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Chat log

00:00:17NotAHax sopmeone can aa?
00:00:17valiante why not new version
00:00:17NotAHax someone*
00:00:17valiante :(
00:00:17NotAHax dont know
00:00:17Smell.this.ass i can
00:00:17KredeC imba slark! :D
00:00:17valiante I WANT NEW SLARK
00:00:17valiante not my ban
00:00:17OrangePhoenix lol
00:00:17NotAHax oh you ban?
00:00:17NotAHax ok
00:00:17OrangePhoenix sto pise da je banned
00:00:17valiante ur first
00:00:17LoveMyBobTeam si video
00:00:17Kastrup ur first
00:00:17LoveMyBobTeam moze skepter i meepu
00:00:17Smell.this.ass me aa or?
00:00:17LoveMyBobTeam :D
00:00:17valiante anyone want lich?
00:00:17PETTR y
00:00:17PETTR i can lich
00:00:17OrangePhoenix hmm
00:00:17NotAHax -invoker
00:00:17Smell.this.ass i can trax mid?
00:00:17valiante -weaver
00:00:17NotAHax no
00:00:24Y4KUZA whats banned then?
00:00:25Smell.this.ass u mid?
00:00:29NotAHax i picked this for you
00:00:33Smell.this.ass k
00:00:33Kastrup who gets lich
00:00:34NotAHax i askewd at start who can play aa
00:00:38Smell.this.ass i can
00:00:39NotAHax Weaver and invoker
00:00:43PETTR u want lich?
00:00:45Kastrup n ope
00:00:47Smell.this.ass who do u want?
00:00:48valiante u play it
00:00:48PETTR what u want?
00:00:49Kastrup i gief too u
00:00:50valiante pettr
00:00:51NotAHax get me jugger
00:00:51Kastrup lets see
00:00:53Kastrup i might play llanaya
00:00:54Smell.this.ass kk
00:00:54Kastrup depends..
00:00:56PETTR k
00:00:59edgarass i will go panda?
00:00:59NotAHax -.-
00:01:00NotAHax nvm
00:01:01NotAHax wait
00:01:02Kastrup well i dont do it no
00:01:03Kastrup now
00:01:03PETTR :/
00:01:04NotAHax -swap 2
00:01:05NotAHax sigh
00:01:05Smell.this.ass -swap 1
00:01:19OrangePhoenix -clear
00:01:21edgarass me panda ok? orslithice?
00:01:21Kastrup silencer
00:01:26NotAHax panda...
00:01:32PETTR kredec?
00:01:32NotAHax no slithice
00:01:34Kastrup hmm
00:01:37edgarass so?
00:01:38OrangePhoenix AA mid?
00:01:42Smell.this.ass y
00:01:44Kastrup sec
00:01:45Kastrup sec
00:01:45KredeC y?
00:01:46NotAHax aa come
00:01:46NotAHax with me
00:01:48NotAHax lets put lanya midd
00:01:50PETTR u want sile?
00:01:52Kastrup wait
00:01:56Smell.this.ass he will fail
00:02:00KredeC ck
00:02:02Kastrup tage ck
00:02:02valiante get him ck
00:02:03Kastrup -swap 3
00:02:03Smell.this.ass :)
00:02:05KredeC -swap
00:02:07KredeC -swap 2
00:02:10KredeC -swap 5
00:02:11PETTR -swap 2
00:02:13LoveMyBobTeam :S
00:02:15LoveMyBobTeam opet
00:02:15valiante naix half woods?
00:02:16edgarass itembuild?
00:02:16PETTR -swap 3
00:02:17LoveMyBobTeam zaboravim
00:02:20LoveMyBobTeam da treba
00:02:21NotAHax why you want
00:02:22NotAHax panda
00:02:23NotAHax if you cantp lay
00:02:27NotAHax CHICKEN
00:02:27NotAHax huskar
00:02:30NotAHax banned 2x
00:02:35Y4KUZA dno, what u want me to do?
00:02:38NotAHax nice you learn
00:02:41LoveMyBobTeam fuck off
00:02:46valiante do half woods
00:02:49valiante and gank with silencer
00:02:56LoveMyBobTeam losing 200 start gold
00:02:57NotAHax edga few gauntles?
00:03:01NotAHax ironwood branch+ regen
00:03:04NotAHax ??
00:03:10LoveMyBobTeam i had to sell
00:03:13LoveMyBobTeam 2 items
00:03:17NotAHax its ur fault
00:03:22NotAHax read rules
00:03:34NotAHax try lich?=
00:03:41NotAHax and let me farm
00:03:42NotAHax ~~
00:04:12LoveMyBobTeam plant ward there
00:04:53NotAHax go now
00:05:01valiante miss
00:05:01NotAHax lich
00:05:02valiante mid
00:05:03valiante care bot
00:05:07valiante re
00:05:18NotAHax lol
00:05:25Smell.this.ass lo0l fail
00:05:39OrangePhoenix ss
00:05:40OrangePhoenix mid
00:05:41OrangePhoenix re
00:05:42KredeC why not go?
