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Chat log

00:00:08New_Guy sssssssssssssffffffffffff
00:00:13NotAHax is mine
00:00:15New_Guy fu
00:00:15New_Guy no
00:00:17New_Guy is mine
00:00:18New_Guy gtfo
00:00:19New_Guy pls let me have it
00:00:19New_Guy :(:(:(:(
00:00:19NotAHax rtgs or ats
00:00:19NotAHax wanna play es?
00:00:19ATS_ sure
00:00:19NotAHax -pl
00:00:19Kastrup any1 wanna play ES?!
00:00:19NotAHax or omni?
00:00:19NoHankyPanky ban sf
00:00:19InsomniA -music off
00:00:19ATS_ they will naix abd davion
00:00:19NotAHax how you know ??
00:00:19rtg800 he knows
00:00:19Kastrup ban SF
00:00:19ATS_ cause they are bnet noobs
00:00:30NoHankyPanky get me bb?=
00:00:34ATS_ for me?
00:00:36NotAHax y
00:00:39NotAHax get me wr
00:00:39KredeC yy banan
00:00:43NoHankyPanky :D
00:00:45Vilkuky great fp
00:00:55NoHankyPanky skulle have holdt min mund, gc er som en børnehave
00:00:56InsomniA -music off
00:01:00ATS_ -swap 1
00:01:00NotAHax new guy wanna play anxi?
00:01:01NotAHax -swap 3
00:01:04NotAHax naix
00:01:05NoHankyPanky what carry we getting?
00:01:07NoHankyPanky kredec?
00:01:09New_Guy pugna
00:01:14NotAHax k
00:01:15NoHankyPanky we would like omni
00:01:19NotAHax -
00:01:19ATS_ toi nimi kyllä fales ja pahasti :DDDD
00:01:22NoHankyPanky hvad vil du have?
00:01:24KredeC omni
00:01:30KredeC -swap 3
00:01:31NotAHax naix
00:01:31NoHankyPanky get ranged last
00:01:31New_Guy who the fuck banned sf
00:01:31NotAHax naix
00:01:34NotAHax kastrup
00:01:35NoHankyPanky thd!
00:01:36NotAHax banned it
00:01:37NoHankyPanky -swap 2
00:01:37NotAHax get naix man
00:01:39NotAHax we rly need it
00:01:47NoHankyPanky bane then or lesh
00:01:51NotAHax Naix + jakiro top
00:01:54NotAHax es, krobe bot
00:01:55NotAHax kthx
00:02:01NoHankyPanky pugna come bot
00:02:02InsomniA who carries then :s
00:02:04NoHankyPanky i go in and out
00:02:10NoHankyPanky bb carries
00:02:14rtg800 no chick
00:02:14ATS_ onko järkee
00:02:15NoHankyPanky pugna carries
00:02:15rtg800 bang
00:02:15Vilkuky bb can carry with radiance
00:02:17New_Guy sry
00:02:18New_Guy :<
00:02:19Vilkuky not pugna
00:02:23New_Guy forgot all about it
00:02:24InsomniA sure, vs naix and krob....
00:02:27Vilkuky im not carry player
00:02:28InsomniA blah
00:02:32NoHankyPanky we got enough damage in me lesh pugna
00:02:36New_Guy hf
00:02:40NoHankyPanky and pudge to fuck things up for them
00:02:41NotAHax -apm
00:02:43KredeC u block
00:02:44Vilkuky I harass them and let you farm
00:02:45New_Guy wtf, why didnt i buy salve
00:02:47New_Guy ~~~~~~~~~
00:02:49NoHankyPanky thanx
00:02:51NoHankyPanky would love
00:02:53ATS_ lineup sucks
00:02:53NotAHax -apm
00:02:56Vilkuky so thats why im not carry type
00:03:00NoHankyPanky lets see who pulls, if i can manage you should pull
00:03:03NoHankyPanky -ma
00:03:07ATS_ kill mid?
00:03:14InsomniA whenever i'm not a carry i lose :S
00:03:14Vilkuky just tell which one
00:03:15NotAHax we can try
00:03:17NoHankyPanky new guy is good and is on naix
00:03:22NoHankyPanky need to keep naix down
00:03:28NoHankyPanky or push early
00:03:40NotAHax b
00:04:30KredeC harass
00:05:05ATS_ nota onks tässä ny järkee?
00:05:13NotAHax ?
