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-52 X
-1 TS

87% | 1469 X | 1462 TS

-11 X
-1 TS

78% | 1395 X | 1394 TS

-33 X
-1 TS

70% | 1323 X | 1337 TS

+1 X
-5 TS

50% | 1199 X | 1273 TS

-4 X
-1 TS

33% | 988 X | 1333 TS

-3 X
+1 TS

98% | 1724 X | 1591 TS

+49 X
+34 TS

NEW | 1212 X | 1317 TS

+36 X
+1 TS

52% | 1111 X | 1390 TS

+18 X
+1 TS

51% | 1094 X | 1397 TS

+5 X
+3 TS

11% | 921 X | 1158 TS

Chat log

00:00:04Kastrup ahh
00:00:05makkara :d
00:00:07Kastrup -swap
00:00:07NotAHax ..
00:00:07KredeC -swap
00:00:07NotAHax ar
00:00:08NotAHax :DD
00:00:12KredeC -swap 1
00:00:15KredeC -swap 4
00:00:17New_Guy ;
00:00:21Rotkiv we got great hereos
00:00:25Kastrup NoX?
00:00:26Kastrup swap
00:00:26KolleBolle lold hate this hero
00:00:27NotAHax decent y
00:00:30KolleBolle some1 wanna swap`?
00:00:31NotAHax repick it then man
00:00:31KredeC -swap 1
00:00:35NotAHax you should repick it if you cant play
00:00:36KredeC -swap 4
00:00:40KredeC -swap 5
00:00:41Kastrup guys?
00:00:42KredeC -clear
00:00:46KolleBolle i can play it but so dman boring
00:00:50NotAHax play it then lol
00:00:51KredeC -swap
00:00:51Kastrup i repick if noone swaps
00:00:53NotAHax you wanna middn ew guy --.-?
00:00:57New_Guy ofc
00:00:57KredeC -swap 4
00:00:59NotAHax k
00:01:05KredeC i repick
00:01:07KredeC -clear
00:01:15KredeC cant play this guy
00:01:22NotAHax umm
00:01:23NotAHax k
00:01:26NotAHax rotkiv can you support me?
00:01:30Rotkiv i try
00:01:32Kastrup all afk?!
00:01:32KolleBolle netter i do
00:01:33NotAHax ?
00:01:33Kastrup at our team
00:01:34NotAHax -fak
00:01:36NotAHax -afk
00:01:38KolleBolle let me go up
00:01:38NotAHax too bad
00:01:39Kastrup afk
00:01:40NotAHax let them be
00:01:42NotAHax they will get banned
00:01:45Kastrup its allowed to pause
00:01:46KolleBolle veni
00:01:46KolleBolle down
00:01:47KredeC im woods
00:01:48KolleBolle fast
00:01:51NotAHax copy me the rule
00:01:51MariahCarry im here
00:01:51Kastrup sec
00:01:51New_Guy ~~~~~~~~~~~~
00:01:51NotAHax its also allowed to unpause
00:01:51NotAHax :D
00:01:56Kastrup unmannered
00:02:00NotAHax hell y iam
00:02:02NotAHax problem?
00:02:02KolleBolle i will pull let you farm
00:02:05Kastrup we just played 3 games in a row.. and u can't pause ½ sec
00:02:06MariahCarry im mid
00:02:07KolleBolle 100% up tb
00:02:16NotAHax -afk
00:02:17MariahCarry NoX ur top
00:02:21MariahCarry ar?
00:02:23MariahCarry really?
00:02:25NotAHax Yes relaly
00:02:31MariahCarry go top mort
00:02:33NotAHax Cant play hero need quiT?
00:02:38NotAHax go pull
00:02:39NotAHax dazle
00:02:53KolleBolle fail
00:03:27NotAHax get poison
00:03:28NotAHax lv 2
00:03:31NotAHax we can kill
00:03:36NotAHax i mean skill poison 2 times
00:04:07MariahCarry ss mid
00:04:10New_Guy gj
00:04:23NotAHax got poison?
00:04:30KolleBolle soon lvl 12
00:04:43KredeC ss
00:04:46NotAHax lv 1§ poison
00:04:47NotAHax that is
00:04:47NotAHax lv 1
00:04:48NotAHax ..
00:05:35NotAHax share
00:05:36NotAHax chicken
00:05:36NotAHax ..
00:05:49KredeC ss
00:06:04NotAHax get grave
00:06:06NotAHax lv 1
00:06:27NotAHax .
00:06:33NotAHax k go pull
00:06:37Kastrup -2
00:06:38Kastrup :)
