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Chat log

00:00:20Strom grand magus!
00:00:23Herre xD
00:00:24NoHankyPanky tiny plz
00:00:24Strom too bad it's not in pool
00:00:27McNabb get me bara
00:00:29hibalunt is this -wtf mode?
00:00:29Tompson voitko bänniä weaverin
00:00:30NotAHax dont sacre me like that
00:00:32Tompson ei jaksa kattoo sitä
00:00:32NoHankyPanky bara will be banned
00:00:33NoHankyPanky ofc
00:00:34NotAHax bänni ite se
00:00:36NotAHax jos et jaksa
00:00:38hibalunt cause it fucking looks like so
00:00:48Strom think of a lineup that contains tc
00:00:51Strom I wanna play it
00:00:54NoHankyPanky if they slark or weaver, just get bs
00:01:06NotAHax voin kertoo et mä pelaan sitä tai sit pakotan sut pickkaa sen
00:01:07Strom it has stun!
00:01:08NotAHax valinta on sinun
00:01:37NotAHax hop hop
00:01:38hibalunt if u want to give me some support, id go with tini
00:01:39NotAHax ota weaver ota
00:01:40NotAHax siika pois
00:01:48ChokE I play support
00:01:48McNabb i can sk
00:01:48Tompson anyone weaver?
00:01:52DeMiaN me zeus/sk/ck
00:01:53DeMiaN pls
00:01:53NoHankyPanky u
00:01:55Tompson no?
00:01:57Tompson i dont want to
00:01:58Tompson i hate him
00:02:00NoHankyPanky me neitehr let him
00:02:02ChokE because im eating pizza, so will play 1 handed early
00:02:04NoHankyPanky pick me bs if he goes weaver
00:02:04NotAHax =?
00:02:06Tompson anyone weaver? freefarm
00:02:06McNabb get bs then
00:02:07Tompson for u
00:02:07NotAHax ota ny se weaver
00:02:12Tompson u want bs?
00:02:13DeMiaN nota pick ?
00:02:14NoHankyPanky y
00:02:35ChokE ck + pugna?
00:02:41McNabb ogre
00:02:43ChokE sniper
00:02:48Tompson im encha
00:02:51Tompson solotop wweaver
00:02:53Tompson mid bs
00:02:55Strom tttttttttttccccccccccccccc
00:02:56NotAHax hmm
00:02:57NotAHax strom
00:02:57McNabb lol?
00:02:58NotAHax wanna play storm?
00:02:59NotAHax oh tc?
00:03:01NotAHax sure thing
00:03:10McNabb ogre tiny
00:03:10NotAHax tompson hei
00:03:11hibalunt i can pugna
00:03:13DeMiaN can i play sk ?
00:03:14Herre no
00:03:15NotAHax mä luulin sulta jotain parempaa
00:03:16Herre I play pugna
00:03:18Tompson ogre tiny?
00:03:21McNabb y
00:03:21hibalunt ok tini for me then
00:03:21Tompson why
00:03:22Herre yes, you can play sk
00:03:23DeMiaN me sk
00:03:25McNabb stun
00:03:25Tompson same lane ogre tiny
00:03:26DeMiaN ty
00:03:27McNabb is needed
00:03:28NotAHax i get you tiny hiba
00:03:32hibalunt tini or zeus
00:03:37Tompson shure ;D
00:03:48hibalunt or mby nort?
00:03:49hibalunt vs those
00:03:52Tompson someone
00:03:52Tompson plz
00:03:54Tompson play weaver
00:03:55Tompson who knows
00:03:56Tompson something
00:03:57NotAHax nort will get totally assraped
00:03:59Herre ck?
00:04:00NotAHax was thinking viper or nessaj
00:04:01McNabb never tryed it
00:04:01NoHankyPanky just go tank with weaver
00:04:03Smell.this.ass I CAN
00:04:04hibalunt viper then
00:04:05NoHankyPanky i go radi
00:04:06hibalunt suck with ck
00:04:09ChokE I can weav
00:04:11NotAHax viper tc pugna sk
00:04:21Strom oor my ancestors!