00:05:29ATS_ menny regee
00:05:35NotAHax kuka
00:05:39ATS_ krobe
00:06:25NotAHax krobe go b and buy chick
00:06:25New_Guy go omni
00:06:38ATS_ krobe
00:06:43ATS_ you retard shit head
00:06:45ATS_ go b
00:06:51Kastrup miss WR
00:06:52Kastrup midt
00:06:53Kastrup CARE BOT
00:07:01NotAHax buy chick als oplz
00:07:07NotAHax tuun tappaa
00:07:09ATS_ oom,
00:07:15rtg800 wait me
00:07:16NotAHax MID MISS PUDGE
00:07:17Vilkuky tango pls
00:07:24Vilkuky ty
00:07:37NotAHax ei
00:07:42Vilkuky ahh didnt read
00:07:45KredeC stun
00:07:56NotAHax ei oltas saatu ku se on niin läski
00:08:00ATS_ juu
00:08:22NotAHax no jes
00:08:30NoHankyPanky oom
00:08:33NoHankyPanky bah
00:08:34ATS_ ei jeesus
00:08:43ATS_ tää on taas näitä
00:08:57ATS_ päässä ei liiku mitään tolla krobellla
00:08:59NotAHax MID MISS
00:09:08NotAHax rotkiv can you buy wards?
00:09:13Rotkiv ye
00:09:19ATS_ oho vasta
00:09:20ATS_ s
00:09:30NotAHax could you also plant to runes?
00:09:42NoHankyPanky b
00:09:54Rotkiv sty
00:10:02New_Guy and pudga is top
00:10:06New_Guy now miss
00:10:11ATS_ varo
00:10:12ATS_ krobe
00:10:14ATS_ care
00:10:17KredeC ss
00:10:19Vilkuky hows farm bb?
00:10:25ATS_ go rege
00:10:32NoHankyPanky okay
00:10:33NoHankyPanky they got nothing
00:10:34rtg800 zz
00:10:42NotAHax you must be fucking kidding me
00:11:16KredeC why decrep naix`?
00:11:19rtg800 bb has good farm
00:11:20NotAHax pudge will get rune bot
00:11:24Vilkuky why not
00:11:25KredeC thats jsut fail
00:11:29KredeC rage?
00:11:35Kastrup miss midt
00:11:42NotAHax care
00:11:44NotAHax pudge tunr
00:11:45rtg800 y
00:11:51NotAHax ..
00:11:51NoHankyPanky gj
00:11:51NotAHax nvm
00:11:52NotAHax -.-
00:11:54NotAHax jakiro
00:11:57NotAHax can you plant ward bot
00:11:57NotAHax ??
00:12:08KredeC ss
00:12:10KredeC es top
00:12:30rtg800 ss bot
00:12:44Vilkuky go krobe
00:12:55NoHankyPanky b
00:13:10rtg800 wtf did i do
00:13:17NotAHax omw
00:13:18NoHankyPanky where did that guy come from
00:13:21NoHankyPanky u took my gang thanx
00:13:21Kastrup dd on
00:13:21Kastrup wr
00:13:23Kastrup comming top
00:13:23ATS_ imba naix
00:13:25ATS_ is imba
00:13:37KredeC ..
00:13:42InsomniA ..
00:13:46Vilkuky dodgeing
00:13:54rtg800 need boots
00:13:54NotAHax go?
00:13:55ATS_ oom
00:13:55KredeC -ii
00:13:56Vilkuky hook
00:14:12NotAHax b
00:14:17NotAHax pugna also there
00:14:41New_Guy just let me farm
00:14:42New_Guy ~~
00:14:50ATS_ why
00:14:53NotAHax ..
00:14:55NotAHax anna ton farmaa
00:14:55New_Guy xD
00:14:55ATS_ its obvious
00:15:00KredeC ss
00:15:04ATS_ what will happen
00:15:07NoHankyPanky ss
00:15:08Kastrup wr comming bot
00:15:08NotAHax tajuatko vitun retardi ats
00:15:09Kastrup with rune
00:15:10NotAHax tuo on dotainvitestä
00:15:12NotAHax hyvä pelaaja
00:15:13NotAHax mun kaveri
00:15:15NotAHax jos antaisit sen vaa farmaa?
00:15:22NotAHax gang krobe
00:15:40NotAHax b
00:15:41NotAHax they coming
00:16:02NotAHax teleen bot
00:16:03NotAHax kill
00:16:13NotAHax go
00:16:16rtg800 quite oom
00:16:22NotAHax 1 wave
00:16:23KredeC come
00:16:23NotAHax will be neoguh
00:16:30New_Guy u can leave
00:16:31New_Guy lane
00:16:32NotAHax -.-
00:16:40NotAHax jakiro
00:16:41NotAHax you can come gang
00:16:42NotAHax with us
00:16:50Kastrup whY? block?