00:06:53makkara sk getting farmed
00:07:24NotAHax :DD
00:07:25NotAHax Aha
00:07:27makkara :D
00:07:30NoX not even close
00:07:31NoX :)
00:07:32NotAHax yh
00:07:48Kastrup :d
00:07:50Kastrup worth it
00:07:50makkara up ss
00:08:03NotAHax keep pulling dazzle
00:08:09New_Guy ulti re soon
00:08:29MariahCarry top kill
00:08:39KredeC ss
00:08:46New_Guy murloc
00:08:47New_Guy top
00:08:47New_Guy btw
00:09:32MariahCarry wow bh :)
00:09:55KolleBolle meka for me?
00:09:58NotAHax y
00:10:00KredeC atleast we got fat tide
00:10:06NotAHax just
00:10:07NotAHax keep me alive
00:10:10New_Guy ?
00:10:14MariahCarry dodge?
00:10:27New_Guy up chick
00:10:28New_Guy pls
00:10:32MariahCarry mort
00:10:33MariahCarry go fucking top
00:10:39makkara up ss
00:10:41NoX we are too many that need farm
00:10:44MariahCarry yes
00:10:47MariahCarry so don't vote AR
00:10:47NoX sucks
00:10:57NoX didnt
00:11:04KredeC ff
00:11:48Kastrup -ii
00:12:00NotAHax HELP
00:12:09NotAHax okay
00:12:10New_Guy sunder
00:12:10NotAHax man
00:12:10MariahCarry wp
00:12:10New_Guy ..
00:12:11NotAHax listen
00:12:12NotAHax CD?
00:12:15NotAHax used it before
00:12:18NotAHax YOU
00:12:19NotAHax need
00:12:19NotAHax help
00:12:19NotAHax me
00:12:20NotAHax in
00:12:20NotAHax lane
00:12:24NotAHax and dont just pull and idle in woods
00:12:41KolleBolle you was like 1 miles from me
00:13:01makkara up ss
00:13:07MariahCarry thrall and tide
00:13:08New_Guy tide
00:13:10MariahCarry wanna gank the rest of the map?
00:13:20KredeC no
00:13:23KredeC me woods
00:13:25MariahCarry ok
00:13:26KredeC tide need farm
00:13:27MariahCarry jus' askin
00:13:49makkara 3 up
00:13:57New_Guy derps
00:14:35wodrock ffs
00:14:43NotAHax my farm
00:14:44NotAHax gtfo
00:14:58NotAHax FFS
00:14:59NotAHax fuck oiff
00:14:59NotAHax man
00:15:01NotAHax stop
00:15:02NotAHax pushinf
00:15:05NotAHax Ff
00:15:09NotAHax okay you carry then
00:15:09KredeC lol
00:15:09NotAHax w/e
00:15:10MariahCarry wp
00:15:11New_Guy yap
00:15:24wodrock wait for me
00:15:28wodrock go
00:15:33Rotkiv ffs
00:15:44wodrock fucking pathetic :D
00:15:45KredeC mortred wards ffs
00:15:49MariahCarry ^^
00:16:08wodrock 1 is for sure
00:16:10wodrock need dusts
00:16:18New_Guy or necro3
00:16:19New_Guy hehea
00:16:47NoX watch top
00:17:06NotAHax let me farm
00:17:07KredeC omg feeder
00:17:45makkara sk free farming
00:18:07KredeC all here
00:18:16KredeC cant farm with no wards..
00:18:25KredeC gg gondar
00:18:47makkara place
00:18:53wodrock fuckng shit hero
00:18:58wodrock this thrall
00:19:12makkara -ms
00:19:27Rotkiv i got smokme
00:19:38MariahCarry go top
00:19:51Kastrup lame :78
00:19:55NotAHax heuheuuhe
00:20:47wodrock fs
00:20:49wodrock wtf are upiu söeeüomg
00:20:52wodrock sleeping
00:21:02makkara veno smoke
00:21:06Kastrup sick
00:21:54New_Guy idc bought mah item
00:21:56Kastrup hopå
00:21:58Kastrup hop
00:22:12NotAHax im just trying get myself fat
00:22:13NotAHax >_>
00:22:27KredeC grrr
00:22:32New_Guy ^_^
00:23:04MariahCarry tide
00:23:09KredeC omw
00:23:19New_Guy :DDDDDDDD
00:23:35wodrock lol kolle
00:23:38wodrock do you know what grave does
00:23:42KredeC ill never gang with u again..