00:04:27NotAHax pugna sk
00:04:28NotAHax come midd
00:04:29NotAHax lets fb
00:04:30NoHankyPanky lets smell this ass weaever?
00:04:32DeMiaN k
00:04:37Tompson well
00:04:39Tompson its gone
00:04:41NoHankyPanky he does him good
00:04:42NoHankyPanky ok
00:04:49NoHankyPanky uc an still swap
00:04:51NoHankyPanky tiny weaveR?
00:04:55NotAHax get there
00:04:55Tompson tiny
00:04:56NotAHax asap
00:04:56Tompson bot
00:05:02NotAHax viper can come also
00:05:02NotAHax xD
00:05:08NoHankyPanky ogre come gang mid if possible
00:05:13DeMiaN lanes after fb
00:05:13McNabb y
00:05:14NotAHax tc ur top btw
00:05:15DeMiaN ?
00:05:15Strom what lane will I go on?
00:05:16Strom ok
00:05:17NotAHax sk pugna bot
00:05:21NoHankyPanky im fucking tired
00:05:22NotAHax get there
00:05:24NoHankyPanky need to wake up
00:05:24NoHankyPanky :D
00:05:25Tompson ill start
00:05:26Tompson from bot
00:05:34NoHankyPanky -ma
00:05:37NotAHax SK
00:05:38NotAHax GO
00:05:39NotAHax WITH THEM
00:05:41McNabb u go their woods?
00:05:42Herre WAIT
00:05:42DeMiaN rune ?
00:05:43Smell.this.ass me top?
00:05:45NotAHax no need rune
00:05:45Tompson yeah for a while
00:05:46Tompson no
00:05:47Tompson stay
00:05:49NotAHax you start with stun
00:05:49Tompson ill roam to
00:05:50Tompson top
00:05:53Tompson and weaver wont die
00:06:10Smell.this.ass omg hanky mid!
00:06:23NotAHax gj
00:06:26Herre come sk
00:06:27NoHankyPanky tiny du var kylling
00:06:43Smell.this.ass du bare fail'
00:06:48NoHankyPanky :D
00:06:49DeMiaN ench
00:06:51NoHankyPanky og du er uintelligent
00:06:53Smell.this.ass :9
00:07:07Herre terve
00:07:42hibalunt why...
00:07:45Strom why what?
00:07:48Tompson wtf
00:07:49Tompson are u doing
00:07:49Tompson guys
00:07:55hibalunt why u go when i can range 1hit him
00:07:56hibalunt stuneed
00:08:00Strom well
00:08:04Strom I don't knopw if you will go
00:08:07Strom you maybe scared
00:08:14hibalunt true that, i no admin
00:08:16hibalunt -.- :)
00:08:26Herre pull
00:08:27Tompson wait
00:08:57Tompson gj
00:08:58Tompson mid
00:09:09NoHankyPanky bird
00:09:39NoHankyPanky he been better?
00:09:43NoHankyPanky the pounch thing?
00:10:01Herre gj
00:10:03Smell.this.ass oom
00:10:05McNabb k
00:10:06DeMiaN same
00:10:06ChokE rofl
00:10:08Herre come
00:10:09DeMiaN oom
00:10:11ChokE they have dust top alreaduy
00:10:12ChokE hahahaha
00:10:13hibalunt wow he must be pissed now
00:10:13Herre np
00:10:25NotAHax ..
00:10:31NotAHax vitun vammanen
00:10:32NotAHax pelle
00:10:32NotAHax tompson
00:10:35Tompson hups
00:11:11NoHankyPanky reuse
00:11:36NoHankyPanky reuse
00:11:37NoHankyPanky chicken
00:11:49NoHankyPanky without my items
00:11:56Smell.this.ass omg dijhn noob
00:12:00NoHankyPanky ta og læs
00:12:06Herre go pull
00:12:07NoHankyPanky ss slark1
00:12:08Herre and get botos
00:12:16NoHankyPanky og lad vær med at kbøe bottle når du er chicken man
00:12:22Strom mis eaver
00:12:26hibalunt weaver 0 farm
00:12:42McNabb oom
00:12:49Strom re weav
00:12:55Herre ff
00:12:58McNabb ups
00:12:58NotAHax wtf sk :D?
