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Chat log

00:00:03eD_gEin -don
00:00:04eD_gEin -ii
00:00:10Timu -ii
00:00:12SlikposeN -ii
00:00:45reptile ?
00:00:52NotAHax gay
00:00:55SlikposeN ???
00:00:57Timu leol
00:00:59NotAHax bannin my roof
00:01:13-HewaL- youll never play roof :DD
00:01:21NotAHax you just havent seen it
00:01:30Dota.m me necro or veno
00:01:41-HewaL- i can bara
00:01:49eD_gEin you wont dw
00:01:49makkara same
00:01:50NotAHax reptile mieseskarma
00:01:53NotAHax what heros you can play best?
00:01:56NotAHax can you play enigma or bane or wd?
00:01:59-HewaL- let me
00:01:59reptile i can play wd
00:02:05Herre enigma?
00:02:11Timu necro
00:02:18Timu necro necro
00:02:20Dota.m me necro
00:02:22Dota.m get hi
00:02:28Dota.m him for me :D
00:02:30NotAHax can you solo it?
00:02:33NotAHax oh
00:02:33NotAHax well
00:02:34NotAHax nvm
00:02:34Timu necro bane mkauy
00:02:35Dota.m yes
00:02:35NotAHax wd necro
00:02:50Dota.m yea
00:02:54Dota.m wd necro lane
00:02:58Timu ff
00:03:09Timu gg wp
00:03:10Timu go re
00:03:23Dota.m necro
00:03:28NotAHax yy
00:03:32NotAHax ium slark midd
00:03:34NotAHax wd veno bot
00:03:36NotAHax necro wd top
00:03:40NotAHax FFS
00:03:42NotAHax missclicked veno
00:03:44NotAHax mieses
00:03:45NotAHax swap
00:03:52NotAHax ?
00:03:53NotAHax -swap 5
00:03:55NotAHax missclicked veno
00:03:56Timu wtf are you thinking slipkinonen
00:03:57NotAHax give slark :P
00:03:57mieseskarma cant paly slark
00:04:00mieseskarma -swap 1
00:04:00NotAHax yy swap me
00:04:01NotAHax thank you
00:04:04mieseskarma kk thx
00:04:07NotAHax veno ud bottom
00:04:10NotAHax wd necro top
00:04:23SlikposeN visage bot
00:04:26SlikposeN bane bot
00:04:28SlikposeN techie top
00:04:34NotAHax decay-heal-decay-tomb-tomb-ulti-tomb-tomb-heal-heal-decay
00:05:19makkara got suicide
00:05:29SlikposeN ok i try arrow
00:05:29makkara -ms
00:06:04Dota.m care sucide
00:06:04Herre let me farm
00:06:14NotAHax let ud farm vneo
00:07:19reptile ...
00:07:21NotAHax ..
00:07:22NotAHax sorry
00:07:23NotAHax :S
00:07:37eD_gEin miss slark
00:07:55makkara oom
00:07:57makkara 10 mana
00:08:17makkara go
00:08:29makkara -.
00:08:29Dota.m hj
00:08:31Dota.m gj
00:08:33NotAHax yh gj
00:08:49Dota.m b
00:08:53eD_gEin miss mid c
00:08:53eD_gEin car
00:09:04NotAHax mikä vitun techies henkka oikeesti
00:09:04NotAHax :DD
00:09:23Dota.m wd go gank bot
00:09:28NotAHax BARA INC
00:09:50makkara oli viimenene hero kun tulin takas peliin :D
00:09:52Herre buy flying
00:09:53Dota.m ss top
00:09:55Dota.m re
00:10:03eD_gEin miss slark care
00:10:30Timu gg
00:10:36eD_gEin su
00:10:36Timu slark nota with 2 kills
00:10:38Dota.m ss stop
00:10:40Dota.m top
00:10:41Dota.m re
00:10:42NotAHax i come gang
00:10:48Herre go roam wd
00:10:49eD_gEin rly
00:10:51NotAHax go potm
00:10:51NotAHax go
00:11:13Herre get rune
00:11:19Herre wd
00:11:21Herre nvm
00:11:29Herre GET B
00:11:32Herre potm incoming
00:11:49NotAHax go fite
00:12:25mieseskarma nice work
00:12:29NotAHax you 2
00:12:39NotAHax we need wards
00:12:51makkara up mis
00:13:24Herre wards needed
00:13:32Herre go pull
00:13:37mieseskarma k
00:13:47eD_gEin suicide
00:13:51NotAHax vittu
00:14:36NotAHax we need observer wards
00:14:38NotAHax veno can you buy?
