrall
00:25:41Raj ^^
00:25:50Soulyah y very good play by all
00:25:53Affliction lo2 :)=
00:25:55NotAHax they had vision
00:25:56NotAHax whole game
00:25:57NotAHax couldnt gang
00:25:59Raj gj team
00:26:00NotAHax you guys so useless
00:26:08NotAHax but well if you wanna lose sure thing
00:26:54NotAHax ..
00:26:54NoHankyPanky let me
00:26:58Raj that was close
00:27:33NoHankyPanky no team
00:27:52Raj b
00:28:02Raj mid
00:28:44NoHankyPanky denie
00:29:09NotAHax BLOCK
00:29:24NotAHax yh
00:29:31NotAHax meanwhile naga farming
00:29:32NotAHax :DD
00:29:46NotAHax and this qop
00:29:46NoHankyPanky sealer
00:29:46NotAHax ..
00:29:47NotAHax :DD
00:29:48NoHankyPanky stealer
00:29:50Raj sry
00:29:50NoHankyPanky this alche
00:29:57NotAHax is retard and sucks who didnt even finish vanguard?
00:30:02Soulyah imba crit aga
00:30:03Soulyah :D:D:D
00:30:05NotAHax xD
00:30:06Soulyah naga
00:30:07NoHankyPanky pro build
00:30:25Affliction with a shitty captain you get shitty players
00:30:36NotAHax Yy (C) AFLLICTION
00:30:37Soulyah stay here
00:30:41Soulyah all
00:30:41Soulyah fight
00:30:46Raj planting wards
00:30:48NotAHax strom skilled
00:30:56Affliction i think you shit talk all the time
00:30:56NoHankyPanky lets go
00:31:02NotAHax do i care?
00:31:26NotAHax I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:30zonskass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:42Soulyah :D:D:D
00:31:53Soulyah too ez
00:31:54NoHankyPanky u even lvled your ulti naga?
00:32:15-HewaL- hanky mad ??
00:32:21NoHankyPanky yeah really
00:32:23NoHankyPanky so mad
00:32:39-HewaL- look at tide lina qop
00:32:39NotAHax is naga ur frend?
00:32:45-HewaL- hell no
00:32:53Raj sry
00:32:57Raj the wrong way
00:32:57NoHankyPanky havnt seen u ulti ronce
00:33:00Raj ptomn
00:33:09Soulyah wowiwoaowoa
00:33:46KolleBolle hanky nice atk speed :p
00:35:07NoHankyPanky fucking chicken fucked me up
00:35:36NoHankyPanky imba tjhrall
00:35:40NoHankyPanky to bad
00:35:50Raj ?
00:35:54NoHankyPanky it was good
00:35:57NoHankyPanky just to bad he didnt live
00:36:00NoHankyPanky your forcestaff move
00:36:03Raj yeah
00:36:08NoHankyPanky dd
00:36:16KolleBolle well gather all now
00:36:19veuncent how about some wards?
00:36:23KolleBolle and god mid/side
00:36:26Raj we can rosh
00:36:30veuncent lina you;re supposed to get them
00:36:30Soulyah raher tosh
00:36:32DeMiaN nu need
00:36:32Raj mirana or alche can take
00:36:32Soulyah rather
00:36:37Raj dd
00:36:38DeMiaN nota thinks vision is not important
00:36:46NoHankyPanky i take and go rosahan
00:36:50-HewaL- it is
00:36:51Raj kk
00:36:52Raj go
00:36:57NotAHax he was trolling
00:36:59NotAHax if you didnt understood
00:37:00DeMiaN k thx info
00:37:03NotAHax bad one becouse he sucks himself
00:37:03NoHankyPanky denie top when e
00:37:11NoHankyPanky whenever
00:37:14NoHankyPanky u want mirana?
00:37:17Soulyah yer
00:37:19Raj where to ?
00:37:24NoHankyPanky bot
00:37:26NoHankyPanky no tower top
00:37:27Raj kk
00:37:28NotAHax yy prolong moar
00:37:31NoHankyPanky mirana take
00:37:32NoHankyPanky dd
00:38:28NotAHax -aa
00:38:28NotAHax -ha
00:38:32zonskass -st
00:38:57NotAHax -hook
00:38:58NotAHax -st
00:39:23NoHankyPanky cpome
00:39:24NoHankyPanky go
00:39:25KolleBolle omw
00:39:28veuncent do you ever hit a hook pudge?
00:39:56NotAHax why you prolong
00:39:57KolleBolle always me
00:39:57NotAHax end this
00:39:58KolleBolle :/
00:40:07NotAHax got 80% ha
00:40:18Soulyah u can ff
00:40:22NoHankyPanky ^u can ff yes
00:40:25Raj any1 want mana
00:40:26Raj ?
00:40:30DeMiaN I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:32Soulyah naw im guut
00:40:33-HewaL- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:34NoHankyPanky sure
00:41:01-HewaL- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:24Raj noooooooo
00:41:35NotAHax ..
00:41:35Affliction :d
00:41:36NotAHax lol
00:41:38veuncent kills!
00:42:26NoHankyPanky had to try
00:42:28DeMiaN I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:30NotAHax I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:31NotAHax this
00:42:31NotAHax plz
00:42:34zonskass I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:35Affliction your such a badboy
00:42:37NotAHax I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:38Affliction ...
00:42:38NotAHax naga
00:42:39NotAHax say ff
00:42:42NotAHax and lina
00:42:43NoHankyPanky :
00:42:44-HewaL- done it 2 times
00:42:47-HewaL- lets try
00:42:48NotAHax so lina missing
00:42:48zonskass did
00:42:51NotAHax no
00:42:53zonskass I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:53DeMiaN lie
00:42:55NotAHax k
00:42:56NotAHax naga
00:42:56DeMiaN naga
00:42:57-HewaL- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:57NotAHax say ff
00:42:57DeMiaN go ff
00:43:00DeMiaN tide
00:43:01NotAHax so its qop?
00:43:02NotAHax or tide
00:43:04DeMiaN I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:06NoHankyPanky -st
00:43:07NotAHax yeah tide
00:43:09NotAHax surprice
00:43:09Affliction -st
00:43:10veuncent it's me
00:43:11NoHankyPanky -cs
00:43:13Raj -st
00:43:15Raj -int
00:43:16Raj -st
00:43:17-HewaL- dont yet
00:43:17Raj -at
00:43:19Raj -rt
00:43:20Raj -cs
00:43:31Raj lol only 21 creep kills
00:43:33Soulyah :D
00:44:12Affliction AHAHAHA
00:44:18Affliction outplayed by raj
00:44:25NoHankyPanky y good thrall
00:44:25DeMiaN yea
00:44:27DeMiaN it's
00:44:27DeMiaN AOE
00:44:31DeMiaN the new item
00:44:35NotAHax shart
00:44:38NotAHax lo
00:44:39NotAHax kinda imba
00:44:42Soulyah boom
00:44:45Affliction HS
00:44:46Soulyah -aa
00:44:48zonskass I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
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