00:13:00NotAHax why you so rambo
00:13:01ChokE ss viper
00:13:06DeMiaN i so u coming
00:13:08NotAHax ..
00:13:08DeMiaN was np if stryg
00:13:09Herre so?
00:13:11DeMiaN were not here
00:13:11NotAHax so you expect us to rape them
00:13:12NotAHax ???
00:13:12Herre there were 3
00:13:44hibalunt care bot 4 in jungle
00:13:48NoHankyPanky ss slark
00:14:07McNabb lol luxcky
00:14:27ChokE ss tc
00:14:31NoHankyPanky k
00:14:42NotAHax we need obs
00:14:43NotAHax viper
00:14:44NotAHax can you buy?
00:14:54NotAHax someone tele midd
00:14:58ChokE re
00:14:58NotAHax sk
00:14:58NotAHax tele
00:15:03McNabb ?
00:15:08Herre .....................
00:15:15Herre o m g
00:15:18Herre how bad can you be
00:15:23DeMiaN this bad
00:15:26Herre I see
00:15:38NotAHax guys
00:15:38NotAHax just
00:15:39NotAHax gang
00:15:40NotAHax weaver
00:15:40NotAHax and bs
00:15:41NotAHax = WIN
00:15:46Strom weaver doesn't even have boots
00:15:47NotAHax we need _OBSERVER_ WARDS
00:15:47NotAHax also
00:15:54Tompson ok
00:15:56Tompson im top forest
00:15:57Tompson now
00:16:04NoHankyPanky cant farm mid
00:16:06NoHankyPanky no tower
00:16:07Tompson gang
00:16:08Tompson only
00:16:09Strom I've kept weaver busy enough for now
00:16:10NoHankyPanky y
00:16:11NoHankyPanky wards then
00:16:13Strom I'll help you guys with others
00:16:20DeMiaN -ms
00:16:33NoHankyPanky wait
00:16:34NoHankyPanky me
00:16:35NoHankyPanky wait
00:16:37NoHankyPanky or
00:16:55Smell.this.ass silence noob
00:16:55NoHankyPanky doh
00:16:59DeMiaN grrr stryg
00:17:07NotAHax let me viper
00:17:14NotAHax viper
00:17:16NotAHax listen
00:17:18NotAHax i go jump
00:17:19NotAHax weaver
00:17:19NoHankyPanky lets me get some killspzl
00:17:20NotAHax you ulti
00:17:20NotAHax okay?
00:17:32NotAHax _;_
00:17:46NoHankyPanky gj
00:18:02NotAHax sk
00:18:03NotAHax we need you
00:18:15ChokE .,....
00:18:26NotAHax okay
00:18:26NotAHax i come
00:18:27NotAHax ulti stun bs
00:18:29NotAHax when im theer
00:18:44Tompson ...
00:18:54NoHankyPanky doh
00:18:55NoHankyPanky worst tp
00:19:10hibalunt strom what item?
00:19:13hibalunt u go next
00:19:15Strom dunno
00:19:18Strom haven't decided
00:19:20Tompson push
00:19:21Tompson top
00:19:31McNabb 3 bot
00:19:37NoHankyPanky 4
00:19:40McNabb 4
00:19:40ChokE dont fucking take my farm
00:19:41ChokE retard
00:19:42NoHankyPanky tp someone
00:19:43NoHankyPanky we
00:19:48Strom do we def top?
00:19:49Strom 3 there
00:19:50Herre yea
00:19:51NoHankyPanky tp bot
00:19:55Tompson let
00:19:55Tompson it
00:19:55Tompson go
00:20:01NoHankyPanky slark
00:20:09McNabb LOL?
00:20:21Tompson b
00:20:29ChokE ,.....