00:05:58Kastrup -2
00:06:21Smell.this.ass come here
00:06:23Smell.this.ass jugger
00:06:33LoveMyBobTeam \...
00:06:33edgarass ifdiot
00:06:34LoveMyBobTeam -clear
00:06:39Y4KUZA wtf
00:06:41Smell.this.ass oom
00:06:43NotAHax imbal ast pick
00:06:52LoveMyBobTeam u said that last game
00:06:58NotAHax and i say it again
00:07:07NotAHax aa
00:07:09NotAHax come
00:07:21KredeC ss
00:07:39NotAHax so fail
00:07:41edgarass i fucking hate
00:07:44NotAHax man
00:07:44NotAHax ..
00:07:46NotAHax sigh
00:07:46NotAHax aa
00:07:48NotAHax why you pull
00:07:49NotAHax we could rape them
00:07:50NotAHax 24/7
00:07:57edgarass omg bob are u fucking idiot?
00:08:02KredeC ss
00:08:02LoveMyBobTeam y
00:08:05Kastrup -2
00:08:06edgarass i see that
00:08:12LoveMyBobTeam why u aks than?
00:08:12NotAHax he havent skill
00:08:13NotAHax flame spear::
00:08:32NotAHax huskarr without flamespear
00:08:32NotAHax Best
00:08:33edgarass lanya gang bot?
00:08:57NotAHax ..
00:08:57edgarass ss
00:08:59NotAHax go
00:09:12KredeC go
00:09:34edgarass go
00:09:52KredeC god..
00:09:53NotAHax AA
00:09:56NotAHax you need go first
00:09:57NotAHax not me
00:09:58NotAHax ..
00:10:00Kastrup -2
00:10:02Kastrup -0
00:10:13LoveMyBobTeam crit o.O
00:10:16NotAHax w/e
00:10:17NotAHax ff
00:10:45valiante lucky refraction
00:10:51valiante same second
00:10:56KredeC ss
00:11:35NotAHax aa come here
00:13:05valiante wards lich
00:15:42Smell.this.ass me
00:15:52Smell.this.ass wait
00:17:40edgarass fail..
00:17:48valiante b
00:17:49valiante lich
00:17:54edgarass care
00:17:55Kastrup naix let me bot
00:17:57Kastrup then i got ghhost
00:18:36OrangePhoenix lol
00:18:40LoveMyBobTeam ^^
00:19:00Smell.this.ass jugger just farm
00:19:17OrangePhoenix cd
00:19:18OrangePhoenix ulti
00:19:19LoveMyBobTeam k
00:19:44edgarass dagger or sceptre first?
00:19:48NotAHax sceptre
00:20:14OrangePhoenix kako mu ptica srtigla user
00:20:21LoveMyBobTeam :
00:20:21OrangePhoenix ma na trap
00:20:22LoveMyBobTeam :D
00:20:23OrangePhoenix imam slow :D
00:20:23LoveMyBobTeam -clear
00:20:24LoveMyBobTeam da
00:20:26LoveMyBobTeam nisam video
00:20:28LoveMyBobTeam :P
00:20:28OrangePhoenix xD
00:20:51LoveMyBobTeam kako mrzim
00:20:53LoveMyBobTeam ovog heroja
00:20:57LoveMyBobTeam ..
00:21:07valiante me
00:21:07valiante lich
00:21:49LoveMyBobTeam deff
00:22:12LoveMyBobTeam b
00:22:47NotAHax imba tuskarr without flamespears!
00:22:59LoveMyBobTeam "tuskar"
00:22:59OrangePhoenix tuskarr
00:22:59OrangePhoenix xD
00:23:17LoveMyBobTeam who cares about 4-78 yur
00:23:21LoveMyBobTeam 4-8*
00:23:30Kastrup haste
00:25:19valiante im hasted lol
00:25:25OrangePhoenix no shit
00:26:12edgarass lol
00:26:12OrangePhoenix ahahaha
00:26:17OrangePhoenix blind ppl are blind
00:28:02Y4KUZA now i go ac?
00:28:05valiante no
00:28:08valiante ck does
00:28:16Y4KUZA then wat?
00:28:18Y4KUZA hot?
00:28:25Y4KUZA i know
00:28:28Y4KUZA butter
00:28:28valiante sure
00:28:38OrangePhoenix you`re hasted again
00:29:55LoveMyBobTeam xD
00:29:57OrangePhoenix ...
00:30:59valiante he baits
00:31:08valiante go mid
00:31:09valiante come naix
00:31:27PETTR shit
00:31:37Smell.this.ass omg
00:32:31NotAHax I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:32:47OrangePhoenix !ff
00:32:52LoveMyBobTeam samo ff
00:32:54LoveMyBobTeam dd
00:32:55LoveMyBobTeam I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:32:56OrangePhoenix I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:36:16edgarass I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:36:40LoveMyBobTeam [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:36:40LoveMyBobTeam [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:36:40LoveMyBobTeam [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:36:40LoveMyBobTeam [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:36:40Smell.this.ass I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:36:41Kastrup gg
00:36:46NotAHax vbg
00:36:59edgarass sry for bad play
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