00:23:48KolleBolle i used it if you dident noticiedc
00:23:49MariahCarry me neither
00:23:55wodrock stops you from dying not takng damage
00:24:00wodrock no point putting it on with half hp
00:24:03KolleBolle i used it
00:24:08wodrock too early
00:24:08KolleBolle if you dident se that :)(
00:24:11wodrock i saw
00:24:17NotAHax the poin is kollebolle
00:24:20NotAHax you use it around 1-100 hp
00:24:22NotAHax veno
00:24:22New_Guy yaya
00:24:22NotAHax me
00:24:22NotAHax farm
00:24:22NotAHax Yy
00:24:22NotAHax ego
00:24:22KredeC omfg
00:24:22Rotkiv yeye
00:24:22NotAHax all
00:24:22NotAHax Breq him
00:24:22NotAHax ego
00:24:22NotAHax pluig
00:24:22NoX awsome
00:24:22New_Guy ~
00:24:22KredeC -ii
00:24:22New_Guy breq notahax noobfarmer
00:24:22New_Guy :D
00:24:22New_Guy we drop him or what
00:24:22NotAHax 5 mins
00:24:22NotAHax time
00:24:22NotAHax to
00:24:22NotAHax reconbect
00:24:22New_Guy nice..
00:24:22NotAHax brb
00:24:22NotAHax getting
00:24:22NotAHax drink
00:24:22New_Guy same
00:24:22New_Guy bro
00:24:22New_Guy ~~
00:24:22New_Guy you guys still awake?
00:24:22NotAHax .
00:24:22NotAHax hes
00:24:22NotAHax Ba ned
00:24:22NotAHax banreqst
00:24:22NotAHax himn
00:24:22NotAHax !
00:24:22NotAHax !
00:24:22NotAHax b
00:24:22NotAHax g
00:24:22NotAHax g
00:24:22NotAHax g
00:24:22NoX best game, all farmers and the one that we leave farm to drops
00:24:22NotAHax Kollebolle
00:24:22NotAHax you balance
00:24:22NotAHax and
00:24:22NotAHax i take
00:24:22NotAHax ur
00:24:22NotAHax items
00:24:22KolleBolle ok
00:24:32KolleBolle cu all
00:24:36Rotkiv bb
00:24:38NoX can i take vanguard?
00:24:43NotAHax i take
00:24:43NotAHax rotkiv
00:24:44NotAHax items
00:24:48Kastrup hmm
00:25:03Kastrup ok i take rest
00:25:09NotAHax lets try finish?
00:25:12wodrock sure
00:25:48New_Guy dno
00:25:49New_Guy hero stupid
00:25:58New_Guy just go mid
00:26:09wodrock k
00:26:13wodrock fucking poiuntless shit
00:26:20wodrock backdoor that tower
00:27:06New_Guy ahaha
00:27:06NotAHax gg
00:27:06New_Guy :D
00:27:56NotAHax nice try
00:28:00Kastrup :|
00:28:54New_Guy ]GO AS 4 MID
00:28:54New_Guy FFS
00:28:57New_Guy 1 bot 1 top
00:28:58New_Guy retards
00:28:59New_Guy -.-
00:29:03NotAHax xd
00:29:03NotAHax y
00:29:04NotAHax should
00:29:28New_Guy its "tp mid"
00:29:29New_Guy -.-
00:29:31NoX try and kill soulkeeper?
00:29:36NoX a bit too late i think but still
00:29:36NotAHax ??
00:29:38NotAHax i though top
00:29:44KredeC I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:29:44NotAHax xd
00:29:45New_Guy mid tower almost gone?
00:29:46NoX I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:29:48NotAHax yy man trolling
00:29:57makkara deny
00:30:08NotAHax omw
00:31:23NotAHax salee sä deffaat viel
00:31:25KredeC gg
00:31:34NotAHax ^just fucking ff it
00:31:35NotAHax srsly
00:31:39KredeC i did..
00:31:42KredeC I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:32:10Kastrup I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:32:38New_Guy haisdrhijadfhnisa mana?
00:32:49NotAHax -.-
00:32:52NotAHax stealer!
00:32:56New_Guy xD
00:32:57New_Guy ya
00:33:10NotAHax YO
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