00:20:42NotAHax go
00:20:49Strom a lot here
00:20:53DeMiaN b
00:21:13NotAHax sk
00:21:14NotAHax how about
00:21:16NotAHax stay in fites
00:21:19NotAHax instead of saying b
00:21:27NoHankyPanky mana
00:21:31Tompson cd
00:21:35Herre we need ur stun
00:21:37DeMiaN i was
00:21:38McNabb cd
00:21:38Herre dont go anywhere
00:21:39DeMiaN 50mana
00:21:40Tompson get top
00:21:42hibalunt 700 hp ench, nuke that shit down
00:21:43Herre then do manaboots?
00:21:45Herre instead of bottle
00:21:46DeMiaN i had to full bottle
00:21:47Herre which sucks on you
00:21:52NoHankyPanky got ulti
00:22:32NoHankyPanky stay
00:22:33NoHankyPanky i come top
00:22:35Tompson nah
00:22:37Herre -ma
00:22:38NoHankyPanky well
00:22:47NoHankyPanky rich ench :D
00:22:53NotAHax go
00:22:54Tompson =)
00:23:09ChokE FFS OK HACKER
00:23:14Herre :D
00:23:14ChokE MH FTW
00:23:20NotAHax :D:D:D.
00:23:24ChokE ":D:D:D:D:"^*
00:23:24Tompson def mid
00:23:26ChokE fking hacker
00:23:27NotAHax :D:D:
00:23:27NoHankyPanky go slark
00:23:34Smell.this.ass kom
00:23:38Strom bot has enemies
00:23:47NotAHax omw
00:23:48NotAHax rape
00:23:50NotAHax stun him
00:23:53NoHankyPanky ...
00:23:54NoHankyPanky why take
00:23:56NotAHax strom stun
00:24:19NoHankyPanky weaver
00:24:20NotAHax moi
00:24:57Tompson dont fight
00:24:58Tompson without me
00:24:59Tompson jesus
00:25:03NoHankyPanky shit
00:25:03ChokE we didnt fight
00:25:04ChokE we got
00:25:06ChokE ganked
00:25:07ChokE ....
00:25:21Smell.this.ass du skulle aldrig havde taget mid banana
00:25:22ChokE got fking permastunned
00:25:27Herre -ma
00:25:28NoHankyPanky :D
00:25:30NoHankyPanky du så dum
00:25:33hibalunt strom plz dont tell u going radi?
00:25:38NoHankyPanky pt bottle tiny :D
00:25:38hibalunt oh ok
00:25:41NoHankyPanky der stealer carrys farm
00:25:42Smell.this.ass du skulle mig mid med bs
00:25:47NoHankyPanky haah
00:25:59McNabb bs what u buy?
00:25:59NotAHax strom
00:26:00Smell.this.ass du ved hvordan jeg spilelr ham
00:26:04NotAHax hot is rly nice but ac would be more awesome <3
00:26:06NotAHax but np
00:26:06NoHankyPanky ja ego fail
00:26:07NotAHax make it later
00:26:13Tompson bot
00:26:15Herre omg
00:26:24Smell.this.ass det skal du jo sige din noob
00:26:28NoHankyPanky nej
00:26:29Smell.this.ass :)
00:26:34Tompson go
00:26:50Strom wtf
00:26:54Strom bloodseekr coming from our woods
00:26:55Strom :d
00:26:59NoHankyPanky we were alone
00:26:59NoHankyPanky oh
00:27:00NotAHax farming neutrals
00:27:01NotAHax you know
00:27:01NotAHax xd
00:27:03Tompson y
00:27:05Tompson i dont know
00:27:05Herre you were given hls
00:27:06Herre :f
00:27:14Strom I knew that ench was there
00:27:19Strom but bs was surprise
00:27:19DeMiaN slark
00:27:20DeMiaN go
00:27:27NoHankyPanky dagger sk
00:27:27NoHankyPanky care
00:27:43NotAHax gj
00:27:47DeMiaN same
00:27:50NotAHax me
00:27:51NotAHax let me
00:27:52Herre get top tower
00:27:56Tompson choke i guess i cant rely on ur farm
00:28:02NotAHax i farm top
00:28:03Tompson well vanguard is up atleast <.<
00:28:06hibalunt want me to make pipe?