00:14:38Herre go behind
00:15:01reptile all miss
00:15:05makkara -ms
00:15:07Herre wards
00:15:10mieseskarma wards in base
00:15:10NotAHax :D
00:15:10Timu np after 10 min
00:15:10NotAHax y
00:15:15Timu fuck
00:15:15Dota.m hes comp failling
00:15:15NotAHax too bad
00:15:15Dota.m hes droped
00:15:15Dota.m lame cafe.. computer crash :D
00:15:15NotAHax lol
00:15:15NotAHax mieses
00:15:15NotAHax you
00:15:15NotAHax balance
00:15:15mieseskarma like every time -.-
00:15:15Herre xD
00:15:15NotAHax wonder why
00:15:15Dota.m who balance me ?
00:15:15NotAHax mieseskarma
00:15:15Herre mieses
00:15:15Dota.m slark take mieseskarmas items
00:15:15NotAHax no
00:15:15NotAHax ud takes
00:15:15Dota.m ok
00:15:15NotAHax ?m fine
00:15:15NotAHax without
00:15:15NotAHax dont worry
00:15:15NotAHax i just need gang now
00:15:15mieseskarma is none here who will balance instead of me ?
00:15:15NotAHax alot
00:15:15Dota.m :D
00:15:15NotAHax no.
00:15:15NotAHax you balance
00:15:15NotAHax mieses
00:15:15SlikposeN dota.gc ftw
00:15:15SlikposeN taking 1 year
00:15:15NotAHax : - D
00:15:15SlikposeN to play a game
00:15:15NotAHax nice techi
00:15:15NotAHax +3v4
00:15:15NotAHax xDD
00:15:15SlikposeN :D
00:15:15Herre xD
00:15:15SlikposeN just haveng fun
00:15:15eD_gEin now we cant get to the station before it closes
00:15:15NotAHax )
00:15:15eD_gEin G_G
00:15:15Timu ?then you should
00:15:15Timu have picked the techies
00:15:15eD_gEin techies
00:15:15NotAHax dam fucking nice
00:15:15eD_gEin lmao
00:15:15Timu for "fun"
00:15:15NotAHax 10:07
00:15:15NotAHax :DD
00:15:15Timu gah
00:15:15eD_gEin techies wrote
00:15:15NotAHax 08*
00:15:15eD_gEin i got suicide
00:15:15eD_gEin in level 1
00:15:15eD_gEin 'ÄF
00:15:15eD_gEin gaswf
00:15:15NotAHax welll
00:15:15NotAHax Techies got
00:15:15NotAHax Best stats
00:15:15NotAHax in ur team
00:15:15NotAHax su..
00:15:21NotAHax mieseso
00:15:26SlikposeN balance
00:15:27SlikposeN go000
00:15:28mieseskarma have fun and good luck
00:15:35NotAHax omw
00:15:57NotAHax go stun
00:16:00reptile oom
00:16:11NotAHax go
00:16:12reptile now
00:16:32makkara team sell items?
00:16:35makkara or wat+
00:16:36NotAHax :D:D
00:16:40Dota.m b
00:16:40Dota.m b
00:17:23Timu selle itesm?
00:18:27Timu ff
00:18:45Dota.m -.-
00:18:56Timu FUCK ME
00:18:58Herre XD
00:19:26Dota.m omw
00:19:44Dota.m gj
00:19:45eD_gEin *more luck kk
00:19:56NotAHax skill you mean?
00:20:00eD_gEin right
00:20:05eD_gEin wanna sell me ur skills then
00:20:08eD_gEin i pay u 2cent
00:20:18NotAHax ward
00:20:27Dota.m omfg
00:20:28Dota.m mines
00:20:32NotAHax lol
00:21:04Timu fuck this
00:21:06Timu only feeding herre
00:21:12reptile gem on potm
00:21:34Dota.m care
00:21:58Dota.m care
00:22:00Dota.m potm inc
00:22:26Dota.m techies mines
00:22:48NotAHax someone
00:22:50NotAHax buy sentrys
00:22:50NotAHax wd
00:22:58reptile k when i have the money
00:23:07Timu LOL
00:23:09Herre lol
00:23:16eD_gEin timu
00:23:19eD_gEin are you really that useless
00:23:21eD_gEin 2 mid
00:23:22eD_gEin nobody goes him
00:23:26eD_gEin even tho im RIGHT next to him
00:23:26eD_gEin gg
00:23:27NotAHax wd
00:23:31NotAHax can you buy sentrys
00:23:55reptile reuse chick
00:24:16Herre just need wards
00:24:29reptile in chick
00:24:50Herre kill
00:24:56Dota.m no ulti
00:26:25SlikposeN go
00:26:25SlikposeN him
00:26:42Dota.m come
00:27:07Dota.m gj
00:27:09NotAHax cool hate
00:27:14Dota.m got gem
00:27:17NotAHax destroy it
00:27:25Timu -apm
00:27:32NotAHax vittuako haatee
00:27:37Dota.m gem destroyed :D
00:27:39eD_gEin du lugter af pis og har ingen venner
00:27:51NotAHax su swe dishgay
00:27:59eD_gEin it was very much danish
00:28:02eD_gEin koodr
00:28:05NotAHax theya re same
00:28:16eD_gEin su u reserve russian
00:29:45Herre place the wards wd
00:29:57reptile on the runes?