00:16:56Kastrup :(
00:16:57NoHankyPanky kunne have fået ham alene
00:17:02NoHankyPanky gik tilbage for at hook
00:17:04NoHankyPanky var dumt
00:17:20New_Guy 3 top
00:17:29ATS_ alna ultaan creeppejä
00:17:32rtg800 for real
00:17:33KredeC got mana in a sec
00:17:42rtg800 in saw he went mid on minimap
00:17:43rtg800 np
00:18:13KredeC get naix
00:18:19ATS_ kts
00:18:22KredeC or not..
00:18:24NotAHax np
00:18:37ATS_ krobe fluying
00:18:43ATS_ flying
00:19:20Vilkuky why wait
00:19:36ATS_ pudge bot
00:19:40ATS_ 2
00:19:41ATS_ bot
00:19:58rtg800 too much fail
00:20:02NotAHax cool blind hooks pudge
00:20:02NotAHax :DD
00:20:04Kastrup :D
00:20:06Kastrup did my best
00:20:09Kastrup maybe u tpd
00:20:12NotAHax i did
00:20:14Kastrup :D
00:20:16NotAHax but not that place
00:20:17Kastrup close?
00:20:19NotAHax no
00:20:45Kastrup sdfjdsklfds
00:20:52NoHankyPanky naix fat
00:20:53NotAHax leave me alone
00:20:56NotAHax new wards jakrio plz
00:20:58Kastrup :d
00:21:06KredeC find naix`?
00:21:11NoHankyPanky ward iå
00:21:12Kastrup my
00:21:12ATS_ onko krobe kertaakan ultannu
00:21:13NoHankyPanky up
00:21:17NotAHax o
00:21:24NotAHax also upgrd chicken
00:21:25NoHankyPanky wait
00:21:26NotAHax b
00:21:27NotAHax b
00:21:28NotAHax they coming
00:21:29NotAHax pudger
00:21:31NotAHax with rune
00:21:44New_Guy 5
00:21:45New_Guy guys
00:21:46New_Guy there
00:21:46NotAHax yh
00:21:46NoHankyPanky thats a gang
00:21:46New_Guy D:
00:21:47KredeC we want u dead!
00:21:47NotAHax --
00:21:50New_Guy np
00:21:52NotAHax Haters gonna hate
00:21:57New_Guy im a rich bitch now boi
00:22:25New_Guy 3.5k:D
00:22:35NotAHax cs?
00:22:42New_Guy 82 :(
00:22:43ATS_ ss
00:22:44ATS_ to
00:22:45NotAHax a
00:22:45ATS_ p
00:22:48NotAHax stop it
00:22:49NotAHax fu
00:22:53Kastrup :D
00:22:54NoHankyPanky go again?
00:23:43NotAHax nope
00:23:48Kastrup :/
00:23:54Kastrup run in a straight line please
00:23:58Kastrup else its fucking hard hooking u
00:24:02NotAHax ..
00:24:18NoHankyPanky gather and gang their forest
00:24:26InsomniA our carry radi soon?
00:24:26NoHankyPanky who is stopping ird?1
00:24:28NoHankyPanky bird
00:24:31NoHankyPanky y ofc :D
00:24:45Vilkuky pelästyiks
00:25:36NotAHax _hello
00:25:54NoHankyPanky NOOO
00:26:04NotAHax :DD
00:26:08NoHankyPanky twice
00:26:11KredeC stupid fucking fissure blockl!
00:26:15NoHankyPanky yeah
00:26:22KredeC why u run away from me `?
00:26:25Kastrup dagger on es
00:26:27KredeC then i cant fucking heal
00:26:33KredeC lorte banan
00:26:34New_Guy i know
00:26:35NotAHax going b
00:26:36New_Guy im awesome
00:26:40NoHankyPanky rolig vrede dreng
00:26:43NoHankyPanky var efter naix
00:26:43New_Guy flying pls
00:26:45NoHankyPanky han var på shit hp
00:26:49NoHankyPanky håbede du var tæt p
00:26:50NoHankyPanky var lidt kaos
00:27:06New_Guy ty alot
00:27:34rtg800 oh no you dont
00:28:23NotAHax yo
00:28:26NoHankyPanky gg NEW player fuck up system
00:28:26KredeC what is this team?