00:28:06NoHankyPanky shit i had good then is tarted dying
00:28:07Herre ffuu
00:28:11ChokE I get tc + viper on lane with constant dust
00:28:12ChokE ....
00:28:13NoHankyPanky yeah just tank up weaver
00:28:17NoHankyPanky akll we need and spam
00:28:19NoHankyPanky your shit
00:28:24DeMiaN yea pipe would be awesome
00:28:53Tompson b
00:28:55Tompson allready
00:28:56Tompson its enough
00:29:10NotAHax go
00:29:25NotAHax get sentrys
00:29:34NotAHax 2 sentrys
00:29:43Tompson got bot
00:29:51NotAHax my rune top
00:30:20NoHankyPanky lets smoke
00:30:41hibalunt ench 1. every battle
00:30:50NoHankyPanky tinyh plz
00:30:52NotAHax wait here
00:31:00NotAHax stay
00:31:00NotAHax here
00:31:07NoHankyPanky doh
00:31:15NoHankyPanky smoke?
00:31:16Tompson go rosh
00:31:25Tompson y
00:31:30ChokE :D:D:D:D:D:
00:31:32Herre go mid
00:31:33ChokE haahahahahah
00:31:35NotAHax y
00:31:37Tompson jaksatte oikeesti venaa tos 10min
00:31:39Herre :Dd
00:31:40Tompson mitä vittua mis
00:31:40NotAHax tottakai
00:31:41Tompson mies
00:31:52NotAHax notahax salaiset dotasuunitelmat koodi a,b63
00:31:54McNabb just fucking outpciked.. too many carrys
00:32:08Tompson y
00:32:09Tompson well
00:32:17Tompson i just wanted to try ench :__;
00:32:22NoHankyPanky we can win
00:32:23Tompson and someone wanted tiny ogre
00:32:24ChokE I could'nt do shit....
00:32:27ChokE outlaned
00:32:29NoHankyPanky go tiny
00:32:29ChokE like retarded
00:32:38NoHankyPanky tiny
00:32:47DeMiaN raxx
00:32:48DeMiaN no chase
00:32:53Herre gege
00:32:57Smell.this.ass bs feeder gg
00:33:01NoHankyPanky :d
00:33:09McNabb nothing wrong with tiny ogre.. but why 3 carrys
00:33:16Herre get b
00:33:21Tompson huh?
00:33:26Smell.this.ass 2
00:33:26ChokE we dont have 3 carrys
00:33:26Tompson im a carry?
00:33:29Tompson i dont farm at all
00:33:30Tompson wtf
00:33:34McNabb u should know that 3 carrys is too many
00:33:44NoHankyPanky they rosh?
00:33:45McNabb well, u cant stun/nuke ether
00:34:06Tompson ah who cares
00:34:07Tompson ffs
00:34:12McNabb i do
00:34:16Tompson its a holliday day anyhow
00:34:18Herre go top
00:34:21NoHankyPanky we playing stupid
00:34:22ChokE im drunk as shit....
00:34:26Tompson im drunk and i really do not give a shit
00:34:27NoHankyPanky damn
00:34:31Tompson so just
00:34:32Tompson freaking
00:34:33Tompson relax
00:34:44Tompson notahax cares to win so badly
00:34:50NoHankyPanky lets do it
00:34:50ChokE he's a nolife
00:34:51ChokE ...
00:35:07NotAHax :D:D:
00:35:24NotAHax b
00:35:28NotAHax THEY SEE YOU
00:35:29NotAHax WITH BS AURA
00:35:56Tompson stun
00:35:56Tompson mana
00:35:58Tompson dude
00:35:58NotAHax : - D
00:35:58NoHankyPanky :D
00:35:58Tompson ??