00:31:32Timu so sick
00:32:00makkara I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:32:03Timu I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:33:28Dota.m hex or mekka ?
00:33:34Dota.m or radi
00:33:43SlikposeN -aa
00:33:46SlikposeN -aa
00:33:49SlikposeN -st
00:35:49eD_gEin pro
00:36:01eD_gEin u also made some awesomely nice stuns with ur minions
00:36:06eD_gEin did you practice it alot?
00:36:06Timu pls
00:36:07Timu pls
00:36:08Timu pls
00:36:09Timu stfu
00:36:16Timu did i pick the heroes u dimdick?
00:36:18eD_gEin try harder
00:36:20Timu fuckign tard
00:36:22eD_gEin you picked visage
00:36:23Timu u suck so bad
00:36:25eD_gEin did you not
00:36:26eD_gEin mongol
00:36:27Timu it's hard to put in words
00:36:28Timu seriously
00:36:35Timu so sad little fuck you are
00:36:41eD_gEin that is because your brain cannot process any familiar words
00:36:44Timu 4/10/5
00:36:45Herre go
00:36:46Timu seriously
00:36:58Timu i guess its boring to play that one click hero
00:37:04Timu so uh ave time to bash talk
00:37:04Timu tard
00:37:06Herre b
00:37:09Herre push mid next
00:37:30SlikposeN :)
00:37:47Herre go mid
00:38:58Timu gj holding the fortress bara
00:38:59Timu ffs
00:39:10eD_gEin coz I can do that
00:39:14eD_gEin when u die solo mid
00:39:21Timu wat?
00:39:25eD_gEin you heard me
00:39:27Herre then bot
00:39:29Timu wtf
00:39:29NotAHax finish
00:39:31eD_gEin you see them coming coz of our wards
00:39:32Timu cant understand the shit
00:39:35eD_gEin then u choose to stay n die
00:40:02NotAHax finish
00:40:32Dota.m b
00:41:03Herre just go bot now
00:41:42NotAHax :DDD
00:41:43Herre go bot
00:41:44Herre now
00:41:44Herre all
00:41:48NotAHax vitun techies
00:43:29NotAHax ??
00:45:15Herre go bot
00:45:34NotAHax i dont rly understand whats ur point in this game
00:45:37NotAHax you have lost this obvs
00:45:41NotAHax ur just trying annoy me with ur gems
00:45:48Timu u say that every game nota
00:45:53SlikposeN WTF
00:45:57eD_gEin timu
00:45:59NotAHax no?
00:46:03eD_gEin plays
00:46:04eD_gEin for
00:46:04eD_gEin your
00:46:05eD_gEin team
00:46:13Timu i was typing
00:46:16eD_gEin right
00:46:17eD_gEin stop typing
00:46:20eD_gEin if u cant play at the same time
00:46:20SlikposeN you attacked him
00:46:23Timu first pick plays for them
00:46:25Timu yes
00:46:26eD_gEin haha
00:46:29eD_gEin you talk big
00:46:31eD_gEin but can do nothing
00:46:36Timu obv not
00:47:26NotAHax yy
00:47:27NotAHax you got me
00:47:28NotAHax well done
00:47:50Timu GG PICKS
00:47:54Timu GG, WP EVERYONE
00:48:00eD_gEin except you yes
00:48:06Dota.m throne
00:48:29NotAHax moust funny is that allways baras tell who suck
00:48:39eD_gEin y very funny
00:48:41NotAHax when noone at .gc know how to play bara, buit becouse hero is so retarted even noobs can play it
00:48:41eD_gEin you must laugh right
00:48:52NotAHax näh i dont, its true
00:48:52eD_gEin And slark aint a newbie hero
00:48:55NotAHax even svents plays bara
00:48:55eD_gEin everybody can play
00:48:56eD_gEin "ok"
00:48:59eD_gEin "ok"
00:49:16NotAHax haista jo
00:49:18makkara :D
00:50:02NotAHax Treads
00:50:03NotAHax bara
00:50:07Herre xD
00:50:16Dota.m lets go mid all
00:50:20Herre y
00:51:19Herre push top
00:51:20Herre omFg
00:51:24Herre this is boring
00:52:03Herre b
00:53:27NotAHax like rly
00:53:29NotAHax get a life
00:53:32NotAHax this is moust booring dota i had
00:54:44NotAHax makkara hei
00:54:49NotAHax jos vaa antaisit niide tuhota thronen?
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