00:28:35InsomniA np
00:28:37InsomniA pig will carry
00:28:41New_Guy im so good
00:28:42New_Guy omg
00:28:43InsomniA bb with radi can carry
00:28:47New_Guy :D
00:28:50NoHankyPanky lesh with ?
00:28:51NoHankyPanky what?
00:29:03NoHankyPanky sorry no 25 vanguard hood radi
00:29:22InsomniA vg and hood are really helping you
00:29:31NoHankyPanky u samrt lesh
00:29:32NoHankyPanky smart
00:29:56ATS_ read rules
00:29:59New_Guy sry
00:30:00New_Guy :<
00:30:35Rotkiv reg bot
00:30:49Rotkiv take reg
00:30:53NoHankyPanky lesh?
00:30:59NoHankyPanky b ff?
00:31:01InsomniA y?
00:31:07KredeC I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:10Vilkuky I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:10NoHankyPanky I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:53New_Guy b
00:32:07Kastrup GUYS?
00:32:08Kastrup ffs
00:32:11New_Guy neat=)
00:32:11rtg800 push
00:32:12rtg800 no pudge
00:32:16Kastrup well whatever
00:32:23NotAHax give up!
00:32:33InsomniA never
00:32:33New_Guy how do you surrender btw? :D
00:32:53Vilkuky just ff
00:33:09rtg800 push now
00:33:14NoHankyPanky ff lesh pugna?
00:33:19Vilkuky i have
00:33:22InsomniA why
00:33:24NoHankyPanky lesh
00:33:34NoHankyPanky why because we cant fight a naix
00:33:42InsomniA we can't?
00:33:43rtg800 how could i have not foreseen that
00:33:45NoHankyPanky nope buddy
00:33:52NoHankyPanky dont have much naix counter on our team
00:33:52InsomniA i thought pig can outcarry naix with radi
00:33:59NoHankyPanky u smart
00:33:59Kastrup :)
00:34:04New_Guy mana!
00:34:06InsomniA no
00:34:08ATS_ wait
00:34:11InsomniA i'm biggest idiot here
00:34:11New_Guy okey
00:34:15InsomniA i always listen to people
00:34:16NoHankyPanky did u see naix was their last pick`?
00:34:22NoHankyPanky what can we do with no picks lieft
00:34:24NoHankyPanky whine?
00:34:27InsomniA WE HAD
00:34:28InsomniA 1 pick
00:34:29InsomniA left me
00:34:39InsomniA and you said lesh or thd
00:34:40Kastrup :D
00:34:47InsomniA i could pick real carry
00:34:49InsomniA and gg
00:34:51InsomniA but no
00:34:53New_Guy good hex
00:34:53InsomniA i listen to bobs
00:34:55Vilkuky its just that they have new player
00:34:55InsomniA I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:57Vilkuky without rating
00:34:58Kastrup InsomniA u fucking suck
00:34:59Vilkuky fucks up system
00:35:00Kastrup just shut up
00:35:00InsomniA so what
00:35:05InsomniA ofc
00:35:06NoHankyPanky like what carry
00:35:08NoHankyPanky would u have played
00:35:08InsomniA i'm carry player
00:35:11NoHankyPanky to own naix?
00:35:14InsomniA i don't play other roles really
00:35:18InsomniA i could own him with dusa
00:35:20NoHankyPanky u a carry chicken player?
00:35:21NoHankyPanky haah
00:35:23NoHankyPanky dusa?
00:35:25InsomniA yup
00:35:26KredeC I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:28Vilkuky [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:35:28Vilkuky [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:35:28Vilkuky [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:35:28Vilkuky [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:35:28Kastrup I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:29NoHankyPanky okay i wills top talking with u
00:35:30Kastrup Wp..
00:35:34InsomniA please do
00:35:34New_Guy ey
00:35:38New_Guy my rapier hasnt arrived yet
00:35:46NoHankyPanky with dusa :D
00:35:53InsomniA yeah, i always lose because i got to buy fucking chicken
00:35:58Kastrup no
00:35:59Vilkuky xD
00:36:00InsomniA and my team never knows
00:36:01NoHankyPanky that must be why
00:36:02InsomniA how to carry
00:36:03Kastrup u lose becauser u suck
00:36:03Kastrup eod
00:36:04New_Guy like a boss
00:36:07NoHankyPanky insomnia
00:36:09Kastrup -fs
00:36:10NotAHax i add us
00:36:11NotAHax again
00:36:12Vilkuky Insomnia last pick teach us carry
00:36:13New_Guy dont
00:36:14New_Guy wait abit
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