00:36:01DeMiaN pro
00:36:03Herre hankypanky
00:36:04Herre :/
00:36:06NoHankyPanky not right now :D
00:36:15DeMiaN love ya
00:36:18NoHankyPanky love ya
00:36:30DeMiaN you want to be my prince William
00:36:31Tompson scary
00:36:33Tompson ench
00:36:34Tompson is scary
00:36:36NoHankyPanky u my kate?
00:36:41DeMiaN ofc
00:36:52McNabb I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:57NoHankyPanky nah lets try
00:37:26NotAHax :DDD
00:37:28NotAHax vittu mitä hatea
00:37:51NoHankyPanky u tossed me?
00:38:10Tompson choke
00:38:13NotAHax aika törkeetä hatea
00:38:13Tompson if ur drunkj
00:38:14NotAHax tompso
00:38:16Tompson why do u play
00:38:16NotAHax oon pettyny
00:38:17Tompson that
00:38:20ChokE u are drunk to
00:38:20NoHankyPanky u can leave if drunk
00:38:22NoHankyPanky rules say
00:38:23Tompson älä jaksa nyt ei jaksa kiinnostaa puhuu
00:38:28Tompson well
00:38:35Herre :DDDDDDDDD
00:38:36Tompson its different
00:38:36NoHankyPanky thompson can play
00:38:39NotAHax rage?
00:38:40ChokE I told u that i play support
00:38:41NotAHax YOU MAD BRO=
00:38:42NotAHax =???
00:38:43ChokE before picks
00:38:53Tompson alkaa hermostutttaa kyllä ku trollaat 2x pelii putkee
00:39:00NotAHax ?
00:39:01NotAHax hei
00:39:04NotAHax mä en oo trollannu sua
00:39:06Tompson no pelleilet koko vitu aja
00:39:07Tompson allchatis
00:39:12NotAHax ?????????????
00:39:16Herre now
00:39:17NotAHax oon ollu tän koko pelin melkein hiljaa
00:39:18Herre gather and pus
00:39:19NoHankyPanky still no bird
00:39:20Herre h
00:39:20NotAHax mut okei :DD
00:39:23Herre this is silly
00:39:28NotAHax enkä viimepelis puhunu mitää
00:39:29NoHankyPanky bird wards plz
00:39:45Strom hmm
00:39:48Strom bloodseeker has treads
00:39:53NotAHax OH NOES!
00:39:54Tompson cant wards
00:39:54Strom strong stuff
00:39:55Tompson untill
00:39:55hibalunt and shield!!!111
00:39:57Tompson 600
00:39:58Herre the usual hankypanky stuff
00:39:59Tompson gold
00:39:59NotAHax strom
00:40:03NotAHax my noobshow vid is soon rdy
00:40:12NotAHax stars are zajeb and
00:40:15NotAHax wodrock
00:40:16Tompson woah
00:40:21DeMiaN lol
00:40:35Herre can we gather
00:40:39Herre they got two carries still
00:40:41Tompson whos sacred
00:40:55NoHankyPanky ghost scpeter ogre
00:40:57NoHankyPanky ench
00:41:03NoHankyPanky me
00:41:03Tompson ?
00:41:04NoHankyPanky -ma
00:41:05McNabb who cares now
00:41:10NotAHax miks oot niin ilkee mulle
00:41:10NotAHax :<
00:41:10NoHankyPanky we can win
00:41:14NoHankyPanky they fuck up
00:41:15NoHankyPanky we have nuke
00:41:33McNabb have u seen slark farm?
00:41:39NoHankyPanky he easy nuke
00:42:12NotAHax ypo
00:42:39Tompson fuck this
00:42:41Tompson cant play
00:42:43Smell.this.ass I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:44Tompson tonight
00:42:45Tompson dota
00:42:45McNabb I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:46ChokE gj notahax, most serious pubplayer of all time
00:42:46NotAHax gg
00:42:49Herre gege
00:43:01NoHankyPanky choke to drunk to know what all chat is
00:43:02ChokE notahax, most serious pubplayer of all time
00:43:04Smell.this.ass HANKY MID = LOST¨'
00:43:07NotAHax : - D
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